Mahou Shoujo Kaleido Amethyst Prologue: 'It was a small prank…'

{Author's Note: There will be straight, lesbian, futa-on-female, and futa-on-male sexual content in later chapters. Viewer discretion is advised. This story diverges from Fate's Gamble at the beginning of Fate's Gamble 46. This was made with permission from Lupine Horror.}

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Harry frowned, looking at her reflection in the mirror. 'It doesn't look right.' Holly complained.

The transformed boy turned around, looking at her back. 'I agree. This just doesn't look like us.' He replied mentally. They were looking at the results of Zelretch's little prank. Oh, the girl in the mirror was beautiful, there was no denying that. However, the pair's merged body felt wrong to them.

She looked like a dancer. Harry's new form had waist-length brown hair and matching eyes. Her face had softened. Her body was willowy and delicate. Harry's figure was good, but scant. All in all, she looked like an attractive, athletic teenage girl. Holly wasn't too pleased with the body. 'What happened to my boobs!? Most of my ass is gone, too!'

Harry stifled a laugh at that. Still, he had to agree. The overall look wasn't too bad, but just didn't feel like them. Their sense of balance felt slightly off, as well.

Neither of them cared too much one way or the other about the outfit the old vampire gave them. It consisted of a black leotard with a violet collar. A purple cape was slung over her right shoulder, contrasting with the black leotard. A violet miniskirt covered her derriere, and little more. Black heeled boots ran up to her knees, and black elbow-length gloves covered her frail hands. She looked like a palette-swapped Sailor Moon cosplayer without the bows, in the outfit.

Harry sighed in agreement. 'I'll talk to Grandpa about fixing the body and outfit. I'll ask if we can reform the body ourselves rather than have him do it.'

'Good. Let's end the Unison. I don't know what he did to make us look like this, but it feels wrong', Holly returned.

The neo-girl glowed softly, and split into Harry and Holly. The pair shook their heads vigorously, disorientated by the separation of their bodies and minds.

"Are you alright, Holly?" Harry asked his partner with worry.

Holly massaged her head gently. "I'm OK, Harry. I just need a moment to get used to being small again", the spirit answered. Holly patted down her body. "At least I have my boobs and butt back!" Holly took her customary spot on Harry's shoulder. "I liked having a full-sized body again, but I want to look like a woman, not a kid!"

Harry snorted quietly. "Be careful Holly, your vanity is showing."

Holly tugged on his ear in reprimand. "You hated it just as much as I did!" She huffed and crossed her arms, accentuating her impressive bosom.

The young hybrid nodded in agreement. "I don't know if it's bleed-over from you or something else, but I'd prefer if we had a fuller figure, too." Harry paused in thought. "I just wished to have a more feminine body." He face-palmed. "What are you doing to me, Holly?" Harry asked the spirit, deadpan.

Holly giggled at her partner. "Just instilling a little feminine vanity in you", she said.

Harry stilled for a moment. "That should bother me, but it doesn't. What does that say about me?"

Holly had no answer.


(Early Morning, Harry's House, Beginning of Fate's Gamble 46)

Harry and Zelretch looked at the completed staff sitting on the table. Harry inspected the device with a proud smile. After months of planning and experimenting, he had finally finished his Device.

The finished staff was nearly two meters in length from butt to spear tip. The shaft was a glossy black, with barely visible veins of silver Etherlite spiraling along its length. The bottom portion of the staff was slightly wider than the main body, and the butt was capped with a smooth violet gem. The top of the finished Device was an ornate silver cross made of mithril. A mithril ring intersected with it at the middle of the cross's arms. Beyond the ring, the arms of the cross flattened out into a spearhead at the top, and a pair of smaller blades perpendicular to the main shaft. A gem sat in the center of the cross, glittering with all the colors of the spectrum. The finished product looked more like an ornamental nobleman's spear than a magic staff.

Pride welled up in Zelretch's chest, looking at his grandson. "Do you have a name for it?"

Harry nodded. "Yes. Its name is Prismakreuz."

The vampire snickered. "'Prism-cross'? That's what you're going to call it?" The Wizard Marshall shook his head. "Well, I guess I don't have room to talk", Zelretch said. "I named my creations things like 'Kaleidostick' and 'Jeweled Sword of Zelretch'."

[Prismakreuz calibrations complete. Standby, Ready!] The device answered in a sultry contralto voice.

Zelretch shot an incredulous look at Harry. "Is there a specific reason your staff sounds like a librarian from a porn flick?"

Harry shrugged and grinned sheepishly. "Holly and I agreed on the voice" he said, not really answering the old Vampire's question.

Zelretch eyed his grandson with amusement. "Well, if you don't want to answer me…"

Harry ignored Zelretch, instead picking up Prismakreuz and giving a few experimental spear thrusts with the staff. "Good, I got the balance perfect. I'd feel like an idiot if I finished Prismakreuz only to find out I could only use is as a casting staff." The young hybrid whirled the weapon around his body absently. "I hope it turns out to be as good a Device as it is a spear…"

Harry sealed the Device into his storage pendant and looked around his room. "Man, we've been at this all night?" he said, looking at a clock on the wall.

"That you have", Holly said from the door. The spirit flew in and landed on the recently cleared table. "Did you finally finish it?" she asked her partner.

Harry pulled Prismakreuz back out of storage to show to Holly. "Yeah, we've finished with it for now. We'll probably have to do some adjustments after the tests later today, but Prismakreuz is as good as it can be for the moment."

Zelretch hid a grin from the pair. "Are you going to go all the way and test your staff while merged with Holly?"

Harry gave him a frown. "So it was you who set that up. We wanted to talk to you about that."

Zelretch smiled at him. "So you've transformed already, then? What a pity. I wanted to catch your first change on film where everyone could see it." He sighed. "It would have been a great prank. 'Magical Girl Kaleido Amethyst'. Can you imagine how your school friends would have reacted? Or Rin's reaction? Ruby had a ball with her."

"Did you have to model the outfit after Sailor Moon, of all anime?" Harry whined slightly. Neither Harry nor Holly cared for the series. "I'm not a Magical Girl, damn it!"

"Heh heh heh..." Zelretch chuckled, hearing his grandson whine. He turned his gaze to Holly. "Come on over here Holly, and I'll fix you up. A joke's no fun when you're ready for it."

"About that…" Harry trailed off. He gathered his thoughts. "Instead of removing the spell, we want you to modify it."

Zelretch shot him a surprised look. Harry wanted the gender-switch modified instead of removed? 'Odd, most people didn't react to forcibly switching sexes like that', the vampire thought. He asked his grandson, "What do you mean by modify?"

Holly snorted. "I don't know what you did to us, but you got our body all wrong!"

Zelretch turned his head to look at the spirit. "What do you mean by that?"

Holly looked into the vampire's confused red eyes for a moment, and calmed down slightly. "The body felt wrong", she said. "It wasn't us. The whole thing felt unnatural, like we're supposed to be shaped differently."

The old vampire was lost in thought for a minute. He looked back at Harry. "Did it bother you as well?"

Harry nodded in affirmation. "I agree with Holly. The form you made for us isn't the one we're meant to take. It's like… we were a jigsaw puzzle that was put together wrong. We didn't fit together properly. I… don't know how to describe it better."

Zelretch nodded absently as he pondered the unexpected issue that had cropped up. "So you want to keep the female form, but reshape it to 'fit' the two of you better?"

Harry and Holly shot him hopeful looks. "Could you modify it so that we can form the body and clothes ourselves, and then lock the new body as our chosen form?"

Zelretch thought for a minute. "Let's see, maybe if I… that could work", the vampire muttered to himself. He looked at the pair. "Do you only want me to lock the body, and not the new clothes?"

"Yep!" Holly piped up. "It would be kind of awkward to be stuck wearing the same clothes all the time."

Zelretch nodded again, and then paused as he thought over Holly's words. "'All the time'? Are the two of you planning to merge regularly, then?"

"Mm-hm", Harry answered. "I really don't care too much what gender I am." He gave his partner a soft smile. "Holly likes it though, and I've come to like being merged with her, regardless of what body we wear", Harry said. He shrugged. "So yeah, we'll probably Unison regularly."

Zelretch eyed his grandson with considerable surprise. "You really don't mind spending time as a girl, Harry?" he asked, seeking confirmation.

"No, I don't mind it" Harry confirmed.

Zelretch nodded. "I see…" He set aside his thoughts and looked at Holly. "Come here and I'll set the spell so you two can form your body on your own."

Holly flew over to stand before the old vampire, trusting him to keep his word. Zelretch raised his hands to surround the little spirit. Streamers of mana flickered between his hands, before they slowly solidified and penetrated Holly's form. She shuddered and shivered under the Wizard Marshall's power as he re-wrote part of her being. Harry sat and watched silently as his partner was changed.

Two minutes later, Zelretch finished his work. "There you go", he said to the shivering construct in his hands, "that should do it. Once you merge and decide on the form, it'll automatically lock as your default Unisoned form. I also included a one-time spell that will allow you to make your own clothes for your new body, so you won't be naked."

Harry looked at Holly with worry. "Are you OK?" he asked.

Holly swiftly regained control of herself. "I'm… alright, Harry. That was insanely ticklish, though. I don't want to go through that again, so let's get this right the first time", she answered.

Harry let out a relieved sigh. "Don't worry, Holly, I know what we want just as much as you do." He cocked his head. "Do you want to go ahead and Unison now?" the hybrid asked.

Holly returned to his shoulder. "Sure, I'm up to it", Holly stated. An impish grin stretched across her lovely face. "I want Zelretch here to see us first, anyways." Her eyes cut to the waiting vampire. "Be sure to bring your camera along when we test the staff. You won't want to miss everyone else's reactions", the spirit said.

"Oh?" Zelretch drawled out. "You two have something planned?" he asked, a grin tugging at his lips.

Harry and Holly, rather than answering, Unisoned instead. As the glow faded away from their new body, Zelretch's eyebrows rose in surprise. The new girl stood and walked around the room gracefully, displaying her new form to her grandfather. She returned to her seat a minute later, settling back in the chair to face the vampire.

He eyed the figure in front of him, contemplating the likely reactions of the others. "I see…" Zelretch said, inspecting his grandson-turned-granddaughter. His grin slowly grew. "This will be interesting, indeed." The old vampire barked out a laugh. "I wonder who will make the funniest face?" he pondered.

The figure in front of him split back into two. "That is how we're supposed to look", Holly said proudly.

Zelretch shook off his thoughts of everyone's reactions to focus on the pair again. "So that's your… 'natural' form, then?" he asked.

Both of them nodded. "That's what feels right", Harry spoke. "Before, we didn't mesh correctly. The body was wrong, and the mental connections were slightly off as well for some reason. This time, we just… clicked together. Everything fell into its proper place. No disorientation, no balance issues, no separation issues; yeah, this is us", the boy elaborated.

"Balance issues?" Zelretch asked. "What do you mean?"

Harry shrugged. "Just that: we had trouble balancing in that other form."

Zelretch frowned, rubbing his chin. "Odd, there shouldn't have been any issues there. I thought I accounted for that when I first made the spell. The mental connections should have been fine, too." He looked at the pair more closely. "And you didn't have any issues with your new form?" he asked.

The pair shook their heads. "Like Harry said", Holly said, "it feels right, now. We didn't have any problems meshing our minds together or pulling them back apart. Our body felt natural, too. We didn't have the issues we had with the old form."

Zelretch closed his eyes in contemplation for a moment. "I see" he said, looking back up at Harry and Holly, "if you're both fine with it now, then I'll just leave it be." He glanced over at the clock. "Isn't it about time for you to start working on breakfast, Harry?"

Harry followed his gaze, and quietly swore. "Damn, you're right! I better get going before Sakura takes over my kitchen again." Harry hustled out of the room to beat Sakura to the kitchen.

Zelretch kept his seat, chuckling softly at his domestically- inclined grandson. "That boy is such a house-wife", he said to himself. He thought about Harry's new form, and his chuckles grew to full-on laughter. 'Damn-near anyone that sees him working around the house in that form would try to make him… her, a house-wife for real!' he thought. A few seconds later, his mirth soured as he considered the likelihood of that really happening. 'Maybe that wasn't such a good idea, after all. Just look at what his sisters went through.' Zelretch set aside that thought to follow Harry into the kitchen. He wanted to know how Harry planned to test his new staff.


(Afternoon: Isolated Location; Country, Continent, and Planet Unknown)

Harry looked around the deserted area. "How much room do we have to test this? I never really bothered fully calculating how much power a ten-count Kaleido Breaker can put out", Harry asked Zelretch. The rest of the group milled around behind the vampire, the wand-wizards and Hermione's family completely ignorant of the young hybrid's concerns.

"Why does it matter?" Hermione butted in. She couldn't understand why Harry had to test his new toy in the middle of nowhere. After all, it wasn't like he was testing out bombs, right?

Zelretch and Harry ignored the nosy girl. He answered Harry "there's no-one around for over 300 kilometers. Just get a few kilometers from us and it'll be fine."

"Got it", Harry said. He looked at Holly sitting on his shoulder. "I'm gonna head up and start the tests. Do you want to come up with me, or stay here until the second half?"

Holly pondered for a few seconds, before floating over to Len's shoulder. "I'll just wait here for now. Just remember to come back for the second part" she said, hiding her amusement.

Harry sprouted his wings and took to the skies. He set out to gain plenty of distance from his entourage. His calculations had estimated the output of the Buster-type spells at up to 2 tons TNT equivalent with some spells. Even when focused as a beam rather than emitted as an explosion, one or two tons of TNT was nothing to sneeze at. The more fragile humans among the group could be hurt or outright killed if he was too close to them. Once he leveled out about a kilometer up and three kilometers away, he hovered in place to begin the firing tests. Before he could start, his cell phone rang.

Harry pulled out his phone, wondering what was going on. "Hello?" he said.

"Hey Harry, how are you doing?" Zelretch's voice called out. He set his phone to speaker mode so that everyone could hear Harry.

"I'm in position and ready to start testing. I'll cycle through the Buster spells before trying out a full ten-count Kaleido Breaker. Be ready for incoming shockwaves, everybody", Harry ordered over the speaker phone.

"Shockwaves!? Harry, what in the world are you doing!?" Hermione yelled at the phone.

Harry bit back a sigh of annoyance. He was coming to regret befriending the girl. She was far too nosy and fixated on authority. "I'm testing a high-power mana beam cannon, Hermione. My calculations for this spell predict an output level of around 10 tons of TNT or more at full power. Even the Buster variants will be up to 2 tons equivalent in some cases. This will be big."

Harry stuffed the phone back in his pocket. "All right, let's start. Prismakreuz, Kaleido Buster", he ordered the staff. A glowing violet magic circle, similar to a Mid-Childan circle, formed underneath his feet.

[Kaleido Buster!] Prismakreuz returned, powering up the spell. An orb of condensed magic formed at the tip of the Device. A loop of mana surrounded the orb, keeping it stable and contained. Three seconds later, a beam of white mana lanced out away from the spectators.


"What!?" Hermione's mother, Emma, screeched. "He can't be serious!"

"What did he mean by that?" Neville, ignorant to modern weapons as only a pureblood could be, asked the gathered group.

Holly, who knew exactly what Harry meant, answered him. "TNT is a Muggle explosive used for mining, and the standard measurement for the power of explosions. Harry was referring to the size of the explosions when the beams hit. To put it into simple terms, a ton of TNT will make a crater around 7 meters wide when it explodes on the ground, and let out a shockwave that can flatten houses dozens of meters further away. Harry's using directed beams rather than explosives, so the blasts will be smaller. Some of you are rather squishy though, so he's going to keep plenty of distance." The spirit grinned at the rapidly paling boys. "Don't worry, we'll still be able to see and feel it from here."

Fred, George, and Neville went deathly white. Being raised in the Wizarding World, none of them had heard of anything close to what Holly was telling them would happen.


The three screeched and hit the ground, followed by Hermione and her family, as a faint pressure wave swept over the group. The three magi, forewarned of the blast, didn't react much beyond wincing slightly at the sound. The nonhumans shrugged the noise and wind off easily. Harry's family looked down at the cowering group and laughed quietly.

Zelretch spoke back up: "How are you feeling, Harry?"

"Not too bad, actually", Harry answered over the speaker phone. "There was a little strain, but nothing serious. I could probably fire off another four or five dozen before it wears me out enough I would want to rest."

"Any aches or pains?" Zelretch asked.

"Nope! Since I'm using Prismakreuz and the Second to channel the mana rather than my body, it's a lot easier on me. If I try out a Buster on my own instead of tapping the Kaleidoscope, I think I could manage around twenty-five shots before I'd have to throw in the towel", the hybrid reported to his increasingly proud grandfather. "I'll try tossing a Buster on my own to see how it affects me."

A second beam stuck the deserted plains, kicking up a cloud of dust.

"Hmm… the strain isn't quite as bad as I thought", Harry told Zelretch. "I wouldn't want to toss those around all day, but I could manage a fight or two without the Second if I have too. If my body could finally catch up with my prana generation, I could use the Buster spells without any trouble." Light gathered in the sky. "I'm going to try out the variant spells, and then a ten-count Breaker. I'll see you all at the craters in a few minutes."

Another beam, gray colored this time, tore through the sky and kicked up another cloud of dust. A faint tremor could be felt on the ground.

Zelretch turned to face the others. "Well, like you all heard, the test is a success! We'll wait until he throws the Kaleido Breaker before I take you over there to see the craters."

"How… how can he…?" Hermione stuttered out. Nothing in her books said anything about what Harry was doing being possible. Her mind boggled at the level of power Harry was tossing around. Her younger sister and parents were likewise shocked.

"What did he mean by ten-count?" Rin asked curiously.

Zelretch looked over at the trio of mages. "Harry limited the spell due to how powerful it is. A ten-count means that he'll charge the spell for ten seconds, rather than the three seconds Harry's been holding himself to."

A bright rainbow glow lit up the sky like a small sun.

"Oh, looks like he really is going to try the Breaker at full-power…" Holly noted from her perch. The humans in the group paled all over again.


Harry cycled through several different types of beams, from stunning spells to fire spells. Blasts of all colors tore up the land below the young hybrid. "I think we're done testing the Buster spells, Prismakreuz. Let's try it on full-power!" Harry said to his Device, aiming it for the final shot.

[Kaleido Breaker! Count ten… nine… eight…] Prismakreuz announced. A mana loop five meters across formed out in front of Harry.

Harry gritted his teeth, forcing the gathering power under his control. A growing ball of kaleidoscopic energy formed in the middle of the loop. "Come on… hold it together…" he grunted, feeling the increasingly dense orb straining against his control. Electricity danced across the surface of the mana ball as Harry's control slipped a bit. "Gah!" he grunted, forcing his will on the ever more powerful spell before him.

[Three… two… one… FIRE!] Prismakreuz reported.

"Kaleido… Breaker!" Harry screamed, firing the blast. A torrent of power tore through the air and dug into the ground. The enormous beam bit into the soil and tore through it. It took five seconds to discharge the shot. A mushroom cloud of vaporized dirt sprouted from the target site. Harry slowly dropped to the ground to survey the firing range. "I'm done for the moment, Grandpa. Bring everyone over to see this", Harry told Zelretch through the phone.

Harry looked at the Device in his hands. "Prismakreuz, status."

[Status all green, Master] the spear reported.

The air beside Harry wavered, and his family and friends suddenly appeared. The gathered group inspected the series of craters Harry had made.

The smallest of the craters was about 5 meters across. The largest of the craters, where Harry had tested different explosive and concussive spells, were eight to nine meters across. Smoke still rose from the Breaker's impact crater, so no-one could tell how big it was yet. Harry's family beamed at the young hybrid with pride. Fran, Len, and Liz all rushed forwards to hug their tired Master. Altrouge and his sisters followed suite, fussing over Harry while their guests from England gaped around with shock and fear.

"Can…Can all wizards do…this?" asked Emma.

Sensing her distress, Harry turned to her. "No. No wizard could come anywhere close to the Kaleido Breaker. Aoko and Zelretch could, but they are in a class of their own."

Still confused, she asked "How did you do this?"

"Sorry, trade secret." He returned. Harry continued, "There's no way anyone else could duplicate it without Zelretch's help. Trust me; you don't have to fear some crazy wizard flying around leveling towns."

Rin interjected, "Until I recreate the Jeweled Sword."

Emma turned to the fuming girl. "What do you mean by that?" Rin pulled herself out of her dark thoughts.

She waved her hands at the woman and said "Nothing, nothing. I'm just talking to myself. There's no need for you to worry."

The wind had finally blown away the dust cloud from where Harry had fired the Kaleido Breaker. Everyone gaped. The crater was only around ten meters in diameter, but it was about forty meters deep!

"Harry…" George's voice failed him.

"Are you okay, Harry?" Holly asked her partner, taking her spot on his shoulder.

He gave her a reassuring look. "I'm fine. The Kaleido Breaker is just a bit too much for me to handle on my own. I almost lost control and had it blow up in my face. If we want to use it again in the near future, I'll need your help, Holly."

Holly scrunched up her face in thought. She questioned him, "So if we merged, you wouldn't get so tired?"

He smiled sardonically. "Yeah. It seems like Gramps expected something like this."

Holly cocked her head. "What do you mean?" the spirit asked.

The boy shook his head in resignation. "Remember that little 'gift' he left in your body?"

Holly's small body shook with laughter. She said, "Come on, Harry. You have to admit it would have been a good prank."

He sighed. "You've got a point there. This is what I get for recreating things from anime. Oh well, let's see if it actually makes a difference. Ready?" Holly nodded. "Ready!"

Harry backed away from the crowd. He turned to Zelretch. "Think it'll really make a difference, Grandpa?"

Zelretch answered confidently, "Of course it will! It's a good piece of work, but I have to warn you: do NOT cast your Kaleido Breaker without Holly's help again. You're still a year short of safely handling something of that magnitude. You're still too young and inexperienced to handle that spell on your own. Until you get more experience under your belt, you'll need Holly's help to keep containing the backlash of channeling so much prana. I don't want you to end up like me", Zelretch elaborated.

Harry thought back to Zelretch's tale of fighting the Crimson Moon. The incredible strain the Wizard Marshall suffered in that battle had aged him decades. Harry shivered, imagining turning into a decrepit old man while fighting off a pissed off Dead Apostle.

He addressed his grandfather. "I understand. I won't use it again without help. Hopefully, I'll never need to use it in a battle."

Zelretch clapped the boy on the back. "Good boy! But enough of the gloom and doom! Let's see if the pair of you can make an even bigger crater!"

"Huh, what's going on?" Sarah asked.

Harry shot her a grin. "You should all get back. There's still one more thing to test. Holly?" "Ready when you are."

""Unison In!""

The pair lit up, glowing too brightly to make out their bodies. The light shifted slightly, forming an outline of a person taller than Harry. The glow disappeared, revealing a new person to the onlookers.

"Harry…?" Sakura asked in shock. Whoever this person was, she definitely didn't look like Harry.

The woman before the group looked to be around 168 cm (around 5ft 6 inches) tall, with a voluptuous figure. Sparkling violet eyes sat in a face that deserved to be immortalized. Full, pink lips curled in a soft smile, revealing a set of slightly over-sized canines. She had odd, but beautiful waist-length hair. It was a light purple from her scalp to her shoulders, where it faded to a brilliant silver.

She wore a close-fitting purple-trimmed sleeveless black dress that was tailored to emphasize her impressive breasts. It was bound over her left breast like a reversed cheongsam with a pair of golden clasps. The purple edging ran down the left side of her body, meeting a matching purple cloth belt. The shoulder edging was purple as well. A set of metal bands rested on her shoulders, and another set sat on either side of her stomach. A yellow-edged, wide black cloth circled her slim waist. It was fastened in front by a yellow band aligned with her cloth belt.

The bottom half of the dress was split along the left leg, revealing tantalizing glimpses of her milky-skinned toned leg and thigh. The dress ended above her black socks. A set of armored boots with inch-high heels adorned her feet. A pair of fingerless gloves covered her slim hands. Five black and two red bands were visible on her bare right arm, appearing like a set of tattoos.

"What do you think?" she asked in a melodious voice, turning in a slow circle for everyone to see.

Fred, George, and Neville's eyes were glued to the girl. Being raised in the Wizarding World, they had never seen a woman in such revealing clothing before. Everyone wore robes all the time in Wizarding Britain, so seeing a lovely woman showing her legs and wearing a tight top was a first for them.

Hermione and her family found themselves gaping once again. Harry had turned from a feminine young boy to a complete bombshell in front of them.

"Ha… Harry?" Hermione choked out.

"More or less", the girl answered. "I'm just as much Holly as I am Harry right now. If you need a name for me, call me… Amethyst." She came up with the name, remembering Zelretch's earlier remark about 'Magical Girl Kaleido Amethyst'. She nodded. "Yep, you can call me Amethyst Schweinorg when I'm in this form."

Zelretch smiled softly, hearing his grandson-turned-granddaughter use his family name as her own.

"Wait- wait a minute!" Fred shouted. A trembling hand pointed at the beauty before him. "Are you saying… this girl… is really Harry!?"

The newly dubbed Amethyst looked at the pole-axed redhead. "That's right."

Fred and George choked, unable to reconcile the image of their young friend with the busty girl. They sat down and cradled their heads in confusion.

Rin growled in seething jealousy. "This isn't fair!" she complained to Sakura and Shirou. "When I used Ruby, it just stuffed me in a stupid dress and made a fool of me. But when Harry uses his own version, he turns into a supermodel!" Rin lunged for Zelretch. "Why couldn't you make Ruby like that!?" the tsundere shouted at the laughing vampire. "This isn't fair! How come I don't get bigger boobs like that!?"

Sakura and Shirou pulled the rabid girl off of Zelretch, who was laughing his ass off. He whipped out a camera to immortalize the moment. 'This is great!' he thought, taking a picture. 'This is even better than what I originally planned!' The vampire's eyes flicked to Harry's Servants, sisters, and fiancé. 'I wonder what they think of this.'

Altrouge stepped closer to Amethyst. "Why did you need a name for this form? Are you going to be using it regularly?" she asked her betrothed.

Amethyst gave the vampire a smile. "Yeah, I'll be running around like this pretty often."

Euryale and Stheno moved forward to stand by Altrouge. "Why?" Stheno asked softly.

Amethyst shrugged her shoulders. "As Harry, my gender isn't important to me. I really don't care what form I'm in. As Holly, I love it. Harry doesn't mind changing sexes as long as it makes me happy. And frankly, both parts of me got used to being together. So, I'll be around a lot."

The trio smiled gently at the neo-girl. While most normal people would be disturbed by Harry's fixation on his loved ones, they had come to accept and love that part of him. He would do anything for them without hesitation if it would make them happy. Altrouge softly asked her, "You really will do anything to make us happy, won't you?"

Amethyst's eyes glowed with love as she answered, "You all are everything to me. I'd do anything, even give up my gender and share my body with you all."

Liz stepped up, licking her lips lecherously and wrapping her arms around her Master-turned-Mistress's neck. "You'd share your body with us, Mistress? I think we'd all be delighted to take you up on that…" the dragon whispered sultrily.

Fran and Len joined in, catching Amethyst in a group embrace. Amethyst flushed pink at the innuendo in Liz's words and the soft bodies pressing against her flesh. "I-I…" she stuttered out, her body warming with desire.

Altrouge jumped in on the attack. She pressed herself against Liz's back, and brought a dainty hand up to caress Amethyst's cheek. "I thought you would end up as my husband, but I won't mind if you become my wife instead", she said.

"…" Amethyst froze up, overwhelmed.

"All right, all right; break it up", Zelretch interrupted. "You can drag her to bed later. She's still got one more thing to test."

Amethyst squirmed out of the four-way embrace and hurried to Zelretch's side. "Actually… there are two things I want to test before we leave" she said, coming back to her senses. "Given how much mana I've thrown around, it should work pretty easy."

Zelretch's eyes lit up. "I see. I guess it is fitting you use that, considering your clothes and where you got the idea from. Head on up!"

Amethyst sprouted her wings and took to the skies. As she gained more distance from the group, Satsuki turned to Zelretch. "What do you mean by fitting?" she asked.

Zelretch's eyes cut over to the young vampire. "Doesn't her outfit and staff look familiar?"

Satsuki looked up at the flying neo-girl in puzzlement, before her eyes widened. "Those DVDs in the living room." She started to giggle. "Did Harry really make a Device from that Nanoha anime?"

Zelretch boomed out a laugh. "Not only the staff, she re-made some of the spells and even talked me into turning Holly into a real Unison Device!"


Amethyst took flight, leaving her confused thoughts behind in favor of blasting things. Leveling out a kilometer up, she leveled her staff. "All right, let's do one Buster for a comparison, and then cut loose."

A beam of power, noticeably stronger than the previous, carved a new hole in the ground.

[Let's shoot it!] Prismakreuz exclaimed.

"Definitely!" the neo-girl shouted. Re-making this spell was half the reason she had built Prismakreuz to begin with! A violet magic circle lit up beneath her feat, and an enormous mana ring formed in front of her.

[Starlight Breaker!] The Device announced to the world.

'I might as well go all the way with this' Amethyst thought to herself. Her voice rang out across the empty prairie. "I summon the light of destruction down upon my enemies." Stray mana in the air began to condense before her in a violet star. "Stars, gather, and become the light which pierces everything."


"Is that what I think it is?" Euryale asked, watching the growing star in the distance and Amethyst's voice chanting an aria.

Zelretch just grinned like a schoolboy. 'Not a Magical Girl, my ass. The only thing he/she is missing now is the corny speeches about Love and Justice', the vampire thought.


"Tear through everything in a blaze of light!" Amethyst shouted. "Starlight… Breaker!" The neo-girl struck the mana ball with her staff.

On the other side, a magic circle focused the orb into a beam of power. A torrent of purple roared out, drowning out any other sound as the blast tore into the prairie below. Shockwaves raced away from the impact zone as hundreds of cubic meters of soil and rock were vaporized. A mushroom cloud bloomed in the afternoon sky, reaching hundreds of meters up into the air.

Amethyst gaped at the destruction she had caused. "Did… did I overdo it a bit?" she asked the air.

[Don't worry] Prismakreuz assured her.

Amethyst's eyebrow twitched at that. She shook off her thoughts of copyright infringement to contemplate the Starlight and Kaleido Breaker's power. The blast she had unleashed was the equal of many A-ranked anti-fortress Noble Phantasms in power, though not mystery. 'Still, given that I'm using a mixture of outer-dimensional magic and True Magic, I could probably hurt even high-level Servants with this! I wonder if I could combine the Kaleido and Starlight into a single spell' the neo-girl wondered. She set aside that thought and returned to the ground.

Amethyst looked around at her audience. "Umm… what happened to them?" she asked, pointing at the Brits.

"They all went into shock when part of your harem ganged up on you", Rin answered.

"Wha… I don't have a harem!" Amethyst exclaimed with a blush.

"Oh really…?" Rin drawled out, pointing at the six girls. Amethyst followed her finger, and blushed even more.

"Aww, don't you love us Amy?" Altrouge cooed out, pressing herself against the neo-girl.

Euryale and Stheno joined in with the vampire, trapping Amethyst in their midst. "After the way you fought that Malfoy creep so you could make us your mistresses, we won't settle for anyone but you" Euryale whispered into the neo-girl's ear. Amethyst whimpered.

"Sorry to interrupt again, but I think it's time to head home" Zelretch butted in. He warped the group back home. "Don't you have some data to look through, Amethyst?' the vampire questioned. Taking that as a cue, the neo-girl separated from the group hug and fled for the kitchen.


Altrouge quietly entered Harry's room, and stood by the door. Harry was sitting at her desk in female form, typing away at her laptop. Fran, Len, and Liz were lounging around the room waiting for the neo-girl to finish her work. Altrouge leaned against a wall and watched Amethyst, thinking about what she said to the neo-girl earlier.

'I told her I wouldn't mind if she became my wife instead of my husband…' she thought. 'I wonder… if Harry ends up becoming Amethyst full-time, could I love her as a lover? Can I love Harry as a lover?' Altrouge considered the matter while her eyes wandered across the neo-girl's room. She had never been in a relationship before. Hell, she had never considered the possibility of one before she had agreed to betroth herself to the young boy to protect him.

'Plus if I do take him as a husband (or a wife), I'll have to share him with the others.' While Harry may have done his best to ignore the signs, the other girls had made their interest in him plain as day. None of them seemed too adverse to the idea of sharing, either. 'Could I handle possibly having sex with the other girls? There's no way Harry would say no to the others if they asked. Could I handle having sex with Amethyst some day?' Altrouge considered.

"Altrouge? Is something wrong?" Amethyst asked.

Altrouge was brought back to reality by the neo-girl's words. "No, it's nothing" she answered.

"Umm…" Amethyst paused, and then pushed forwards with an unexpected question. "Altrouge? Will you come clothes-shopping with me and the others next weekend? I need some clothing for this form, so that I don't have to wear the same thing all the time."

Altrouge grinned at the girl teasingly, tossing aside her concerns to tease the nervous neo-girl. "Oh, are you asking me out on a date?" she cooed out. The vampire ignored Amethyst's surprised sputtering. "I'll go, but only if you let me pick out some outfits for you to model." Altrouge stalked to the sitting neo-girl. She cupped the blushing girl's cheek with her palm. "Don't worry, I'll let you pick some outfits for me as well", she told her betrothed. Impulsively, Altrouge dipped her head down to press a quick kiss to Amethyst's full lips.

As Altrouge sauntered out of the room, swaying her hips provocatively, she thought 'maybe I'm thinking about this too much. I'll just treat next weekend as a group date and see how it goes.' A grin stretched across her lips as Liz teased her Mistress. 'Who knows, this might work out after all…'


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