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Chapter 1: They Didn't Want Me

Rachel found herself wishing she'd gone to Lima for Regionals with Kurt and Santana.

Her Funny Girl audition was before Regionals, so even though Kurt and Santana were gone by then, she could have gone with them. Or she at least could have gone a little after they left. At least if she was in Lima, she'd be with her friends from high school, seeing them compete and having distractions rather than sitting in her apartment waiting.

It could take weeks before they called her back. So why was she sitting around her apartment waiting to hear from the Funny Girl producers?

Kurt and Santana had tried to convince her to go to Lima with them. Other than the wedding attempt, she hadn't been back since the production of Grease. She'd stayed in New York for Thanksgiving, she and her dads had gone on the cruise for Christmas and New Year's, and her dads were planning on coming to New York for her spring break.

She knew the main reason why she hadn't been back much. It was because of Finn. She missed him so much. She considered not going back for the wedding, but Kurt and Santana had talked her into it, and seeing Finn had been nice. They'd gone out to lunch together, sang together, slept together - it felt just like old times. But when Rachel woke up in the middle of the night after she and Finn had sex, she remembered that she wasn't with Finn. As much as she wanted to be with Finn instead of Brody, what she'd done was wrong. She knew the only way to not risk cheating on Brody more was to leave Lima and catch an earlier flight back to New York.

Of course, once she got back to New York, everything went downhill. It wasn't that things were going well before, in fact, very few things had gone the way she'd hoped. NYADA wasn't the school of her dreams like she thought it would be. Classes often felt like a chore. It was true that she didn't expect to be as special as she was at McKinley, but she'd met many people at NYADA who were much more talented than she was. The worst class, of course, was dance. It felt like Cassandra July was always going after her. Every day, Cassandra seemed to find something to poke at Rachel about. She acted supportive about Rachel's callback, but Rachel had a feeling Cassandra really had ulterior motives.

The worst thing about this year, of course, was Brody. Brody had been friendly to her at the beginning of the year and Rachel had appreciated it. Then Brody began developing feelings for her, and Rachel couldn't resist. It wasn't because she had feelings for him though. It was like she told Brody when they broke up, it was to fill the void in her life. It was really because she missed Finn.

She figured she couldn't be too angry about Brody lying to her because she'd lied to him as well. He had put her in danger though, by sleeping with the women he had sex with as a prostitute. Rachel hadn't even wanted to have sex with Brody, but he pressured her.

Rachel thought she'd done well at both her audition and her callback, but she didn't know how the other girls had done or what type of experience they had. Then, it happened. Her phone rang.

Rachel picked up the phone. "Hello?"

"Hello, is this Rachel Berry?" the voice on the other end said.

"Yes," Rachel said.

"Rachel, this is Rupert Campion, the director for Funny Girl," the voice said.

"Hi," Rachel said. This was soon. Was that a good thing or a bad thing?

"Rachel, thank you so much for trying out for Funny Girl," Rupert said. "You are an amazing singer, and you have a bright future ahead of you, but I'm sorry to let you know that someone else has been selected for the role."

Rachel didn't know what to say. This was a longshot, but it hurt nonetheless. "Well, thank you for considering me," Rachel managed to say.

"You're very welcome," Rupert said. "Rachel, in a few weeks we'll be having auditions for the understudy. I hope to see you then."

"I'll think about it," Rachel said. The truth was, she was so embarrassed, she wasn't sure if she wanted to try out for the understudy role. "Good luck with your production," she managed to say.

"Thank you," Rupert said. "Good luck with your career."

Rachel hung up the phone, feeling somewhat relieved that Kurt and Santana were in Lima. She could cry in peace. And that's what she did.

She knew that getting the part wasn't likely. At the same time, this had been her dream her whole life. It was so close, and she'd missed out. She'd told everyone she was trying out, and now she hadn't made it.

She knew what she needed to do. She needed to talk to Finn. As soon as she finished crying, she wiped her tears and dialed Finn's number. She knew Regionals were later today, but she just needed to hear his voice.

After a few rings, the phone was picked up. "Hello?"

"Finn, it's Rachel," Rachel said softly.

"Rachel!" Finn said. "I wish you'd come back for Nationals with Kurt and Santana. Mike and Mercedes are here, too. We just need you, Quinn and Puck, and it would be like old times."

"I miss you, Finn," Rachel said, feeling the tears starting to come back. "How are Regionals?"

"We're on in two hours," Finn said. "We've checked in and we're just waiting around." He paused. "Rachel, are you okay? You don't sound like the happy, upbeat Rachel I know and love."

Rachel knew that Finn knew her too well. "Finn, Funny Girl called. They don't want me."

"What?" Finn gasped.

"They didn't say why," Rachel said. "He said that I was talented, but they selected someone else."

"You were perfect for that role!" Finn protested.

"Apparently not," Rachel sighed.

"Oh my gosh," Finn said. "I'm so sorry, Rachel. When did you find out?"

"They just called," Rachel said. "Finn, I just wish I was there. If I was with you and our friends, I think that I'd feel better."

"I wish you were here, too," Finn said. "Does anyone else know?"

"You're the only person I've told," Rachel said. Whenever there was something big, good or bad, she always went to Finn first. "Please don't tell anyone yet, okay? I'm not ready for people to know."

"I won't, I promise," Finn said. "I'll call you tonight after the competition, okay?"

"Okay," Rachel said. "Good luck today."

"Thanks," Finn said before they said goodbye and hung up the phone. Rachel wanted badly to tell Finn that she loved him, but she knew it wasn't her place. Today was going to be a long day, she knew it. She just hoped the New Directions would do well.


Finn had been happy to hear from Rachel, but at the same time, he couldn't believe it. Rachel hadn't gotten the part? That felt so wrong. He was sure she would get it. She'd been singing the songs from Funny Girl all throughout high school and she loved the movie. And she was so talented. She'd had such a bad year and he was hoping that she'd get the part. He knew that getting the part would make things better.

The group went to sit in the seats in the audience to watch the other groups perform. It was true that the Hoosierdaddies were supposed to have a really talented lead singer, and that after Regionals the New Directions would have to find new members because Brittany would have to start college early and Ryder was threatening to quit (and Sugar and Joe hadn't been coming to rehearsal very often...), but Finn couldn't stop thinking about Rachel. She shouldn't be in New York alone. He wished he could be with her.

This year hadn't been the best one for him either. Ever since he got rejected from Pace, he felt at a crossroads. Rachel had offered to stay in Lima an extra year, but he worried that if she tried to defer from NYADA, they wouldn't let her back in. Then he'd gone to the army and been asked to leave. Helping out with coaching the glee club had been fun, but there was the Sectionals loss and the embarrassment when he kissed Miss Pillsbury. He was helping out with the New Directions again and taking classes at the University of Lima, but he definitely missed Rachel.

"Hey, was that Rachel who called earlier?" Kurt asked Finn.

"Yeah," Finn said.

"Well, did she hear back?" Kurt asked.

Finn remembered what Rachel had told him about telling people. "Not yet." Besides, he thought that Rachel would want to be the one to tell her best friend about what happened. "She was just calling to tell me to wish everyone luck."

"We tried to convince her to come with us, but she wanted to stay behind in case she heard back," Santana said.

"Well, when you get back, tell her we all missed her," Finn said. He was hoping that he could visit at some point, but now that he was in college, that would make things more complicated.

The other two glee clubs performed, and then it was time for the New Directions to gather backstage. The lead singer of the Hoosierdaddies had an amazing voice, but she was no Rachel.

Brittany gave a speech to the New Directions about how much they meant to her, and then Mr. Schue turned to Kurt and Santana. "Any word from Rachel?"

"She called to wish you guys luck," Finn said. "She hasn't heard anything yet."

"Well, we're all wishing her luck," Blaine said before the whole group brought it in. Finn knew that if Rachel had gotten the part, the whole group would have been in the audience on opening night.

He'd done some stupid things this year. One of the things he'd done recently was something he was sure Rachel would be angry about. He could barely focus on the Regional competition, he was mostly thinking about Rachel. The glee club sounded good on Hall Of Fame, I Love It and Marley's original song, and they won a spot to Nationals. Of course, now they'd need to find two more members. Then when they were celebrating in the choir room, Miss Pillsbury came in with a minister and they had the wedding right then and there in the choir room. When the group went out for the night, Finn went back to his dorm and called Rachel again.

"Hey," he heard her say softly as soon as he called.

"Hey," he said. "How are you holding up?"

She sighed. "I wish you were here."

So did he. He missed her so much. When she started dating Brody, he feared she didn't love him anymore. "Maybe coming home for a few days would help you feel better about everything."

"I want to," Rachel sighed. "I still have classes. Gosh, I don't want to go to class. Cassandra and Brody and those two guys Kurt doesn't like are probably going to give me a really hard time about it."

"Maybe they won't find out," Finn said. He knew what guys Rachel was talking about.

"Of course they will," Rachel sighed. "Everyone at NYADA reads the Broadway message boards..."

"Please, can you come home for a few days?" Finn asked Rachel. "I think if you came home, you'd feel better about everything. Plus I'd get to see you again."

"I'm going to see if I can get a flight to come visit for a few days," Rachel said.

"Good," Finn said. "Try to even get one tomorrow. Everyone's in town and we all miss you."

"Maybe it'll make me feel better," Rachel said. "I'll see you soon."

"You hang in there, okay?" Finn asked. He wanted to say that he loved Rachel, but he knew he couldn't say that right now. He just hoped she'd sleep okay tonight and would be home soon.

Chapter 2 preview: Rachel comes home to visit for the weekend, still dealing with being rejected by Funny Girl. We find out what's happened in Finn's life that he regrets.