Puella Magi Twilight Magica

By darkponyD

009 – There's No Way I'll Ever Regret It Part 1

Location: Ponyville Medical Center, Rooftop, Ponyville East, Approximately 2 hours before Rainbow rescues Twilight

The sun hung low in the sky, emitting a blood red light as it began to slowly slip beneath the horizon, flower petals floating on the breeze as two figures conducted business on the roof of the Ponyville Medical Center. Rainbow Dash and Kyubey stood across from each other in the center of a circular, flower maze, one standing on a stone pedestal, the other hovering in the air.

"You can really grant any wish, right?" Rainbow asked, fidgeting a little as she landed on the ground in front of Kyubey. "I mean, there aren't any ironic twists involved, are there?"

"Don't worry," Kyubey chuckled, his red eyes flashing briefly. "Your wish is absolutely grantable, with no ironic twists." The sun was now halfway below the horizon, the light quickly fading. "So," Kyubey continued. "Ready?"

Rainbow nods her head firmly. "Yes," she replied, her voice firm. "Do it." There was no going back from this decision. It was what she wanted…what she wanted for him. The sun was now below the horizon now, casting the land into twilight.

"Ahh, twilight," the white creature breathed, as he raised his long ears, as if they were hands. "How fitting that we should form The Contract at this time."

Rainbow Dash screamed in pain as Kyubey jabbed his ears into her body, quickly retracting them as a blue light began to glow from the point of impact, rising out of her body as she started to collapse from the shock. Her vision started to fade as she felt something leave her, something important. Something that she somehow knew wasn't meant to be removed. "Now," she heard through the continually growing haze. "Open yourself and accept it." She could see the blue glow that had left her now, pulsing just within reach as she raised her hooves to grasp the source of the glow. As her hooves came into contact with the newly created Soul Gem, the glow died away, and her vision faded to black. But not before she heard four words faintly uttered in the growing darkness.

"This is your destiny."


Location: Ponyville Middle School, Ponyville Central, the next day

Rarity yawned as a new day began at Ponyville Middle School, Twilight and Rainbow standing around her. "Oh, how crass of me," she giggles in embarrassment. "Please excuse me."

Rainbow's face twists into a knowing smile. "What's the matter, Rarity? Didn't get enough sleep?"

"Yes," the white filly replied. "I was kept up so late dealing with the police and the hospital last night."

"Huh? Did something happen?" the cyan filly innocently asked.

"Apparently, I went sleeptroting or some such thing," Rarity answered, her eyes narrowed, and grew thoughtful. "Oddly enough, there were many other ponies who did the same thing. When we woke up, we were all collapsed in the same place together."

Rainbow raised an eyebrow, her grin permanently plastered to her face. "Huh? What was that about?"

"The doctor said we'd had a mass hallucination or something of the sort," the white filly replied, waving a hoof dismissively before grimacing. "In fact, I have to go back in for more tests after school today. Ohh, what a bother…"

Rainbow shook her head in amusement. "After all of that, you should've just stayed home today."

"Oh no, I couldn't possibly do that!" Rarity gasped. "If I had stayed home, it would really seem like I was sick! Then my family would just get more and more worried."

"That's our little overachiever!" the cyan filly started giggling. "Good for you!"

Twilight, meanwhile, wasn't really paying attention. Here attention was on a certain yellow filly who's glare was aimed full power at the trio of friends, particularly on Rainbow Dash.

Location: Industrial District, Wind Farm, Ponyville South

The end of another school day found Twilight and Rainbow laying on a riverbank just outside of the city wind farm, with Rainbow stretching and sighing in pleasure. "It's been a while since I've felt this good," she said, eyes closed. "I'm totally refreshed!"

Twilight glanced over at her friend in confusion. "Rainbow... Aren't you even a little bit scared?"

"Well," the cyan filly sighed. "I guess I am a little. But I was able to beat that Night Mare yesterday pretty easily. And when I think of how I might've lost both of my best friends, that scares me a heck of a lot more. Which is why," here the cyan filly sits up, pulling out here Soul Gem. "I don't really know what to call it. Self-confidence, maybe? Or relief? I guess I'm a little nit proud of myself right now, too." Rainbow puts away her Soul Gem and takes to the air. "Anyway," she continues. "I'm really getting fired up for this now!" She then places her right hoof over her heart, while placing her left hoof behind her back, careful not to get it in the way of her beating wings. "From here on, I - Magical Filly Rainbow Dash - will never leave Ponyville, or its citizens, hanging! It'll be the safest its ever been now that I'm here!"

Twilight closed her eyes. "You really don't have any regrets at all?"

"Well," Rainbow began as she touched back down next to her friend. "If I have any regrets, its probably that I hesitated for so long." Her mind went to Pinkie as the cyan filly gave a sad smile. "Since I ended up doing it anyway, I feel like I should have made up my mind sooner. If I had been there to fight that Night Mare with Pinkie, then maybe she wouldn't have had to die."

Twilight's mind immediately turn to her friend's death as it was brought up. She would have broke down right there and then, if it wasn't for Rainbow spotting the depressed look on her face and taking action in the form of reaching a hoof to her and booping her nose. "Hey!" She cried in surprise.

Rainbow couldn't help snickering at her friend's reaction. "Come on, you're not thinking something silly, are you?"

"I... I should've..."

"It's easy for me to say so only because I've become one already," the cyan filly stopped her mid-sentence. "The important thing is that I've made my decision. Honestly, I really do think I was meant to be a Magical Filly. After all, I found something I truly wished for. Something I wouldn't mind having to risk my life fighting for. Having a wish that strong gives me reason enough. I guess the one frustrating thing is how long it took me to realize how much it meant to me." Rainbow glanced over at Twilight, finding her with a confused look on her face. "What I'm trying to say here, is you have no reason for feeling guilty. It just means there's no problem if you don't want to become a Magical Filly." It was at that moment that a chime from the bell tower at the train station began to strike the hour. "Well," Rainbow said as she prepared to take off into the air once more. "It's about time I got going."

"Do you have something to do this afternoon?" Twilight asked.

"Sort of," was the reply she got as the new Magical Filly took off, leaving Twilight alone with her thoughts.

Location: Ponyville Medical Center, Recovery Room 101, Ponyville East

"I see. So they aren't discharging you yet?" Rainbow Dash was once again sitting beside Acoustic Blues' bed, this time having a much more cheerful conversation.

"I've still got to finish my leg rehab," the blue colt replied. "After all, I can't do very much until I can walk again." He raised healed wing into his field of vision. "Plus, we still have no idea why my hand suddenly healed like that. So the doctors want me to stay so that they can run a couple more tests."

"And how do you feel, Blues?" Rainbow asked innocently. "Does any part of your body feel strange at all?"

Blues shook his head. "No. In fact, I feel so fine its almost scary. The accident almost feels like a bad dream now. So much so that I sometimes wonder why I'm still in this bed. Its just like you said, Rainbow. It's a miracle."

The colt's face suddenly darkened. A fact that Rainbow immediatley took notice of. "What's the matter?"

"I..." Blues hesitated, not sure how he should put it. "I said some really aweful things to you, Rainbow. Just because I was depressed, it doesn't excuse-"

"Oh, forget about stuff like that!" Rainbow said, cutting the colt off. "Right now, you should be completely over the moon happy about your hand. So don't make a face like that."

Blues immediately brightens. "Right. Though, to be honest, it still hasn't really sunk in yet."

"Well that's no surprise," Rainbow chuckled. She then glances over to the clock on the wall. "Well, it looks like its just about time." The blue colt looks over at her in confusion. "Say, Blues, why don't we go out for some fresh air?"

"Say, Rainbow," the pair were now on their way up to the roof, a fact that had Blues confused. "What are we going to the roof for?"

Rainbow grinned, not wanting give away the surprise just yet. "You'll see."

The elevator soon arrived at its destination, allow its passengers to walk onto the roof. Well, allowing one of its passengers to wheel the other onto the roof, since Blues was confined to a wheelchair. The sound of clapping hooves was soon heard as the pair exited the elevator, the source of which was a group of 5 doctors and nurses, as well as Blues' parents. They had all come up to celebrate his miraculous recovery.

The blue colt gasped in shock. "Why are you all...?"

"We'll have the real party after you're released from the hospital," Rainbow explained, chuckling. "Since your wing healed already..."

Blues' father slowly walks over, a guitar case on his back. "Is that...?" the blue colt breathed in excitement.

The stallion nods his head. "You told me to get rid of it, but I just couldn't bear to throw it away." As he says this, he sets the case on the ground and opens it, revealing a pristine, blue, guitar. A valuable instrument already, made even more valuable considering it was the last instrument ever made with Timberwolves Bane wood, a special wood native to the Everfree Forest, and currently illegal to use. Blues' guitar was the last to be made before the law was passed.

The colt hesitantly picked it up in his wings, giving it a few experimental strums to check the tuning before he begins to play.

((Listen to this before continuing the chapter: www . youtube watch? v=pSCSRYfZ8Uk))

It was a beautiful piece, a few of the ponies even began to sing the lyrics as he played. Rainbow just watched as a smile broke out on her face. A genuine, warm smile. Not the silly, playful and mischievous grins she was known for. 'Pinkie,' she thought. 'My wish has been granted. Theres no way I'll ever regret it! This is the happiest moment of my life.'

As the song came to an end, all those on the roof gave an appreciative round of applause, to which he simply bowed his head in appreciation.

Location: Observation Tower, Ponyville Central

As the new Magical Filly was visiting the colt she had a crush on, another filly, with much darker intentions, was observing the scene through a pair of magically enhanced binoculars.

"So that's the city's new Magical Filly, huh?" The orange filly known as Applejack said, taking a bite out of an apple.

Kyubey stood behind her on small table. "Are you really going to pick a fight with her?" he asked with a tilt of his head.

"Sure," she replied, causing the binoculars to vanish with a wave of her hoof. "Seems like an easy win to me. She won't even know what hit her." She grinned devilishly. "Or do you have a problem with that?"

The white creature shook his head. "It may not all work out the way you imagine. There's another Magical Filly in the city, after all."

"Huh? Who is it?"

"Honestly, I don't really know myself," Kyubey replied with a shrug.

"What the hay is that supposed to mean?" the orange filly demanded. "If she's a Magical Filly, she must have made a contract with you, right?"

"You could say yes," Kyubey responded cryptically. "You could also say no. She's quite the 'irregularity'. Even I can't guess when or where she'll strike."

"Heh," the orange filly scoffed. "Sounds good to me! It was gettin' kinda boring around here, anyway. Gotta shake things up once in a while after all!" With that, Applejack finished off the apple she was eating, and walked away, plans already formulating in her head.