Secrets of Legend

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Chapter 17: Epilogue

It felt like the universe had taken a deep breath. When the white vanished the world seemed to have changed. There were no signs of any of the cosmic damage down by Shadow. In each of the worlds the battle damage seemed to have been undone. The only ones that seemed to be aware that anything had happened were those who had actually fought.


Sarasvati and her vampire ninjas stood on top of a building. There were no space ships, to alien bodies or damage. UNIT was there just pulling out but even they didn't find anything of note.

Whatever happened it seemed to be over now.

Sarasvati looked behind her to the edge of the roof.

"Aikawa, was his name?" Akuma sat besides his sister.

"Yes," Maelstrom blushed brightly. "We kissed and so we're married. He gave me a ring but it was stolen."


In the Thirteen battle worlds of S'rax soldiers returned. They had no idea how they got back to their home world but there they were. They had been forced to war by Mordred and only his truly loyal soldiers who followed him seemed to have not returned.

Mordred was gone so this world might have a chance of peace at long last.


Villers was at peace, as Ariel stood inside that land's prison, she looked confused.

They had a tool to keep track of Kyouko but when she went to find out where the murdered had gone she found it broken.

"How did that happen?" Ariel asked out loud.


In the Underworld there stood a castle. A young looking man looked at the land, he had once been a member of the seventh abyss.

"Eucliwood, was this you doing?"

Their sages had said something had happened and the Gate to the Underworld had been moved but now it seemed like everything was back in place.


The Head Witch stood in front of Death the Kid. Kid was all better, he didn't know how it happened but he was all healed. He had the feeling that Maka's mother was behind it.

"As per our agreement we are glad to had over any witch criminal we capture." Kid gladly smiled.

Eruka and Free pushed a chained up Pallas towards the Head Witch.

They didn't know what happened they found her chained up in the front. Again, Kid thought Maka's mom had something to do with it.

The witches were all safe after the storm, they were afraid for a bit but now it seemed like something had swept away the angels they were busy fighting.


Dea and DEACON studied what had happened to their delight. They had learned a lot from the great storm, and they were glad that the storm had passed. Dea was a little disappointed they couldn't keep the unicorn though.


Patty poked Kid's side.

"Are you sure you're okay?" Liz asked him.

After everything was done with the witches they returned to Kid's office.

"Yes, I feel fine and Stein examined me and said I was fine."

"Don't listen to her," Patty smiled broadly. "Your girlfriend is just worried about your body." Patty snickered.

"Patty!" Liz and Kid shouted.

"What? You heard the others. The other world put us in something that would make us most happy. You two were dating in that world, so you have to be happiest together."

"Patty! He's my meister." Liz scolded her. "We can't just do that."

"Fine! Just be unhappy grumps." Patty pouted and then left the room slamming the door.

After a moment of silence Kid spoke, "There is actually no rule about that."

"What?" Liz asked him back.

"Meisters and weapons can actually date."

"What? Ah, Kid, do you actually want to date?"

"… It's not like that thought hasn't come across my mind before but… in that dream world we were together and I liked it. I liked having you as a girlfriend, you were kind and caring like you always are."

"Oh…" Liz blushed. "Well, I thought you were a good boyfriend in that world. Strong, brave, neurotic but sweet and you have always cared about everybody even when you were missing your dad." She scratched the back of her head. "I guess you weren't too different in that world."

"You liked it?"

"There were certain things I liked, being with you…" She blushed. "I mean you were a pretty good kisser."

Liz found herself looking deeply into Kid's amber colored eyes. A moment later Liz found Kid's soft lips pressed against hers. After a moment they pulled away taking a deep breath.

"Y-yeah, that's what I meant." Liz tried not to smile. "Good kisser."

"Ah," Kid fixed his collar. "Would you like to go get dinner with me? Just you and me?"

"Kid, are you asking me out?"

"Yes, I liked dating you in that world and I think I would certainly like dating you in real life. I thought dinner together would be a good place to start."

"Ah, yes, sure. Let's go on a date but…. let's not tell Patty. I don't know if this will work out and I don't want to get her hopes up until we know everything is good. I just don't want this to affect her."

"That's reasonable, I promise you it won't affect Patty."

Liz smiled as Kid took her hand in his.

"Yes!" Patty cheered from outside. "Kiddo and Lizzie sitting in a tree!"

The new couple blushed.


Sid checked out the cells under the school. Mordred and his loyal soldiers had been found knocked out. Mordred was tied in chains as he struggled to escape.

Sid was more than happy to let him rot in there after what he had done.

Sid was happy knowing that his sword was in the school's vault along with a certain flask.


In another dungeon like room Index found itself in bed. Stein stood at the door holding the Book of Eibon.

Stein flipped through the pages, "We have the book."

"Yes, you do."

"Kid, has sent me to make you an offer. Eibon had a lot of good ideas and a lot of bad ones. Your sole purpose is to spread his knowledge. Kid is willing to make you a teacher in the school."


"I asked him the same thing,he seems to want to give you a chance to redeem yourself as you were just trying to do what you were set to do. You can teach things out of the book under our supervision. Eibon was one of Lord Death's warriors and now you have a chance to carry that legacy with Kid."

Index looked up at Stein, "I squidly- er gladly accept."


"Argh, what happened?" Excalibur groaned out.

He found himself in a hospital bed.

"Oh good. You're okay." A small witch known as Angela sat besides him.

"What happened?" Excalibur was certain he was going to die.

"A big scary guy made everyone fall asleep and I got scared." Angela started to explain. "I turned invisible and ran away. I tried to find someone and when I got outside and found some people and a house on the stairs. I heard you making sounds like ow. I helped dig you out. Then we brought you here."

"Yeah, you did good Angela." Kim patted her on her head.

In the bed next door Ox let out a huff.

Kim had been trying to heal Excalibur when she wasn't trying to heal Kid or dealing with the people affected by the flask. Lucky something seemed to happened and whatever the flask had done was undone.

Everyone who was affected by the flask was healthy and safe now. Kim was glad because her magic Angela had been safe the whole time.


Maka sat at the top of the stairs leading the school. She'd been sitting there for hours, she was waiting for her mother to return. Kami had vanished with the others. They all feared that in the end Kami was gone like all the souls, returned into the universe to help repair it. Still Maka sat there and waited for her mother.

Soul sat down besides her and grabbed her hand."I remember when I met your mom. I thought she was nuts."

"She's not gone." Maka said fiercely.

"I know she's not, that woman is tough. If the universe did go down the drain I'm sure she'd survive somehow. No, I'm saying that she will come back. When I met her she asked me to protect you. So until she comes back I will do just that." He grabbed her hand.

"You've always done that." Maka smiled at him.

Slowly they leaned towards one another.


Maka pulled back startled.

Nygus walked over, "We found a letter for you in the office."

Nygus handed her the letter before going back to work.

Maka read it over, "What? I can't-"

"What is it Maka?"

"It's a letter from mama. It's dated today."

"You have to be kidding me."

Maka started to read it out loud "Sweetie, first of all I love you. Second off, don't worry about anything I am safe. If everything went according to plan we should have managed to patch up the universe. All those trapped souls are now at rest. Their last gift to us was to put everything back and rebuild out bodies. Lucky for me that also repaired my damaged soul. I promise I will see you soon. At the moment me, your sister and Doctor just need need to get ourselves sorted. I think Eu is excited to get to know you. I love you, Maka."

Maka found a picture of the Doctor, Kami and Eu feeding a dinosaur. Maka let out a small laugh and held the letter to her chest. She was overjoyed that they were safe, and she was actually happy to get to know Eu. It might have been fun to have a sister.

"You look happy." Soul smiled that toothy grin.

Maka looked at him, "Mama told me something. She told me that somethings are hard to face but if you really want it you should face the risk."


Maka put her hands on his face and pulled him into a deep kiss.

Soul kissed her back but then pulled away, "Maka, I thought you-"

"I know I was scared about messing up what we have but I'd hate never really being with you."

Soul smiled brightly, "Alright book worm, I hope your sure because I don't think you'll be able to get rid of me now."

"Well, that doesn't sound too bad. Your kissing does seem to have gotten better."

"You haven't seen anything yet."

"Then show me." Maka smiled kissing Soul again.

They had kissed before, right after the whole battle of the moon and afterwards Maka was afraid. Right now Maka wasn't afraid but regretted that she hadn't said yes earlier, they lost so much time.

At a nearby balcony Black Star and Tsubaki looked on.

Black Star smiled, "It looks like they finally got together."

"They're so sweet together. Oh, maybe we could go on a double date with them."

"Maybe but not yet." Black Star held Tsubaki's hand. "I still want to have you to myself for a little longer. I just don't want to share my goddess just yet."

"I guess I can wait a little more to tell everyone." Tsubaki smiled before kissing him.

They actually did get together after the battle on the moon. Despite Black Star's ego he always put Tsubaki ahead of him and Tsubaki was the one person who saw Black Star's tender side. They hadn't told anyone so they could enjoy their relationship. Though they thought Angela might have caught them making out once. Still, whenever Black Star thought someone was flirting with Tsubaki he would beat them up.


Clara woke up in her bed. Her head still ached and she didn't know what exactly was happening. She found herself in her room. It took her a minute to figure out what happened.

There was a knock on the door. It was Artie, the boy she help take care off. "Clara, there was a letter for you."

Clara grabbed it. There was no return address, her name was plainly written on it and she recognized the writing as the Doctor's. She quickly tore it open.


If things go according to plan you should have woken up at home. A lot of things happened and I won't bore you with the details. I have the Tardis and everything is good and the universe isn't falling apart, not anymore than usual. I'm fine, everyone is fine. I need to take some time with Kami and Eu. I'l see you next Wednesday.

Clara looked over the letter. She was happy that the Doctor had someone, Kami and Eu weren't blood relations but they were still family and she was glad he had some. In the mean time she'd spend sometime with her own adopted family. "Artie! You want to do something together?"


Ayumu had managed to contact some other people and from what he could everyone got sent to their home when the white out effect thing happened. The only exception seemed to be Eu. He and the others waited for Eu to return. Ayumu sat on the porch petting the cat and Eu's pet memory worm. He made sure to use the glove so not to forget anything.

"Ayumu!" Haruna waved a letter with Seraphim quickly following. "The necromancer sent us a letter!"


Ayumu quickly snatched the letter.

"Read it out loud, your filthy dung beetle." Seraphim ordered.

"Ah," Ayumu started to read out loud. "Hello, Ayumu, Haruna and Seraphim. You are probably wondering where I am. Don't worry I am safe. After saving several universes me and my parents just managed to put our bodies together. We needed sometime to cope with everything. I'm going on a trip with them for a while. I'll be back soon. When I come back I want a feast with lots of meat."

Seraphim smiled at the letter, "That's wonderful."

Ayumu continued to read, "Until I come back please remember to feed my cat. Also feed my memory worm, He likes a nice piece of lettuce each day."

"I'll feed it." Haruna cheered. She went and grabbed the worm, her eyes went blank, "Has the necromancer come back yet?" She looked around confused. Then she noticed the letter and looked it over. "Oh, that's nice. Don't worry I'll feed the worm." Haruna bent down to pick the worm and her gaze went blank. "Hey is the necromancer back yet? Hey what's with the letter?"

"We should probably stop her." Seraphim glanced over to Ayumu.

"You know,I have the feeling I've actually forgotten something." Ayumu rubbed his chin.

In the nearby bushed a pair of eyes glowed red.

"Heh heh." Kyouko spied on them, mainly at Ayumu.


A week later Kid was finishing up his work so he could get home and get to his date with Liz. As he entered the Death Room to finish up he stopped.

"Miss Albarn?" Kid was surprised to find Kami standing in the middle of the room. "How did you get into the Death Room? No one can get in or out of it without my permission."

"Oh please." She waved him off. "I can get anywhere I want, the enchantment around the room just make it a little harder."

"Okay, what are you doing here?"

"Last time we spoke you offered me a job, remember? I thought right now would be a good time to discuss the matter."

Kid smiled, "I think I have something in mind."


Excalibur was still healing slowly but at least they gave him his own room to heal in. He hadn't had many visitors but he told himself he didn't mind.

A whirling sound filled the air and the door swung open, the Doctor smiled at him.

Excalibur did his best to sit up on the bed.

"Sit back, relax. You seem a bit banged up." The timelord smiled at him.

"What brings you by Merlin?"

The Doctor smirked at that old nick name. " I wanted to check up on you."

"You don't tend to visit."

"There might be something else…. Remember when I tried to scan for Kami's DNA," He pulled out the device again and pointed it at him.


He tapped the tip of the device on Excalibur's nose. The device binged again, "Yeah, just double checking it."


"You're related to Kami."


"I'd say judging by these results you're her great-great-great grandfather. I'd ask how's that possible but I've seen enough human-alien hybrids, so I won't ask." The Doctor paused for a moment. "Maybe I should have told her this first."

"I have family…." Excalibur in the first time in a long time was speechless.


The Underworlder Nene sat at the same food cart she tended to visit. She was waiting for her friend to show up. She was eating her fried foods and chugging on her drinks. She had heard from Ayumu that Eu and the others were safe.

"A drink over here." Someone sat next to Nene.

The cart owner poured the drink.

Nene looked over.

"Hey, Nene."Kami smiled as she greeted the red haired woman.

"So you're alright." Nene smiled back.

"Sometimes I am."

They ordered some dumplings and began to share them. Kami slowly sipped at her drink, she wasn't great with liquor she was being careful.

"Hm," Nene hummed, "Is something wrong? Usually when you join me for a drink you tell me a story about your trips. I like your stories. Why no story this time?"

"Oh, I've just been thinking about stuff." Kami cleared her throat. "Uh, Nene what do you think about me?"

"You're a dear friend. You are my sister in arms. You spar with me and make me better. You cheer me up when I'm sad. You're my drinking buddy. Sometimes we fool around too. I like when you come around. I'm happy when we are together. I like Kami a lot. You're a very good person."

"How would you react if I asked you something else? Like I wanted to be more than just friends? Not just lover but an actual couple." Kami couldn't even blush as her heart raced so fast she couldn't get it to was afraid of being rejected and tossed aside and feeling hurt like when Spirit cheated on her and being made to feel like trash.


"IT WAS A JOKE! HAHA!" Kami started to tear up a little and turned around to go and run.

Nene grabbed her by her wrist and stopped her. Nene was much stronger that Kami so it wasn't hard to keep her from going. "You like me? Like like-like like me?"

"….yes? Kami finally let it out as she couldn't see it getting any worse.

"Kami." Nene said smiling softly at the blonde woman. She pulled Kami towards her and pressed her lips against her, pulling her into a gentle kiss.

Kami's eye grew wider as she realized she was being kissed. She didn't resist but her instincts pushed her on. There was a spark and a passion she missed and longed for. She finally pulled back to catch her breath. A simple smile crept over her face. "So does this mean…."

"I like you too."Nene blushed ever so slightly. "I was happy being with you. I didn't want to push anything since you were always tender about how things ended with your marriage. But if you want to try being with me. I'd be happy to be with you."

Kami gave her a gentle kiss. "And I'm happy to be with you." She smiled as she started to cry happy tears. It had been a long time since she felt that happy.

"Heh-!" Nene chuckled lightly out of joy.

As a near distance just at the street corner.

"About damn time." Chris stood at the corner.

They look happy.

Eu held out her notepad as she stood next to Chris.

"Yeah, they do look happy." The Doctor smiled contently. "They deserve to be happy."


In the deep of space the Tardis hummed. The Doctor polished the console and every single controls on it.

"Thank you for everything dear." He leaned down and kissed the console.

Soon he would go visit Clara and find her asleep in her bed because of soporific drug lanced on a letter that caused her to sleep. Soon he'd have to face something he'd wished he didn't have to.


Eu sat down as she played with her kappa toy.

Maka sat behind her braiding her long silvery hair. Maka divided up the hair and began to make french braids which she wove together into Eu had to long pig tails.

Kami sat behind Maka fixing the younger girl's hair. Maka's hair cascaded behind her as the hairs that formed her pig tails twirled behind her head to form a half a hair crown.

"Okay, what do you think?" Kami passed Maka a mirror.

Maka played with some long strands of hair that she tucked behind her ear. "I love it, mama."

Maka felt it was time for a change in her appearance and that she needed a more grown up look than her usual pig tails.

"Ah, Mama?" Maka asked. "Why Excalibur fixing your hair?"

Kami turned around, Nene who had been fixing her hair but she'd fallen asleep. It seemed that Excalibur had taken her place and was fixing Kami's pony tail.

"Ah," Kami quirked an eye brown. "Honestly I'm not sure."

Maka was happy that her mom had found someone that loved her, male of female if they were happy Maka was happy. Maka was happy to get to know Eu, a stoic but compassionate girl Maka was happy to have as a sister. The whole Excalibur thing was a bit odd but the sword seemed more grounded knowing he had something like family.

They continued to get ready for a party Stein was throwing to celebrate Kami's new job. Maka was surprised by Stein generosity, until Stein told her that he and some of the other meisters and the death scythes wanted to see Spirit's reaction to finding out Kami was dating a woman. Actually some people were offering to pay to see the his reaction live or on dvd.

Maka could only hope that it all went well.


Life continues on, through turmoil and test life finds away. People find their way to each other. People find joy where there was once despair. Life is an ever changing thing, sometimes it's for the better and sometimes it's for the worst. If there is a secret to anything it is that you just have to figure out how to make the most of things.

Somewhere in the endless white void the soul of Skasis or Shadow whatever you want to call him hovered. There was no way for him to escape.

That little dried out thing of a soul thought to itself 'Okay, now what?'

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