Zim yawned, watching the wormbabies 'play' was boring. He'd decided to sit on the wall pretending to write in a book so that nobody would bother him. The beeping of a GameSlave drew near and Zim glanced over at Gaz as she joined him on the wall. What did she want?

"How long have you liked Dib?" Zim stared at the girl. He couldn't lie or she'd beat him.

"Almost a year." He admitted.

"Don't bother denyin... What?" The girl was shocked, expecting him to lie like always. Zim sighed, looking down at the book on his lap. "So why haven't you told him?" Wasn't this obvious?

"He's my enemy. He won't believe me."

"You could stop taking over?" Like he hadn't considered that before...

"Can't, i'm a slave of the Irken Empire. We're all mind controlled and brain washed to obey." He only knew this as he was a... defect...

"You can't quit?" He didn't reply, there wasn't a need to, the silence said it all. "Do you really like my brother?" Zim looked up, eyes landing on Dib, spotting the human across the Skoolyard with ease.

"My Pak makes it so I don't need to sleep."

"?" Gaz blinked at him confused.

"Sometimes I take it off so that I can dream about him. Dream about what can never be." Zim stood, the teen had spotted them and was rushing over in anger. He turned, smiling at Gaz to annoy the boy.

"Yet you still fight?" Zim let his smile stretch into a grin, he could feel Dib's furious glare on his back.

"Of course." He turned to face the incoming human. "So I can be his world for at least a moment." The boy arrived before anything more could be said.

"What are you doing with my sister?" Zim sneered.

"Nothing she didn't like~" He cooed before strolling off. Dib growled at the words but didn't follow. Gaz shook her head, resuming her game. She really didn't understand those two.