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Harry, Katniss, Percy, Tris, Hazel, Jack, Tag and Diamond remaining.

Percy POV

"Unfortunates. you have been brought to the tower for my amusement. You will work your way down to the bottom, but one person must remain on each floor. Trapped."

The little girl looks around with wild eyes. Harry and Jack just stand, mouths hanging slightly open. Tris turns in a circle looking for where the voice is coming from.

Katniss, on the other hand, has taken her bow from where it was slung over her shoulder and knocked up an arrow.

"You have no right to keep us here. Why don't you show your face?" She says, voice unwavering. I take out Riptide. Jack and Harry both take one look at it and, despite the situation, snort with laughter.

"That's-a-pen!" Jack chokes out. I give him my wolf stare as I uncap it. That shuts him up. He holds his...I think it's a staff out, and points it at the ceiling. "Okay, Lady, you've had your fun, now let us go."

Nothing happens.

Harry takes a piece of wood from his back pocket. I stare at it.

"It's a wand, Percy." He says in monotone.

"Glad we got that one cleared up."

Tris has pushed the kids behind her. Hazel stands next to her, pulling along the oxygen tank. I feel a little awkward around her, I've not really talked to anyone with one before.

We all jump as a tray shoots out from one of the walls.

"Please place all of your weapons in the tray when I give the instruction. And in case you don't feel like it..." A pair of metal hands grab the kids and hold them against the wall. They start struggling, but a blade is held at each of their throats.

"You can't do that!" Tris says. She looks ready to murder the voice.

"Oh, but I can. Now, Beatrice" Tris winces at the sound of her full name "Put the gun in the tray." Tris glances at the kids who have gone chalk white, and pulls a gun from the back of her shirt. She slams it into the tray. "Very good. Miss Everdeen, your bow and quiver, please?"

Katniss drops her weapons in without hesitation. "Harry? Your wand?"

Harry looks like he's debating it, but Katniss takes a step towards him. "Do it, or I will make your life hell."

The wand is in the tray within seconds. Katniss is almost as scary as Annabeth.

"Jack?" He somehow slides his staff in. The second it leaves his hand, it loses some of the frost that was creeping up it.

"And Mr Jackson." I cap Riptide and throw it at the tray. It misses, so I have to pick it up and place it in. The tray slides in again and the hands release the kids.

Jack and Katniss run to them and help them up. Katniss picks up the girl, who has tears running down her face.

"Shh, it's okay, Diamond, it's okay." She whispers. Then to my amazement she begins to sing.

Deep in the meadow,
Under the Willow,
A bed made of straw,
A soft green pillow.

Lay down your head,
Close your sleepy eyes,
And when again the open,
The sun will rise.

Diamond sniffles a little, but she smiles. Jack puts a hand on the boy's shoulder.

"You okay?" He asks, but he seems to be asking more than just about the metal hands.

"I'm fine."

A creaking sound draws all our attention to the centre of the room. What I had taken to be a hexagonal piece of wood had split and dropped open as a trap door.

"If you want to get down, I suggest you all jump. The first challenge awaits you."

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