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Mahou Shoujo Kaleido Amethyst: Falling into Fantasy

(Monday Evening, Outside Harry's Office, Hogwarts)

Ginny Weasley paced in front of the closed door of Harry's office with a conflicted look. She had heard the rumors about Harry really being a girl and had come to find out the truth, but halted at the last minute. Her desire to get the truth from her fiancé fought with her paralyzing crush on the Boy-Who-Lived. Despite being engaged to the Potter heir, Ginny knew little about him beyond what the twins told her. They told her that Harry was a very private person who disliked strangers sticking their noses into his life. She wasn't a stranger, though. Ginny was his future wife and mother of his children. Surely he wouldn't turn her of all people away. So how should she go about it?

Should she simply barge into his office and demand answers like her mother? Would he approve of her straightforwardness in doing so? Surely he wouldn't get angry at his lovely wife-to-be wanting to clear the matter of him being a girl up, right? Her mother did things that way, and look at how well her parents got along together.

Or, perhaps she could start off with small talk instead, and then ease her way into asking. It would be a good way for them to get to know each other better. After all, they were going to spend the rest of their lives together! There was no way her Harry could be too busy to make time to talk to her. It wasn't like his job at the school was actually important or anything. Once they got married, he'd be too busy going to fancy parties with her and fighting evil, when he wasn't taking care of their children or watching her play professional Quidditch.

Or making babies with her, Ginny thought with a perverted giggle. She wanted lots of babies with Harry. Momma had taught her all about the birds and the bees and how to keep a husband faithful. Ginny twirled in place with another giggle. She doubted that she would need her mother's special recipes, though. There was no way Harry would be anything but satisfied with her, after all…

Ginny shook off her giddiness and faced Harry's door once again. In order to get the future she wanted, she had to take the first step, since her Harry was so obviously shy. "Gryffindors forward," she told herself and grasped the door handle.

The knob refused to turn for her. "?" Ginny muttered to herself, "Why is the door locked?" The Gryffindor stepped back for a second. "He should still be here. It isn't that late, is it?"

Ginny pulled out her wand a cast a Tempus spell. "What the… it's only six o'clock. He should have been back from dinner by now." The Gryffindor knocked on the door. "Profess- no, Harry! It's Ginny. We need to talk. Open up!" But the door didn't budge.

Ginny began to pace in front of the door once again. "Why isn't he answering…?" she asked the empty hallway. Her Harry wasn't a very social person, but he was well-known and regarded for his dedication to his work. Talking with older students and comparing his efforts with her last DADA professor, Lockhart, had told her that much. Ginny couldn't understand why her Harry put so much effort into his job when he could live a life of luxury without lifting a finger, but for some reason he did. So Harry should have been in his office until eight o'clock. Where was he, then?

He had to be in there, Ginny thought. Dinner was over with, and Harry never went into the library anymore. Ginny had followed her fiancé around long enough to know his habits. If he wasn't in class, he would be in his office. So why wasn't he answering his door?

The Gryffindor paused in dismay as a thought crossed her mind. What if Harry was avoiding her? No, Ginny thought to herself, that couldn't possibly be true! There was no way her Harry would try to avoid his loving and lovely betrothed. No, it couldn't be that.

Maybe he was just playing coy with her, trying to silently prod her into being more forwards and open about their relationship? Ginny nodded to herself with a giggle. That had to be it! "Just you wait, Harry," she told the closed door. "If you want to play hard to get, then I'm game!"


Amethyst froze in the middle of stretching her arms out in her seat, a small shiver of revulsion creeping up her spine. The neo-girl looked around the room warily and reached out to the school wards, looking for anything odd. "What was that?" she wondered aloud. Finding nothing out of the ordinary beyond the usual flood of students heading for their dorms after finishing dinner, she shrugged and finished stretching. It likely wasn't anything important.

The demigoddess turned her attention back to her empty plate and goblet as a house-elf whisked them away. Her first dinner as Amethyst had been a rather interesting event for the young woman. Her taste in food and drink was very different from Harry's own. Amethyst found that she preferred her meat thoroughly cooked rather than nearly raw like Harry, and that she didn't like rice as much as her male half did. The taste of blood had also lost some of its appeal. She could still drink it, but the neo-girl much preferred the red wine that the house-elves managed to scrounge up from somewhere.

"Are you going to have to go out like that?" Fran asked from her seat. The quartet had eaten their dinner in the tower rather than risk having Amethyst seen by anyone. "I thought you wanted to keep that form a secret?"

Amethyst tilted her head back and focused her attention inwards. Her mind had finally cleared up enough that she could separate it. It took about an hour to recover from having an orgasm, the neo-girl noted clinically. She'd have to be wary of that. It was unlikely that she could avoid making love to the girls in the future as Amethyst, and she had no intention of trying to abstain now that she had given it a shot. "I think I can end the Unison now," Amethyst replied. "Finally."

Liz grinned sheepishly. "Sorry, I guess? I didn't know I'd make you cum so hard that you'd get stuck as Amethyst."

The demigoddess shrugged in reply. "I'm not blaming you for it, and I definitely don't regret letting you go down on me. I'm just surprised I got trapped in this form, even temporarily. I've only had this body for two days, though, so there's still a lot we don't know about my body," she continued. Learning that having an orgasm as Amethyst would seal her in that form for around an hour was a complete surprise. That hadn't been the only surprise of the day, but it was by far the most embarrassing one yet.

"I still can't believe you talked Amy into letting you… go down on her so easily, Liz," Fran admitted from her seat, her eyes hidden by her bangs. Her shyness had quickly reasserted itself once her Mistress had gotten dressed.

Liz walked around the table and wrapped her arms around the chimera's neck affectionately. "I'm a rather persuasive person, I'll have you know," she purred into Fran's metal-covered ear.

Fran froze up, feeling Liz's hot breath caressing her neck. A soft whimper escaped her mouth and her cheeks heated up. Fran then shook her head violently, trying to force Liz and the feelings welling up between her legs away. "How do you keep doing that to me so easily?" she asked the dragon.

"Do what?" Liz asked, rubbing her cheek against Fran's. "Turn you into a panting, horny, wet mess of a woman with a simple touch and a few words?"

The Berserker nodded, her blush spreading from Liz's touch. "Yes…" she quietly answered.

Liz's lips twisted into a predatory leer at the woman in her arms. "I can be very persuasive when I want to be, Fran. I have a C rank in Charisma, after all."

"And Liz gets a full rank bonus against women," Amethyst added.

Fran's eyes widened at that. Charisma wasn't a common ability for a Servant. A C rank in Charisma lent a lot of weight to Liz's words, making her more persuasive and commanding. With a full rank bonus against women, it would be akin to having a great queen focusing her entire will on a single person. It would be incredibly hard for a woman to resist Liz's words and actions completely.

The demigoddess nodded at the realization in Fran's eyes. "You see how it is, now? It's hard to say no to Liz when she wants something, especially if you're not really against it in your heart. Now, it would be different if she tried to get us to do something completely abhorrent, but when Liz tries to talk us into doing something we're already interested in ourselves…" Amethyst said, trailing off with a blush of her own.

"There's also the fact that you both were utter virgins until today," Liz pointed out. One of her hands drifted down to grope Fran's modest breasts. The dragon's eyes burned with carnal desire as Fran began to squirm in her arms. "Between that and your love for all of us, you two are putty in my hands whenever I get the itch."

Amethyst looked askance at her Lancer. "What's gotten into you today, Liz?"

"Why am I acting like an animal in heat, you mean?" Liz replied. "Isn't it obvious? I watched you strip and have oral sex in both forms just a couple of hours ago. Not only that, I got to taste your cum as Harry and eat you out as Amethyst. I'm horny, damn-it! I've held back long enough. I need some release too!" Liz's other hand slipped from Fran's neck to grab the chimera's other breast. The dragon nuzzled her trapped victim's neck, pressing sucking kisses to her exposed skin.

Fran tilted her head to allow Liz more access to her sensitive neck, moaning lustfully from the unfamiliar sensations coursing through her veins like fire. She covered Liz's hands with her own. "Liz…" Fran whimpered. She had kept quiet about it, but she had been feeling the urge as well.

"Didn't you cum when I took my limiter off?" Amethyst asked, gawking at the pair in front of her. She was reminded all over again just how shameless Liz could be. The neo-girl shifted in her seat uncomfortably as her panties dampened again. 'Would I have enough time to recover if I did it again?' she thought, eying Len speculatively.

Len, sensing her gaze, gave Amethyst a bewitching smile in return. The succubus's crimson eyes glinted with wicked intent as she ran her tongue across her lips. Amethyst gulped and shifted her attention back to Liz, trying to ignore her growing arousal. 'It's only been an hour, Amy! Calm down!' Out loud she said, "And didn't you already seduce Fran this morning?"

Liz looked up from Fran's neck to grin at her Mistress, savoring the growing scent of desire filling the room. "Mm-hm! We didn't do any more than make out and some exploration with our fingers, though. I plan to go a lot further than that tonight. And while I did get off from you taking off that bracelet, it wasn't enough for me." Liz walked around Fran's chair to look into her eyes. "What do you think, Fran?" she asked the horny chimera. "Do you want to continue this in my bedroom?"

"Yes…" Fran answered, losing herself in Liz's molten eyes. The chimera stood up on shaky legs.

"What about you, Amy?" Liz asked with a hungry purr. "You want to make it a threesome?" Her eyes cut over to Len. "Or perhaps you'd prefer a foursome?"

"Eh!?" the demigoddess squeaked out. She waved her hands wildly as she tried to refuse. "No! Er, I mean, I'd love to but- the time- I need an hour afterwards to recover… don't have the time..."

Liz nodded understandingly. "I see… that would only give us less than an hour to play with. Maybe later we'll have longer to… do things properly." She walked around the table to give Amethyst a tongue-filled kiss. Liz reached out and gave one of the neo-girl's stiff nipples a hard pinch while they kissed. She gasped explosively into Liz's mouth and reached up for the dragon.

"Still, you should let Len take care of you before you separate and go out for patrol. It wouldn't do for you to meet Severus at night with a boner. He might get the wrong idea," Liz finished, fending away the demigoddess's hands with a laugh. She turned around and flounced back to the waiting Fran, and led her by the hand to her bedroom.

Amethyst gaped at the retreating pair, panting with need from Liz's kiss and grope. "What the…?" She sure hadn't expected that. Amethyst shook her head slowly as Liz's door closed. "I swear you girls are going to drive me crazy. At least Len won't- " she started to say, only to pause when she saw Len stalking towards her.

Amethyst swallowed her words when her eyes met the succubus's. 'Well,' she thought, seeing the heated glint in her Familiar's eyes, 'I don't think Len's going to take no for an answer this time. Not that I actually want to say no…'

Len mounted her Mistress's lap, pinning her in her chair. She then wrapped her arms around Amethyst's neck and pressed their bodies together, using Amethyst's bosom like a set of pillows. Len slid her dainty fingers through her lover's hair and stared into her violet eyes, her crimson orbs swimming with love and a burning need only the woman in her arms could satisfy.

The demigoddess lost herself in Len's eyes, her whole world consumed by the restrained passion she saw there. Amethyst couldn't care less about her time limit. The only thing she cared about was making the succubus in her arms happy. The neo-girl smiled and settled her hands on the succubus's slim waist.

"Len…" she breathed out. Amethyst brought a hand up to cup Len's cheek, and gave her a searching look. "Are you sure?"

Len answered her with a feather-light kiss. She pulled back a second later and stared into Amethyst's eyes. Seeing her desire reflected in those violet orbs, Len sealed her lips to her Mistress's once again.

Amethyst moaned heatedly into Len's mouth as the pair made out. She pulled away to take a breath, only for the succubus to grip her hair and drag her head back down. Len's tongue wiggled in between her full lips and sought out Amethyst's. Their tongues twisted together, Len's smaller muscle overcoming the neo-girl's inexperienced one.


The couple lost track of time. They were completely engrossed in expressing the passion they had for each other. Len finally let go of her Mistress's locks and sought out the clasps on her dress instead. Her nimble fingers swiftly undone the top clasps and she began to pull the dress open. Amethyst assisted her, leaning forwards and sliding her arms out of the dress so that the succubus could pull it down.

The clasp of her bra was opened as well, and the garment was tossed aside. Len cupped Amethyst's large breasts gently and ghosted her fingers across the neo-girl's soft flesh.

Amethyst looked down at Len. "Should we- ah- take this to the bedroom?" she asked, trying not to squirm too much.

The succubus nodded in answer. Amethyst carefully stood up, holding Len close to her by her butt. The familiar locked her legs around her Mistress's wide hips in return, and the pair carefully made their way to their bedroom. Amethyst's steps faltered occasionally when Len's hot breath washed over her nipples.

The neo-girl kicked off her armored boots and lay back on her bed. Len gazed down at her, licking her lips. Amethyst's purple and silver hair splayed over the pillows, and her lovely face had a vulnerable look to it. Len turned her attention back to Amethyst's heaving bosom, determined to make her cum from breast stimulation alone.

Amethyst sent a wordless prayer of thanks to her sisters that Holly had convinced Harry to make her breasts more sensitive. Normally, breasts get less sensitive the bigger they are, but Holly made her H-cup breasts as sensitive as A-cups. Len's fingertips trailed around the outsides of her breasts, sending tingles of pleasure down her spine. The neo-girl arched her back, offering her bosom to the succubus.

Len looked up at Amethyst's blissful expression, gave her lover a wicked smile, and bent over the neo-girl's offered bounty. She trailed kisses around Amethyst's breasts, ignoring her erect nipples. Len kept at it for several minutes, stimulating all but the most sensitive parts of her lover's breasts. She decided to experiment and brought her nails into play as well, dragging them across Amethyst's silky skin.

"Len… please…" Amethyst panted with need. The combination of pain and pleasure from Len's soft lips and digging fingernails was driving her nuts. Len was showing off her centuries of experience in the bedroom. Her Familiar was slowly building her up towards a massive climax. The neo-girl's body felt like it was on fire, and her panties were completely soaked with her essence.

The succubus finally shifted her focus to the neo-girl's nipples. She gently sucked on one nipple and played with the other one with her fingers. Len switched back and forth between them, making sure to pay proper attention to both breasts. She kept a close eye on Amethyst, backing off whenever the neo-girl got too close to cumming.

"…Len…" Amethyst was reduced to whimpering her lover's name. Drool ran between her lips and down her neck, and her breath came in gasps. Her hands tangled in the succubus's silken locks, urging Len to finish her off.

Len looked up at her Mistress's flushed face and took pity on the girl. She lunged upwards to seize Amethyst's lips a final time, and her fingers clamped down like vices on the demigoddess's swollen nubs.

"!" Amethyst's cry of bliss was stifled by Len's silken lips and tongue. Her back arched, her eyes rolled, and her muscles clenched uncontrollably. A flood of her nectar spilled out of her folds. Amethyst sprawled out on the bed bonelessly, her mind wiped blank by her climax.

Len released the neo-girl's lips with an audible pop. She leered down at the insensate girl, and leaned down to suck on Amethyst's neck. The succubus marked her milky flesh with a series of hickies. Len worked her way around her lover's neck, staking her claim. The Familiar looked down at her work with satisfaction and decided to move on.

Amethyst gave Len a loving smile and reached up to caress her cheek. The neo-girl had come to while Len was in the middle of marking her but let her do what she wanted. "That was amazing, Len," she admitted. "You need to teach me how to do that to you and the others someday."

"…" Len nodded, silently promising to teach her how to please a girl. The succubus slid down Amethyst's torso to straddle her legs. Len undid her belts and dress clasps, and tugged the dress off. Amethyst's lifted her hips to assist Len, wondering idly what she was doing. Her answer came when the succubus grabbed her soaked panties and pulled them down as well.

Len teased Amethyst's legs apart and sat in between them. She then gave the neo-girl's puffy nether lips a long lick.

Amethyst's eyes bulged and she cried out in surprise and pleasure. "Oh God, Len! I'm still sensitive!" She tried to look down at Len, but her swaying breasts blocked her view of the wicked creature about to prey on her defenseless body once again. The neo-girl grabbed hold of the blankets and tried to brace herself.

The succubus tuned out Amethyst's cries for mercy. She was absorbed in cleaning up the treat before her. Len loved sweet things and she loved making her lovers cum. Eating out Amethyst's honey-tasting folds was the best of both worlds to her. Len worked her small tongue across the neo-girl's thighs and weeping slit, occasionally licking her throbbing clit as well. Len purred audibly when her efforts were rewarded by another gush of fluids. She didn't let up on Amethyst, though. The succubus drove her from peak to peak, greedily drinking down her sweet nectar.

"Len… please… let up…" Amethyst begged. She had already come five times and was reaching her limits. The neo-girl started to weep from the overwhelming ecstasy. Her body and mind was being worn down by her amorous familiar's sex skills. She tried to hold herself together, but she was getting closer and closer to the edge of consciousness. Amethyst came again when Len buried a finger in her back door. "I can't… take it…"

Len carefully took Amethyst's clit between her lips and sucked down on it. At the same time, she added a second finger to the neo-girl's butthole and two fingers from her other hand into her over-stimulated core. The combination attack elicited a shriek to the heavens from Amethyst, who fainted a moment later.

"…?" Len smiled sheepishly at her passed out lover. She had gone a little overboard, and didn't even get a single orgasm of her own in return. The succubus pouted, and stripped off her clothes. Len wasn't about to let her first evening with Amethyst end on a sour note! She parked her nude buttocks on her Mistress's sweaty abs and tried to rouse the young woman.

"…Oh…" Amethyst softly moaned. Her mind felt like it was wrapped in a blanket, her stomach felt oddly heavy, and her body felt like a limp noodle from head to toe. A silly smile stretched across her plump lips. Seven times! Len made her cum seven times in a row. If Liz's earlier work hadn't already done it, Len's skills cemented it as a fact: Amethyst was going to end up a sex-addict.

Amethyst didn't have a clue what time it was. She'd be lucky if she had enough time to recover enough to de-merge before her patrol with Severus. Hell, the neo-girl thought, she'd be lucky if she could even walk by then! She stretched out her limbs lazily and focused on the weight sitting on her stomach.

Len was sitting on her. She was naked, and her light blue hair flowed around her like a halo. The succubus's pale cheeks were flushed with pink, and a faint sheen of cum was visible on her chin and lips. Amethyst's eyes trailed down the succubus's slender neck and shoulders to her chest. Len's nipples stood out proudly on her small breasts. Amethyst looked down the valley between her own breasts and saw her Familiar's hairless quim, her lower lips puffy and leaking. Her childish looks and womanly behavior created an intoxicating blend that was making Amethyst horny again, even as tired as she was.

Amethyst smiled up at her succubus with lidded eyes. "Len," she asked, "will you show me how to please you?" Len nodded crawled up the neo-girl's body to sit on her face.


"Good evening, Severus," Harry softly greeted the Potions Master. Holly waved at the man from her perch. The pair had only managed to end their Unison a minute ago, thanks to Len. Said succubus was wrapped around Harry's neck in cat form, sleepy and sated for the moment.

"Indeed," Severus replied, still somewhat irked by the earlier behavior of Harry's classmates. "Do you happen to know why your classmates had regressed to Neanderthals during class today? No one was willing to explain to me why when I questioned them. I wonder why," he continued. Severus's lips twitched in a malicious grin.

Harry showed a grin of his own. Now that he had been a teacher for a while, Harry could understand the sadistic pleasure his friend got from terrorizing his more inept pupils. It wasn't something he did very often, but Harry could admit there was something immensely satisfying about knocking some of his more annoying students down a peg.

"I'm afraid that the incident in class was partially my fault, however unintentionally," Harry said. "It seems that the student body has come to the conclusion that I am really a cross-dressing girl. That's why everyone was gawking at me instead of paying attention to their work."

Severus stopped walking. "What."

The demigod shrugged in answer. "Exactly."

"And just how did they come to that conclusion?" the professor asked with a sort of horrified curiosity. The mind of a child was a disturbing place, after all.

"Hagrid decided to show a bit of sense during Care today," Holly said. "Instead of bringing in a bloodthirsty monstrosity for some idiot to get mauled by, he managed to capture a group of unicorns."

"And?" Severus prodded.

"Do you remember the incident with the injured unicorn two years ago? Well, after that mess, I've went into the forest to visit the unicorns on a regular basis. The unicorns Hagrid caught were from that herd. They knew me, and so let me approach and pet them," the boy explained. "I've never spoken to any of the students about knowing the unicorns before. I'm certain you've already figured out the rest."

Severus nodded in agreement. He could see how the other students could come to that conclusion. They were by and large gullible people, and Harry's appearance lent additional weight to the idea of him being female.

"People wouldn't confuse you for a girl so often if you'd cut your hair and take off that coat," he pointed out to the younger boy. Seriously, with his floor-length hair and long coat, it was no wonder people thought Harry was a girl.

Holly giggled and shook her head. "I think things would actually be worse if Harry took off his coat. He looks even more girly with it off, believe me."

Harry rolled his eyes. It wasn't his fault he was built like a girl! "Cutting my hair won't work, either. I've tried it before, and my hair grew back in less than an hour."

"I see. How are you planning on handling this?" Severus questioned. "Given how the students are, it won't be easy convincing them of the truth."

"That's simple," Harry replied. "I'm not going to bother trying."

"What," the professor said in shock. "You're just going to let everyone think that you're a girl?"

Harry shrugged carefully, trying not to jostle Len. "Yeah. I don't care what people think about me. If they want to believe I'm a girl, then they can go ahead. What difference will it make?"

Severus stared at the boy in shock. He couldn't believe that his young friend could be that apathetic about his reputation. He was reminded once again just how different Harry was from his parents. James would have stopped at nothing to prove he was a male should he have been in that situation. Harry on the other hand, simply didn't care what people thought about him. Severus wondered again at the purple-haired boy.

"So, should I address you as Miss Potter during class?" Severus probed. He was curious how Harry would react.

Harry raised his hands in an 'I don't care' gesture. "It doesn't really matter to me. If you want to call me Miss during class, go right ahead." He gave Severus a wry grin. "People confuse me for a girl all the time. I've been called miss so often over the years that I respond to it just as readily as mister."

"You do realize what kind of mess this will lead to, don't you?" Severus asked. The professor could already imagine the waves rumors about Harry being female would generate in the Ministry and among the Purebloods. With Harry's wealth and power there for the taking by the ambitious, fights would rage among the Houses to claim him as a wife. The fact that he was really a boy wouldn't matter. Permanent gender-changing potions did exist, and no one would think to check Harry for signs of being dosed by it if popular opinion pinned him as a girl. There were ways to magically bind a woman, as Harry should well known.

"I haven't put too much thought into it, actually. I just don't feel like explaining myself to a bunch of people who I could care less about. So what if some moronic stale-blood raises a stink or tries to push me into some arranged marriage. I'll just ignore them, or if that doesn't work, I'll crush and neuter them like I did to the older Malfoy," Harry replied nonchalantly. He was completely serious. What he had done to Lucius was meant as a warning to the Wizarding World to leave him be. Next time someone came after him or his family, they would die.

Severus nodded in understanding. Harry had made quite the impression on the Wizarding World with his actions both against Lucius and in the international dueling tournament. Direct action against him would be foolhardy in the extreme. Still… "Not all of the Ladies and Lords are foolish enough to challenge you head-on. Some of them still remember the more subtle arts of politics. Be wary of what you eat and drink and who you show your back to, Harry."

"It's not something I like to advertise," Harry answered, "but I have magic that warns me of such things. I'm immune to most poisons and potions, to boot. I never eat anything that I haven't scanned or made myself." A grin danced across his lips. "And my back isn't as unguarded as I make it look. Don't worry too much about me, Severus. Worry about them instead."

The professor decided to change the subject. "Speaking of Malfoy, young Draco came to me complaining about you assigning him unfair detentions. Would you care to elaborate? He was rather sparse on details." Severus let out a derisive snort. Godson Draco may be, he was little more than a spoiled brat too young and sheltered to see the consequences of his behavior. Severus would have to work harder at turning him into a true Slytherin before Harry lost his temper and arranged an accident.

"That thing?" Harry said. "I gave it its first detention for showing up late to class without a note. He claimed to have been speaking with you. Is that true?"

'That thing'? Why was he calling Draco a thing, Severus wondered. "No, it isn't. Mr. Malfoy left class with the rest of his group. How did he earn the others?"

The demigod nodded. "I see. Then that detention still stands. Malfoy earned another two weeks detention for carving and activating runes on its desk while I was lecturing on the dangers of doing such. It set its desk on fire and nearly injured several others. I warned it that I'll eject it from class and fail it for the year if it does it again."

"Why do you call Mr. Malfoy as 'it' and 'that thing'?" Severus asked.

"It, and the things that spawned it, attempted to turn my sisters into sex-slaves. In our eyes, the Malfoys have forfeited their right to exist for doing so. I'm simply waiting for the proper time to execute their sentence," Harry answered calmly. There was no anger in his voice as he announced his intention to murder the Malfoy family, just a calm matter-of-fact statement that he would end them.

"No forgiveness from you," the Potions master noted. "Not that I expected any." Harry's actions against the soul fragment of Voldemort and his public torture of Lucius Malfoy had shown him and the world that rather clearly.

The boy nodded in affirmation. "Never will I forgive, never will I forget. Some crimes can only be paid for in blood."

Severus couldn't argue with that. He had felt the same way about Voldemort when the terrorist killed Lily. The pair stopped in the middle of the hall. "This is where we part ways. Good night to you, Miss Potter."

"Good night, Severus," Harry returned. Holly added her own farewells. The trio teleported to Harry's office once the professor was out of sight.

"Gods…" Harry groaned as he collapsed in his chair. Standing up like that had been Hell on the boy. The pair didn't actually recover before their time limit hit. Instead, Amethyst had to forcibly end the unison. Doing so wasn't easy on her, or her two halves. Harry was still disoriented from separating himself from Holly in such an abrupt way.

Ending the unison with Holly hadn't rid them of Amethyst's fatigue, either. It had instead carried over to Harry and Holly, leaving the pair still feeling drained and wobbly.

"Note to self: demerging won't let us avoid the after-effects of a marathon love-making session," Holly noted with a groan of her own. She too was exhausted, and her breasts and pussy still twinged with phantom sensations.

Len woke up and crawled down to Harry's lap. The succubus transformed to her human form and cuddled against her Master's chest with a content sigh. She only had a few minutes to recover from her efforts to teach Amethyst, but she was in far better shape than Harry and Holly.

Harry stroked Len's hair and smiled down at her. "You're not worn out?" She shook her head.

"I'm kind of envious," Holly said. "You've only had about ten minutes to catch your breath but you're in a lot better shape than we are."

"…" Len twisted in Harry's lap to give the fairy a look. She didn't say anything, but Holly understood the succubus completely. Her eyes practically shouted at the pair 'lightweights'.

"Ehehehe…" Harry laughed sheepishly. He couldn't deny that. Harry and Holly had a long way to go before they could keep up with one of the girls in bed. He was both dreading and eagerly awaiting the time the girls would gang up on Amethyst or himself. "You've got a point, Len. But it's only been one day. We'll get better…"

The succubus nodded and turned back around to properly cuddle with Harry.

The demigod shook his head fondly at his Familiar and booted up his laptop. It would be a couple hours yet before everyone would be asleep and he could enter Gryffindor Tower, and so he and Holly would pass the time working on the shooting spell. Prismakreuz joined the laptop on the table, and the pair set to work.

"Hmm…" Holly hummed thoughtfully while staring at the screen, "Maybe we'd be better off modifying a wand spell for use rather than creating a new shooting spell whole-cloth."

"That's not a bad idea, but we'd need something pretty simple and straightforward to use," Harry replied.

The Elemental pursed her lips and dug through her memory for a useable spell. There were thousands of spells in the Hogwarts library and Harry's own personal collection. Most of them, though, were ill-suited to modification and mass use in combat like the pair was attempting to do. Still, there were a couple of spells that would fit their criteria. "How about the old knight-slayer spell?" she proposed.

Harry paused to peruse his memory for the spell Holly mentioned. The Percutio- or piercing curse, nicknamed the 'knight-slayer', was an old battle spell commonly taught around fifteen-hundred years ago. It was a simple but effective variant of the piercing hex originally developed to fight armed and armored Muggles at range. Unlike most curses of the same type, the Percutio could pierce through the iron and steel armor plate and layered shields worn by Muggle soldiers, hence the name 'knight-slayer'.

Percutio was easy to cast, only needing to point the wand at the target, and lethal. The spell fell into disuse by the public in Britain shortly after the Statute of Secrecy became law. Law enforcement also discarded the spell due to its lethality, and the Purebloods preferred to use more elaborate magic to kill their enemies. The Ministry removed the curse from the DADA syllabus around the same time. The spell, like many others, sat in the Forbidden section of the library for centuries.

"That could work," Harry replied. The demigod opened up a new file and typed out the equations for the spell for the pair to study. He grinned as he looked through the spell formula. The piercing curse had aged rather gracefully over the years. It would move too slowly for them as it was, but a few tweaks could straighten that out. The arithmancy behind it was simple and could be easily modernized and upgraded to serve on a new battlefield.

"I wonder…" he mused after a strike of inspiration. Harry pulled up a file for a Belkan-style casting triangle and plugged the piercing curse in. Rather than putting it in the center of the formation, he placed a copy of the spell in each of the three corners.

Holly floated down to the keyboard to assist her partner. With the link, it was easy for her to see what he was planning. Harry was trying to combine three piercing curses into a single shot. The connecting equations would bind the spells together and increase the speed of the shot. The central formation would govern the spell's starting position, number, and angle of attack. It needed some refinements before it would be combat-worthy, but it was a great idea. If Harry's idea worked, it might be possible to do the same thing with other spells like the blasting curse or even mix three spells together for new effects.

"I think it'll work," Holly said an hour later. "We'll need another day or two of work and to test-fire it in the RoR to work out the bugs, but it looks good. What'll we call it?"

Harry considered it for a moment. The spell was inspired by a German-named spell, and cast by a German-named device, so maybe he should just stick with the theme. "How about we call it Heilige Lanze?"

"Holy lance?" she asked. "Why name it that?"

He shrugged. "If it works right, it'll look like a lance of light when we use it. And as a demigod, our magic should have at least some holy properties. That'd explain why our Patronus can kill Dementors, at least. Therefore, we should call it Holy Lance."

"It works for me," Holly conceded. She checked the time and Gryffindor Tower through the wards and let out a sigh. They had been at work for longer than she had thought. It was eleven-thirty at night, and everyone in the tower was asleep. Even the Weasley twins were sleeping. "Harry. It's time."

Harry saved their progress and shut down the laptop. "Len, it's time to get up. We have some work to do."

Len awoke with a yawn and stretched her arms. She then shifted back to cat form and took her place on Harry's shoulder.

"What should we deal with first: Hermione's family or her and Neville?" he pondered aloud.

"I'd recommend dealing with Hermione's family first," Holly opined. "They'll be a lot easier to deal with."

Harry nodded and said, "Alright, we'll do it that way."


The trio of mind-raiders entered the Gryffindor Third Year girl's dorm like a specter. Not a sound was made as Harry padded his way to Hermione's bed. Silencing and sleeping spells were tossed around the room for extra security while the trio re-wrote their friend's memories.

Harry opened the curtains around Hermione's bed and paused while looking upon the bushy-haired busybody. Their friendship was fraying, and may come to an end at any time, but the demigod was still reluctant to trespass in such a manner. Unfortunately, he didn't have much choice. Hermione was a security threat, and had to be dealt with as such.

"Len," he said, "Will you give Holly and me some support? I'd rather not cause any more damage than necessary."

Len hopped from his shoulder to the bed and took up station at the crown of Hermione's head. The succubus's crimson eyes regarded Harry for a moment, and then she nodded. She would help the pair preform their psychic surgery.

"Thanks Len," Holly told the Familiar. Harry too let out a breath of relief. Len's help would make the process much smoother and likely to work properly.

Harry took a seat at Hermione's side without disturbing the bed. He then drew his wand and shared a look with Holly. She nodded to show her readiness. The pair then looked to Len, who also nodded. Harry sucked in a breath and pointed his wand at Hermione. "Legilimens."


"So, this is who you really are," Harry mused as he looked around Hermione Granger's mindscape. Hermione's mind looked a cross between Hogwarts' library, the Gryffindor common room, and her home. Filled bookshelves lined half of the walls and more rows of them were lined up through the room. Several pieces of furniture copied from the Gryffindor common room sat nearby along with other furniture from her home, creating a cozy reading area. The walls without bookshelves held objects and pictures of places and people significant to Hermione.

Harry walked over to the pictures for a closer look. His hand reached out and brushed a photo of Hermione's family. Foreign emotions, no doubt Hermione's, entered the demigod's mind. Love, trust, exasperation, and other feelings emanated from the picture. Harry pulled his hand away and walked down the row of pictures. As he did, he noticed cracks forming on the walls. They were small at the moment, but to Harry they were a sign that Hermione was pushing herself too hard. Over time, the cracks would grow and shatter the girl's psyche if she didn't learn some moderation.

He walked past the representation of Hermione's wand to peruse the other images. "And here I am," Harry noted as he came upon his own picture. A balance sat underneath the image on a desk. Feeling curious, he touched the frame. Jealousy, admiration, anger, affection, fear, safety, desire, disgust, her feelings were a study in contrasts. She both looked up to Harry for his abilities and accomplishments and hated him for the same reasons. He was what she hoped to become.

Hermione's feelings for him sat on a scale. When she learned something new about him, the scales tilted towards positive or negative. Currently, her feelings for the demigod were tilting towards the negative. He wondered why that was so, only for his picture to change for a moment. Harry stifled a laugh when he deduced the reason. Amethyst! Hermione was jealous of his Unisoned form's beauty! The fact that Harry was considered to be more attractive than Hermione rankled, and seeing him turn into a woman made it even worse. The lingering suspicion that Amethyst was what he really looked like, caused by the day's rumors and her own imagination, just fed the girl's jealousy even more. She didn't actually believe the rumors, but she couldn't discard the possibility that they were true.


Harry looked over his shoulder to see Len padding up to him. Holly rode the cat like a horse, prompting a giggle from Harry.

"There you two are," he remarked. "Were you two looking around as well?"

"Mm-hm," Holly hummed in answer. "Its actually pretty interesting in here, if a bit rigid. Hermione's got a good head on her shoulders."

The demigod pointed at the cracks in the wall. "Not if she doesn't learn how to manage her health better. Anyways, did you find the memories we need?"

The Elemental flew up to land on Harry's shoulder. "Yeah, we found them over there. What have you got here, though?"

Harry turned to face his image once again. "This? I guess you could say that this is Hermione's perception of me. The scale seems to represent her feelings about me."

"What did you do for it to look like that?" Holly asked while pointing at the tilted balance.

The boy let out a sigh. "It seems that she's rather jealous of our looks."

Holly giggled for a moment, and then shook her head. "That's not a surprise. We'd make supermodels green with envy, and Hermione's only a thirteen-year-old girl. There's no way she wouldn't be jealous."

"You've got a point," her partner conceded. "Anyways, we should get to work. Len, what are you doing?"

The succubus had been carefully studying the picture of her Master. Len reached out and poke the picture, which shimmered. Harry wondered what she did. The picture didn't look any different to him. So why did it shimmer like that?

"What the…" Holly muttered. "I don't get it. Is something different?"

Len ignored the fairy's question and instead led Harry by the hand to the section of Hermione's mind containing her recent memories. A set of freshly printed books sat on a mostly empty shelf.

"This is what we need?" Harry questioned. He reached out and picked up the most recent book. It was Hermione's memories of the day.

Harry read through the book for any sign that Hermione had already talked about her visit to his home. Fortunately, it appeared that the Gryffindor hadn't spilled the beans yet. Harry put the book back with a sigh of relief. At least he wouldn't have to hunt down and mind-rape anyone else.

The demigod turned his attention to the books immediately prior to that. Harry plucked out the previous book in the series, which showed Hermione's memories of his house. "Len," he said, "I'll need your help with this."

Len took the book into her hands and focused on it. She passed it back to Harry a minute later.

He took the book from Len with a raised eyebrow, and skimmed through it. Len had done exactly as he had wanted. The specifics of what Hermione had seen were blurred and distorted beyond use, but the feelings behind them were still intact.

"Is there any chance that an interrogator could reconstruct the memory completely?" he asked Len. The succubus thought for a moment, and shook her head. No, no wizard would be able to put the pieces together.

Harry bent down to give Len a peck on the lips in gratitude. "Thanks Len, I don't know what we would have done without you."

Len puffed up her chest in pride. Then taking Harry by the hand, she led him and Holly back out of Hermione's mind.


The group came back to reality still seated around their target. No one had stirred during the mind-dive. Harry carefully scooped Len up from the bed and teleported to the boy's dorm to repeat the process with Neville after removing the spells he had cast.

"What a mess," Holly said as she looked around the dorm room. Dirty clothes sat in piles beside most of the beds, and items were piled haphazardly around the students' trunks. The house-elves obviously hadn't gotten around to cleaning the room yet. Loud snores came from several of the beds. "I guess they haven't learned silencing wards, either."

Harry carefully picked his way through the mess to reach Neville's bed and opened the curtains. The boy was lying on his side, sound asleep. Once again sleeping and silencing spells were tossed around.

"We'll do this the same way we did with Hermione, then," Harry told his companions as he set Len on the bed. The demigod's wand came out once again. "Legilimens."


Harry looked around Neville's mindscape with interest, Len at his side and Holly on his shoulder. "I guess we should have expected something like this…"

Neville's mindscape took the image of a greenhouse. It was filled with greenery. Plants grew haphazardly with patches of brown, dead-looking plants sitting in random spots. There was an order to the place, but finding it would be difficult. "No wonder Neville always had memory problems," Harry said. He shook his head and turned his attention to something else.

Statues littered the greenhouse representing people important to Neville. Each statue had it's own personal flowerbed. Harry moved closer to inspect the statues. The one before him was that of a tall, stern-looking old woman. She was clad in a typical robe and wore a witch's hat with a stuffed vulture stuck to it.

Scraggly plants were planted in a circle around the statue. It looked like the flowerbed had been taken over by weeds. Small, dull flowers bloomed on the plants. Harry stretched out a finger to touch on of the flowers.

Harry was drawn into a memory of Neville being lectured by the woman. She turned out to be his grandmother, Augusta Longbottom. In the memory, she was lecturing Neville about how he should be more like his father. The memory contained feelings of shame and sadness. It was an old memory from shortly before Neville had started Hogwarts.

The demigod withdrew his hand and walked away from the statue. It was no wonder Neville had such low self-esteem when they had met. Judging by the look of the garden, Neville had been on the receiving end of such lectures for years.

The trio trekked through the garden of memories towards the center of Neville's mindscape. Harry froze in shock when he saw the statue sitting in the center of Neville's mind.

It was a statue of Harry and Amethyst, standing back-to-back on a marble pedestal. Both figures were masterfully carved, showing that Neville had burned their images into his heart. Even Amethyst, who Neville had only seen for a pair of hours, had been lovingly recreated in marble. Harry circled the statue to take it in from every angle.

"Hey, isn't there something different about the statue of you, Harry?" Holly asked while pointing. "The chest looks a little off.

"What the… it has boobs?" Harry asked. Indeed, the statue of him actually had a modest bust line visible underneath the armor. "So… he thinks I'm a girl?"

"Look at where the statues are positioned, too," Holly pointed out. "Why are they on a pedestal, and why are they sitting in the center of Neville's mindscape?"

Len covered her mouth with a hand and stared at the pair with laughing eyes. The meaning was obvious to her.

Harry shook his head and focused on the flowerbed of memories around the statue instead. Unlike the one around Augusta's statue, the flowerbed here was a riot of colors. Flowers of all types filled the flowerbed to the limit. Lilies, roses, tulips, even flowers that Harry had never seen before found their home there.

"Wow, he sure thinks rather highly of us," Holly said. "Look at all of these memories and the way they're shown. It's a lot different from the memories of his grandmother!"

The demigod nodded absently as he took in the colorful flowers. He knew that Neville was grateful to him for the help that Harry gave him over the years, but to see it like this? Harry didn't even know where to begin looking for the memory of the weekend. "Len, could you help us find the memory we need?"

"…" The succubus tiptoed through the tulips to reach a particularly lovely flower near the center of the bed. She touched it to confirm it was the correct one, and then beckoned Harry over. A mischievous smile graced her lips.

"What's with that smile, Len?" Harry asked cautiously. If he didn't know better, he'd have thought Len was about to pull a prank on him. She wouldn't do that in someone else's mind though, surely. Harry touched the flower and was pulled into the memory.

Harry found himself staring at Amethyst through Neville's eyes and feeling his emotions as Harry's Unison form was revealed for the first time. Harry felt Neville's awe as he looked upon the most beautiful woman the Gryffindor had ever seen. He felt the boy's guilty desire when the person he looked up to most become a girl.

Harry felt Neville's emotions when Amethyst unleashed the Starlight Breaker into the desert. He tasted the fear and shock Neville felt as he looked into the crater left behind. Harry also noted the relief the Gryffindor felt that it was Harry who held such awesome power.

The demigod looked into Neville's memories of the next morning, and his belief Harry was truly a girl. He felt Neville's awkward crush on Harry turn into something different, something between love and worshipfulness for the one who had done so much for him over the years…

Harry jerked his hand away from the flower with a yelp. His cheeks burned as he considered what he just found. Neville thought he was a girl. Neville thought he was a girl, and he had fallen for Harry. The hybrid boy was speechless. He hadn't expected something like that!

Len's laughing eyes haunted Harry for a moment. "Did you expect this, Len?"

The succubus nodded. She wasn't surprised by the revelation at all.

"Could we please just get this over with?" he pleaded. Len stepped up to his side and took the flower in hand once again.


Harry sighed quietly as he trudged back into his tower, following in Len's wake. The succubus darted ahead of her Master, sending a mysterious smile back at the demigod before entering Liz's bedroom. Harry quirked an eyebrow at Len's back, wondering why she was going to disturb the no-doubt sleeping pair. He paused for a minute to get his head back on straight.

It hadn't been easy in any sense of the word for the young demigod to modify five people's memories in the same night without damaging their personalities. In fact, if not for Len's expert assistance, he would have had to remove the five's memories of their visit to his house completely. The fact that he had to mind-rape two people he had considered friends didn't sit too well with him, either. Harry wouldn't hesitate to do anything necessary to protect his family, but there were a few lines even he preferred not to cross without a real need. Re-writing parts of a friend's mind was one of them.

He didn't want to think about what he found in Neville's mind. Neville was a nice boy, but Harry was only interested in girls, damn it!

"Enough of that," Holly scolded. "We did what we had to do. Or would you rather let a threat to our family continue to exist just so you could keep your conscience clean?"

Harry shot a wry grin at his partner. "You know me better than that, Holly." There were lines Harry wouldn't cross lightly, true. But if his family was in jeopardy, he'd jump across those lines without a second thought. Nothing was more important to Harry than his family. Nothing.

Holly returned Harry's grin with one of her own. "Of course I know you better than that. I am you, after all. That doesn't mean I can't give you a poke or two when it looks like you're about to stumble, though."

"Where would I be without you all?" the boy asked with a brightening smile.

"Didn't Grandpa show you the answer to that before?" Holly replied, hiding a smirk as she did so.

Harry stiffened in remembrance of the time Zelretch had showed him what Harry's life would have been like had the old vampire not interfered. "I saw nothing. I heard nothing! I know nothing!" he answered vehemently.

The fairy burst into giggles upon hearing that. She knew how much Harry hated that timeline. Holly hated it too, but his reaction was too funny for her to pass up on. "Come on Harry, it might not have been that bad."

"Holly, you know better than that. Our counterpart ended up married to one of our worst fangirls and was best friends with Ronald Weasley of all people. Hell that Harry looked like he was doped up on Love Potions, too. If we ever visit one of those timelines, I don't think I could stop myself from putting the local Harry out of his misery," Harry stated with a shudder. "No one should have to suffer through having their free will violated like that."

It was one thing to surrender yourself to your lover willingly out of love and trust. But to have your free will taken out of your hands that way, to be made a prisoner in your own mind by a damn stalker? Harry would pull the Moon down on himself rather than allow that to happen to him.

"It could have been even worse," Holly said. "Remember some of the stuff we saw when Grandpa showed us how to touch the Second?"

Harry shuddered in horror. "For the love of our sisters, don't remind me. Are you trying to give us nightmares or something?" Harry's early training involved connecting himself to other versions of Harry Potter scattered across the infinite. However, Zelretch hadn't bothered to warn his grandson that the Multiverse held not only infinite wonders, but unspeakable horrors as well.

He had witnessed counterparts of his suffer fates he wouldn't wish on anyone. He watched himself die in various horrible ways and be betrayed and tortured by those his counterparts should have been able to trust. He had even seen timelines where the local Harry had entered sexual relationships with trash like the Malfoy males and even Voldemort. Harry had seen things that couldn't be unseen, and his young mind had been overwhelmed by the incident.

Zelretch had been forced to rewrite part of his mind so that the young boy wouldn't snap under the load of foreign memories he had absorbed. Though the old vampire had been completely successful at removing any mental contamination from the boy's counterparts, Harry retained some knowledge of what he had seen and a deep, instinctual hatred of the Malfoy family on top of the grudge against the family that they had earned through their actions.

"Sorry," the spirit said in apology, shuddering as well. That incident happened before Harry had found Holly, but she shared the memory through their link, just like everything else.

"It's alright," he replied, forcing himself to calm back down. Harry set off for his room, ready to catch a bit of sleep. He reached out and opened his bedroom door. "Just don't bring it up again, please. It'd be a pain if I had a reminder in the middle of teaching a class and end up flaying the Ferret in front of my other students on reflex. That would be rather… unprofessional of me." Harry began to undress for bed.

Holly snorted. "Unprofessional, eh?" she said, stripping as well. "I think that would go just a little bit beyond unprofessional. It'd be therapeutic, though."

"True," Harry admitted, "But enough about that. We both need some sleep, and we don't need to give ourselves nightmares." He pulled back the covers on the bed and slipped in between them, clad only in his boxers.

Holly looked from her bed to her other half thoughtfully. Coming to a decision, she grabbed her pillow and flew over to Harry's bed. The spirit plopped herself down by Harry's head and pulled a clump of his hair over her like a blanket.

"Comfy?" he asked. Holly hadn't done anything like that before. Harry wasn't going to complain, though.

"Mm-hm!" Holly murmured, settling in for the night.

"Mind if we join you?" Liz's voice called from the door. "You two look a little lonely, lying in bed like that."

Harry sat up and looked towards the door. Fran, Len, and Liz walked into the bedroom. None of the three wore a stitch of clothing. Harry's eyes eagerly drank in the sight of their nude forms. It wasn't the first time he had seen the girls in a state of undress, but never before had he seen all three of them completely naked at the same time.

He shook his head in disbelief, and focused on Len. "Did you wake them up, Len?"

"We were in the bath when you got back," Liz answered for the succubus. The air carried the fruity scent of the girls' shampoo and a faint smell Harry began to associate with sex.

Len pulled the covers off of Harry, pushed him onto his back, and draped herself across his body. The demigod looked down at his Familiar and relaxed. He combed his fingers through her silky hair with a gentle smile. "So what brings you ladies in here?"

Fran and Liz shared a look and a nod. The pair climbed into bed on either side of Harry. They settled their heads on his shoulders, being careful not to poke his face with their horns.

Fran shyly kissed Harry on the cheek and answered him. "We were worried about you. I know you didn't like messing with your friends' memories."

"Mm-hm. We didn't want to leave our wife sulking in bed. You might end up getting wrinkles," Liz teased, kissing Harry's other cheek.

Harry let out a groan. "I seem to have acquired a new nickname…" he groused.

"Do you not like it?" Fran asked. "I thought it was kind of cute, but if you want us to stop…"

The demigod ran his fingers through Fran's hair. "I don't mind it too much. I was just grumping for the sake of it. I just know Zelretch and my sisters are going to swap out my stuff for girl's clothes after they hear you call me that."

"You're going to have to wear girl's clothes soon anyways," Liz spoke up. "Remember? You're growing boobs and your body's definitely not boy-shaped. You're not going to be able to fit into boy clothes, especially once you start filling out more."

"You've got a point there," Harry admitted. He hadn't thought of that until now, but he'd have to at least rework his armored top to account for his growing bust. His jacket would need modifications as well.

Holly chimed in with a grin. "Besides, I think you'd look much better in a dress, or maybe a French maid outfit like Satsuki's."

Harry let out a resigned sigh when he felt Fran, Len, and Liz nod in agreement. There would be no avoiding being dressed up as a maid, now. The thought didn't bug him very much, though. 'It'd be interesting to see how Altrouge and my sisters react to me in a maid outfit,' He mused. An amused smile graced his face. 'I wonder how my students would react to seeing me in a dress, especially if I reveal that I'm still a boy at the moment.'

Holly giggled into his ear when she picked up his thoughts. 'You sound kind of eager to see that.'

'I don't know, maybe I am,' he admitted to his other half. 'It'll make one hell of a prank, i think.'

"Good night, girls." Harry settled back into the mattress. He drifted off quickly, lulled to sleep by the warmth of his lovers.


{Author's notes: This chapter was hard for me to write in many different ways. Just trying to write out a twelve-year-old fan girl's thought process gave me a headache for days. Doing the mind-dive scenes for Hermione and Neville was just as tough. I'll try to get the next chapter out by the end of November, but I can't make any promises. Anyways, read and review!}