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Chapter II

Narrator: We are now going to continue where we left off with the rest of Teen-titans-lover-ofawesomes' questions. So here we go: Robin (Titans), why did you leave Batman's side?

Robin: It was time for me to go out into the world and work alone. Of course we all know that didn't last long after I met the others.

Beastboy: I always thought you left because you had an argument with Batman?

Robin: As I said before it wasn't anything serious. Everyone argues, it's no big thing.

Raven: Yet with Beastboy and Cyborg their arguments feel like the world is on the line.

Cyborg: It wouldn't be if he stops pushing his tofu food in my face.

Beastboy: I'm not pushing it to your face…this is pushing it in your face.

Beastboy tackles Cyborg and begins pushing some tofu in his friend's face.

Robin: Um Narrator, next question please?

Narrator: Fine, next question is: Starfire, Where did rob take you on a first date? Oooooh this is a nice one, where did the Boy Wonder take you on your first date?

Starfire: While we were in Japan, Robin took me to a nice fancy restaurant. I wore what they call a Kimono dress and Robin wore a suit or as Beastboy called "the monkey suit." What does that mean?

Robin: Don't worry about it Star. After we ate I took her to a nearby park where we walked around and sat by a nearby lake.

Starfire: Yes it was romantic and I had lot of fun.

Narrator: Awwwww, how cute and nice job Boy Wonder. Next question: Kid flash is it true that you are a science genius? Did you know your GF in the Titans world is too?

Wally: Well I don't want to brag, but yeah I'm a genius. I'm not surprise my Teen Titan counter-part is a genius too.

Artemis: A genius yes, but when it came to try making a move on me he always acted like a dork.

Wally: I still ended up getting you didn't I?

Artemis kisses Wally on the cheek.

Artemis: Yes you did.

Narrator: Okay, no more kissy stuff guys let's move on: Justice League, what are your thoughts on the Titans?

Batman: Robin did a good job forming the team, being a leader, and not giving up when things look bad. I still wish he wouldn't obsess too much about Deathstroke or lets his temper get the better of him.

Superman: Agreed, well I like them and I'm impressed at how well they did against bad guys like Deathstroke, Brother Blood, Trigon, and the Brotherhood of Evil.

Wonder Woman: They may act childish at times, but when it comes to fighting a criminal they will become serious, and fight. I wouldn't mind going up against Starfire.

Green Lantern: Cyborg is pretty cool and I'm proud of how well he did when he fought Brother Blood. The kid showed a lot of heart and guts.

Flash: Yeah, they're all pretty cool and I'm still surprise I appeared in the series as Kid Flash. I still wish I appeared more than two times in the series.

Martian Manhunter: They all have a sad past, but they used all they learned together to overcome every challenge. That is what I am glad to see from this team and how the people look up for them.

Hawkgirl: They're not bad, but I still wonder why the Doom Patrol never showed up to help the Titans against the Brotherhood of Evil near the end.

Narrator: Maybe no one liked them and didn't want them to appear again. Who knows, on with the questions: Flash, how do you feel about the way TT KF and jinx meet?

Flash: I think it was a cool way they met and I like how he tried to hit on Jinx. It was not a smart idea to go in her room, invade her privacy, and cause her to destroy her own room. Still, in the end he did get the girl and I say he is a lucky. I still wonder why I never got any girl in the Justice League series.

Narrator: Who knows dude. You were awesome, especially how you kicked Brainiac Luthor's ass. Why is the team so sensitive to the word sidekicks?

Red Arrow: Would you like it if someone called you someone's sidekick?

Robin (YJ): Some of us didn't like it, especially after all we did to prove we can be as great heroes like Batman and the others.

Kid Flash (YJ): We proved though we were as good as them especially after saving the world while Superman and the others left Earth.

Red Arrow: We defeated the Light, the Reach, and saved the world.

Narrator: At the cost of Kid Flash, it sucked my friend especially since they never told us what happened to you. Now, time for the last question: Why does it seem the Titans have more freedom?

Robin (YJ): I guess because they never fought real enemies like the ones we fought.

Robin (TT): Whoa excuse me? We defeated Trigon the Terrible and Brotherhood of Evil. They are all real enemies.

Robin (YJ): We defeated the Light, the Reach, and other super powerful villains. What do you think?

Robin (TT): That's it. Let's take this outside right now.

Robin (YJ): You're on!

Narrator: Don't make a mess in my backyard. All right now that we're done with Teen-titans-lover-ofawesomes' questions it's time for someone else to have their questions be asked and answered. From Greymon Leader Batx flashpoint, he writes: to Nightwing from Young Justice. Have you ever considered becoming someone like Punisher or Red hood or Batman flashpoint?

Nightwing: No, I don't take justice into my own hands by murdering someone. It is tempting at times, but I would never do it.

Red Hood: Don't be such a girl scout. Just do it, it's easy.

Nightwing: I'm not going to do it. Just because Joker killed you and you wanted revenge doesn't mean I will be like you.

Red Hood: You are so soft like Bruce.

Nightwing: At least I'm not a coward who uses a gun or explosives.

Narrator: Nice one, all right the second question: My second question is to Red x from Teen Titans, where are you now and would you consider yourself part of the Robin family.

Red X: Where I have been is none of your business kid. If I were to tell everyone where I am then I would get caught. That's not an option. As for considering myself as part of the Robin family, have you seen that family tree? No thanks.

Narrator: What is wrong with being part of the family?

Red X: I don't mind some of them, but there are some that look like dorks. I don't want to associate myself with them, it would hurt my style.

Narrator: And yet you help the Boy Wonder whenever he helped you.

Red X: Shut up and read the last question.

Narrator: Fine: My 3rd question is did Kid Flash cause flashpoint when he dies?

Kid Flash: I don't think so and I'm not the Flash who causes it that was Barry.

Barry: Yeah because I wanted to save my mother's life. I was wrong and I fixed it.

Kid Flash: After seeing how horrible the new timeline is like. With Wonder Woman being a bitch, Aquaman causing destruction all over the seas, Batman's dad ends up being the Batman when his son got killed, and Bruce's mom ends up being the Joker.

Barry: Okay yeah that was bad, but I fixed it in the end and that's all that matters.

Narrator: I guess, still Wonder Woman was a real bitch and she ended up killing Shazam. Anyway, the next writer who requested to be in the middle is GallagherSpitfireArcherGirl:for Speedy: what was it like fighting Cheshire (TT)?

Speedy: It was a challenge. She was different than anyone I ever fought and she defeated me. I was surprise to see she wasn't there when we fought the Brotherhood of Evil at the end.

Narrator: Awwww someone formed a crush.

Speedy: What? No I didn't.

Narrator: Yes you do. Awww did you miss your girlfriend?

Speedy: She's not my girlfriend!

Narrator: Fine, fine whatever you big baby next question: Artemis are you glad that you have a niece and are you ready to face the challenge of babysitting her every once in a while?

Artemis: I am glad, especially how my sister is limiting her jobs that involves her doing bad things. I don't approve though of her taking my niece out on some of these missions. I especially didn't like when she went with Red Arrow on a mission to find the real Speedy with their daughter with them. I mean why didn't they ask me to take care of her?

Cheshire: Don't be such a baby. I know what I'm doing. I have been taking her on a lot of missions that almost got me killed.

Artemis: What!

Cheshire: Calm down and answer the other question.

Artemis: Fine, I have been taking care of the baby for a while now and it was a challenge…I wish I had one with Wally.

Narrator: We know, it's such a shame. Last question: For red arrow when Lian starts dating when she gets older will you go all overprotective daddy on her?

Red Arrow: Oh I don't think it will be me being overprotective. I think its her momma who it will be overprotective. Hell she will probably threaten any boy that tries dating our daughter.

Cheshire: Whaaat? That is so not true…I will threaten them if they go near her.

Red Arrow: Same thing.

Narrator: Awwww your both going to win Parents of the Year. All right the next writer is BlueReader and she wrote: Robin: Did you know Slade has a son? Oh wait, he actually has two. And a daughter! (Teen Titans)

Robin: I knew he has a daughter, but a son? Who is it?

Rose: My little brother, Jericho. There is a reason why he can't talk but I'm not going to tell you what happened.

Robin: Did it involve Slade?

Rose: Yeah, it did but he didn't do anything bad to him.

Robin: Why didn't you tell me before?

Rose: I thought you knew, but oh well now you do. Next question Narrator.

Narrator: Of course Ravager: To anyone who has a counterpart in the other show, who would win in a duel?

Raven: Well since Starfire, Cyborg, and I are the only ones who don't have a counterpart in the other show we will be the ones to decide who would win.

Starfire: We all agree that the team of Young Justice would beat their counterparts from Teen Titans.

Cyborg: But if we fought them with our friends then we would win.

Raven: Yeah, with us fighting them we would win.

Megan: Yeah right, if we were there we would kick your asses.

Raven: I would like to see you try green.

Zatanna: Let's get it on then.

Cyborg: Yeah, let's do it.

Narrator: Not in the house! Do it outside. Here is a question from ThisIsWheretheNameGoes: I have a question for both Robins and the Nightwing from Young Justice. What is your opinion on the Teen Titans Nightwing's hairstyle? Is it something any of you ever see yourselves trying?

Nightwing: I don't do the long hair thing. I mean it doesn't look bad, but I prefer to have my hair short.

Robin (YJ): Yeah, besides it shouldn't matter how your hair looks in a fight. What matters is the fight.

Robin (TT): I don't know. I mean with the long hair it looks cool and the costume is awesome.

Nightwing: The costume is cool, but I still go with the short hair.

Robin (YJ): Ditto, sorry Rob.

Robin (TT): Whatever, I'm still growing mine long.

Narrator: I can't grow mine like how Nightwing has it. Good thing too since it probably would get messy. Second question from ThisIsWheretheNameGoes: , I would like to ask Red Arrow and Artemis what they think of her Teen Titans persona and if Red Arrow is interested in playing matchmaker with her and Speedy from Teen Titans.

Artemis: My sister was on the show? Wow, I must have missed that.

Red Arrow: I didn't. She captured him when the Titans were being attacked. I wonder if she got away when the villains got captured.

Artemis: Awww you do care.

Red Arrow: Shut up and as for the question of me playing matchmaker with her and Speedy, no thanks.

Cheshire: I'll do it.

Artemis: What the- when did you get in here?

Cheshire: Since the question was asked. Your losing your touch little sister.

Artemis: Don't you have a baby to take care of?

Cheshire: Already have someone looking out for her.

Red Arrow looks down and sees he is already carrying their child.

Red Arrow: When did you?

Cheshire: Be quiet, anyways I would try getting those two together and get Speedy to change his name.

Red Arrow: Thank you.

Artemis: Fine, okay but don't you think the Titans might have a problem with that?

Cheshire: They allowed Jinx into their group so they should have no problem with Speedy dating my Titan version. If not I can kill them in their sleep.

Artemis: Jade!

Narrator: Damn, that is one creepy but hot sister. Next questions is from Ghastly bloody blade: to the Young Justice team: If a 17 yr old accidentally drops in inside one if your hide outs and he can manipulate nature to his will and an excellent marksman including the fact he is from a different universe where his mother was an evil empress and his father was a former mercenary. Would you accept him into the team or auto-mark him as a villain. I'm asking because it's a character idea for a new fanfic.

Robin (TT): We would accept him and try to help.

Starfire: Agreed, we would not mark him as a villain and would want to help him.

Robin (YJ): Yeah, we would do the same and help the guy even if his mother tries to invade our home.

Zatanna: We wouldn't turn him away and we would help.

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