Zim let himself be pushed backwards onto the bed.

He let himself arch into the warm gentle touches.

Let his eyes close as the name fell unbidden from his lips.


He groaned, as the human's low chuckle made him shiver.


Not for the first time, Zim wondered how it had come to this.

Why was it always coming to this?

Why did he let it?

A soft kiss cut off his musings and Zim whined as the warm hands receded.


The warmth returned again and Zim sighed happily into the next kiss.

He let himself submit.

Let Dib take control as he had all the other times.

The heat almost melted him at one point and afterwards Zim sat watching a pale chest rise and fall.

Did it matter?

Was an answer really needed?

He let himself fall back, curling into Dib's embrace.

The human's heartbeat loud to his lekku.

"Silly human."

They'd fight in the morning and by nightfall they'd be doing this all over again.

Honestly, Zim wouldn't have it any other way.