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Nanu woke up at 8am and started to put her game cards, iPod, and cell phone in her pocket and re-put on her bracelet and necklace. Once she put her on her necklace her ears and tail disappeared. Nanu then walked over to her bedroom door to unlock it before walking out of the room. Once she left her room, Nanu walked down stairs for breakfast. When Nanu walked inside the kitchen she saw grandpa making breakfast and Yugi sitting in a chair playing with something.

"Good morning grandpa, Yugi."

Yugi turned around in his chair and saw Nanu at the door.

"Good morning Nanu."

"Good morning Nanu," said grandpa still cooking breakfast.

Nanu walked over to the kitchen table to take a set for breakfast. Grandpa finished the food and brought it over to the table. When he placed the food down on the table, Nanu started to dig in and put away something he was doing before he started to eat.

"So Yugi, Nanu what are you doing today?" asked grandpa.

"I am going to take Nanu shopping today and hang out a bit," said Yugi.

"Do you need any money Nanu for shopping?" asked grandpa.

"That's nice, but I don't think I can accept it," said Nanu.

"It's fine Nanu. You just have to work here to pay it off," said grandpa.

"A-alright thank you," Nanu said with a small blush on her face.

"Of course, know why don't you to get going don't," grandpa said while standing up and picking up the dishes.

"OK," said Yugi and Nanu at the same time.

They got up and walked out of the kitchen. When they got to the shop door Yugi opened it and walked outside with Nanu right behind him.

'I can't believe that I will be hanging out with Yugi all day'

Nanu had a smile on her face while walking besides Yugi. She was having a great time and wish it won't end. They walked in silence on the way to the mall. Nanu didn't know what to say to Yugi at all but a few minutes later Yugi said," Nanu, I hope that we can stay friends."

She can hear the sadness in his voice and she knows why.

"Yugi I won't leave you. You are my friend and it will always be that way no matter what," Nanu said with a smile.

Yugi put a smile on his face from what Nanu said to him.

"Thank you Nanu," Yugi said.

"No problem Yugi," Nanu said.

'I am going to protect Yugi until Yami comes. Yami….. I can't wait to meet you'

Nanu still had s smile on her face when they walked into the mall. They decided to go school shopping first then clothes/shoe shopping. Yugi and Nanu walked into one of the stores to buy a backpack, paper, pencils, pens and notebooks. After they got what they need Nanu and Yugi left the store.

"Yugi…. What happened to your parents?" Nanu asked.

"My dad is… well he is never home. He travels a lot and I never get the chance to see him. My mom is out of the house now but don't worry grandpa already told mom about you," Yugi said still walking.

"Was your mom angry for what grandpa said?" Nanu asked walking by Yugi.

"A little but she ended up happy. She might take you out shopping," Yugi said with a smile.

"I don't mind at all," said Nanu.

Yugi and Nanu walked into a clothes store so she can get some more clothes. Nanu got under garments, 5 pairs of shirts in different colors, 5 parries of tang tops in different collars and three pairs of PJ's. After they were all paid for, Nanu walked into a shoe store to get a pair of shoes foe school and one pair of high heels.

"Yugi let's go grab something to eat," Nanu said walking out of the store.

"Alright let's go eat," Yugi said.

They walked over to the food court to grab some hamburgers, drinks and fries. Nanu and Yugi got their food and went to find a place to eat. Once they found their seats they sat down and started to eat their lunch.

"Sorry about all the shopping Yugi," Nanu said with a small blush on her face.

"Don't worry about it Nanu. We just need to get you the school uniform for school tomorrow," Yugi said.

"Alright," said Nanu.

They finished up their lunch and headed over to a store that sells school uniforms. Nanu and Yugi walked into the store to grab a uniform.

'Of course the school uniform, Sigh, guess I have to wear it'

Nanu got her size for the uniform to wear tomorrow. The uniform was a short blue skirt with pockets, white shirt, pink sweater and blue bow tie.

'I would hate it if it was not for the blue skirt and bow'

"Nanu are you ready to go back? We can help a bit before we go to bed," asked/said Yugi.

"Sure let's go Yugi," Said Nanu.

They got what was needed and headed back to the game shop.

~ Twenty Minutes Later~

Nanu and Yugi arrived at the game shop and walked inside.

"Were back grandpa," Yugi and Nanu said at the same time.

Grandpa came down stairs and said," welcome back you too."

"Thank you for what you did for me," Nanu said.

"Don't worry about it Nanu," grandpa said with a smile.

"Alright I will go put my things in my room and come back down," Nanu said getting her things from Yugi.

"OK," said grandpa.

Nanu went up to her room and put everything away. Once done she went down stairs to help in the shop before dinner is ready. She went into the shop and helped Yugi for a bit. Five minutes later the shop closed and they headed up stairs for dinner. They went into the kitchen to start eating dinner. Once they were done eating Nanu said good night and headed up stairs. Nanu closed and closed and locked her door before she took out her dual cards, iPod and cell phone from her pockets. Then she put on some PJ's she bought today (PJ's are baby blue). One on Nanu took off her bracelet and necklace before going to sleep. She was in her neko form and head over to bed so she can get a good rest for tomorrow.

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