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Chapter Two: Levy's Advice

Lucy called her best friend Levy as soon as she left the guild, seeking advice for the upcoming job. She came home to see Levy already standing on her doorstep. Hurrying, she unlocked the door and lead the way to her kitchen, eager to hear what Levy would say. She poured two generous amounts of coffee into mugs and sat down, breathing for what felt like the first time since the morning.

"So, tell me what's on your mind." Levy prompted her.

"It's Gray."

"I always thought there was something between you not." Levy said, giving an over-dramatic wink.

"No nothing like that. It's just..." She paused, taking another deep breathe and a sip of coffee. "It's just that we are going on a job together. I know it's silly, I've known him for so long! But still, I'm a bit nervous about being alone with him."

"What's wrong with that? Haven't you gone on loads of jobs together before?"

"Yes, but we were always with Natsu or Erza. And honestly I don't know Gray as well as them."

"Well this'll be a perfect time for the two of you to bond." She said in a matter-of-fact voice. "Wait... I see how it is." She raised her voiced higher and did a little shimmy.

"Tell me again how it is?"

"You WANT him." She urged.

"Oh please."

"You liiike him."

"Get lost." She chuckled, her cheeks a soft shade of pink. Although she was often teased about being with various members of the guild by various members of the guild, the image of Gray's lips against her own had been sketched into her mind, and it didn't seem at all to be a bad one. A wide smile stretched across her face. Maybe just tomorrow she would get the chance to kiss the ice mage.

Gray arrived at Lucy's small house only a few minutes before noon. Looking at his reflection, he straightened up and knocked at the door. Lucy, who had been running late, rushed to let him in.

"Please, come in. I hope you don't mind I'm not quite done getting ready."

He followed her up the small wooden steps leading into the well furnished, and somewhat messy, apartment. He sat down on an old-fashioned turquoise couch, setting his large gray duffel bag on the floor near his feet. Next to the couch was a wooden coffee table, stacked with various books and magazines. He picked up a magazine about traveling but his gaze was fixed on Lucy. She was scrambling in and out of the room, finishing packing as quickly as she could manage.

"So, how long do you think we'll be gone for?" The celestial key wizard said, trying to have a casual conversation. She couldn't help but notice Gray's stare, which did nothing to help her nerves.

"Two or three days at most. The train ride should be no longer than three hours. The first thing we need do is talk to Mr. Kayne. Then we can find where the sucker is hiding."

A well-respected merchant known as Jade Kayne had requested the job only a few days ago. Their family's most treasured heirloom, a champagne-diamond necklace, had been stolen. The thief was suspected to be Bela Talbot, a female mage in no known guild.

After a few more minutes of waiting, Lucy finished packing. She rolled out a small pink suitcase and stood in the living room. Gray looked her up and down, she was wearing a white lace blouse with skirt in a shade of soft pink. Around her waist was a thick black belt, the pouch which contained her keys was hooked tightly onto it.
"Ready?" He asked.
She nodded and they left for the train station. Their walk continued
in awkward silence. Lucy replayed her conversation with Levy in her
head. She certainly wouldn't mind it if Gray kissed her. But he
wouldn't. Still... He did want to go on a job together. No that was only
because he didn't want Natsu to come. She argued with herself. Her
hopeful thoughts clashing with her realistic ones.
"Something on your mind?" Gray asked, seeing her distant expression.
"You look a bit worried. I was wondering what you were thinking about."
"Oh... I'm just thinking about the job is all." And how I would love to
kiss you! She shouted in her mind. Oh my God Lucy stop it! Stop! Stop!

"Are you worried about Natsu? I mean that he's not gonna be with us. To protect us. To protect you. I mean I... I can protect you just fine. Not- not that need protecting. You're very capable." Gray stuttered, staring at his shoes. What the hell did you just say? He screamed at himself. He twisted his face. It was so unlike his generally calm self to get flustered, yet here he was rambling like an idiot.

Lucy tried to ignore Gray's word, but it was impossible to control her thoughts.
"No it's not that it's just..." Now she was flustered. She was thinking of things say that could possible steer the conversation jnto a much safer direction. Only by this time they had arrived at the train station. They went up to a small booth and bought their tickets, unaware that only a few yards behind them, a dragon slayer was watching their every move.

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