Global Academy.

The school that welcomes all races, of every kind, of nationality. The only problem? The school welcomes those who can either pay their way in or have a high ranked scholarship to even attend. Awesome school, huh?

Standing before the iron gates, you were looking over the massiveness of the academy's large courtyard. It's been over twenty minutes since you arrived in front of the school grounds.

You wore an old light brown wool sweater over a white button up shirt, while also wearing a light grey skirt to add to your bland appearance. Your (l/h),(c/h) was pulled back behind your ears as your (e/c) eyes were wide with wonder as you continued to look over the academy.

The reason you were still standing in front of the gate was because you had the sudden feeling of dread. At your middle school, the moment you stepped onto school ground, you'd get called names or get hurt by the other students. It got to the point where you just stayed away and tried to look small no matter where you went. And its been like that since kindergarten. You were lucky to have found this school for the gifted and left all the dark memories behind.

But now you could imagine the new level of bullying from the upper class. (Like I said - awesome school, huh?)

Releasing a loud sigh, you pushed open the gate, flinching from the sudden creaking noise. As you walk down the cobblestone path, you find various marble statues and shady trees among the lush green ground. In front of the school was a three tier water fountain, a baby angel perched at the touch as it poured water from its hand. But you couldn't admire the scenery before you as the feeling of fear overcame you as you continued to think about being bullied.

Only a stairway of fifteen feet steps remained between you and the wooden double doors. Just as you took the first step, you heard . . .

Tensai here.

This is my first self insert and I hope you like the intro. Oh, and . . .


Anyway, I made a list of the possible victims -I mean!- candidates for this insert:













I will add more, but until then, enjoy!