Author's Note: Written for sedatedartist as her Valentine's gift.

The sun beams down, warming their bodies in the cool spring air. Jim had taken Spock to a hidden meadow and they had a picnic lunch, feeding each other bits of food in between talking about… Well, everything, really. Now they're facing each other on the blanket, voice having settled into a low hum. It wasn't often that a Starfleet captain and their commander were able to get the same time off, but Jim had managed to swing it; it is their anniversary, after all.

They break out into giggles, probably over nothing, but really, Jim is the only person that can get Spock's guard down and he takes every opportunity to do so, loving the way it seems to lighten his whole body. He shifts so that he's propped up, half leaning over Spock, whose breath hitches in his throat as the sunlight catches in Jim's hair, bringing out the different shades of reds and brown and even a touch of blond.

He can feel his heart skip a beat in his side at how gorgeous his husband looks and he's amazed at how much love swells in his chest; amazed at how much it's grown over the years. He hopes it never stops growing, beating a frantic tattoo over him as he cups the side of Jim's face, thumb stroking over the high arch of his cheekbone. Jim leans down to press their lips together in what is possibly the sweetest kiss they've shared since the one that sealed their marriage.