Author's Note: The story takes place before the new episodes on Tenyu Island (or whatever it's called). There will be smaller original characters but no new guild members/main characters. It would be greatly if appreciated if you let me know what you do and don't you. Hope enjoy my first (but hopefully not my last) GrayLu fanfiction! :)

Chapter One: Gray's Suggestion

Springtime had arrived late in the Fiore Kingdom. Its warmth was appreciated by everyone, including animals. The chirping of birds could be heard even in the noisy Guild of Fairy Tail which, as usual, was filled with wizards chatting and deciding which job take on next.

"What about this one?" The blonde Lucy asked two of her friends, Gray and Natsu, pointing to a poster of a job. They were both hovering over her so closely she could feel their heat.

"Nah, I wouldn't go for that many jewels." Said the one with a shocking head of pink hair. She put the poster back on the board and reached for a different one.

"This one could be interesting." She said, indicating the one she grabbed. "

Nah, I wouldn't go to-."

"Look Natsu I am running low on jewels and if we can't decide on anything soon all the jobs will be taken." She nodded towards a group of mages, who were ripped down posters. Like Lucy, they hadn't been on many jobs in the winter, for no one was in the mood to travel when it was cold, but now their money was running low and the crisp spring air was perfect for an adventure. Natsu shrugged and continued scanning the few jobs still remaining.

"I'll go with you Lucy." Gray spoke up unexpectedly. A slight smirk had crept into the corners of his mouth.

"Okay." Was all she could think of to say. She stood staring up at him until Natsu interrupted the silence.

"You guys it would-." Only Gray took this moment to elbow him hard in the stomach. In pain and enraged, Natsu shrunk over, letting out a howl of pain.

"Who said you're coming?"

"It's a deal." Lucy replied hurriedly. Anticipating the eruption of Natsu to come at any moment. Hastily, she started across the room.

"I'll meet you at your place tomorrow at noon." The ice mage called after her.

"See you then." She called back. The door to the guild shutting behind her just before Natsu began throwing his fired fists onto Gray's chest.

"See you then." The smirk grew into a wide smile, but his happy thoughts were once again interrupted by Natsu's fiery fists. Glad Erza wasn't in the guild, Gray shoved Natsu into the cold tiled floors of the guild. Pinning him down he said quietly into his ear, "Don't even think about following us, understood?"

"I understand it won't happen." The fire mage retorted.

"Understood?" Gray repeated, shoving him once again into the floor.

"Fine, yes I understand." The ice mage reluctantly let him go and they both stood up, giving the other a cold look and walking away.

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