Chapter 3

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"Alright then, Hayate," Louise says with a slight chuckle.

"Easy Hayate, I don't need you of all people to take her from me," Saito says to his friend. "I put in enough effort for her to be with me," he says blatantly. Louise blushes.

"I won't dude," Hayate says with a laugh, "so how did you manage a wife in two years?" he questions Saito.

"Well, let's just say I was employed under her, almost like a servant," he states, not remembering that it is not common for people to have servants in Japan.

"What?" Hayate inquires, "a servant?"

"Well her family was pretty important in politics, the kind that is fairly wealthy," he says before his wife cuts in.

"Saito, I thought you were going to tell your family what really happened to you," Louise asks questioningly, not knowing why he is going to tell his family but not his friend.

"Wait that was a lie?" Hayate asks, "dude come on, don't pull anymore crap." Hayate says a little offended.

"Thanks darling," purposely putting sarcasm on the "darling", "yes and no Hayate, it was a lie but then again, it wasn't." Hayate looks confused. "I was something like a servant," he says, noticing his friend is still perplexed. "I'll explain at my house." He finishes.

"Alright," Hayate says, "but it better be good."

"Oh it will be," Louise finally speaks up with a mischievous tone.


After a few more minutes of walking, they arrive at Saito's house. "This isn't going to end without pain." Saito thinks to himself, he starts shaking, so his wife takes his hand.

"Are you alright Saito?" Louise asks him

"Yes I'm fine, I'm just worried about my parents, what if they won't be happy to see me?" he asks.

"What do you mean Saito?" Hayate asks.

"Well, I disappeared out of their lives with no warning, and now I'm back out of the blue." Saito says depressingly.

"Either way, they thought you were dead, they'll be excited don't you see," Hayate begins before Saito interjects.

"They thought I was dead, when they learn I was fine all that time, well, they'll think I didn't contact them on purpose" Saito responds solemnly.

"Well, that is a valid point you got there bro, I didn't kick your teeth in because your wife here told me to wait," Hayate said winking at Louise who flinched.

"Well we can't stay out here forever," Saito breathes out, "let's do this."


After knocking on the door, the trio walk in, when Hayate whispers to the pair, "I'll go check on them."

As Hayate walks into the parlor, he speaks to Saito's parents, "Mr. and Mrs. Hiraga," he starts.

"Hey it's Hayate," Mr. Hiraga says, "How are you today?" he inquires.

"I'm doing well actually, how is your wife?" Hayate asks looking at Mrs. Hiraga.

"I'm fine Hayate, and please, call me Ayako," his mom says.

"Actually, I'm good with Mrs. Hiraga," Hayate explains respectfully. "I prefer to refer to adults as Mr. or Mrs. Last name. It keeps things simple."

"I suppose it will have to do for now," Ayako sighs, letting it drop for now.

The trio of the Hiragas and Hayate walk into the kitchen, Ayako thinking of a plan to get Hayate to loosen up around them. After Saito vanished, she leaned on Hayate like a crutch. Almost like a surrogate son, to extinguish the pain of losing her own. She had been crushed when the police told her they would no longer be putting resources into finding her son.

"Actually, I have something to tell you about…" his words are left up in the air as the phone started to ring. "thanks phone, just when I was about to tell them." Being honest with himself, he really didn't want to do this to Ayako.

"Hiraga household, Ayako speaking," Saito's mom said into the phone. "Okay… yes… I see… are you sure?... alright then I'll ask." Without turning around Ayako speaks to Hayate in a voice that sounded like a dejected whimper. "What was it you wanted to talk about Hayate?"

"It's actually about Saito…" he says, almost carefully, like the words were glass that was going to shatter if he handled them wrong; and with the way Ayako was acting, something definitely came up.

It was at this point, while his mother's back was turned, Saito entered the kitchen, with Louise hanging on his arm. His father however was facing right at him. Saito puts his hand up to his father, almost like a silent "please hold on."

"What did you have to tell me…" Ayako says almost sharply, still without turning around. Her tone shocks everyone in the room, except Louise, the only one who doesn't know that Saito's mother is one of the sweetest people on the planet.

"Who was on the phone?" Hayate inquires; almost positive something involving information about her son has come up to surface. Hayate has always been good with reading clues and making deductions. "Sherlock" on BBC is one of his favorite shows, and has always found detective work intriguing.

"That was the clothing store in the mall in town, they said something quite peculiar…" her tone has shifted from one of destitute whimpering to one of accusation and suspicion.

Hayate is confused at this point, for he has no idea that Saito and Louise went to a clothing store in town. He feels a hand on his shoulder and looks back. Saito, with a look of determination pulls Hayate back and takes his spot not two feet away from the back of his mother.

"They said someone named Hiraga Saito and his wife came by and…" she decides to turn around to face Hayate and accuse him of withholding information about the disappearance of her son, but instead of coming face to face with Hayate, she comes face first into a hug from her long lost son.

"Mom, I'm home," Saito sobs into her hair. Saito is quite a bit taller than his mother at this point of his life. His mother's face is stuck in a shell shocked expression with her face buried into the crook of her son's shoulder.

"Mom I'm so sorry," Saito croaked, "I'm so sorry that I am a sorry excuse for a son," the overwhelming emotions he is forced to confront lay siege upon his psyche and his legs give out from under him. "I'm so sorry for the pain, suffering, and heart ache I've put you through." He almost yells, tears streaming down his face.

Saito is now in a complete prostrated prayer position, head touching the ground; in the most respectful bow he is possible of giving. Ayako bends down and envelopes her son in her arms, saying nothing, the mother-son duo sit crying, revealing in each other's presence that they have unwillingly abstained from for two years.


"You say this man pointed a sword at your throat on a train?" a man says to the thug Saito threatened on the transport.

"Y-Yes Gwen-sama," the man says in a deep bow. "He and this pink haired bitch were being loud and I thought I would teach them their place but…" the thug's words are cut off by a stabbing pain in his chest.

"But my Lord… w-why?" he manages to choke through his blood before he bursts into flames, screaming in agony for a full thirty seconds before succumbing to the pain, passing out and dying.

The man replaces his great sword on his back and orders the remains of the filth to be taken care of.

"Gwendolyn, summon my four-knights… we have a new pygmy to squash." Lord Gwen says to what appears to be no one.

"Yes father," a figure says, stepping into the light, "it will be done."


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