I dont own sonic and shadow they belong to Sega I do however own Mike and shade let the preview of my story begin


?: hey guys wanna play?

?: no way shadow get your own friends

Shadow: but Mike we were friends whe-

Mike: note WERE is past tence and that was what the past 3 years

Shadow: 5 to be exact

Mike: out of the way your far too LAME to be with the cool kids

Shadow: i-im cool

Mike: oh yeah?

Shadow: yeah

Mike: then where are your friends to back you up?

Shadow: in-in another part of mobius

Mike: where?

Shadow: none of your business

Mike: whatever call me when you meet REAL people ha ha ha

Shadow: *eyes tear up and runs out the room crying*

Sorry if its short I wanted to know if I should continue this dramatic story or movr on to hopefully a more happy scean