Secrets of Legends

Summary: Doctor who/Soul Eater/Is This A Zombie crossover. You don't need to know all three to follow the story. Cracks begin to form at the walls between dimensions. A secret held by three people is about to exposed and that threatens all. Meisters from the DWMA, Zombie,Necromancer,Vampires, Garment Girl and Timelord and companion gather to stop it. As the walls between worlds fall chaos spread and worlds hang at the balance.

Disclaimer: I do not own Soul Eater, Doctor Who or Is This a Zombie or any elements in fact. DEACON and Dea are creations of the rper alwayswatching-neversleeping on tumblr.

Notes: Okay for those that need to know this takes place after Nightmare in Silver for Doctor Who but before Name of the Doctor. This takes place a little after the end of the manga in Soul Eater. This takes place after the end of Is this a Zombie season 2. These stories connect to my other stories Family History and Timelord and Necromancer. You can check those out if you want to flush out the connections of these characters but you don't need to read them to get this story. I will explain all needed terminology as we go so don't be afraid if you don't know too much of any of the worlds here. Just go along with and I hope you enjoy it.

Chapter 01: The Past

The world is not a welcoming place naturally and neither is life. Every day can be a struggle but if there are people there for you the struggle can seem less than a burden. And when you are close to people even the distance of whole universe can't make you feel that they are truly gone.

Not time or space can break these bonds, some call these attachments fate or destiny but in the end it doesn't matter what they are called. It matter that they are there.

"Oh, come on." The Doctor bellowed.

The ancient time lord who had the face of a baby found himself on a dark room leaning on his dark blue Tardis. He wasn't much for waiting but even more so now.

"Patience." A round red glowing screen lit through the darkness. It's robotic voice said. "The data you have provided is compelling."

"DEACON!" The timelord shouted. "That's why I came to you. You're the best at gathering data, using that tech of yours to hack satellites and slip into neighboring dimensions to get it. I was hopping you'd be able to fill in some blanks."

DEACON only said, "The data does not compute."

A young woman stepped out from the shadows, her hair was dark as night and short in a sort bowl cut. Her glowing red eyes glowed brightly behind her round glasses. Her pale skin almost made her seem to light up in the light of the TARDIS roof top bulb. She wore a simple black outfit. The Doctor knew her as Dea DEACON's daughter, a gynoid created in an experiment done by DEACON.

"Dea?" the Doctor questioned. "You have something to say?"

She said with a soft voice, "Wait… she was converted into a dalek, died from a planetary bombardment… yet she was also a Victorian governess on earth, centuries before said conversion? And died then, too? How is that even possible?"

The ground rumbled as a large shiny humanoid form moved forward. It was easily twice the height of the Doctor, it's new body almost looked like the armor of knight of old. The dark red cape flowing behind him didn't help dispel that image.

"It is logically impossible." DEACON said to his daughter. "Data indicates, however, that the Doctor routinely engages in activities which defy both logic and possibility. As such, I will accept that this date is accurate. I will maintain a subroutine in an attempt to acquire additional information."

The glowing red eye screen showed images of a girl with dark hair and olive colored skin. She wore a red dress and the image quickly changed to one of her wearing a grayish blue Victorian dress.

Dea moved to the Doctor with a plate holding a small cup of tea. The Doctor quickly grabbed it and took a sip.

"Good," he mumbled. He took another sip. "Oh, your creator could be called brilliant if he wasn't also a bit an idiot, but good at making tea and terrible at chess." The sound of clomps was heard as a white horse with a silver horn walked past them. "Still, I have to say I like the new look. I remember the your old body more like a dinosaur I liked that one better, this is cool too."

Dea smirked at the timelord, "I think there is a saying that goes: "Are you one to talk? You've had many more changes than us."

"Yes, about that." The screen flashed red again. "I've scanned both terrestrial and non-terrestrial record and found that electronic records of you have started to vanish."

"About that-" The Doctor started.

"Don't tell us you're going to try and wipe our files on you too." Dea quickly turned her gaze to the timelord as she scratched the ear of the animal.

"No, but I need to keep a low profile so please keep that information to yourselves."

"Still I am surprised that you've come to us." DEACON stated. "Don't you have bigger concerns than this mystery?"

"What are you talking about?" The Doctor quickly asked.

"The Doctor doesn't know." Dea said with a hint of amusement entering her voice.

DEACON started, "We detected some anomalies while we were deep inside the dimensional nexus which our hub is located in, we soon discovered a dimensional rift starting to form. Using some equipment we acquired after the fall of Torchwood we began experimenting. We came here to in the mobile unit to further study the rift and things started to come out."

"Things?" The Doctor started to worry. "What types of things?"

"A unicorn for instance." Dea said as she played with the very creatures mane.

The Doctor stared in shock. "A unicorn! There is a unicorn there!"

"Yes, we noted that a number minutes ago." Dea said in a rather casual voice. "We have also encountered fictional character such Lemuel Gulliver and James Moriarty."

"No…" The Doctor said in half horror.

"Those dimensional readings you allowed me copy in our last encounter found a match to this particular dimension." DEACON stated. "You've have previous encounter with it-"

"The Land of Fiction." The Doctor started.

"Yes, that is the one." Dea told him. "There were some strange white robots there that had seemed to be destroyed."

"That can't happened." The Doctor handed her his cup before he ran his fingers through his black flopish hair. "This can't just happen especially the Land of Fiction."

"I don't know for certain what has caused the dimension to collide but I do know the source location." The red screen flashed date and finally a map of Japan. "Its source is located in Tokyo, Japan near the Soyu district."

The Doctor's face paled at the news.

The Tardis door opened up and a girl with dark hair wearing her sleeping clothes stepped out, "Doctor, the TARDIS console has been beeping for a half an hour."

She paused when she found a long silver sword a hair away from her neck. She found the sword coming out a woman with red eye's palm.

"No, she's a friend." The Doctor rushed into the Tardis as he wildly worked the controls and scanners to check what he saw. His long dark purple coat waving behind him as he ran around.

Dea looked on in shock and pulled away from her. "Clara?"

"Yeah, was the Doctor talking about me?" The woman asked confused but happy to see that she put away the sword. "Wait, is that a unicorn?"

The Doctor ran about in the room squeezed into the small box. He grabbed Clara and pulled her in, he stopped and looked at the two again, "I have to go. Tell Waldo I said hello."

He slammed the door closed. Soon wind picked up around the box as it started to vanish with the sound of its ancient engines grinding. Soon the box faded away leaving no trace.

"He was in a hurry." Dea commented.

"Yes, but considering the situation what father wouldn't rush off if he thought his daughter was in danger." He let his gaze fall on Dea. "I know I would."

Dea smiled at her father. Both knew something was happening but decided to get the scanners working to get as much data as they could before it ended.

In a home in Japan a teenager named Ayumu Aikawa sat at the table trying to do his homework, oh and he was zombie so not a normal teenager by any standard though he looked like any other teenager. He looked up from his homework to his side were silently a girl watch the television never smiling or laughing at the jokes on the screen. That was Eucliwood Hellscythe a necromancer from the Underworld and the one that turned him into a zombie. She had pale skin and long silvery hair. Her shining blue eyes looked on at the screen. She wore a purple dress and amor on it. The zombie smiled before he went into his school bag, he spotted a magazine that his friend had given him.

He quickly opened it up to the center and then felt a small hand on his shoulder.

Eucliwood looked just a little younger than him and looked over his shoulder at the magazine.

"Oh, it's not that kind of magazine." He waved her off. "Orito said something strange caught his eye. There was a fashion show in France and there were some criminals who attacked trying to hold everyone hostage. One of the models jumped off that stage and beat a group of twelve men single handedly. Some people say during the fight white flames jumped from her fingers. They asked the fashion designer who brought her but she only said she was a dear friend." He held up the magazine,"This is the only picture of her."

It was a picture of a woman in classy black dress that hung on her form and showed off her curves. Her long blonde hair shimmer as if spun out of gold but a flash of light covered her face.

Ayumu paused as he noticed the girl staring at the picture.

"Eu?" He called to her.

The necromancer grabbed the magazine and walked away.

Ayumu scratched his gray hair confused, "It's hard to read that girl when she won't speak or show any emotion."

Eu ran into her room and closed the door behind her. The room was simple and bare on a drawer sat an in a tank a large gray worm. A cork board held the pinned up pictures of Eu and her friends and a small black cat slept on the bed. Eu sat down on the bed and stared at the picture.

'You're coming.'

That was her only thought. She felt something was wrong and something was tugging at her. She knew she'd have to act.

At the school that Ayumu attended they were having a flea market and as the sun started to set the students started to clear the area and clean it.

A teenager known as Anderson walked carrying a box. He had gold eyes and blond hair with black tips at the back. He looked like a transfer student but what most of his classmates didn't know was that he was from the Underworld. He opened the door to where they stored thing but found the room was not there.

"No…" he said in surprise.

It looked like a throne room he was familiar with. Sitting on top of the throne was Eucliwood.

Standing before her was a man with long silvery gray hair, he wore armor and held a sword.

"Lady Hellscythe." He spoke in reverie tone.

Anderson frozen in horror and said in a whisper, "The King of the Night." He had known of the man and his countless crimes.

They didn't notice him.

"Things do not bode well." The man continued to speak.

A well endowed woman dressed like a warrior with long red hair moved forward, "Your majesty, the forces from Villers are coming and coming faster than before."

Then a woman with a long black coat and blonde hair stepped forward, "I think its time that we head back to the front line." She turned to her back, "Are you coming?"

"No." A tall skinny man with a blue pin stripe suit under his brown coat said. "Still working on somethings. Though if you do see the Tardis do let me know."

The evens shimmer away into nothingness before Anderson's eyes.

Then a classmate of his with brown pigtails walked up to him, "Anderson, are you all right?"

He forced a smile and said, "Of course I am." Internally he panicked more than he had ever done so before.

Elsewhere in the city a girl with short orange hair walked along with a girl a few years older with long black hair. They carried their groceries back to the home they shared with Ayumu and Eu.

"Hey leafy!" Haruna, the orange haired one asked the other one. "What do you think Ayumu is going to make tonight?"

Seraphim smiled at the younger girl, "I do not know, the maggot, only told us to get the ingredients. I don't even know why he insisted to cook when I offered to cook tonight."

The air around them started to shimmer and they quickly found themselves on an old fashion and classy train.

"What in the name of the Demon Baron is happening?" Haruna questioned.

"I don't know, but be on guard." Seraphim's green eyes turned red. She was about to draw her weapon when she saw Eu walk into the room. "Lady Hellscythe?"

Eu wore a dark dress and coat that covered her armor.

The other side the opposite door opened and two men rushed in and quickly closed the door behind them. One man had a large chin and wore a bow tie and the other was dressed with a tan jacket and matching hat and held a rather large gun.

"Doctor." The man asked. "Those things don't seem to want to die."

"Yes, Riddell, I noticed." The Doctor said before he walked up to Eu. "Eu! What are you doing here! I told you to make sure everyone was safe in the TARDIS and that includes you."

She held up a notepad which read:

I was worried. I wanted to make sure you were safe. Everyone else is in the ship expect you two and Kami.

"Oh, where is she anyway?" He asked.

A window shattered as a blonde woman crashed through it landing on her feet.

"Never mind." He said.

She wore a black dress that was a little ripped, "Okay, I might have slowed down the werewolf but its angry and coming our way."

"Since we have ten minutes before those dwellers use this train and everyone on it for fuel to call down their boss I say we get on the TARDIS and go now."

The scene around them vanished leaving both girls dazed and confused.

"What happened?" Haruna questioned. "What was the necromancer doing?"

"I don't know." Seraphim was at a loss for words. "We have to talk to Lady Hellscythe about this." They rushed towards home.

Somewhere very far away, on a whole different world there was a school much different from the one we saw before. The school was known as Demon Weapon Meister Academy and the school was decked out in skull and candle motif and was located in the desert of Nevada in a city called Death City.

In the halls a group walked together.

"Kid, I'm hungry!" A girl with short blonde hair chirped.

"Patty." Kid said being pulled along. "I have a meeting with the witches soon. The head witch is coming herself and said we had to talk about some urgent matters."

A taller girl with long dirty blonde pulled him along. This girl was Patty's older sister Liz and she said, "Kid, you need to eat and everyone wants to take you to eat."

Liz paused and looked at her and her sister. They were wearing more formal clothes than they were used to, they looked like secretaries and in a way they were. Kid had become the new Lord Death and they were still his primary weapons and now his assistance for his day to day matters at the school he now ran. She looked at him his black hair had three full horizontal white stripes. Liz knew that Kid was trying to prove himself as the new grim reaper and was pushing himself but she was there to make sure he still took care of himself. He lost his father and gained a lot of responsibility so she had reasons to worry but she would always remind him he had his friends for help.

"Come Soul." A girl with blonde pigtails in a long black coat walked along next to a boy with white hair and a grim look on his face.

He wore a simple black suit and his usual spiky hair was more flat than anything. "I'm coming."

"Soul, you need to eat too. I know you're busy helping Kid but you both have to make sure to eat."

"They're only trying to be helpful." A dark haired young woman smiled, her name was Tsubaki.

Next to her stood a blue haired assassin who honestly was loud. "Soul, I still can't believe you have your hair like that."

That brought us to the thing that made Soul so upset, he'd been Kid's personal death scythe for a week appointed when Kid became Lord Death and after that Maka insisted he get a more professional hair style.

"I like it." Maka mindlessly played with his bangs before she pulled away.

Maka and Kid looked around suddenly feeling something was wrong and the yellow halls turned brown.

"Mama!" Maka yelled confused. "When did you get back?"

A woman with a black coat moved forward and pulled out a katana.

"What is that thing?" Liz yelled out as she pointed opposite to the woman.

A woman with a black dress and scaly green skin held a sword. Soon both women closed their gap and the sword clashed.

The green woman spoke with a british accent, "Not bad for an ape."

"I'll take that as a compliment." The blonde woman smirked.

"Oh, be nice Madame." A woman's voice got the group's attention.

A dark haired maid was serving tea to a silver haired girl and a young looking man with a bow tie.

"I thought I was." The green woman said.

"Enough of this." A bald almost potato like man in a suit walked towards the two women.

"What's that a troll?" Liz shouted clinging to Kid.

"Lunch?" Patty licked her lips.

The potato like man walked up to them, "It's my turn to have battle practice."

Maka's mother sighed and quickly slid past him and struck him on the back of the neck with the handle of the sword. "There you go, Strax. Practice being faster."

Strax collapsed to the ground.

Soon the foreign elements vanished like a bad dream.

"Huh, what was that?" Black Star asked only to receive confused looks for a reply.

"Mama?" Maka questioned.

Elsewhere in that very city in a small restaurant the death scythes and their meisters gathered to celebrate that one of their own was pregnant.

A blonde woman with an eye patch smiled happy to be surrounded by friends. She looked at her partner a tall man with gray hair and a large screw in his head, Stein. The she turned to the other side where a red haired man and father to Maka pouted. Spirit had wanted to have the celebration at a cabaret club called Chupa Cabra's but was shot down.

Soon they would all part to different places around the world so they were going to make the most of the night.

Marie raised a glass to make a toast. "I'm glad that you could all make time to celebrate with us."

The monkey Enrique held up a mirror which now contained what was left of his weapon Tezca Tlipoca. In the mirror they saw a grim and torn reflection of his body with a mask like the head of a bear. "Anyone else have a weird feeling?"

Stein said, "Something is wrong."

A woman landed feet first on the table they had sat around to eat.

"Kami!" Marie shouted, on one hand she was happy to see the last guest none of them seemed able to find on the other she was upset she was being upstaged at that moment.

The area around them changed to reflect Kami on top of carriage with a purple pen in hand. She clicked the button and the pen transformed into a scythe.

Kami jumped off the carriage onto the field with the scythe in hand as a woman in black clothing approached her. The most notable feature of the woman was the fact that she lacked a head, second most notable feature would have been shadows around her forming her own scythe. The two fought as a voice filled the air.

A man in a brown suit carrying a device with a glowing blue tip ran around, "Oh come on." He slapped the device. "Come on, we can't have lost the trail of the Carrionites."

There was a girl with silver hair petting etherial black horse with red eyes. Something then drew this girl's attention and she went to the carriage to retrieve a bag. She opened it to pulled out what seemed to be the severed head of an auburn haired woman.

The head's olive eyes blinked and said,"Hello."

Everything just vanished like a bad dream leaving the death scythes and their partners confused.

"Kami?" Spirit spoke only his ex wife's name.

"What has your ex wife gotten herself into now?" Stein questioned upset that he gave up smoking.

In Japan the sun had set and two bitter enemies found themselves together for drinks. One was called Chris who could be mistaken for a 12 year old girl was in fact much older than drinking age. She had long pink hair that curled in the end and whole a white lolita outfit. Next to her sat a woman with long red hair and wore more normal clothes though her well endowed figure still brought attention to her. They sat in front of a small food cart talking as they waited for the elderly man behind it to cook their meal. Suddenly the ground began to shake and they turned around to be greeted by a loud roar.

A large T rex appeared before them with a man in a tweed jacket ridding on it. "And the Doctor takes a lead."

Fellowing quickly behind him on a triceratops the blonde woman yelled out, "You're not winning that easy!"

And following at rear on an ankylosaurus the silver hair necromancer held out a notepad.

Yay! Family activities.

As they vanished the group found themselves confused.

Chris put down the bottle of sake she has been drinking, "Okay, I never thought I would say it but… I think I've had enough."

She put down the bottle for the old man to pick up and start drinking having decided he hadn't had enough.

The red haired woman looked in awe, "Was that…?"

At this point Chris grabbed the bottle back deciding she was wrong.

Back at the house Ayumu was quickly informed about what the other had seen and worried they went to her room.

"Eu?" Ayumu knocked on the door before he opened it.

The three found the room empty except for a note left on her head.

There is something I must do. Don't worry about me.

That had an opposite effect and Ayumu, Haruna and Seraphim feared for their friend's safety.

Near Soyu there was a tall building. No one would ever look twice at the building. Deep in building stood a woman wearing business attire. She wore a black business jacket over simple whit blouse and a knee length skirt. Her long blonde hair held into a stylish bun. Her long black coat swayed behind her as she walked into the office. She pushed up her oval shaped glasses up as another woman walked up to her.

This woman had round glasses and messy brown hair that almost looked like a bird's nest. She was about a half foot shorter than the blonde woman and wore a dark gray business pant suit.

"What are you doing here?" She tried to stop the woman.

The blonde woman looked her up and down before she pulled out a black thin wallet.

"I'm from the city, we've had reports of some wild power surges coming from this building." She tucked it away. "I have to make sure that you are following all safety protocols that some with such high power consumption require."

"We can't do this now. There is really no one here-"

"Perfect, I'd hate to step on anyone's toes."

"We can't-"

"Oh, don't worry it will be more trouble if anyone else were here so let's avoid trouble."

"You can't Miss-"

"Kami, Kami Fujiwara." She turned back to the other woman. "Oh and yes I can."

Kami walked forwards as if ignoring the other woman. "Wait, this building is closed how did you even get in here?"

Kami who was several steps ahead just ignored the question.

Down on the ground level Eu stood at the front door. "Open."

A surge of pain rushed through her body as she used her power but suddenly the door flew open.

A security guard rushed to the doors, "What did you do? You can't come in."

"Sweet dreams." Another surge of pain as she used her powers again.

The guard overwhelmed by a tired feeling fell to the ground asleep. Eu walked into the building and looked for the elevator. She had the power to change fate but had little real control over it. To keep the power in check she couldn't show any emotion or speak because her powers could activate and change the world and they would cause her pain. Still she felt she needed to be there and the pain would be worth it.

On the roof the wind howled as the blue box materialized. The Doctor didn't waste a moment and rushed out of the Tardis.

Clara rushed behind pulling over her top a jacket, she barely had time to change mid flight. "Doctor? What's wrong?"

The Doctor pulled out his sonic screwdriver and the tip glowed green. "Find it, find her."

"Her? Whose her?" Clara asked the alien.

"No, she is here. She is here below. No, what? It's not her and it is her." He slapped the device. "Make sense." He rushed towards the door and pointed the device at the handle. With a quick burst the lock hissed as the lock broke. He rushed past the door and down the stairs.

"Doctor?" Clara followed behind him worried for him and for this her.

Deep the building someone watched the video feed of their actions. They were hidden in the shadows chuckling to themselves, "Above, between and below. Did he tell you about Rassilon's game or is it a coincidence? Still, the three of you are here and it is time to start. This is my game and this is my trap and you have no choice but to set it off. Time to get to troops ready. Kill gods, loads of chaos, and get everything I could ever want. I am going to be so busy." They chuckled to themselves.

Authors Notes: Yeah, something is happening and so far no one knows the whole story. So if you're a little lost you are right on track. If there is something you don't get I will explain it later, probably, I'll try. Well I'll get to everything that needs to be explained. A three way cross over inspired by an rp I have going on tumblr. If you liked it feel free to leave me a review telling me what you think or or liked or if there is something i really need to explain. I'll try to update soon.