Hidden Secrets

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Chapter 1

"You are weak to think you would be able to kill me and a fool to think there are not others who will take my place and kill your precious love" Kai said his face an ugly scowl

"That may be but some say I'm a fool but I'm a fool in love and I will do anything to protect the people I care about "Eiji said with a sad smile on my face

"How touching the little boy's in loooovve that makes me sick" Kai said disgust dripping from his voice

"Well at least I have people who care about unlike you who killed all you friends and family in cold blood with you bare hands" Eiji yelled

Kai smirked well they were weak fools who deserved to die, I just did them a favour of speeding it up "he said shrugging his shoulders

"You a sick person" Eiji said picking up his knife his body protesting from all the wounds he had, wincing he realized that his wrist was sprained as he clenched the knife harder in his hand glaring at Kai.

"So what, you just as bad as me being an assassin who likes it and has Fun-"Kai started

"I'm nothing like that, I don't murder people for fun I cry for them, their families and for other people that might miss them" Eiji yelled grabbing his other knife the blood on his hand coating the knife in trails of blood.

" you know deep down you enjoy the bloodlust, hearing their sweet screams as you twist the knife further in their heart and the sweet taste of their bloo-' Kai's voice was cut off by the knife lodged in his throat.

I never do, I just do it to protect people you're just one screwed up man" Eiji said pulling his knife free and grabbing all his equipment before running out of the warehouse into the darkness of the night.


'Crap man why did I have to get a mission on Sunday night especially with morning practice tomorrow, oh man how am I able to explain this to buchou" grumbled Eiji as he climbed over the back fence of his parents' house. He grabbed the ladder hanging off his old treehouse that was outside his room and slowly made his way up in it and out of the window in the treehouse. He then made his way onto a thick branch and crawled his way over his bedroom window and quietly slipped inside his room.

'Thank god no-one noticed me gone or I would have to do a crap load of explaining to do', he thought as he opened a new trash bag and grabbed his first aid kit he sat on his bed. He peeled off with a grimace trying not to jostle his sprained wrist and winced and all the bruises, nicks and cuts on his skin. He set to work cleaning and bandaging his wounds and getting rid of all the blood on him, he put all the tissues, empty packets and his shirt in the trash bag before bandaging his wrist before hiding the trash bag in his cupboard. He then got changed into his pyjamas and slipping into his bed too exhausted fell asleep straight away.

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