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(Chapter 2: sleepover!?)

Ah my pillow is so cozy, but I never knew it could be so hard or that it could hug you so tightly. Oh well! it's so warm and comfy that it makes me want to stay in bed all day! I just wish the horrible snoring could stop...WAIT...horrible snoring?

My eyes shot open as quick as lightning. Who the heck is sleeping with me? or better yet, who the heck would break into my house just to sleep in my bed!?






On second thought don't answer that question, I already know a certain dragon slayer who is capable of doing such a thing. Sighing I threw the covers off of me to find my beloved boyfriend sleeping soundly next to me. Yup should have known.

I looked at my clock which was on top of the drawer. It's about 8:30 am,guess I'll start making breakfast for us. But wait!

I searched on top of my drawer and inside of it.

Where's my magazine! I clearly left it on top of my drawer last night! Oh no, I can't lose that thing! I-if I lose that it then how the heck am I going to make Natsu get a taste of his own medicine! W-what about my reven- I mean plan! What about- oh here it is!

I bend down and grabbed the magazine that was on the floor. Hehe silly me, making a big commotion for nothing. Well time to cook some eggs, bacon and pancakes! But before that, I'm putting my magazine in my underwear drawer, so Natsu won't see it. Besides I doubt he'll ever look there kukuku~( A/N:Yeah sure he won't)

Before I do that I'll have to know what the 1st step to make Natsu jealous. Now let's see here.

Tell him, there is a life without him too!

'A life without Natsu? Impossible!'

There is a life outside your castle of love too. You should take some time out yourself. Go out with your girlfriends and throw a pajamas parties and while you are out with them, do not take his calls. Or if you want to tease him and ignite jealous sparks in his heart, attend the call and tell him how much fun you are having or even better pick his call and let him overhear your fun-conversation.

'Seems simple enough. I guess I'll have to tell Mira, Erza, Levy, Juvia and Cana about my plan, I'm pretty sure they'll approve and even want to help out'

(Normal Pov)

After that, Lucy took a quick shower and changed into her regular clothing. She then started making breakfast.

Heart beats fast

Colors and promises

How to be brave

How can I love when I'm afraid

To fall

But watching you stand alone

All of my doubt

Suddenly goes away somehow

One step closer~

I have died every day

waiting for you

Darlin' don't be afraid

I have loved you for a

Thousand years

I'll love you for a

Thousand more...

She sang quietly, moving her hips a bit while washing the pan. She suddenly felt two arms wrap around her waist and being pulled back, letting out a squeal of surprise.

"Good morning Luce" said a husky voice, nuzzling his nose against the crook of her neck.

"Natsu! How many times have I told you not to sneak up on me!" She scolded, glaring slightly at him.

"But it's so much fun scaring you" he shrugged pouting his lips.

She shook her head in dismay "never mind, I made breakfast for the both of us so feel free to eat" once she finished her sentence, Natsu ran towards the table and started to fill up his plate.

A few minutes later when they finished eating they decided to go visit the guild. Walking through town hand in hand, having small talks and smiling to each other.

They finally got to the guild and opened the doors. Inside was the usual things that happen like drinking, fights, and of course a naked Gray.

"Oi ice princess put some clothes on won't ya!" Natsu shouted walking over to the ice Mage, not even giving a kiss on the cheek to his girlfriend.

Lucy walked to the bar where the rest of the girls were at. Levy looked at her best friend sad expression.

"Are you okay Lu-chan?"

The celestial mage gave her a grunt in return.

"Is it Natsu again?" Mira asked, getting worried.

"Yeah! The idiot didn't even say anything to me and just left me for Gray! It's not hard to do! Just give me a peck on the check or a hug at least before he leaves to his friends!" Lucy exclaimed angrily.

Juvia sweat drop"C-calm down Lucy-san"

"Yeah *hic* he just didn't say goodbye to you, *hic* nothing big" said a drunk Cana.

"I know but still...we don't hang out like before, every time I ask him out he has something to do with his friends! I-I just been feeling so insecure about myself lately and about our relationship, I don't know what to do. I-I just want everyone to know that he's mine, and no other girl should look at him!" She put her head on the table.

"I know it's selfish of me to say that, b-but it can't be helped. He's out with his friends more than me, and he doesn't even invite me! Sure he sleeps in my bed and we walk towards the guild, but that's all we usually do. We haven't had our first kiss yet!"

The girls stayed silent for a moment, taking in what Lucy just said. Of course any girl would feel so insecure if her boyfriend isn't hanging out with her. They can't blame her for feeling that way.

"Do yo want me to teach him a lesson? Because I'll gladly do it" Erza asked with a menacing tone.

"N-no thank you, I already have everything under control" grinned Lucy.

Levy stared at her suspiciously "What do yo-"

"Hey Luce! Wanna hang out tonight?" Natsu interrupted, having a goofy smile on his face. Erza and Mira were sending him an evil glare, sweat started running down Natsu face but his smile never faltered.

Lucy looked at him having a disappointed look "sorry Natsu, I can't and the girls are having a sleepover tonight!" She happily replied.

Natsu looked dejected "You are?" Levy also looked at Lucy but in confusion.

"We are? I don't remember- oww" she was elbowed in the ribs.

"Yes we are! Remember, we were planning it this month" Lucy said giving her the 'Please-go-along-with-it' look.

Levy nodded her head rapidly "o-oh yeah! Now I remember! Hehe silly me"


Natsu started walking away with a depress aura around him. Cana shook her head in disappointment.

"What the heck was that Lucy? Didn't you say that you guys didn't hang out much?"

Lucy turned towards her with a smirk plastered on her face "this is all part of the plan Cana. By the way you guys aren't busy tonight right?" She asked. They shook their heads.

"Good, so would you guys come over to my house and have a sleep over, I'll tell you about my plan is that okay?" She asked hopefully. They grinned towards the blonde Mage and gave her a group hug.

"Of course silly" they giggled.

(Lucy POV)

~Later that night~

"Okay I got everything ready for tonight. Now the last thing I need are the sleeping bags" I said to myself.


'Oh they're here! Now let me just get theses sleeping bags on the floor'

I spread the sleeping bags neatly on the floor and ran towards the door. As soon as I opened it, I was engulf in a group hug. I wasn't able to hold the weight so we ended up falling on the floor.

"Hey Lucy~" my friends greeted me.

"Hey Minna-san"I greeted back, they all started sitting down on the floor grabbing a sleeping bag for themselves, once we got comfy we started to stare at each other in silence.

















"Awkward silence" Levy thought out loud. We just looked at her and giggled slightly.

"So, Lucy. Are you going to tell us about this plan of yours?" Cana asked, taking out a barrel of beer.

I started telling them everything about the day I went to the mall with Mira, Erza, and Happy to when I read the article in the pink Magazine. The five mages stared at me in amazement and worry.

"Are you sure you want to do this Lucy-san? Juvia asked in worry.

"How many time have I told you to just call me Lucy, we're friends right?" I smiled

looking at her, Juvia nodded her head and muttered a sorry "I want Natsu to understand what I went it'll be fun!" I sheepishly added making everyone sweat-drop.

"Don't worry Lucy, we'll help you too" Erza said "right guys" the girls nodded their heads.

"Yeah!*hic* go Girl Power!" Cana exclaimed pumping her fist in the air making the rest of the girls laugh, and doing the same.

I turned to Levy who started to squirm slightly, having a tinge of pink on her cheeks "Lu-chan after your done with the magazine could I probably use it?"

My eyes widen at the blushing bluenette, realization dawned upon me and smirked slightly "oh! Are you trying to get Gajeel jealous too!?"

My question made the scripture Mage blush harder "n-n-no! It's j-just looked I-interesting!"

Yes, it seems that Levy McGarden has a crush on Gajeel Redfox! Who would have thought that the sweet, small and cute Mage would fall for such a mean, buff, and hotheaded guy like Gajeel right?! What a weird world.

"Don't worry Levy, you could use it when I'm done" I winked making her look away. Ah it's so much fun teasing her! Now time to have some fun!

"So let have some Karaoke!" I exclaimed getting a microphone from my closet and connecting it to the karaoke machine. (A/N: yes Lucy rented a karaoke machine for the sleepover XD)

"Call first" Mira exclaimed, grabbing the microphone from my hands.

'Hmm wonder what Natsu doing?' I thought to myself, but soon started focusing on Mira singing.

(Natsu POV)

"Shut up ice princess!" I exclaimed head-butting with the stupid ice stripper.

"What you say you pink headed idiot!" Gray the stripper shouted back.

Yup, I was doing the same routine here in the guild except this time we're talking about Lucy.

"I still don't get what your trying to say?!" I questioned again.

"Look you idiot" sighed Gray " You as in Natsu Dragneel, have to hang out with Lucy Heartfilia your girlfriend more since hmm I don't know YOU JUST LEAVE HER FOR ME and by that I mean the rest of the guys"

'Woah! Me leaving Lucy for the ice-freak? Psh yeah right!' I thought to myself.

"...what? But I always walk her to the guild. Isn't that the only thing boyfriends are suppose to do?" Was there something else I had to do besides holding her hand, and walking her to the guild?

"Seriously Natsu, I wonder how the heck you have girlfriend" he mumbled.

A vein throbbed on my forehead"What you say ice stripper!"

"Shut up you bastard! Just listen to me for once in your life! Is it so hard to do?!"

To answer his question I gave him a 'Never-In-A-Million-Years-Will-I-Ever-Listen-To-You' look, which made him scowl.

"Never mind"

YES I have won the battle hahaha!...I'm bored.

"I'm bored" I voiced out my thoughts.

Gray sighed for the fiftieth time today "why don't you call Lucy or something"

"Lame...say why don't I just call Lucy!?" I exclaimed grinning to myself at my smartness. Of course me Natsu Dragneel the smartest,most handsomest, coolest and may I add AWESOMEST person ever would think of such an amazing idea!

"What the heck! I just said that yo-"

"Shush Gray, can't you see that I'm on the phone" I interrupted dialing Lucy on my cellphone and putting it on speaker.

(A/N: [Lucy talking] )

*ring* *ring* *ring*

[Hello?] ah Lucy!

Hey Lucy! It's me Natsu.

[oh, hey Natsu! Could you wait a minute] I heard some giggles and a slurring voice.

Uh okay?

[Lucyyyyy] what the? Who that heck is that? [this is the best sleepover ever!] was that Cana?


[Cana give me back my cellphone! It's not a microphone!]

[Ne, Lu-chan! You didn't tell us whose your celebrity crush!] that's surely Levy, wait! celebrity crush!?

[Levyyy! I-I-I'm no a-answering that question] she's stuttering!

Lucy! You have a crush on someone else?!Hello!? dang it, she's not answering! Cana probably still has it.

[ohhhh is it that one guy?what's his name again?uh was it Harold? No Max?from that one band] what the?!

[L-Levy! Let's do something else!] Lucy exclaimed.

[lets play Truth or Dare!] two other females shouted, I think that's Mira and Erza.

[Cana don't press that button! Natsu-san is still on the line!] Juvia yelled...I think.

[huuuh...oh bye bye Natsuuuuuu] Cana slurred.

W-wait I want to talk to Lu- *beep* *beep* and she clicked on me.

Gray and I were still staring at the phone in surprise, until he started cracking up. He was laughing so much he clenched his stomach and his face became red. While I just stood there with my phone in hand staring at it in shock. It's seems that Lucy is having fun without me, I kinda feel depressed and...angry?

"Hahaha s-she clicked on y-you!" Gray stuttered out covering his mouth to suppress his laughter "and it's seems your girlfriend is having fun without you"

"Shut up idiot! At least I have a girlfriend!" And thats when he glared at me.

"I could have a girlfriend if I wanted one tabasco-freak!"

"Why you!" And that's when our usual routine started again, but I couldn't forget the emotions I felt. Was I mad at Lucy? Or is it something else?

'What the heck is wrong with me?!'

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