Coal and Cerulean and Brass - a Bananun QuickFic

Beta-ed by graceonce

A quick writing session in between two bouts of homework.

"I love you."

"I know."

The blonde's nostrils flared momentarily and she tilted her head to the side, breathing in the cinnamon smell that was so utterly Lana's shampoo, her brow furrowed. Her fingers raked along a soft scalp, through wet strands of chestnut curls. She sighed out. "I mean it."

Lana sighed back, burrowing farther into Mary Eunice's neck, lips flirting with her heartbeat when it raised every other second, slow and steady against her own fluttering eyelashes. "Don't."

"Why?" Mary pulled away to look into black eyes, gaze raking over a sharp jaw. "Why not?"

"I don't want to fight."

"Neither do I." The girl pulled her lover close again, chin to the top of her head and her fingers tracing circles into her shoulder blades. "Why would I want to fight? I'm only saying I love you. I only wish you'd say it back."

"I can't lie."

"You lie for a living," Mary breathed back.

Lana shook her head softly, sighing against the blonde's shoulder. "And you?"

"Me?" The sister tilted the reporter's head back, finger beneath her chin. "Me who?"

The brunette's eyes glanced between gold and blue and gold, lower lip in between her teeth as her frown deepened. "Don't do this."

"Me who, Lana?"

The woman rose from where she lay, hand passing over her face, spine arching to the ceiling. Mary watched from the pillow, fingers following the brunette's vertebrae and down to where the sheets pooled around her lower back.

"Tell me you love me," Mary said.

"Tell who?" Lana asked softly.

The blonde's eyes closed and she shifted on the bed. "Tell me."

"Tell who?"

"Me. Do you trust me?"

The brunette watched her, the girl's eyes moving beneath her closed eyelids, a small smile tugging at her red tainted lips but far from joyful. She wanted to reach over and tug Mary's eyes open, decipher the color her coal shaded pupils swam in. Her fingers gripped at the bed sheets.

Mary spoke. "Because I love you. I do. No one else."

"Who," Lana whispered. "Which of you."

The blonde's eyes opened slowly. She raised to follow Lana up, her mouth by the woman's ear. "I am a duality. I am both. I love you."

Lana's features softened. "Do you?"

"All of me, Lana Winters," Mary breathed back. "Every facet, every crack, every crystallized bone inside my frozen body." She pushed a strand back behind the brunette's ear. "Do you love me?" The woman followed her touch. "Do you?"

"God, yes. I love you. Both of you."

The blonde pressed her lips to a warm temple, hard enough to bruise, sweet in the way she angled her head forward. "We love you too. I love you and she loves you, and I love you and he loves you."