Chapter 1: 00: Trenia

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Chapter 00: Trenia

"Kill them!" shouted a horned demon at the top of his lungs as he stabs one of the villagers. The village was a wreck. Many people were killed. Families, friends, children, parents. Not a single person was spared as the invaders attack the village.

"Muahahahah!" laughed the huge one-eyed orc. "Bow down to my superiority puny weaklings! As I, Varth, mow you down! Muahahahah! I will become the Overlord!"

Ruthless and merciless, is what one would call Varth. He attacked the peaceful village just to prove how evil he can be and how much he deserves to have the title of 'Overlord'.

"Hmm? Who's there?" questioned Varth as he glanced at a small alley. A little girl with orange hair, no more than 9 years old (In human terms), appeared while holding a sword. "A little girl? Haha! And she's holding a sword too! Don't tell me you plan on fighting me?" Laughed Varth.

The girl was trembling. In truth, she wanted to run away. But she stood her ground, mustered as much courage as she could and put on a strong face.

"Huh, nice look you got there." Said Varth. He then frown and raised his axe while shouting "TOO BAD I DON'T LIKE THAT LOOK!"


The axe did not hit the girl. Nor the girl parried it. As she opens her eyes, the girl saw someone standing in front of her. It was a boy, no taller than her. He had blue hair and two antennae sticking out of it. He was also wearing a long red scarf.

The boy sighed and said "For crying out loud, why do I always get mixed in these situations?" He then pushed Varth back. "You're niceness is a bad influence on me Flonne." Said the boy.

"What the…? Who the hell are you?" asked Varth.

The boy looked up and stared at Varth. Then turned towards the girl and asked "Are you okay? You're not hurt are you?"

"N-no…" replied the girl and blushes.

Anger at being ignored, Varth raised his axe and attacked. "Don't you DARE ignore me!"

The boy turned his head slightly and mumbled "You're annoying…"


Varth's men were shocked. The explosion was sudden and their boss was in the middle of it. As the dust settled, it was obvious who had won. A small crater was left in the explosion's wake and inside… was Varth. Scared at how their boss was defeated, the group of invaders fled.

"…Tch. Bunch of cowards." Mumbled the boy. He then turn towards the girl again and raised his hand. "Can you stand?"

The girl nodded and grabbed the boy's hand. When she stood up, the girl began to look around. The buildings were destroyed, corpses were scattered all round. She was the only person in her village who survived. The girl's eyes began to tear up.

"Let it go." The boy said. "Let you tears go. Cry till you can cry no more. Let all your sadness out.

She cried. She cried as hard as she could. Her cry echoed through the now empty village. In her mind, she survived. But in her heart, she had died. Her parents are now dead, what can she do from now on? She has no one else to count on. No one to care for her. She was all alone. She blamed Varth, for killing her parents. She blamed god, for being unfair. She blamed the boy, for not arriving earlier to save the village. But most of all, she blamed herself, for being so weak. After crying, the girl was too tired and fell asleep.

As morning approaches, the boy made graves for everyone in the village as the girl slept. "That should do it." Said the boy. He then knelt in front of the graves and prayed.

"Reapers. May all of their souls rest in peace."The girl woke up, finding herself covered by a worn and tattered blanket. She headed out of the building she was in and saw the boy. She ran towards him and saw him praying. As she saw this, she felt like she wanted to pray as well.

The boy stood up and said "I'm done. What are you gonna do?" The girl looked at him with confusion. "I'm about to leave this village. If you can still call it that. I can't stay here forever. So what are you gonna do?" he asked again.

The girl was surprised. She knew he wouldn't stay, but she didn't know that he would leave so soon. The girl opened her mouth, but no words would come out. She wanted to thank the boy, but couldn't express it.

"If you're not gonna say anything, I'm just gonna assume that you want to stay." Said the boy.

'No' the girl thought. She wanted to follow him, to be with him. To be with her savior. Determined not to let him go, the girl grabbed the boy's scarf.

"What is it?" asked the boy, startled.

"I… I want to follow you. I want to go wherever you go. I… I want to be by your side." Said the girl as she blushed.

The boy smirked and then chuckled. "Be by my side huh? You sound a little like Flonne. Fine then. You can follow me."

The girl's face lit up. And said "Really? I-I'll go get my things ready."

"Wait." Said the boy. "Your name."


"What s your name? I can't travel around with someone when I don't know their name." the boy said calmly.

"Oh. Right. It's Trenia. My name is Trenia" said the girl. "What about you?"

"My name?" said the boy. "It's Laharl. And this flower here… is Flonne."

'Flower?' Trenia thought. Indeed, there was a flower on Laharl's scarf. But why was it named Flonne? Rather than ask, Trenia decided to ignore this strange fact and move on. She needed to get ready for her journey.

"Huh. What a strange girl." Said Laharl. "Normally, someone would ask about you Flonne. Then again, I'm hardly normal myself." Chuckling, Laharl waits for Trenia.


That's it. Laharl being a hero… that's something one would never expect. Just so you know, this is not a Laharl X OC fic. The pairing here is Laharl X Flonne. Please remember that. R&R please. Any way it's stats time:


Race: Demon

Age: 1333

Level: 9999

Title: Lord of Terror

Class: Humanoid

Evilitiy(s): Dominance: All stats increase 50% if he or an ally is the highest are the highest level character on the field.

King's Support: Increases his allies stats 50% if he is on the field.

Weapon(s): Yoshitsuna

Armor: Super Robot Suit

Equipment: Hyperdrive

Emblem: Arcadia

Skill(s): All sword skills from Disgaea: Hour of Darkness

Unique Skill(s): Blazing Knuckle: Charges flames into his fist, jumps into the air and slams it unto the ground.

Overlord's Wrath: Creates Gigantic balls of fire and flings them at the opponent.

Meteor Impact: Summons a giant meteor and crashes it unto the field. While riding it. And laughing. Yeah, just yeah.

Treina Arcana

Race: Demon

Age: 9

Level: 1

Title: Weak Child

Class: Humanoid

Evility(s): None

Weapon: Old Sword

Armor: Raggedy Dress

Equipment: None

Emblem: None

Skill(s): None

Unique Skills: None