Hello readers! This is my second fanfic that I decided to make after I realized that I did a poor job introducing my OC's in my other story. This is just a prequel to A Certain Unexplainable Gemstone. It mainly focuses on the events after Sogiita Gunha was defeated by Ollerus. How the higher ups reacted, how the denizens reacted, and how it affected my two OCs, Kazeyare Kouta and Kihara Ayumi. It's not going to be as humorous since I'm focusing my attention on building the relationship between Ayumi, Gunha, and Kouta. To those who follow and faved my first story and are waiting for more chapters, I apologize. I'm not able to work on two stories at once. After I complete this Prequel I will continue with A Certain Unexplainable Gemstone. With all that said I like to thank RevenantOmega for his review and feedback. So everyone, Please read, enjoy, and review.



A normal day for me consist of waking up, going to school, hanging out at the arcade, and going home. That is my ideal day. I know what your thinking. Is that really the ideal day for you in Academy City, where the technology is 20 to 30 years ahead of the rest of the world? Where Supernatural powers are not the works of fiction, but applied to everyday life due to the Power Curriculum Program? Where you see advance robots and super-powered humans? Yes in fact that is my ideal day. You want to know why? Because reality is cruel. It incites you to think that you can do anything in the world. The world spouts lies about how you can be successful in anything, that you have unlimited potential. A great scientist who discovered a new way to tap into the human psyche. A renowned author who has won many awards for his unprecedented theories. A rising athlete who has gained the attention of the world after breaking age old records.

Or even... A powerful esper who can protect the world around him. I wanted to be a someone who can overcome any challenge. A person who people looked up at and depended on. A rising star. A hero just like him. But I soon realized after entering Academy City, that not all dreams come true. I, Kazeyare Kouta, wanted to be a hero more than anything else, but that illusion of mine was mercilessly shattered long ago.

So here I am, A first year in high school with no amazing power, no groundbreaking ideas or theories, or great athletic abilities. If anything I'm a bit too underwhelming. I have short blonde hair, brown eyes, light complexion, and a medium build. No real distinct features, though someone did say I have sharp eyes and that made me look like a hoodlum when coupled with my blonde hair. It has now come to my attention that i can be mistaken for some stupid thug who likes to pick up young girls in dark alleys, great.

"Oi! Kazeyare Kouta! Wake up!" I looked up as I had my head buried in my arm, attempting to sleep in Komoe-sensei's class. I realized that wasn't a great idea as I was awoken by the Iron Wall Girl, the only girl on campus who hasn't fallen prey to the plague of man known as the Kami-yan Disease. A beautiful girl with long black hair and bangs that cover her huge forehead. A large breasted girl obsessed with health and fitness and makes sure we don't get out of hand. To be honest, I'm surprised she's not the class representative, but unfortunately that title goes to a certain blue-haired idiot.

"Ah, Fukiyose?" I lazily responded. "Go bother Kamijou, I'm pretty sure he sleeps in class more than me." I waved my raised hand as if to shoo her away and buried my head back into my arm.

I soon felt a sharp pain in my right foot and quickly jerked up. "What are you talking about Kazeyare? Kamijou's absent today. Besides class is over." she released her foot off of mine as I looked to the far left corner of the classroom to see that Kamijou Touma was absent. He's been missing class a lot lately but I never really took notice of it.

"Kazeyare chan?" a cute child-like voice called my name. Of course there's no elementary school kids here! Just a cute 135 cm pink haired high school teacher who is probably the oldest person in the school!

"Yes Komoe sensei?" I reply with the utmost sincerity.

"Apparently you have been requested to go to the Kihara Research Institute. They said it's really important!" I can only smile to myself as she spoke, her cute face and voice just melts my heart. Huh? Did she say Kihara? As in 'The' Kihara Family? The one's who are just as important to the city as the Board of Directors! That Kihara Family? I sat in my desk shocked at what she just said as it echoed in my head before I was called out of my trance by stares from the rest of the class.

I got up out of my seat and grabbed my bag before I walked to the front of the classroom. "So where is the Kihara Research Institute? I've never been there before." I asked my pink haired teacher.

"We figured you wouldn't know the way so I've been assigned to escort you there." I turned toward the door to see a beautiful girl in a Nagatenjouki Academy uniform. What I can only describe as my ideal girl. A slender body with a medium sized chest, height is slightly shorter than me, long green hair that was braided into a ponytail, and large round glasses that protected her beautiful hazel eyes. I could only stare as this miserable thing called reality had finally done something for me! "Allow me to introduce myself, I'm Kihara Ayumi. It's a pleasure to meet you Kazeyare Kouta." she spoke in a soft and motherly tone that seemed to resonate within my soul. This is it! My chance at a real girlfriend! And no Kamijou to ruin it!

I quickly do a light bow and attempt to give a good first impression. "I'm Kazeyare Kouta! The pleasure is all mine!"

She gave me a heartwarming smile before turning to Komoe sensei, "Well then, If you excuse us Komoe sensei." she turned to the door and exited, while I quickly trailed from behind.

Alright Kazeyare Kouta! This is your chance! The Kihara Institute is probably a long walk from here, so I have plenty of time bring up small talk, ask her some questions, maybe make her laugh. At the end of the day after we get to know each other better, we can exchange numbers! Plan is good! I clear my throat to prepare my initial attack, "So Nagate-"

"Please don't talk to me filthy maggot." A sweet and gentle voice rang in my ears. But what did she just say? I'm sure I must have misheard or something. We continued walking down the hall in awkward silence.

Maybe she was nervous being in a different school. I waited until we left the campus before I tried again. "Why doe-"

"Oh my, I realized you were stupid, but I had no idea you were deaf too." Again the sweet voice with the stinging words. What the hell is with her? I opened my mouth again to say something but was stopped again my her voice. "Kazeyare Kouta." her voice no longer carried the motherly gentle tone she used before, instead it was replaced by a serious voice that someone uses when talking to a person they deem inferior. "Please do not talk to me as if we are on the same level. Do not let me repeat myself again. It's not very Kihara like. You will quietly and obediently follow me to the Institute and that will be the end of our relationship. Do you understand?"

Each one of her words were like stabs to the heart. I've experienced this before. Especially during the Daihaisesei Festival, Tokiwadai and Nagatenjouki all looked down on us cause our status. Label us as failures. No better than Skill-Out who indiscriminately attack espers regardless of levels. I clenched my fist in anger. Though I've been looked down upon multiple times, It's not something you get use to. I wanted to yell at her. To say that it doesn't matter what level you are or what you've accomplished, It gives you no right to claim that you are better than someone else. I wanted to punch her in the face and tell her that kind of thinking is shallow-minded and your only hindering yourself by thinking so little of others. But I didn't. Instead I bottled those words and feelings and unclenched my fist. Of course I can't do that! That's something only the strong can say. That's something only a hero would do.

I put on a melancholy smile and shrug my shoulders, "I get it, i get it. Kazeyare Kouta can't even compare to the existence that is known to the world as the great and Almighty Kihara Ayumi."

She stopped in her tracks after I made that statement. I assumed she was mad that I said it so sarcastically, but when she turned around, she had a sadistic splitting smile that sent chills down my spine when I saw it. "Huh? You think this is about me in comparison to you?" she put her hand to her forehead and started laughing maniacally, completely ignoring the stares she earned. "No no you dumbass! You got it all wrong! This has nothing to do with me, but everything wrong with you!" I stared on dumbfounded, not understanding what she was talking about. "You were probably thinking 'this bitch is looking down on me', am I right? But you couldn't be farther from the truth!"

I couldn't hold back my anger, "What the hell are you talking about then? From a normal viewpoint, it's obvious you're looking down on me!" I retorted angrily.

"Prove me wrong then, Kazeyare Kouta! Tell me what you have accomplished in life!" I finally realized what she was saying. "Have you done something amazing? Did you ever contribute to something bigger than yourself? Have you impacted someone else's life to the point where you became an important person to them? Are you strong?" Her sadistic smile formed into a frown. "There's nothing." I could feel something swallowing me whole. "Nothing in this world to say Kazeyare Kouta was here. The only thing you have is your name and Error In. An unique ability, but something that will never go beyond level 2." A feeling of sorrow and self pity that I escaped once was now returning to carry me back. "Looking down on you? No. I would never do something so pointless. I was just stating that you have no value in this world."

I felt like I was about to break. No value huh? I guess that is true. I clenched my fists as I tried to control myself. I haven't done much in my life. I got a unique ability, but that's it. Nothing else to say that Kazeyare Kouta once existed on this blue planet. But. "So What? Am I suppose to just lie down and die? Let my existence go to the wayside? Disappear into nothingness? I don't want that!" I screamed what was held in my heart.

She looked at me with a unfazed look as I struggled to hold back my tears. She then slowly walked up to me and put her hand on my head. "You really are a fucking idiot, aren't you?" I looked at her with a dumbfounded face before I felt her hand reach scorching levels and quickly retracted back as I held my head in pain.

"Ow ow ow! That's really hot! Why would you do something like that?" I shot her an angry glare.

She looked on, completely unfazed before putting her hands in her skirt pockets. "It hurts doesn't it?"

"Eh?" Is she stupid? "OF COURSE IT HURTS! WERE YOU TRYING TO BURN MY SCALP OFF?" I couldn't comprehend her thinking.

"The dead can't feel pain." I stopped writing in pain and quietly listened. "Only the living will move if burnt. Only the living will care if you remove a limb. Only the living can do something about their worth. As long as your not dead, you can still do something. Don't waste the life you were given nor complain about your circumstances, It just makes you look stupid." she turned around and continued walking. I followed slowly behind, thinking about what girl known as Kihara Ayumi said. As long as your not dead you can still do something. So it's not too late to prove my worth to the world huh? I smiled to myself as a new fire burned within me. Not just to the world, but to myself as well!

Maybe she's not such a bad person after all. Though her personality is harsh, she seemed to know exactly what I was thinking. I snap my fingers as I realize something. I get it! She's one of those big sister Tsundere types! You know, cold and hostile at first, then nice and caring afterwords. Does that mean, she's into me? I slightly blush at the thought. Maybe she wants to prove my worth to her? I mentally psych myself up. Alright, Kazeyare Kouta! It's time to prove your worth as a man!I walk up next to Kihara to thank her. "Hey I just wan-"

"Kazeyare kun." she returned back to the sweet motherly tone, though it lacked the warmth it once had. Wait, did she say kun? When did she start using that honorific? And why do I feel more tension than last time? "Please remember your worth and that I don't like to repeat myself. Or maybe," a small fireball appeared at the tip of her index finger, "Do I need to engrave it directly to your brain?" I quickly retracted my pace and followed behind a few feet. I'll just prove my worth later. No need to rush.

We finally arrived at the Kihara Research Institute with no incidents along the way. Though it felt like hours due to the politely requested silence by Kihara. At first, the building seemed normal from the outside. A large white rectangular building with several floors and probably some basement floors. Just as we were about to enter the building a beam of white light busted from one of the walls and into the sky, while none of the researchers taking any note of it.

"Megaton beam again huh?" she sighed as she entered the building. Megaton beam? Why does that sound really familiar? Like dangerously familiar? I try to wrap my head around why it was so familiar before giving up and followed Kihara into the building. The Kihara Family must really like white because pretty much everything, from the hallways to the furniture, even the computers were white, giving it an obscure sanitary look. Though what bothered me the most were the strange crashing and yelling noises that were slowly getting louder. The sounds were grating my nerves as if to tell me whatever is making those noises is something I don't want to meet. I wanted to ask her what they were but I feared I wouldn't survive having something directly engraved into my brain. So I held my tongue and my curiosity as we steadily got closer until I heard, Amazing Punch, followed by the walls of the hallway breaking in between me and Kihara. I fell to the ground due to the shock-wave as dust filled the destroyed area.

"Ah. I broke the wall again. What was that? the 300th time? I can't remember anymore." A strong familiar voice came into my head, a lean figure in the dust moved and looked at me, "Huh? Did I hit somebody? Crap! I'm really sorry mister!" I knew who it was. Someone who asked me to be his friend. A person who loved watching heroes save the day. Someone who shared the same dream I once foolishly had. Someone who I never wanted to see again. He grabbed my arm and pulled me up and that was when he saw me. "Kouta?" The white headband boy looked at me with a loss of words. I couldn't blame him. I lied when I said I made it to the same high school as him and haven't seen him since. He's probably mad I haven't tried to call or contact him since. I wouldn't blame him if- GGHbbrrr! "Kouta! It really is you! I haven't seen you since middle school!" He was hugging me so strongly that I'm sure he would have broken a bone or two if he didn't stop soon.

"Gunha let him go. We don't need him dying on his first day of work." Kihara said

Gunha then immediately let me go and shot me one of his reassuring grins, "It's really good to see you Kouta!" That grin reminded me of all the good times me and Gunha spent together in middle school. Granted he always got in trouble and I would have to help him out, otherwise, more than just a park would be destroyed. Looking at him now, he hasn't changed much, same white headband with his signature rising sun t-shirt. And he still has that habit of bleaching his school uniform. Now that I think about it he hasn't changed at all. "Ah! That reminds me! I just thought of a new super technique!"

No no no! Gunha and new attacks ALWAYS equaled trouble. "Well why don't you save it for later?" I tried to quell this crazy monster before me.

He shook his head in defiance, "No. This attack is amazing! By manipulating the ground beneath me within a certain area and then punching a hole through the Earth with my fist, I'm able to create and control a small volcanic eruption! I call it Volcanic Heat!" As always a flurry of red, blue and yellow colored explosions appeared behind him as he threw his fist into the air and named his attack.

I gave him a lifeless stare as he gave me that ridiculous and impossible explanation for his attack. "Hey Gunha."

"What is it Kouta?" He gave me his signature grin.

I could only smile to myself as I thought. I haven't done this in a while. I took a deep breath. "THAT'S IMPOSSIBLE YOU IDIOT!" I guess some things never change.

Chapter one is finally completed of my second fanfic! I really like how this first chapter went down. It gets serious at times but Gunha fixes all that real quick! He really is a fun character to write with. As for Kihara Ayumi. She is a bit different from other Kihara's we've seen from the novels. Of course she is! She's an important OC! Again thank you all for the time to look at this story. Please review. I appreciate all kinds of input.

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