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Sharing the Shenny Sauce

2 months ago Amy had walked into 4A papers in hand. The whole gang was sitting there
about to dig into their Thai dinner.

"Here Sheldon. I am officially ending our relationship agreement." Amy announced
stepping in front of Sheldon and handing him the papers already signed and notarized
by her.

5 of the group sat with open mouths. Gaping at her.

The one who should have also if not gaping should have been at least asking why said
nothing. He read the paper. Stood up from his spot on the brown couch. Walked over to
his desk picked up a pen and signed under Amy's signature. Then he pulled out his own
notary stamp and stamped.

"Here you go Amy. Thank you for doing everything to my specifications. Now remove
yourself from my apartment." Sheldon stated making his way back to his spot. He picked
up his Thai and started eating.

Amy opened her mouth to say something but never did. Instead she shook her head and
walked out of 4A like Sheldon told her to. She never walked in again.

An hour later Penny was forcefully shutting her cell phone then tossed it on the counter in
her apartment. She'd tried to talk Amy into getting back with Sheldon. Give him sometime
to adjust to being more physical. After all he did kiss her on Valentine's.

That was, Amy finally confessed to Penny one kiss too late. There was a new man in her
life. He'd started working in her lab last November. They'd slowly been building a
relationship. Frankly Sheldon's kiss surprised her more because he'd done it rather then
the fact Abner's kisses made her toes curl and she couldn't ever imagine Sheldon making
her scream when she had an orgasm like Abner could do.

When Penny flat out asked her when she'd started sleeping with Abner. Amy told her
the beginning of February. Flames practically shot out of Penny's nostrils through the
airwaves into Amy's brain.

Penny had laid out a lot of people in her life. Even she would admit later on when the
nostril flames dissipated, her blood pressure dropped 20 points, and the shaking stopped.

She'd never let into anyone as she had Amy. Penny even warned her to cross the
street if she ever saw her headed her way.

Penny didn't give a lick if Sheldon had taken Amy's dissolution as if someone had handed
him the wrong soy sauce. Penny truly thought if Amy had been anywhere near her she
would have punched her square in the nose. No it wouldn't have been funny.

Less then two hours after that Penny broke up with Leonard. She wasn't about to abide
by his..."Honestly Penny what do you expect from a robot? You have to support Amy after
all she's your Bestie."

When Sheldon found out three days later, only because it finally sunk into Leonard's head
that Penny was serious this time. Sheldon went to 4B right after he told Leonard he
wasn't feeling well and would be staying home. Yes Leonard fled 4A as fast as his trolley
legs could carry him down 3 flights of stairs.

It was 8:15 AM and Sheldon let himself into 4B with his own key.

Sheldon found a lot of emotions were zipping through him and he had no control over a
single one. He threw Penny's bedroom open with such force it banged against the wall.

Penny practically flew off the bed he'd startled her awake so badly.

"Sheldon what the hell?" She screeched at him.

Penny suddenly found herself pulled up onto her knees by her shoulders, by an extremely
agitated genius.

"Are you finally done with him? Done with the mess your life is?" He snarled at her.

"Yes!" Penny snarled right back at him. This time she really meant it.

"It's about goddamned time!" Sheldon growled, in a tone so hot it made Penny's toes curl.

Then before an astonished Penny could say anything Sheldon was kissing her with more
passion then she ever thought possible from anyone.

If Penny was astonished at that well, she never could think of a proper way to describe
how he'd made love to her that very morning. Actually it was two days before Penny was
capable of thinking clearly at all. She and Sheldon both walked funny for three days.

Two weeks later Penny and Sheldon were having lunch at Taco Bell. Penny forgot to get
a packet of the hot sauce. Sheldon being the Texan gentleman his mother and meemaw
raised him to be said he would get it for her.

He stood there a moment and stared at the packet he pulled out.

Then Sheldon walked back over to Penny sat back down across from her and slid the
packet to her.

"It's a yes or no answer Kitten." He said as he pulled his hand back.

Penny raised her eyebrows at him and looked down at the red and white sauce packet.

"Marry Me"

"Yes" She whispered with shimmering emerald eyes as Sheldon slipped the emerald and
diamond engagement ring his grandmother had sent him two days ago at his request.