Puella Magi Twilight Magica

By darkponyD

000 – Dreaming of Destruction

She was running. Running faster than she ever had before, the corridor twisting and turning into inconceivable shapes as if it were actively resisting her efforts. The purple filly kept running, knowing her destination was within reach. Finally, she made it to a large, high vaulted room with stairs leading up to a door. She stopped at the foot of the stairs, looking up to the green exit sign hanging over the door. Hesitantly, she started climbing the stairs, slowly making her way to the door, her hoofsteps echoing throughout the room. She hesitated before the door. 'This is it. No going back now…' she thought as she pushed the door mechanism with her hooves. The door slowly opened to reveal what remained of Ponyville.

Ponyville had been reduced to a wasteland, building debris floating around an enormous shadowy object hovering right over the town hall. She quickly realized that she was standing on the top floor of the library, observing the events taking place around her. She walked to the balcony in a daze, looking out over the ruins of her once proud home. Not far away, a yellow pegasus filly with a pink mane launched herself towards the shadowy object. Almost immediately, one of the buildings floating in the air was directed towards her, appearing to crush her, only for her to reappear in a burst of pink energy.
As soon as she reappeared, the shadowy object threw beams of red energy towards the pegasus, which she easily dodged, even blocking one of them with the shield on her left hoof.

"That's horrible…!" the purple filly gasped.

"There's no helping it," the filly turned her head at the words, taking in the white and red, cat-like creature that had spoken. "This was too much for her to handle alone. But she came here knowing that."

The shadowy object was still throwing energy beams at the pegasus filly. She skillfully avoided every burst, those she failed to dodge being absorbed by her shield. That's when the object got clever, and focused four beams at the same time, throwing the filly into another building.

The purple filly turned to the cat-like creature. "But… That's too much! This can't be right!" The pegasus filly turned her head towards the library, ice blue eyes locking with the violet eyes of the purple filly. As she got back up, she seemed to be screaming something, but the filly on the balcony couldn't make out what she was saying
"If she gives up, it's over," the cat-like creature stated, its piercing red eyes observing the battle without caring in the slightest about the outcome, only the purple filly's choice in the future. "But you have the power to change fate itself…" the creature continued. The purple filly suddenly grabbed her head in pain, falling to the floor. "All this inevitable destruction and tragedy, you can change it, if you want. The power to do so lies within you."

The purple filly slowly got to her hooves. "Can I really?" she asked, as she watched the pegasus filly fall out of the sky, again trying to shout something to her, the words being lost to the wind. "Can I really do something to help? Could I really change this ending?"

"Of course you could," the creature replied. "So make a contract with me and become a Magical Filly!"

The purple filly looked at the ground for a moment before steeling her nerves and looking back up with a determined expression. That's when she was awoken by the light of the sun streaming in through her window. She blinked in confusion before sitting up in bed.

"What? It was all just a dream?"