Did that really happen?

Chapter 1: Getting older

"Belly boo!" A voice screamed close to my ear. I tried to block it off and ignore the annoying voice. I didn't want to wake up. No today was a bad day and I didn't even want to acknowledge it despite where I am.

"C'mon little sister! It's your birthday and we are in Vegas!" I grabbed my pillow and tightened it over my head.

That's when the shaking began. I rolled over stared evilly at my big brother before grabbing my pillow and chucking it at him.

He feigned hurt. Emmett Mcarty Dwyer never got hurt by anything.

"C'mon Belly boo, I have it all planned out." He said grinning mischievously. I groaned, I didn't want today to be even mentioned. Eighteen wasn't that great. I mean c'mon I'm in Vegas and can't even do anything, it's just an excuse for my twenty three year old brother to get drunk without his wife Rosalie finding out. Ha like that won't happen.

"Go away Emmett. It's my Eugh...birthday I'll get up when I feel like it not when my obnoxious brother tells me too." I moaned annoyed.

"Don't be like that belly boo" he moaned. I groaned before sitting up. He grinned at me before giving me a hug. "Happy birthday little sister." He said his voice losing the annoying moan it has just moments earlier. I chuckled at my brothers' exuberance before sighing and getting out of the California king bed.

We are staying at Caesars palace on the strip. It has my favorite restaurant after all; the Cheesecake Factory. When Emmett told me he was taking me to Las Vegas for my eighteenth birthday, I laughed at him. I mean which parents allow their twenty-three year old son, take his seventeen turning eighteen year old sister to Las Vegas for her birthday, seriously? I thought mom was going to laugh in his face, but no she was just as excited as he was. No one told my father.

I only met Emmett three years ago when I moved from Forks to Phoenix to live with my mom. Never had I been told I had a brother five years older then me. Long story short, my mother had Emmett when she was seventeen to a man names Phil Dwyer, not wanting to be stuck down at such a young age, she told Phil she couldn't do it; leaving Emmett with his father. Six months later she got with my father Charlie. They were married at twenty-one and had me nine months later. She stuck around till I was five leaving me with Charlie. She didn't reconnect with Phil and her son until Emmett was twelve. They married soon after. You would think she would have introduced us, but no. I didn't see or hear from my mother till I was thirteen and Charlie was in crisis mode. I was growing up and he didn't know how to handle a hormonal preteen. It took Emmett along time to forgive her. I mean not knowing your mother for twelve years? C'mon what was the guy supposed to think? I moved to live with her at fifteen when Charlie shacked up with Sue Clearwater, they were newly married and she had two children. Seth is great, Leah however has a bit to be desired. I decided to move to Phoenix and get to know my mother. I was meet however with the surprise of a twenty year old brother. Neither Emmett or I have forgiven her for not telling us about each other.

So here we are in Vegas, for my eighteenth birthday. A birthday I'd rather not celebrate.


The bathroom in this place is amazing. Like holy crap amazing. I could live in the shower. It's marble interior, Jets, pressure. Everything.

I take my time washing my hair and body with my strawberry scented body wash and shampoo.

Once out of the shower I dry my hair, allowing it to fall in its natural waves down my back, and apply little make up, just mascara and lip gloss before running back to the room in my towel. My brother is no where to be seen. I dress in not over lacy bra and seamless undies, charcoal skinny jeans, a loose fitting Tee and my white converse. I grab my across the body clutch handbag, iPhone and from key before leaving the amazing hotel suite to find my brother. I find him in his room, shockingly I also find Rose, his overly beautiful model wife.

"Rose!" I scream in happiness, when Emmett introduced me to his then fiancée a year and a half ago, I was almost afraid of her. I mean she can make even the most prettiest people feel like they were ugly and dressed in rags. Her striking blue eyes and long blonde hair, not to mention her tall slim frame. To be honest I'm not entirely sure how they met or how Emmett was able to score such an amazing women, but he did and now she's not only my sister in law, but also one of my best friends.

"Happy birthday Bella!" She said smiling walking over to me. She gave me a hug and I stared at her confused.

"But..but I..I thought you couldn't come that you were stuck in Paris, how are you here?" I asked confused. She chuckled lightly before shaking her head.

"Nah, I told them I had a prior engagement and under no circumstances could I stay, no matter what they said" She explained smiling. I was just so happy she was here. I loved Emmett, but I don't want to spend the whole time dragged to different casinos so he could gamble, while I just watched helpless and bored.

"Thank god!" I breathed with relief, " so what are we doing? I'm starved." I smile at the two. Rosalie laughs and Emmett bee lines for the door. The two of us follow him out and we head down to the lobby, locating a breakfast buffet, we head towards it and stock up.

"So, what torture is being inflicted on me on my day of horror." I ask almost scarred, Rosalie chuckles and Emmett just shrugs. "Well? Spit it out." I say smiling.

"Well I'm taking you to the spa, we are going to get our nails and hair done after a massage and then I'm taking you shopping for tonight." Rose explains. That didn't sound so bad, I may hate shopping, but anything is better then being stuck with Emmett going to different casinos.

"Hold up, back up, wait a sec... What the hell is happening tonight?" I question and look towards my brother.

"Why little sister, we are taking you out for a little, let's just say it's going to be an experience of a lifetime." My brother says winking at me. Did I say that my brother is a bit of a partier? No well he is, then again he does own like ten clubs across North America.

"But...but I'm only eighteen, I can't drink, can't gamble and cannot get into clubs, what do you expect us to do?" I question raising my eyebrow at him.

"You just leave that to me, Bella boo." He says winking again. Folding my arms and humphing I return to my breakfast. At least they aren't doing to much that is celebrating my birthday, thank god. I might have to kill them, otherwise.


After breakfast Rose and I made our way to the spa, where we had the most heavenly of body massages before being left in a bath full of mud, which is apparently really good for you. Following that we had our nails and toes done and then they moved to my hair, where after much persuasion from Rose, I had mahogany foils put through my hair and a style that framed my face. It looked pretty good. When they were finished, just I as I was getting my stuff Rose forced me to lie back down and the beauticians proceeded to put fake eyelashes on my eyes, after waiting a few minutes I looked in the mirror and wow did they make my chocolatey brown eyes pop.

We left and made our way to the closest shop that Rose approved; M.A.C, no not the make up company but the very exquisite boutique by Mary Alice Cullen. There are only a handful of stores through out the world, I guess cause Rose modeled for the company. I started to complain to Rose, I hated shopping, but she stopped me by holding her finger up and pointing at a chair. I took my cue and sat down, watching as Rosalie rushed round picking up different articles of clothing. Eventually she came over to me. She handed me some tight looking leather pants, a deep blue strapless top that little diamonds placed on it to look like a necklace with a barely there back. I looked up at Rose with absolute horror. There was no way I was going to wear this! But she just shook her head pointed to the changing room and I begrudgingly got up and headed towards it.

I changed into the scraps of material and when I was dressed took a look in the mirror. The women staring back at me looked good. The pants hugged in all the right places, the top showed of her endowment and it too hugged in all the right places. Doing a three-sixty the back looked just as amazing, the girl, no the women stating back at me was beautiful, it reminded me of the first meeting I had of Rose.

"Bella?" Rose questioned from outside the door, "Can I see?" She questioned. I debated a minute before deciding against it. I knew that whatever my brother and her had planned I was going to become a Barbie tonight and I wanted the full effect to take place when I was ready. Quickly changing back to my jeans and tee I left the changing room and handed them to Rose with a smile.

"You'll see later" is all I said, I guess she took that as her cue to get them and that is what she did as we left M.A.C Rose couldn't stop staring at me. "What?" I questioned playfully. She just shrugged and we carried on walking down the strip until we came to a shoe store. I knew I was going to need some other shoes then my converse and allowed her to drag me around the store, she eventually found what she was looking for, she held up a pair of black scrappy four inch heels covered elegantly with diamonds, I shrugged I hated heels but I decided to not protest any of the decisions made go along with them.

After trying the shoes on, Rose found herself some shoes and we made our purchases it was approaching three o'clock and not only was I beginning to hunger but I was also getting tiered.

"Hey Rose I'm getting hungry, I'll meet you back at the hotel, yeah? I just want sometime alone..." I trailed off, hoping she'd understand. She contemplated it for a minute before nodding, I gave her a quick hug and walked to the closest cafe that wasn't a fast food chain. I at down at a table and looked at the menu, deciding on a free range chicken burger and pink minute maid lemonade I ordered, before pulling my phone out to play candy crush.

"Excuse me." A sweet velvet voice enquired, I tore my eyes away from candy crush and looked up into the most amazing green eyes, that I though I'd melt to jell-o.

"Ah... Yeah?" I stammered.

"Can you ah, pass the salt? My table doesn't have any?" He requested, I felt like I was melting even more, if that was even possible. I looked him up and down and damn was he fine, I heard a chuckle and it took me a moment to realize I hadn't replied. I nodded quickly, grabbed the salt and passed it to him. As I did or fingers grazed and what felt like an electric shock went straight through me to my heart. I smiled at him and returned to candy crush, trying not to turn to a melted mess on the floor, cause damn he was hot and that shock was damn right scary. Luckily my food arrived quickly soon after. The burger was amazing and as badly as is I wanted to lick my finger; I refrained. Instead I grabbed a napkin and wiped every part of my anatomy that may have been covered in the greasy goodness. I finished my drink and went to pay.

"Can I get my bill please?" I enquired, the waitress looked at me strangely before shaking her head.

"The gentlemen over there paid for you, have a good afternoon" she said shrugging then turning to serve some other people, I spun around to look at who she had gestured to, sure enough it was the stranger with the green eyes and some Blondie. The blonde must have said something because he turned and looked at me, I felt my face flush, before I nodded in way of thanks. I turned around grabbed my headphones and walked out of the cafe. I turned on Lorde and made my way down the strip back towards the hotel.

I stopped as I approached the Bellagio as the fountain show was just beginning. I stared in awe at the amazing show, it still amazed me what the world had to offer, having lived in forks my whole life. I pulled out my head phones so that I could take in the full atmosphere.

"Amazing, isn't it?" The velvet voice questioned from behind me. I breathed deeply, was he stalking me?

"Yeah, it is, I've never seen something so beautiful." I replied,not sure if I was taking about the fountain display, or him.

"Yeah, me either" he whispered, sending shivers down my back. I didn't know what to say and luckily I was saved by the bell, well in this case my phone, I pulled it out: I had six missed calls from Emmett and five texts from Rosalie asking where I was. I looked at the time, it was nearly five thirty, I had been gone nearly two hours. I turned around and almost walked into someone not taking notice of them before pushing my way through the crowd of people watching. I looked left then right, before being reorientated and quickly made my way to the hotel.

I walked through the glass doors to find Emmett pacing and Rosalie looking at her phone intently. I coughed and Emmett looked up angrily, anger flashed through his eyes before I saw relief.

"Sorry!" I said before anyone could say anything. "I lost track of time play candy crush then I was walking passed the Bellagio when the fountain display was going and I just had to stop and watch it. Sorry big bro, don't blame Rose, I was hungry and overwhelmed and just needed time alone please don't be angry!" I nearly cried, his eyes once again softened from their blasting glory and he wrapped his big arms around me, you see Emmett is like my personal own teddy bear, his hugs are amazing and can calm us both down.

"It's okay, just please next time, answer your phone and keep me updated! Vegas isn't he safest of places." He replied, smiling, kissing my head. We stood like that for a few minutes before we were interrupted.

"Em, I have to borrow your sister, I have to get her ready for tonight!" Rosalie said, her eyes sparkling with excitement, she grabbed my arm and pulled me away from my brother, he chuckled mischievously, before poking his tongue out and walking off to the black jack tables.

I grinned as he walked away and for a moment I thought I saw the to melt for Green eyes again, but my eyes were just playing tricks on me, I turned back to Rose her eyes not only sparkling with excitement but mischief as well.

Oh god, what am I getting myself into?


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