This is something me and a few others agreed on. I guess I was unintentionally voted to write it….ah well, this is going to be fun anyway. Stygian Sparrow and Shadow-StrikeRaven helped me to come up with the title.

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Pitch sighed. He didn't have time for this. He still had to put Jack down for his nap and show the new nurses around the asylum. Both would be difficult, the former more so than the latter. Maybe he could get John to show them around…


"North ya Gumby! Would ya quiet down?! They said some of the patients here don't like loud noises!"

"I am sorry Aster! But this is just too exciting! Never thought I vould be working here!"

"You and me both," Aster grumbled.

Tooth just shook her head at them and gave a look to Sandy before pressing the button to turn on the speaker in front of the gate.

"Hello? How may I help you?" a female voice came through.

Tooth held the button down and answered: "My friends and I are the new nurses, may we come in?"

A few seconds went by before the gate clicked open and the voice came through again.

"Alright, someone will be waiting for you at the entrance; they'll explain everything."

Tooth gave a nod to the others and they all walked through. Everyone looked around and took in the beautiful scenery that had been blocked from view by the stone walls surrounding the building. Soon enough they arrived at the front doors and were greeted by a man.

"Hello, my name is John and I'll be your escort throughout the building; if you'll please follow me."

"Guys' polite, I'll give 'em that," Aster whispered to North who nodded in return.

John showed the foursome around the building, telling which patients rooms they were allowed in without anyone and the ones they needed someone and the ones they weren't allowed to go in at all.

"Alright, the last patient is Jack; you'll need Manny, Pitch or me to go in with you until he gets comfortable enough that you can go in on your own."

Everyone looked up when they heard squealing and saw a boy with white hair, pale skin, and blue eyes run toward them and hide behind North, who was completely bewildered.

"Speaking of, that's Jack right there. Jack! I thought you were supposed to be asleep!" John scolded.

"He is, the little monster decided he was going to sneak out the door while I wasn't looking and make me chase him up and down the hall."

Everyone turned their head to look at the man that had spoken. He was hunched over with his hands on his knees and breathing heavily. He had black hair and slightly ashen skin.

Jack pouted and spoke from his place behind North.

"But I don't wanna Sweep!"

"Well you need to, now come out from behind him and come here."

"NO!" Jack ran from behind North so that he was now behind Aster instead. Jack peaked out from behind Aster's legs and waved to Sandy.

"Hi Sandy!"

Sandy had no idea how the boy knew his name, but waved back with a bright smile anyway.

Pitch sighed. "If I read you a story, will you go to sleep?"

Jack seemed to think about it before nodding and running down the hall into the very last room. North, Tooth, Aster, and Sandy were completely bewildered and just looked at each other, not really sure what to make of the situation.

"I'll tell you about our strangest patient," Pitch gestured toward the door Jack had gone into, "after I get him to sleep." With that said Pitch straightened himself out and walked into the room, shutting the door behind him.

John just shook his head and muttered to himself somewhere along the lines of 'Poor Pitch'. John turned back to the foursome and said:

"So, who wants to meet Manny?"


And done! This only took around two days to write. I blame having to move to a new house.