The tall, dark figure looked at the woman intently as she cradled the child in her arms. The baby cooed softly and the woman smiled widely before stroking the baby's pudgy cheeks in adoration. The baby giggled before reaching out with his chubby fingers and grabbed his mother's finger; he gave it a soft squeeze and the woman's smile broadened. The man cleared his throat as he shut the opened window behind him; the blonde haired woman jumped and whirled around in fear. Once she saw the man she relaxed and walked closer to him.

"Want to hold your son?" She asked quietly and the man nodded as he stared at the blue-eyed woman in front of him. The woman transferred the bundled up baby from her arms to his, the man wasn't sure what to do now, this was the first time he had held a baby. He had only dealt with dead things and this child was very much alive, he would have to rid himself of his cold exterior and put on a friendlier one when around the child. The blonde smiled at him encouragingly and he decided to mock her movements from earlier. He rocked the baby calmly in his arms and watched as the child yawned and rubbed his eyes. The baby had a tuft of black hair on his head and had blue eyes just like his mother. He reached up again towards the man's face making him stiffen.

The woman laughed quietly,"He likes you Thanatos, let him touch your face." She prodded and he looked at her nervously before leaning closer to the baby. The baby giggled softly and started to gently caress Thanatos's face, he pinched his cheeks and stuck his small finger up his nostril. Thanatos jumped in surprise and pulled back quickly before letting out a loud sneeze. He was surprised by the child's action but he didn't mind, the baby laughed again and clapped his hands together as if watching an entertaining movie. Thanatos chuckled before gently stroking the child's soft head.

"Julie, he's beautiful." Thanatos murmured, he was used to seeing skeletons and ghost not the face of an innocent baby. He was used to the screams of pain in the underworld, not the soft gurgles of a child. He was used to feel of hard weapons and cold souls, not the soft and warm skin of his son. He enjoyed just being in the same room with the baby and wished he could stay with them longer.

Julie laughed before taking the baby back,"He certainly is. You know he has your exact colored wings? And your same colored hair?" She told him proudly before placing the baby back in his cradle.

Thanatos smiled,"He's got your eyes, that's good, I like blue much better than black. What's his name?" He asked softly, he couldn't take his gaze off of his son. He had created life, life, and it was astounding. All he was known for was reeking havoc and causing death and destruction, but now he had given life instead of taking it away and it felt amazing. And his creation was perfect, absolutely perfect and no one could argue because it was a fact.

Julie smiled at his enthusiasm about their son,"Perseus. Percy for short." She murmured as she looked down at Percy with adoration.

"Percy," Thanatos repeated before a large smile spread across his face,"Amazing." He then frowned before turning back towards the window,"I have to go but I'll visit when I can. I have a job and-" He didn't finish when Julie embraced him in a big hug. She buried her face in his neck and Thanatos hugged her back tightly.

"Just hurry back home when you can." She whispered and Thanatos pulled away to kiss her forehead. She leaned into him and smiled softly at the butterflies that erupted in her stomach.

"I will." He muttered before opening up the window, with one last glance at his son he launched himself out of the window. His wings snapped open and Julie watched him fly away with a sad smile on her lips, he hadn't noticed her last paycheck tucked into her back pocket.

-One Year Later-

Julie Grace smiled down brightly at her daughter in her arms as she lay in her hospital bed, she didn't remember how she had gotten pregnant so she just assumed that she had been with Thanatos again. Her baby girl had black hair like Percy had when he was her age, she couldn't open her eyes yet but she let out a wail. Julie chuckled; just like her brother she was a screamer. The door to her hospital room opened and in walked a nurse with Percy holding her hand. He was a smart baby, already able to walk when only a year and six months, he had his other hand clutching his stuffed bear. He smiled widely at his mom.

"Want to see your new sister?" The nurse asked and Percy just looked at her before looking back at his mom with that same smile. The nurse lifted him up and set him down on the hospital bed next to his mother and crying sister. The baby had a full head of black hair and his blue eyes seemed to lighten up at the sight of his newest family member.

"You know what to do if you need us." The nurse said with a sunny smile before leaving the family alone.

Julie smiled at Percy,"Look Percy, this is your sister Thalia!" She cooed and Percy tilted his head to the side as his big, blue eyes looked at the screaming baby. He frowned before reaching out and grabbing one of her tiny hands.

Julie looked at her son,"Gentle touches okay? Thalia is a smaller than you." His mother warned but Percy just looked down at the baby. Thalia stopped wailing and her tiny hands grabbed his as well. Percy grinned before placing his teddy bear next to her, Thalia kicked her foot out and Julie watched the interaction between the two in surprise. Percy never let anyone touch his teddy bear except her occasionally. Thalia turned her tiny head towards Percy who started rambling, he spoke gibberish as if communicating with Thalia and Julie smiled at her children softly. Thalia looked as though she was listening to Percy's nonsense and Percy kept saying random things that didn't make sense and words that didn't exist. Julie chuckled before leaning back against the hospital bed; she didn't realize she had fallen asleep until a nurse shook her awake. She opened her eyes groggily to see Percy snuggled into her arm with his tiny hand still grasping Thalia's.

"You're stable enough to be checked out. We need to keep Thalia here for some observation for about two days; you can stay as well if you want to keep tabs on her. Or your husband can, in rare cases that's happened." The nurse explained and Julie blinked before a frown overcame her once smooth features.


"The man who asked how you were in the lobby? Tall, about your age, and really bright blue eyes? He was pretty muscular and goes by the name Zeus?" The nurse explained and Julie froze, her heart seemed to speed up a million miles per hour, she felt like she would vomit. This wasn't Thanatos's child it was Zeus's. She felt terrible and wanted to break down and cry right then and there.

"I...I'll stay." She stuttered shakily and the nurse nodded before taking Thalia gently out of her arms. Percy woke up instantly in time to see his sister being carried out by the nurse. He looked at his mom and pointed at the now shut door, his bottom lip quivered and tears fell from his blue eyes.

"S...sis?" He stammered and Julie's eyes widened, she forgot all about Zeus and hugged her now teary eyed son to her chest.

"It's okay baby boy, she'll be back." Julie soothed and Percy sniffled before quickly falling asleep in his mother's embrace. Julie fought back her own tears, what would Thanatos think? Not that he ever showed his sorry face anyway. She thought bitterly, so what if she had a child with Zeus? If Thanatos cared he would come to her, maybe warn her that a god had a thing for her? It was his fault. She brushed her thoughts of animosity away, Thalia was still Percy's sister and that would never change, Thalia was still her daughter and that wouldn't change either.

To take her mind off of the entire ordeal she began to rub Percy's back,"You are my sunshine, my only sunshine. You make me happy when skies are grey, you'll never know dear, how much I love you. Please don't take my sunshine away." She sang softly before closing her own eyes as well.

-Line Break-

"Snow!" The two year old cried out happily as he danced under the streetlamp, snowflakes fell in his black hair. He and his sister were bundled up in coats and scarves; Julie watched the two from her car where she rocked her blonde haired baby. Jason, a child of Jupiter AKA Zeus. Julie had given up on Thanatos, it had been two years and she was starting to get depressed. Raising three small children by herself was difficult and it definitely wore her out. The usual, kid filled park was empty because of the snow. Percy and Thalia stomped around in the snow and tried to catch snowflakes on their tongues, Thalia's hair grew as fast as Percy's; it was already down to her shoulders. Percy could speak in complete sentences and Thalia could say a couple words herself, Julie was awoken from her thoughts once she saw Percy wave at her to come out of the car that was parked about two meters away from the two. Julie smiled before going out of the car; Jason was in warmer clothes than everyone because he was an infant.

"Yeah!" Percy cheered once his mother stood next to him. Jason cooed softly as he watched the snowflakes fall down, Percy smiled up at his brother before going over to Thalia and grabbing her hand. Soon both were running around clumsily, tripping over snow buried objects and their own feet. Julie watched the two with a sad smile on her lips.

Because both were too young, too carefree, and too naive to notice the eviction paper that was grasped tightly in her free hand.

Three months later the family of four now lived in a trailer park, Julie's depression getting worse as she struggled to get money for the family. Her job as a waitress didn't workout well for her when it came to supporting her family, they lived in the bad part of Manhattan and they lived off of tips, food stamps, and loans from Julie's parents who weren't extremely supportive. When Julie left for work she had to leave the kids alone, it was insane especially considering she had an infant, but she didn't know who would watch them. She was still searching for someone to watch them for free and she had to be careful with who watched her children. It couldn't be just anyone. For Jason's safety she enclosed the children in a small, infant safe, plastic fence by the small TV. She had Kim Possible flipped on for them and left a bottle of formula for Jason who could thankfully feed himself. Another good thing was that her waitress shift was only two hours thanks to her understanding boss.

Julie was already late for work much to her dismay, she checked over her kids one more time before shutting the blinds and locking the door behind her. Her beat up mini van sputtered a couple of times before it finally started.

Thalia was hooked on Kim Possible and Jason was sleeping on his stomach, Percy sat next to his baby brother, Thalia was cuddled up with Percy's teddy bear that he had later named Pooh. He had watched Winnie the Pooh and loved Pooh bear. Percy was soon bored, he had a short attention span and suddenly his black wings erupted from his back. They were the length of a ruler; he flapped experimentally before doing it again. He was soon airborne, Thalia stopped watching the TV and looked at Percy with a big smile.

"Pewcy!" She cooed before clapping her tiny hands together. Percy smiled before lowering himself to the ground and sitting in between his siblings. He kept his wings out and began to think random thoughts as he fiddled with his shirtsleeves. He wondered what those big things that made lots of noise were; his mom always put him inside of it when they left the house. He kept forgetting what it was called. He really hopped that he got to eat some applesauce for dinner; he hated the small green stuff. They were tiny, dark green balls and they were squishy. Anytime he ate them they made him gag. He forgot what they were called too.

There was a flash of light from behind the children but none noticed for they were too engrossed in the TV or their own thoughts. A man with dark wings stood there and wore a pained expression as he looked at the children of Zeus. He had gotten in big trouble with Hades and his punishment was to stay away from his family. He couldn't believe he had done that, and now he had messed up his relationship with Julie and Percy. But now he was bending the rules and watching Percy and Julie from afar to make sure they were safe. He knew Julie was getting depressed with his absence and angry, he didn't blame her, his separation from them was his entire fault and it cut him to the core.

"I'm so sorry Percy." Thanatos whispered quietly so that he wouldn't draw their attention. If Hades found out he were here he would face major consequences. He wanted to hold his baby boy again, to stroke his soft face, teach him to fly, tell him stories. He knew Julie had given up on him and Percy didn't even remember him, he wanted to be a good father but now he was on this long probation because he was reckless. He was failing Percy and he was failing Julie, they lived in a trailer park and were poor because he couldn't be there to help. He had heard Julie's prayers for him to help but he had to ignore them because Hades would have his head. She had then prayed to Zeus who showed up once making Thanatos furious, Zeus had shown up and then poof, Jason was born. Zeus didn't help Julie; he had made her life more complicated by giving her another child. But Zeus had distracted the distraught woman and helped her forget about him.

Thanatos ran a hand through his short, spiky hair before gritting his teeth together. He couldn't believe he had allowed himself to lose control like that and now he was paying for it. Not being able to visit his family was torture but he didn't complain because he would secretly watch them when he had time and that was almost never. He continued watching his winged son in fascination because all he could do was stare, and what he wanted to do was hold the boy to his chest and hug him. He would stay there until Julie came back, even if he was late for his job, Percy was more important to him.

Percy yawned tiredly before looking at Thalia with smug smile,"Thawia! Kim Possibwe is stupid!" He declared, it was a word he had heard his mom say and it sounded fun to say. Percy's wings had gone back into his back as he conversed animatedly with Thalia.

Thalia's eyes widened,"Stupid?" She asked.

Percy nodded,"Yeah, stupid!" He said, proud of his new word and Thalia grinned before repeating it.


"Stupid! I like the word!" Percy cheered and Thalia and him kept saying it.

"What..stupid?" Thalia stammered as she struggled to ask the question.

Percy shrugged,"I don't know!"

Thalia grinned again,"Pewcy stupid!"

Percy smiled widely,"Thawia stupid!"

"Jason stupid!" They said in unison before they erupted into a fit of giggles. Jason who was oblivious to it all just laid there sucking on his bottle. Thanatos watched the scene with a small smile on his lips. He heard Julie start to unlock the door and he vanished.

Right when Julie walked in she heard,"Mommy stupid!" From both Percy and Thalia.

"Percy and Thalia Grace! We do not use that word! That is a mean word!" She said in a warning tone and Percy's eyes widened, as did Thalia's. They both muttered apologies and all was quiet except Julie who was putting her stuff down.

Percy leaned close to Thalia,"Stupid." He whispered and he and Thalia giggled mischievously.

"Perseus Grace do you need to go sit in timeout!" Julie yelled from their small kitchen and Percy paled.


"Then don't say stupid! Or so help me I will sit you in that corner!" She said in somewhat angrily and Percy hung his head.

"Sorry mommy." He murmured and Julie chuckled softly, they may have been a handful but she loved them nonetheless. She opened the fridge and saw a six-pack of beer, she took out two before shutting it, she opened one up and began gulping it down. She just wanted to forget, the eviction papers, when she was told she was fired, when Thanatos stopped caring about her, living in this trailer park, when Zeus tricked her into having Thalia and took advantage of her when she was depressed thus making Jason. She loved her children but she found herself drinking away her sorrows when they were asleep, but she needed one now, she could have sworn that she saw a man who looked just like Thanatos. She just wanted the pain to go away.

So I hated Soul Reaper's Son, this is my Recovery hence the name. I'm fixing it. I hated the first one but I think I've gotten better at writing than I was so I'm trying again. To the fans, thanks for being so patient with me over these past couple months.