Okay, first I will apologise in advance, because whoever escapes, there will be people upset. Okay, there were people upset when Tris was trapped on the first floor, but this is the FINAL.

Also, the idea for Tag being a son of Poseidon randomly occurred to me and I wanted to put it in, so yeah.


Percy and Jack remaining.

Jack POV

I fall down after Percy. Tag watches with a face wiped of emotion and somehow I know that he will find Diamond and escape.

We don't bother lining up. This room isn't like the others. The walls are wooden and there a damp stains in the corners and across the ceiling.

I suddenly have a huge padlock on my front. Chains trail across my shoulder. It's so heavy that I'll never be able to lift it off.

I look over at me Percy's gaunt face. His eyes seem sunken. I want him to win, but I have to get back to the Guardians so we can rescue the people trapped here.

"Unfortunates. The is the Fight for Freedom. The unfortunate which answers the most correct questions within the sixty second time limit will gain the key of freedom and their weapon. Let the challenge begin...Now!"

I barely have time to prepare myself, before she starts firing questions at us.

"Percy, what was the name of the challenge on floor seven?"

"Black Widow."

"Correct, Jack, who was the Saboteur on floor four?"


"Incorrect, Diamond." I curse.

"Percy, how many plugs were there in Septic Sewers?"


"Incorrect, twelve. Jack, how many times did Percy get bitten in Snake Attack?"


"Correct, Percy, which two people were voted as Saboteur on floor six?"

"Me and..." His eyes go wild. "...Hazel!"

"Correct, Jack, what was the challenge on floor eight?"

"Goblet of Fire-no, Ice."

"I have to take your first answer, Incorrect it was Goblet of Ice." I curse Harry.

"Percy, who was trapped on floor seven?"


"Correct, Jack, what was Tris's weapon?"

"A gun."

"Correct, Percy, who was the Saboteur on floor four?"

"Uhh..." He can't remember.

"Too slow, Diamond." I see him curse under his breath.

"Jack-Time is up." A buzzer sounds.

"Jack, you answered two questions correctly. Percy, you answered three questions correctly. Percy, you may take the Key of Freedom and Riptide."

The are hovering in front of him. He grabs the pen and stuffs it in his pocket, before grabbing the key and unlocking himself. The padlock falls to the ground with a clang. Then he runs over to me and holds out the key. I reach for it, but it vanishes.

"Percy, you are free to go. Jump. Before I change my mind."

An image of Diamond with a blade to her throat makes me shove him. "GO!"

He turns and jumps through the final trapdoor. I sink to the floor.

"You're Jack Frost. You make a mess of everything, why you're doing it right now." The words echo in my head.

"What did you do, Pitch?" I whisper.

"More to the point Jack...What did you do?"

Percy POV

I jump. Riptide is bouncing in my pocket where it belongs. I hit a chute and tumble down it, before sliding out of a door. Sunlight temporarily blinds me, but I run to the edge of the island and look up. There is a row of windows. I can faintly see a figure at one, about four stories up. It's a little girl with blonde hair.

"DIAMOND!" I yell, hoping it's loud enough. She looks down in surprise, then I see her face fall. I regret shouting out. She wanted tag to win. My brother.

I am startled by a yell of "LOOK OUT!" I look up to see something spiralling down towards me. Then I realise what it is and dive out of the way.

Nico's Stygian Iron sword is quivering, point down in the rock next to me.

The cage is almost at the top. I watch the drawbridge being lowered, before a bunch of people walk across it. I would recognise Nico anywhere.

"Okay." I turn to the sea, determined to find help. "Water?" It responds by splashing up against my feet.

"Take me home."

The End (Or not)

I said about the sequel and all that, so yippee, I have started writing it and have a bunch of characters lined up, so yeah.


Tris POV

"DIAMOND!" I look out of the window and see a figure waving up at a window below me. Percy. He escaped. I sigh and turn away. I'm pretty sure the entire thing was structured by Erudite. When I get my hands on Caleb...

Harry POV

"DIAMOND!" It's Percy's voice. He escaped. Good. I'm glad. Now I'll just sit here and wait for all eternity. It's obviously Umbridge's idea after all.

Hazel POV

"DIAMOND!" Percy. I wanted Katniss to win. I'll run out of oxygen in my tank soon anyway. Then I'll be with Gus. I smile and lean my head against the wall behind me.

Katniss POV

"DIAMOND!" I look out and see Percy waving at someone. Neither of the kids escaped then.

"I won't be a piece in your games." I mutter. Something falls past my window. A yell follows it and I see Percy dive out of the way.

I'm not sure if Percy knew I could hear him, but I'm left wondering who Leo is.

Diamond POV

"DIAMOND!" I look down and see Percy. I can't help but feel upset. I wanted Tag to escape. Now it looks like we'll both be stuck here for all eternity.

The cage swung by a few minutes ago. I didn't see the people inside properly, but the was a girl with the longest golden hair I ever saw and a girl with the fluffiest brown hair I ever saw.

Percy dives out of the way as something lands next to him. I turn away.


"DIAMOND!" I rush to the window, hoping that she's escaped. No such luck. Percy's just waving at her. He's my brother? He dives out of the way as a sword impales itself in the ground next to him. He looks confused. I sigh and turn back to trying to figure a way out of here.

Jack POV

"DIAMOND!" Percy yells. I can't move wearing the chains, so I don't bother. Pitch is tormenting me.

"We'll get all of them." He says. "The Dragon Whisperer Boy." I shudder as an image of Hiccup falling from Toothless flashes through my head. "The Violent Redhead." Merida being eaten by a bear.

"And little Rapunzel, too."

The End. (again. sort of.)