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Manny's office was located on the 3rd floor; the start of the children's section of the asylum. The reason for this was because Manny was the best with children; especially the ones in the asylum.

Upon arrival at his office John knocked before entering. The inside was white with light blue trimmings, the carpet was a bright silver color and an off-white desk sat in the middle with two storm grey chairs in front of it. Behind the desk sat Manny himself. Manny was the owner of the asylum and looked over all that happened in the building, much like the Moon would watch the Earth.

"Manny, these are the new nurses."

Manny stood from his chair and walked in front of the desk. He wasn't a very tall man, only a few inches taller than Tooth really. He wore a formal suit that was silver with gold trimmings. He had little hair, though he wasn't bald. He had bluish grey eyes that held wisdom and laughter in them.

"Hello, as you know I'm Manny. I'm the headmaster of sorts here, I own the asylum."

Sandy nodded and used a notebook to speak:

Can we learn more about Jack? He seemed to know who I was earlier when we met in the hall on the fourth floor. He sounded like a 6 year old.

"Ah yes, little Jacky. No one knows exactly whats wrong with him, but we know for sure that his brain ages slower than his body, so instead of acting like a 12 year-old (I say he is 12, no complaints) he acts like he is 6."

"And how he knew Jack?"

"Well, he tells us the Wind talks to him, and that it knows everything. He also tells us that in the Winter nature talks to him."

"Is that even diagnosed?"

"No, not really; there is a disease were people think things talk to them, but they've never been as specific as Jack has."

Silence fell after that, no one sure what to say or ask next. No one had to though, as someone all but barged through the door laughing like no tomorrow.

Everyone watched as none other than Jack ran by them and back out the door followed by what looked like a fox chasing him.

As the two left the four shot confused and slightly amused looks to Manny who shrugged and gave a vague 'That's normal' to the four.

"If ya don't mind meh askin, mate; just what was chasin 'em?"

"That would be Snowball the Arctic Fox, no one knows how it got here, let alone in here; all we know is that it appeared in Jack's room one day and the two have never been separated since. Trust me when I say we have taken it far from the building only to find it playing with Jack as if it never left."

"That iz quiet odd…" North put a hand to his chin as he gave it some thought.

"That's not the only odd thing that happens around here, especially around Jack."

Everyone turned to the still open doorway to find a roughed up Pitch covered in….was that snow?


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