Anon asked: Cordelia and Misty celebrate the Christmas Holiday- Rated K

Cordelia Goode bent down to pick up the remaining wads of wrapping paper, sighing. Although Christmas was a joyous time for her and the entirety of the coven, she couldn't say that she enjoyed the cleaning up part of the festivities. She could hear the girls who'd remained for the holidays celebrating in the kitchen, most likely enjoying one of Kyle's hot cocoas, and she hoped from where she was they'd leave some for their Supreme.

A ringed hand reached for the same sparkly green paper, and Cordelia looked up into Misty Day's face, her lover's face, a twinkle in the girl's blue eyes.

"Hey." The swamp witch breathed. "I thought ya might need help, and I brought ya somethin'." She held up Cordelia's favorite mug, steam rising from the top.

"You're an angel." The Supreme smiled softly, reaching for the cup.

"How'd you know?"

"It's a tradition, in'it?" Misty grinned. "And I could hear ya think from the kitchen. 'm suprised the others didn't hear ya." The necromancer took a few steps back to lean on the couch, her fingers deftly working at the wrapping paper in her hands, turning it to shreds. "It was a nice Christmas."

Cordelia looked up, smiling. "Yeah? You enjoyed it?"

"Of course I did, Delia." Misty nodded, blushing. "But I have one more present ta add ta your pile."

"Misty, you didn't have to." The Supreme scolded softly. The cajun queen had spoiled her so much already this holiday season, between the picnics and the jewelry and the stolen kisses.

"I don't wanna hear it." The frizzy blonde shook her head. "Come on."She stood up straight and held out her hand for the Supreme to grab onto. Cordelia sighed, defeated, and let herself be led through the mansion and into the greenhouse (their greenhouse), the students' echoes of laughter dying as they made their way farther and farther down the hallways.

"Ya ready?"

"As I'll ever be."

"Stay here." Misty pushed Cordelia softly against the island and held up a finger. She moved to the darkest corner of the greenhouse and started rustling around.

"Misty, this isn't an animal, is it?" The Supreme asked, worried. They had enough cats to repopulate a small island, and she hadn't quite forgiven the swamp witch for hiding an alligator in their toilet that one time.


Cordelia breathed out. Misty stood and turned around, hiding something behind her back. She came to stand in front of her girlfriend, a huge grin on her face.

"I love you." She said quietly, as if afraid to break the mood.

"I love you too, Misty Day."

"I worked hard on them, they're a new strand, I think. Myrtle said they were, anyway."

"Are you going to show me?"

"Oh, yeah." The swamp witch smiled nervously, and pulled her present out. She was holding a bouquet of roses, and Cordelia's face lit up, her dark eyes shining. Her hand reached out to stroke the petals.

"How did you get the lavender to melt into pink?" She asked softly, a small smile tugging at her lips. Misty only grinned back. "Purple is enchantment. Dark pink appreciation and light pink…Light pink is admiration, isn't it?"

The necromancer nodded, her throat tight.

"One, two, three…" Cordelia became quiet as she counted each flower. She screwed her eyes tight in thought. "Eleven. You're the one that is most important in my life. Oh Misty."

"You're my tribe, Delia. Merry Christmas." The swamp witch blushed. "I'm havin' them named Rosa Cordelia, if ya don't object."

She opened her mouth to ramble some more, but the Supreme kissed her thoughts away.

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