Chapter 2- The Next Morning

Hey guys sorry it's been soooo long I've just been really busy trying to finish some assignments and study but anyway here's chapter two sorry if it's short or anything

Eiji Pov

'Beep, beep beep' I slammed my hand onto my alarm clock, groaning I looked at the time to see 6:30am and my eyes widened

"Shit I'm going to be late for morning practice Buchou is going to kill me" I said as I rushed around my room getting changed grabbing my schoolbag and rushing down the stairs. I ran pass kaa-san sitting at the table and grabbed a piece of toast than ran out the door after grabbing my tennis bag that was by the door.

I continued to sprint down the driveway eating my piece of toast and I run in the direction of the school hoping buchou won't give me any laps but it just had to be my luck that I had to carry heavy bags, run when I have chest and back injuries and deal with all the stress of final exams only a few weeks away.

Thump, thump, went my bag as I ran seeing the entrance of the school, I ran towards the tennis courts when "20 laps Eiji you're late" Tezuka's voice rang out.

"Hai Buchou" I said sighing dropping my stuff down on a bench in the tennis courts I ran off to start my laps. By the time I finished my laps almost everyone had finished warming up so I quickly warmed up with them before Buchou called everyone over to him.

"Regulars today we will be practicing our techniques which means that everyone has to train except Inui since he's running the training" Tezuka ordered "Inui if you will please" Tezuka said.

"Hai Buchou, on court a we will have Eiji-Oishi vs. Fuji- Kawamura than Kaidoh vs Echizen and finally have Momo vs Tezuka." Inui said

Everyone moved off to their court "Ready Eiji "Oishi asked smiling

"Sure am Oishi, we gonna win this nya I can just feel it " Eiji said grinning at Seigaku's mother hen ' I'm going to have to take it easy since I don't want to aggravate any of my wounds' thought Eiji with a blank face getting into position twirling his racket around his wrist subconsciously. 'Eiji... what's wrong ' Seigaku's' tensai Fuji thought with a worried look on his face as he got into position

'Eiji without any emotions something's up' Tezuka thought but dismissed the thought when he saw Eiji twirling his racket.


Fuji Pov

"Eiji are you alright, you weren't moving around a lot and you look exhausted is everything alright at home? " Fuji asked worried for his best and secret crush as they were getting changed.

"Huh, oh don't worry Fujioka everything's fine, just stayed up late playing a videogame nya" Eiji said smiling trying to hold in a grimace of pain as he turned around and lifted his shirt gently trying to not dislodge the bandages around his chest . Eiji managed to get his shirt off without anyone noticing but of course he had the worst luck in the world when he heard a gasps throughout the room, he turned around quickly to see all of his teammates standing there with varying degrees of shock on their faces

"Eiji wh…What happened why do you have bandages on your chest? "He asked in a soft voice his eyes open with concern in them.

Normal Pov

'Why would anyone want to hurt Eiji when he's the happy go lucky person that everyone loves' was the thought running through everyone's head when they noticed the subject of their thoughts had disappeared and they realised that the bell was about to go so they left the clubroom

"Don't worry minna, I will ask him when we have afternoon practice" Tezuka said with a worried tone in his voice. They nodded their heads, of course their Buchou would find out what's wrong Eiji wouldn't disobey Buchou before they all went off to class.