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Chapter 60: The Klaine Wedding

"I can't believe we're not even going to be the newest newlyweds soon after a few days," Finn said as he and Rachel looked around the store. Kurt and Blaine's wedding was coming up, and they wanted to give them a nice gift. The bachelor parties were only a few days away, and Finn and Rachel were both pretty happy with what they'd planned.

"It's crazy," Rachel said. "Kurt wants all these expensive designer things for their wedding..."

"Wait until you hear what our parents got him," Finn said.

"Do I want to know?" Rachel asked.

"They got Kurt the new collection by his favorite designer," Finn said.

"Wow," Rachel said. "Well, I bet he'll be happy to show Blaine himself in it."

"Yeah," Finn said. "As the best man and maid of honor, we also need to pick out a honeymoon gift."

"That is true," Rachel said.

"I loved yours, but sadly we can't get one of those for them," Finn pouted.

"Well, Santana told me she picked that out," Rachel told Finn. "So you can thank her."

"Somehow, that doesn't surprise me," Finn said. "I bet you can guess whose idea my present was."

"Oh, I don't need to guess," Rachel said. She saw some tableware with the lyrics of Teenage Dream on it. "Finn, look at this."

Finn looked at the tableware. "Wow, it's the song Blaine sang the day they first met."

"I know," Rachel said. "This might not be on their registry, but I think it's perfect."

"Yeah, me too," Finn agreed. "Let's get it."

After purchasing the tableware, Finn and Rachel returned to the apartment, where Kurt was sitting in the living room, writing in a notebook. There was no sign of Blaine or Santana. "Where are our roommates?" Finn asked.

"Santana's at Dani's, and Blaine's out with Cooper," Kurt said. "I don't know how you guys did it. Writing my wedding vows is so hard."

"I know," Finn said. It had been hard for him to find the right thing to say, too. For a while, nothing he wrote felt good enough.

"Let's see what you have so far," Rachel said.

Kurt clutched the notebook to his chest. "No! I can't show anyone! That would be bad luck."

Finn tried to think of the right advice to give Kurt. "Well, I know how tough it can be to write vows, but you'll know when you've written the right thing."

"Yeah," Rachel agreed. "When I had the thing I wanted to say written down, it just felt right. I knew that was it."

"I've never been good at writing," Kurt admitted.

"This isn't an English paper," Finn said. "This is the most important thing you're ever going to say to Blaine. He's going to be your husband."

"I know," Kurt said. "I always said I'd be married by 30, legally."

"Well, we're 20," Rachel pointed out.

"Hey, nothing wrong with early weddings," Finn said. "My mom got married in college the first time."

"Finn?" Kurt asked.

"Yeah?" Finn said.

"Do you wish your dad had been there at your wedding?" Kurt asked.

Finn paused. He didn't really know what to say. He and Kurt were different situations with their parents. Yes, they'd both lost a parent, but Kurt had actually known his mom. Finn's dad had never been there. It was true that Finn thought a lot about his dad though. "Well... yes."

"Yeah, my mom and I would talk about weddings when I was little," Kurt said. "She would sometimes help out with my power rangers' weddings when I was a kid."

Finn laughed. "I remember you mentioning your power rangers' weddings."

"Yeah," Kurt said. "They gave me good practice with planning weddings."

"Your mom would be really happy you found Blaine, Kurt," Finn said.

"Yeah, she'd be so proud of you," Rachel added.

"You guys really think so?" Kurt asked.

"Yeah," Finn said.

"I definitely picked the right best man and maid of honor," Kurt said.


Finn and Sam had planned Blaine's bachelor party, and it was being held the same nights the girls held Kurt's. All the groomsmen were there, of course, and so were the current male New Directions members, some past and present Warblers and some of Blaine's friends from NYADA. The night began with dinner at a local restaurant, and then the boys would go to a carnival that was being held nearby. As the guys arrived at the carnival, Sam nudged Finn. "Finn, look who else is here..."

Finn looked ahead. He saw Kurt, Rachel, Mercedes and Santana in line for the carousel. "Uh oh."

"You didn't consult with Rachel about what she and Tina had planned for Kurt's party, did you?" Sam asked.

"No," Finn admitted. "Hopefully they won't run into us..."

"This could have been avoided if we'd hired a stripper!" Puck said.

Blaine looked at Puck. "First Finn's, now mine... none of us want strippers. We can have them at yours."

"On a second note, I don't think Quinn would like that much," Puck said.

"Yeah, well neither do I," Blaine said. "But what could have been avoided?"

Before Finn had a chance to respond, he heard a familiar voice. "Hey Blainey Days!" The boys turned and saw Tina with Brittany, Kitty, Marley, Unique and Kylie.

"Tina!" Blaine said. "What are you doing here?"

"Well, apparently Rachel and I had the same idea for Kurt's bachelor party that Finn and Sam had for yours," Tina said. "And this is perfect, because you still get your maid of honor at your bachelor party!"

"Is it customary for the grooms to be together at the bachelor party anyway?" Kitty asked.

"Well... who knows?" Unique asked. "But this is pretty cool."

"Yeah," Finn said. "Once Kurt gets off the carousel, if the grooms are down for it, I think one big bachelor party would be pretty cool."

"Yeah, me too," Blaine agreed.

"Blaine!" Everyone looked to see Kurt himself coming over with Santana, Mercedes and Rachel.

"So, we had the same idea, apparently," Finn said to Rachel.

Rachel giggled. "Yeah, I guess we did."

"This is great!" Kurt said. "I get to have my groom with me and I get to have my best man!"

"Well, the plans have changed slightly, but let's get this party started!" Sam declared.

Rachel looked at Finn. "Ride the carousel with me?"

"Didn't you just ride it?" Finn asked.

"I want to ride it with you!" Rachel said, giving Finn some puppy eyes.

"Okay, we can ride it," Finn said.

"Yay!" Rachel cheered.


After the carnival, the group returned to the hotel to open presents before breaking off in the separate groups. Kurt and the girls would probably watch a movie that appealed to their tastes more while the other guys played xbox or watched some sports. The other presents had been opened, but Finn and Rachel's was the only one still remaining. Finally, Blaine picked it up. "And this one must be from your best man and maid of honor, Kurt, since they're the only ones whose gifts haven't been opened yet."

"Maybe," Rachel teased. "Or maybe not."

Kurt picked up the package. "Well, let's see." He took the paper off, and Blaine got excited when he saw what it was. "This is perfect!" Blaine exclaimed.

"We thought you guys would like it," Finn said.

"This is great!" Blaine said. "The song I sang the day I met Kurt!"

"Yes," Finn agreed. "We thought it would be perfect for you."

"I love it!" Kurt said.

"Me too," Blaine said.


The wedding day was here, and right now, Finn was in the suite at Central Park Boathouse with the other boys in the wedding party. Pre wedding photos had been taken, and soon Finn would go down the hall to be with Kurt, but for now, he was with the other guys. "Anything I should know?" Blaine asked Finn.

Finn thought for a moment. "Just that this is going to be the best day of your life."

"Yeah man," Sam told Blaine. "And then you and Kurt can adopt Russian twins!"

Everyone laughed. "Let's focus on getting married first," Blaine said.

"Yes," Cooper told his brother. "Who would have known my little brother would get married before I do?"

"Hey, you'll get married soon enough," Blaine told his brother.

Finn heard a knock at the door. He opened it and saw Tina in the purple dress the girls were wearing and immediately was hoping to see Rachel in it. "Hey Finn," Tina said. "I'm here to fufill my maid of honor duties."

"You can go do your best man duties, Finn," Blaine said. "The guys have me covered."

"Okay," Finn said, giving Blaine a hug. "Good luck."

"Thanks," Blaine said.

Finn walked down the hall and knocked on the door of the suite where Kurt was with the girls. Sure enough, Rachel opened the door. "Wow," Finn said, looking at Rachel. "You look so beautiful."

Rachel gave Finn a kiss. "Thank you!"

Finn followed Rachel into the suite, where Kurt was with Mercedes, Brittany, Quinn, Santana and Dani. "Hey," Finn said to Kurt. "Ready to get married?"

"I can't believe my wedding's finally here," Kurt said. "I've been planning this day since long before I knew who my husband would be and now it's here and..."

"There's nothing to be nervous about," Rachel said. "It's going to be everything you've dreamed of."

"Was yours?" Kurt asked.

"Yes!" Finn and Rachel said at the same time.

Everyone laughed. A few minutes later, they heard a knock on the door. Finn opened the door and saw his mom. Since Burt was officiating the ceremony, Carole was going to walk Kurt down the aisle.

"I can't believe after today Burt and I are going to have two married men," Carole said.

"Yeah, it's pretty amazing," Finn said. He looked at Kurt. "Your mom would be so proud of you."

Kurt smiled at Finn. "Thanks. I can't wait to get married."

"Well, let's go get you married!" Finn said.

Everyone cheered as they went to the back of the boathouse to meet up with the other groomsmen and Blaine's best man and maid of honor while listening to the New Directions sing the prelude song.

Ryder: Wise men say only fools rush in
but I can't help falling in love with you
Marley: Shall I stay
would it be a sin
If I can't help falling in love with you
Rory: Like a river flows surely to the sea
Darling so it goes
some things are meant to be
New Directions: take my hand, take my whole life too
for I can't help falling in love with you
Harmony: Like a river flows surely to the sea
Darling so it goes
some things are meant to be
New Directions: take my hand, take my whole life too
for I can't help falling in love with you
for I can't help falling in love with you

After the prelude song, Pomp and Circumstance began to play, signaling that it was time for the wedding party to walk down the aisle. Elliott and Dani went first, then Puck and Quinn, then Mike and Brittany, then Artie and Mercedes, then Cooper and Santana. As Finn and Rachel walked down the aisle with Sam and Tina, Finn was reminded of his own wedding day. It was only a few weeks ago that he and Rachel got married at this same park, but in a different area.

When the Best Men and Maid of Honor took their places, Burt asked the guests to stand for the entrances of the grooms. Blaine walked down the aisle with his parents first, then Carole walked Kurt down the aisle.

The traditional wedding rites continued before it was time for the vows. "Blaine, I remember the first day I met you," Kurt said. "You understood me right away in a way no one I'd ever known before had. I remember how right your hand felt in mine when we held hands and ran down the hall. I remember when you kissed me when we were practicing our duet for Regionals my junior year and how happy I was when we could spend my senior year together. From Dalton to McKinley to New York, it's been quite the ride. It hasn't been perfect, but I know that I wouldn't change a thing. I'm so happy that this day is finally here and I can't wait to see what the future holds for us. I love you so much and I can't wait for you to be my husband."

"Wow," Blaine said. "Kurt, if you hadn't come into my life, I don't know if I'd be here in New York now. I have the most amazing life ever, thanks to you. I go to the best school in the country and have the most amazing friends, and most important of all, I have you. You're handsome, you're smart, you're talented - you're everything I ever wanted in a husband. I'm so excited for our future together. I love you more than I've ever loved anything else in the world and all I know is that there's no one else for me."

"Blaine, do you take Kurt to be your lawful wedded husband?" Burt asked.

Sam handed Blaine the wedding ring as Blaine slipped it on Kurt's finger. "I do."

"And Kurt, do you take Blaine to be your lawful wedded husband?" Burt asked.

Finn handed Kurt the wedding band so Kurt could give it to Blaine. "I do."

"By the power vested in me by the state of New York, I pronounce you husbands," Burt said as Kurt and Blaine kissed.

Finn smiled as he applauded his brother and his now brother in law. He'd never been happier for Kurt. When they'd first met, Kurt wasn't able to admit who he really was. Now he was married to the man he loved.

Rachel squeezed Finn's hand as they processed down the aisle with the other wedding party members. It hadn't been long since this was them walking down the aisle, and now they were doing it again. And they were just as happy to be walking together as they'd been on their own wedding day.

"I'm so happy for them," Rachel whispered to Finn.

"Me too," Finn whispered back.

When the guests made their way to their seats, Finn and Rachel took their places at the podium to sing for Kurt and Blaine's first dance. They'd decided, talking together, that this song was perfect - not just for Kurt and Blaine, but for the two of them as well. When Finn looked at Rachel as they were singing, he saw the love in her face that she always had when they sang together. This had been a song he'd wanted to sing with her in glee before, and now they were getting to sing it.

Finn: See the stone set in your eyes
See the thorn twist in your side
I'll wait for you

Rachel: Sleight of hand and twist of fate
On a bed of nails he makes me wait
And I wait without you

Finn and Rachel: With or without you
With or without you

Finn: Through the storm we reach the shore
You gave it all but I want more
And I'm waiting for you

Finn and Rachel: With or without you
With or without you
I can't live
With or without you

Finn: And you give yourself away
Rachel: And you give yourself away
Finn: And you give
Rachel: And you give
Finn and Rachel: And you give yourself away

Rachel: My hands are tied, my body bruised
He's got me with
Nothing to win and
Nothing left to lose

Finn: And you give yourself away
Rachel: And you give yourself away
Finn: And you give
Rachel: And you give
Finn and Rachel: And you give yourself away

With or without you
With or without you
I can't live
With or without you

With or without you
With or without you
I can't live
With or without you
With or without you


Finn: With or without you
Rachel: With or without you
Finn and Rachel: I can't live
With or without you
With or without you

At the end of the dance, Finn and Rachel went back to the table for the grooms, best men and maids of honor to make their toast speeches. "Hi," Finn began. "I'm Finn Hudson, Kurt's brother and best man. Thank you all for being here today. Kurt and Blaine are such special people, and it means a lot to our family that so many people have come to share this special day with us. I first really got to know Kurt when we joined glee club in high school. At the beginning, he had a crush on me. In an attempt to get close to me, he set up my mom and his dad. At first I was upset, but now I'm so happy that he did that. I got the sibling I always wanted, as well as the dad I always wanted. Kurt met Blaine when we were juniors in high school, and I sensed something special between them from the beginning. Kurt really lit up when he talked about Blaine and I saw him happier than I'd ever seen him. Blaine is also one of my two best friends, the other being his best man, Sam Evans. The three of us grew so close this year and they've always been there for me. I'm so happy to be the best man today, and I'm so lucky to have Kurt and Blaine as my brothers. Everyone, please raise your glasses to Kurt and Blaine."

The guests clapped for Finn as he hugged Kurt and Blaine, then passed the microphone on to Rachel. "Hi," Rachel began. "I'm Rachel Berry Hudson, Kurt's maid of honor. I'm also his best friend and his sister-in-law. Like Finn said, I met Kurt in glee club in high school. At first, he and I didn't like each other, probably because we were always competing against each other for solos. But when we really got to know each other my junior year, I found out that he was my soulmate. No one, except Finn, gets me like Kurt does. I can talk to him about everything and we say things only each other understand. When I first met Blaine - we first really got to know each other when we went on a date. At first I was disappointed it didn't work out, but now I'm glad it didn't, because this is how it's supposed to be. Blaine is the one for Kurt. I know it and I see how happy they make each other and how they bring out the best in each other. I love you both and I wish you nothing but the best together."

The guests clapped for Rachel as she passed the microphone on to Sam. "Hi!" Sam said. "I'm Sam Evans, Blaine's best man. Blaine and I became best friends our senior year of high school, but it feels like it's been that way our whole lives. We actually became friends because Blaine was running for student council president and another friend suggested I run as his vice president. We spent lots of time together, and we just couldn't stop. Whether we're playing xbox or reading fanfiction or running around the streets of New York, I can always count on Blaine for fun, and I can always go to him if I need anything. The way he talks about Kurt - you know that they're made for each other. Everyone should have someone talk about them that way. They are truly perfect for each other. Everyone, raise your glasses for Kurt and Blaine."

Finally, it was time for the last speech, Tina's. "Hey guys," Tina said. "I'm Tina Cohen-Chang, Blaine's maid of honor. Like Sam said, Blaine and I became best friends senior year. How it began is kind of embarrassing, but we laugh about it now. I had the biggest crush ever on Blaine, and I did take things a little too far. I took him to a dance, I convinced him to be in a calendar... but he and I are like soulmates. We aren't one of those friendships from high school that just ends in high school. I live in an apartment down the hall from him with some of our other friends. Kurt and I have been good friends since my freshman year of high school when we joined glee together. He's a great guy and he's been through a lot, but now that they're together, I know that good things await them."

Tina took her seat as Kurt and Blaine stood up. "Thank you to all four of you," Kurt said. "We love you and we're so lucky to have you as our best friends."

"Those of you who were at Finn and Rachel's wedding may remember that they had a first duet as well as a first dance," Blaine said. "Kurt and I wanted to do that as well. We've always fantasized about singing this song at our wedding - so enjoy our first duet."

Finn knew what song this was. Anyone who knew Kurt and Blaine knew. The music began as Kurt and Blaine began to sing.

Blaine: Never knew I could feel like this
Like I've never seen the sky before
Want to vanish inside your kiss
Seasons may change, winter to spring
But I love you until the end of time
Come what may
Come what may
I will love you until my dying day
Kurt and Blaine: Suddenly the world seems such a perfect place
Suddenly it moves with such a perfect grace
Suddenly my life doesn't seem such a waste
It all revolves around you
And there's no mountain too high
No river too wide
Sing out this song and I'll be there by your side
Storm clouds may gather
And stars may collide
Kurt: But I love you (Blaine: I love you)
Until the end of time (Blaine: Until the end of time)
Kurt and Blaine: Come what may
Come what may
I will love you, I will love you

"That was great," Rachel whispered to Finn.

"I know," Finn said.

Kurt and Blaine came back to the table. "You guys sounded great," Rachel said.

"Thank you," Kurt said. "I can't believe we're finally married!"

"You guys deserve this," Finn said.

"Thanks," Blaine said. "Aren't you glad I went through with it?"

Finn remembered his conversation with Blaine over a year ago. "Yeah, I really am."

"We actually have something prepared for you two," Rachel told Kurt and Blaine.

"Really?" Kurt asked.

"Yeah," Rachel said. There was one song that the New Directions had sang at Finn and Rachel's wedding that Kurt and Blaine had really seemed to like. So Finn and Rachel had decided to put together a number with this song for Kurt and Blaine. "Can everyone join us?"

"What is this?" Kurt asked.

"Oh, you'll see," Mercedes said as the music for the song began.

Finn: Let the bough break, let it come down crashing
Let the sun fade out to a dark sky
I can't say I'd even notice it was absent
Cause I could live by the light in your eyes
Rachel: I'll unfold before you
What I've strung together
The very first words
Of a lifelong love letter
New Directions and alumni: Tell the world that we finally got it all right
I choose you
I will become yours and you will become mine
I choose you
I choose you
Sam: There was a time when I would have believed them
If they told me you could not come true
Just love's illusion
Mercedes: But then you found me and everything changed
And I believe in something again
Mike: My whole heart
Will be yours forever
Tina: This is a beautiful start
To a lifelong love letter
New Directions and alumni: Tell the world that we finally got it all right
I choose you
I will become yours and you will become mine
I choose you
I choose you
Puck: We are not perfect
We'll learn from our mistakes
Quinn: And as long as it takes
I will prove my love to you
Artie: I am not scared of the elements
I am under-prepared, but I am willing
Kitty: And even better
I get to be the other half of you
Ryder: Tell the world that we finally got it all right
I choose you
Marley: I will become yours and you will become mine
I choose you
New Directions and alumni: I choose you
I choose you

Kurt and Blaine came over to give their friends hugs after the song. After some more music and dancing and dinner, Kurt and Blaine left for their honeymoon, leaving Finn and Rachel to head back to the apartment.

"Another successful wedding," Finn said to Rachel as they arrived home.

"Yeah," Rachel said. "It was great, wasn't it?"

"It was," Finn agreed. "It's official - the four of us are now related."

"Yeah, I'm happy," Rachel said. "I wonder who will be next?"

"Me too," Finn agreed. "I'm glad that we were the first though."

"Did you ever doubt that we would be the first?" Rachel asked.

Finn thought for a moment. "No, I never thought anyone else would."

"I love you so much," Rachel said.

"I love you too, more than I can say," Finn said. "I've said it before, but thak you."

"For what?" Rachel asked.

"For everything," Finn said. "This whole year - even though bad things happened, the good far outweigh the bad, and you were there for me throughout all of it. I'm so lucky to have you in my life."

"I'm lucky to have you in my life," Rachel said, giving Finn a hug.

Finn was going to say that he was the luckier one, but he knew Rachel would deny it. He had no idea what the future held for him and for Rachel. This past year had definitely taught him that. But this past year had also taught him that he and Rachel were invicible. As long as they had each other, and their families and friends, they could make it through anything.

"What do you say we go cuddle in our room?" Rachel asked.

"Yeah," Finn said. "I love that idea, and I love you. I'm forever yours, faithfully."

"And I'm forever yours, faithfully," Rachel said.

Finn took Rachel to the bedroom in their apartment, the apartment in which two married couples now lived.

SONGS: Can't Help Falling In Love With You by Elvis Presley (performed by New Directions), With Or Without You by U2 (performed by Finn and Rachel Hudson), Come What May from Moulin Rouge (performed by Blaine and Kurt Hummel-Anderson) and I Choose You by Sara Barailles (performed by New Directions and alumni)