A/N: I have read my tributes since Ralph Waite has passed away. He played on NCIS our beloved Jackson Gibbs.

Thought I would add my tribute after the funeral, a group of Jacks friends along with Jethro and our intrepid team gathered at Jackson's home for one final farewell. A bit of a music tribute to Jackson Gibbs you will be missed RIP.

As the groups sat around the living room there was sadness and laughter through tears as everyone had their own tales of how Jackson Gibbs became a part of their lives. The most touching was a tribute from LJ Moore his best friend who put it simply there will never be another like him again, when they made Jackson Gibbs they broke the mold. This brought smiles to everyone including Jethro who was missing his father.

As the groups continued to talk and eat all the food everyone brought nobody noticed Tony at the piano. He sat down on the bench staring at the keys. He was remembering all the good times he had, had with Jack. When Jack found out he could play, he took out Kelly's old song book and asked him to play a few tunes. As he played Chopsticks, Flight of the bumble bees, Rag Time, and Mr. Sandman. Tony could see the smile lighting up Jacks face as he remember is granddaughter and was glad Tony could bring back memories of happier times. Today however Tony missed so much. Silent tears coursed down his face as he wished that Jackson truly was his Grandfather.

As he sat there he started tinkling the ivories, at first the tunes were just random melodies in the background including the ditties from Kelly's song book. Soon he started playing some of Jacks favorite songs belting out those beautiful melodies that always brought a smile to his face. He played Old Black Magic, May way, Chattanooga Choo Choo, Come-On a My House, Riders in the Sky (A Cowboy Legend), White Christmas, Take the A Train, and many other classic standards including. He even played some Beatles and Rolling Stones remembering how much he enjoyed that newfangled music as he called it. Soon he had an audience who appreciate the music tribute to Jack either singing or dancing or just listening to those bygone melodies. As he continued to play the melodies blended and he lost himself in the music.

Soon Tony realized that hours had passed and the house was empty except for Jethro who was sitting with tears rolling down his cheeks but also a small smile as he remember how much his father loved music. They both missed Jack in their own way and this was a fitting good bye.