Chapter 1

Hello comrades, this is the first chapter of my Familiar of Zero fanfiction I'm going to be writing. It takes place after the end of the anime when Louise and Saito arrive in Japan after getting married, and I do not own The Familiar of Zero. ~Moose


Saito looks into the eyes of his newly wed wife, Hiraga Louise, with wonder in his eyes. He has just brought his most beloved person to his world after being gone for two whole years in hers.

"This silence is killing me, what does she think, what if she doesn't like it here and doesn't want to come back, oh God" Saito worries to himself. Being all caught up in what will happen if he doesn't make a good impression he doesn't notice Louise staring in amazement to the brand new world she has just been exposed to.

"Oh Saito, it's wonderful!" his wife exclaims, bug-eyed at the tall buildings and the writing she doesn't understand.

"I'm glad you think that, I was worried" Saito says, underselling what was happening in his mind. "I'll take you everywhere; give you the full experience of Japan."


"Wow," Louise says, "what is this? what is possible of going this fast?" she says with open admiration on her face looking at her husband. Upon hearing this, Saito chuckles to himself noticing all the looks his beloved is getting, he understands because who lives in Japan and doesn't know about trains.

"This is a train Louise, this is how most Japanese people get around" careful not to make his tone of voice make it sound like she isn't smart.

"It's incredible, what does that say?" she says pointing at the train route.

"Hey you dumb bitch, if you don't bother to learn the language of the country you're in, get the hell out." A man states, clearly a racist douche; Louise opens her mouth to ask why he would say something like that when her husband steps up;

"Hey asshole, she comes from far away and doesn't need her view of our people tarnished by your filth" Saito yells at the man.

The man notices the approving looks Saito is receiving and doesn't let it end there. "It still doesn't give her the right to come into our country and be nothing than a waste of spa…" the man gets cut off by Saito unsheathing Delfringer and pointing it at the man's throat.

"Don't speak about my wife like that" Saito says and sheaths Delf, "Let's get off here Louise."


"I'm really sorry Louise, please don't think badly of Japan because of him" Saito says asking for forgiveness on behalf of Japan as a whole.

"I don't" she tells her husband wholeheartingly. "After what you had to in Halkeginia" she starts,

"Yeah, like fend off an army of seventy thousand" Saito finishes, able to make jokes about the ordeal he had to go through to protect his wife.

"Yes that's what I was going for you jerk" she says jokingly. "So what is this place" she asks, just now realizing she is in the middle of a beautiful landscape with kids playing on metal contraptions and people having picnics.

"We're in the park, I know I never asked, but are there really no parks in Halkeginia?" Saito asks.

"No" his wife says answering in one word, still taking in the surroundings. "This is really beautiful, I can hear children laughing, I wonder if I will bring our children here…" her train of though is derailed by embarrassment flooding her face. "What am I thinking about, Saito and I haven't even… even…" now muttering incoherently out loud, Saito asks what's wrong.

"Nothing, nothing, hehehee," embarrassment still flooding her face, not wanting to bring on the wrath of his wife he forgets it.


After finally regaining her composure she realizes that they have left the park. "Where are we going to now?" she asks, clearly excited for where they go now.

"Well, now we need you some regular clothes" Saito states, having Louise realize the looks she has been getting.

"Are my clothes not acceptable here?" she asks, feeling a little offended that her aristocratic dress that she takes such pride in seems to not be welcomed here.

"No, it's not that" Saito sighs, "it's just that in my world, magic only exists in T.V shows and what you're wearing looks like cosplay" he finishes.

"T.V? Shows? Cosplay?" she asks in unison, Saito facepalms.

"It's going to take a long time to get her used to this" he thinks to himself, rubbing his temples. "I will explain later, let me just get you some clothes" Saito lets go of his face and they walk into the store.

"Alright, let's get you…" Saito says to be cut off by a timid voice speaking to him,

"E-e-excuse me s-sir, can y-you p-please not bring a weapon into t-t-the store" a tiny store attendant says to him.

"Oh, yes please excuse me, I'm so sorry" Saito explains to the clerk who visibly relaxes hearing that he isn't here to cause trouble. "Can you get her some cute clothes for me" he asks,

"Hai, right this way ma'am" the clerk responds cheerfully and drags Louise to the back.


After about a half hour, Louise and the clerk come out of the back, "over here Mr." the clerk calls out, upon hearing that Saito sighs with relief

"Thank you God, they're done" he thinks to himself. He was getting tired of constantly explaining to scared workers he wasn't here to start problems, he turns around only for his jaw to hit the floor, he sees his wife in a pink and brown stripped shirt and a short black skirt with a black hat adorning her head.

"Wow" Saito breathes out unable to say anymore, truly stunned by the sight of Louise in the clothes of his home country.

"Well don't just say wow baka, h-how do I look" his wife asks.

"I can't imagine that it's the same woman I brought in here," Louise starts to blush at his words when he continues, turning to the clerk and says "are you sure you didn't switch girls back there, my wife couldn't be this beau… GUH" Saito is interrupted by a kick to the groin; all the men in the area give a sympathy look to the man now lying on the floor.

"I knew this dog couldn't be this nice" the clerk looks at the pair stupefied… "wife?"


Saito finally gets off the ground in a couple minutes and hobbles over to his wife and the clerk talking on a bench. "That was un called for Louise" Saito says with pain still lining his voice.

"You deserved it, jerk" she retorts coldly, looking away and puffing out her cheeks in an adorable pout; the definition of tsundere.

"I was surprised to find out you two were married, at such a young age too." Saito shares a look with his wife who just scoffs and turns her head, with his voice still off from the bombardment his crotch just went through he explains,

"She comes from far away, and it's normal there" he gives their cover story. The clerk just nods her head, about to speak up, Saito does first,

"Why was everyone so afraid of me, yes I have a sword but they acted like I would take it out and slaughter them all." The clerk stiffens, but remembers that he is a good man;

"There have been several thug attacks on the marketplace recently, so everyone is on edge" she tells holding back emotions.

"If they ever come here, give me a call" Saito writes down his home address and number.

"Thank you" says the clerk.


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