Author Comment: This is a song that I started to write from the very first episode, and I'm sure I'm not the only one. So this is my version for the famous song from Disney's "The Little Mermaid" titles "Under the Sea": modified for the benefit of readers worldwide:
So Here is: Under the Dome - in the form of a Calypso-Caribbean Song...

Under The Dome:

A Soldier who killed a Husband
Of some News-Reporter Chick
The Council is down to One Guy
And he's acting like a Dick

His kid feeling Homicidal
And wants his Girl for his Own
And now they are Locked Together
Inside an Enormous Dome

Under The Dome
Under The Dome
Maine is in trouble, Locked in a Bubble,
But it's still Home!...
Inside this Fortress we raise hell
Jim's up to something but he won't tell
Let's put it simple, Earth's got a Pimple!
Under The DOME!

2nd Verse:
Out there everyone is hopeless
Afraid that we all may die
Inside everyone is helpless
We're stuck and we don't know why

The people are getting restless
They might set the town aflame
So who would be named the Ruler?
And who would be put to Blame?

2nd Chorus:
Under The Dome
Under The Dome
Don't need your pity, in our fair city,
We're not alone...
Maxine can show this place some class
But she is being a pain in the ass
We want to choke her
Then play some poker
Under The DOME!

We ran out of gas,
This house is on fire,
The water ran out, the priest is a liar
The power is down,
They're nuking the town,
Jim let the Lady Drown!

Disease, Strife and Pain,
There's nothing to gain
We run out of food and tanks of propane
We looked all around,
A Riddle is found:
"The Monarch Would Be CROWNED!"

End Chorus:
Under the dome (under the Dome!),
Under the dome! (under the Dome!)
Escape is forbidden, A Secret is hidden
In the unknown! (A forest to comb-comb-comb!)
No-one is smart enough to think...
Plot-Holes are making this series stink!
You should know better, the Shit's in the Center!
Under The DOME!
...I pray Steven King, would salvage this thing-
Under The DOME!
...Fans start to doubt, they're moving about,
...we drink and we shout, we wanna get out, all should have read- the novel instead: