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Chapter Five

One night at the School on the roof was a student with three other people.


There were two men in front of the student and a boy was behind them.

"This guy doesn't know when to give up."

"This card is a memento of my father…that's way…"

The two men in front of the student started to move closer. Then the student starts shaking and yells"…please don't take it!"

Then the two men in front of him walk up to the student and covered his mouth, before they start to hit him.

"Let go!"

Another walks over and asked," not yet?"

The two guys tried harder to get the card but the student won't let go.

"Hey! Fork it over! Now!"

Then one of them punched the student in the stomach.

"Take it!"

The student loses his grip on his card and the card drops in someone's hand.

"With this, we've got all the cards we want from this school. Young master."

The guy looks back at the student before looking back as the young master walks away. Once they left the school, they head back home.

"Young master…there are other school where cards are popular."

The young master holds up the card and looks at it a bit.


Nanu was sitting at her desk looking down at her deck. She knew that she had rare cars with her.

'…I still can't believe I came here with my deck…I can't let Seto get them'

Nanu quickly put her deck away and looked over at Yugi. She saw that Jounouchi and the others surrounding Nanu got up from her seat and walked over to them.

"Duel Monsters?" asked Jounouchi when Nanu arrived at the desk.

"Yeah. It became popular when I was in third grade. It's started to become popular at other schools too," Yugi said.

'There are more types…'

"Pretty," Miho said.

"There are thousands of types," Yugi said.

"That many?" asked Anzu.

'Anzu acts like a blonde…which makes me laugh'

"So…how do you play?" asked Jounouchi.

"This is a card battle game. Look! The defense and attack points are written right? Further, you fight your opponent's cards on this field," Yugi said laying a map on his desk.

"Seems fun," Anzu said.

'…someone please help her…'

Jounouchi then puts his hands behind his head before saying," Really?! I don't like these kinds of games."

'And yet he starts to play it'

Honda then shows up and says," you don't mean 'childish game'…you mean 'games where you use your head. '

Then Joey walks over to Honda mad and yells," Honda…what's that mean!"

"As you heard, no secret meanings here," Honda said.

"You bastard!" yells Jounouchi.

'Joey yells too much and Anzu act that she is all that…'

Anzu walks up to Jounouchi and Honda, and then she asked," by the way what's with the get up?"

"This? These cards are popular right now right? With such a collection item…these will be those who'll obtain rare cards through unjust means," Honda said.

"Really, over these cards?" asked Anzu when Yugi held up a card.

"No, there are people in America who come here to buy just one card. Grandpa is also a Mania," Yugi said.

'Grandpa is not the only one'

Honda then gets close to Yugi before saying," That's it! I, as part of a Strong Beautification week, will prevent illegal cards."

"Hey! Hey! That's not really a 'Beatification' person's job right?" Jounouchi asked.

Honda looks at Jounouchi mad yells," A Beatification member doesn't just clean the dirty…the first step is to prevent garbage! This is the Beautification member's mission! However…these are few destined for this…no…I'm the only one! So I set up strong Beautification week to fight that…with this, the whole nation…"

"Right, Right!" Honda stops talking and saw that everyone was sitting at their desk. "Mind if I interrupt?" So Honda went to his desk. "Today we have a new student."

'Seto's much cooler in Season One'

'I wonder what kind of kid it'll be' Yugi thought before putting his elbows on his desk. 'I hope it's a kid who likes games'

"Please come in."

The door opens up and a student was standing there. Jounouchi then puts his hands behind his head.

"He's Kaiba Seto-Kun."

"Kaiba…you mean that…," Miho said before trailing off.

"…From the top class amusement industry, Kaiba Corporation?" Anzu asked.

"Yes, he's the heir."
'Even is Seto is the heir he's…hard to be friends with'

"Nice to meet you," Kaiba said.

"Wonderful," Anzu said.

"A rich, spoiled brat, I can't stand those," Jounouchi said.

"Ah! There's space in front of Yugi."

Kabia walks over to the desk and looks down.

"Hey," Yugi said.

Seto sees a card and picks it up and handed it to Yugi.

'Seto, just pretends to be nice, then he change'

"Duel Monsters right? Yours?" asked Kabia.

"Thanks. Are you into the games?" asked Yugi.

"Yeah, I love them," Kabia said.

'Of course…you love to steal everyone's rare cards'

~After School~

Outside the gate of the school Yugi, Nanu and the gang where at a car, Yugi was the car window and Kabia was sitting down.

"I'll be waiting, so definitely come," Kabia said.

"I'm definitely going," Yugi said with a smile.

Kabia then drives away from the school and Jounouchi has his hands behind his head. Nanu looks down at Yugi's shadow and saw how worried Yami was getting.

"What a great car, right Nanu," Miho said.

Nanu looks at Miho and said," Of course Miho."

"Hey, Yugi you're getting along already?" asked Anzu.

"Kabia-Kun is going to show me his card collection," Yugi said.

"Kabia-Kun's house?! Miho wants to go too!" yells Miho.

'I wonder what his house looks like'

"Let's all go! Yells Yugi and everyone look at him. Yugi then yells," I'm sure he;d be pleased! I'm sure looking forward to it!"

'I'm not'

~Kabia's Place~

"Hey! Isn't there some law against an individual having such, a large house," Jounouchi said.

"Of course not!" yelled Anzu and Nanu

'I can't believe I agreed with Anzu…I need to remind myself to not do it again'

A minute later Honda arrives with a bike and Miho was sitting on the back.

"Not a taxi right?" asked Anzu.

"Hey everyone, glade you made it." Everyone was wondering where the voice was coming from. "Please come in." Then the gate opened up.

"Wow," Yugi said.

'Seto just loves to show off'

Everyone walks inside and up to the front door, and then the door opens up.

"Everyone came? I'm so pleased," Kaiba said.

'Ya right…you just wanted Yugi here'

They walked inside the house and started to walk down the hall.

"What an amazing mansion," Yugi said.

"I have to agree Kabia. Your mansion is beautiful," Nanu said.

"It's no big deal," Kabia said.

"If this is 'no big deal' then what would mine be," Jounouchi asked and Anzu laughs a bit.

'It never gets old to see Joey and Tristan argue' (Nanu will start to call Honda, Tristan)

"Jounouchi, jealousy is most unsightly," Honda said.

Jounouchi gets mad and grab's Honda while yelling, " Honda! You saying that hella piss me off!"

Anzu walks over to break them up. Once she broke them up she asked," Hey you guys! Can you at least at properly here?"

Kabia, Nanu and Nanu stopped and looks behind them. Kabia then says," it's all right. It's more fun if it's lively." They then turned back around and started to walk again.

"That polished pig…I dislike him more and more," Jounouchi said.

"Really? He's rich but not snobby, seems like a good guy," Honda said.

'Good guy…Ya right'

Once they stopped at a door, Kabia opened it then says,"" Come, Yugi-kun, this is my card collection."

"Wow," Yugi and Nanu said.

'Okay, that's a lot of cards'

Anzu and everyone looked around the room. Then Anzu asks," What are those?"

"It's from when I won the Duel Monster National Tournament," Kabia said.

'I will make sure Kabia does not get mine, but it must be nice winning all those trophies'

Honda walks over to Jounouchi and puts his hand on his shoulder. He then said," give it up. He's way above you."

Miho then walks up too Kaiba and said," Kaiba-Kun! Instead of the cards…tell us about your amusement park."

Honda then walks over to Miho and Kabia. He then said," Miho-Chan, I have some tickets."

'You should give up Tristan'

"I'll make a reservation for you at an amusement park," Kaiba said.

Miho gets happy and hugs Kaiba while yelling;" you're the best!"

Honda gets mad and says," Kabia…I can't stand him."

"That's right, Yugi-Kun, Nanu, I bet you have some rare cards," Kabia said.

"I don't have any," Yugi said.

"Same, I don't have any," Nanu said.

'I will never let you have my cards'

"Hey, didn't you say earlier your grandpa had an amazing card?" Anzu asked.


"I'd definitely like to see," Kabia said.

Joey and Honda get mad and walk over to Yugi and Nanu.

"Yugi, Nanu! Show it to him right away," Jounouchi said.

"Yeah, yeah," Honda said.

'Then Kabia takes the card tomorrow'

Yugi and Nanu gets worried and said," Then…

"Thank you. I look forward to it," Kabia said cutting them off.

~Game Shop~

"My best card?" asked Solomon

"Grandpa, please, can you show it?" asked Yugi.

'Why Yugi…but I can't interfere in it…but I can help Joey and Tristan'

"Please, definitely show it," Kabia said with a bow.

"Looks like I've got no choice! It'll be a moment," He starts to look for the card. "Where is it…?" Solomon finds it and shows it to them. "Here it is," Solomon said.

"Th-this is…! Yelled Kabia a bit.

"What?! I thought it'd have diamonds or jewels attached to it," Miho said.

'Miho is such an air head'

Honda walks over to Miho and Jounouchi to get a better look.

"It's no different from the others," Jounouchi said.

"Right," Honda said.

Solomon thinks about it for a few minute before saying," you guys don't get it. It's called the Blue Eyes Dragon. It's so powerful that its production was cancelled. Mania's would drool at this super rare card."

"Saying it that way makes it seem more moving," Anzu said.

'You would'

Honda walks over to Solomon and slams his hands on the table before yelling," Grandpa! This kind of card is the most dangerous! As a beautification member, I must warn you! Please turn it over for safekeeping!"

"Why would a beautification member care?" Solomon asked.

"True…," Honda said railing off.

"Grandpa!" yells Kabia.

Honda, Solomon and Anzu look over at Kaiba.

'Seto Know tries to bribe Grandpa'

Seto brings his brief case over to them and puts it on the counter. Then he says," Th-that Blue Eyes Dragon…please take all these cards in a trade for it," And opens up his brief case, to show Duel Monster cards.

Honda, Yugi and Jounouchi were shock seeing a lot of card but Nanu was not impressed.

"Amazing!" yelled Jounouchi.

"No," Solomon said.

Honda, Yugi, Jounouchi was shock at Solomon's reply but Nanu was not. She was just hoping for Kabia to leave.

"The refusal was also amazing," Jounouchi said.

"There's no way…?" Kabia asked.

Solomon laughs a bit before saying," Kaiba-Kun, right? I understand how you feel, but…I'm not keeping the card because it's rare…" Solomon trails off and looks at a picture behind him. He then says," This card is something given to me from a good friend in America. It's a treasure filled with memory. There is no way I can part with it." Kabia starts to get mad and Solomon continues," plus, truly precious treasures have you heart in it. This card too. That's why, Kabia-Kun…you should cherish each card in your trunk."

'That made him mad'

"You're right. I was mistaken," Kabia said before he closes his brief case. He then turns around to leave the shop but on his way out Kabia said," I think I'll go home now"

'But we will see you soon'

"Grandpa, you said something great," Jounouchi said.

"I have to agree with Joey, Grandpa," Nanu said with a smile.

Miho the runs over to Solomon and gives him a hug while saying," I see you in a new light."

~Night Time~

Kabia was in his limo on his way back home and on the way he said," Blue Eyes Dragon."

~Game Shop~

"Thank you for dinner Grandpa," Nanu said while she took her dishes to the sink.

"Thank you Grandpa," Yugi said as well.

"Of course you too," Solomon said with a smile and headed to the sink to wash the dishes.

"Yugi let's head upstairs…I want to show you something," Nanu said.

"Nanu and Yugi headed towards the stairs and walked up. When they reached Yugi's room they walked inside. They both sat down on the bed and Nanu toke out her deck.

"These are my Duel Monster cards…they are my treasure," Nanu said showing Yugi her deck.

"I didn't know you have a deck," Yugi said.

"That's because…I don't trust Kabia…I have rare cards in my deck," Nanu said.

"Can I see them?" Yugi asked with a smile.

"Of course," Nanu said before handing her deck to Yugi.

Yugi took her deck and started to look through it. He was surprise at the cards she has and said," I have not seen these cards before."

Nanu smiled and said," I brought them from my world. I always have them on me when I watch Yu-Gi-Oh! My dad brought some from Egypt, my mom gives me from America and then I got some from Japan. They gave me my cards on my tenth birthday but I'm not good because I have no one to play me."

"How about you and me play before bedtime?" Yugi asked before handing Nanu her deck back.

"Alright Yugi," Nanu said taking out her deck.

Yugi got out his deck and they started to play. (Sorry but I will skip the battle.)

Wow…I can't believe that we tied," Nanu said shock.

"Same but you played great Nanu," Yugi said.

"Thank you Yugi," Nanu said with a blush.

Yugi and Nanu talked some more until the phone ringed. Yugi picked up the Phone and Nanu got worried.

'Seto does not know how to give up'

"Muto residents," Yugi said.

'May I talk to Yugi-Kun?'

'This is him'

'Yugi-Kun I was wondering if you can bring the Blue Eyes Dragon card tomorrow'

'I don't know…it's our Grandpa's card'

'Please Yugi-Kun'

'I can ask in the morning'

'Thank you Yugi-Kun, I need to go good night'

'Good night'

Yugi hanged up the phone and Nanu said," Night Yugi."

"Night Nanu," Yugi said with a smile.

Nanu smiled until she walked out of his room and into her own. She closed and locked her door before putting her card, cell, bracelet and necklace on the side table.

"Sigh…I need to make sure I get the card back tomorrow," Nanu whispered. A minute later a knock came to her door and she asked," Who is it?"

"It's Yugi, may I come in."

Nanu can tell that Yami was at her door so she walked over. Once at her door she unlocked the door and opened it up. Yami walked inside and Nanu closed the door.

"What can I do for you Yami," Nanu said as she walked over to her bed and sat down.

"I was just wondering if you're alright," Yami said.

"I'm fine but…Yugi will take the card with him to school. I hope nothing happened to it," Nanu said.

"Don't worry, I will protect you and everyone else," Yami said.

"Okay…you should go back to bed Yami," Nanu said with a smile.

"Alright, night Princess," Yami said before leaning down and kissed Nanu on her check.

Nanu blushed at Yami left her room

'I didn't expect that…Yami kissed me'

Nanu snapped out of it and got up. She walked towards her door and locked it again. Nanu then turns off the light and headed to bed.


Before class started, Yugi was teaching Honda and Jounouchi to play Duel Monsters and Nanu watched.

"Take your cards from the pile one by one," Yugi said.

"Then I'll start," Honda said as he draws a card. He looks at his card until he found one. "Zombie! Attack points 800, 0f course I place it in the graveyard field," Honda said as her puts the card down.

Jounouchi the says," I'm next." And draws a card, he looks at the card and yells," Dark Dragon! Attack points 1500!" Jounouchi gets excited of winning and yells," Alright! I win!"

"I lost," said Honda.

Yugi then says," Nope! Honda-Kun wins."

"Why?!" yelled Honda and Jounouchi."

'It was a good game…Joey just needs to practice more'

"It's true Zombie's attack and defenses are weaker then Dark Dragon. But its field is the graveyard. Zombie's power is doubled. Pick the right field, and your card's attack points go up," Yugi said.

Jounouchi throws his cards on the desk and says," shit."

"My cards have the beautification's heart within them," Honda said.

"A beautification like you in a Zombie would be pretty dirty," Jounouchi said.

"Don't be a poor loser," Honda said.

"You two played great," Nanu said with a smile.

"Thank you Nanu," Honda and Jounouchi said.

Then a minute later Anzu and Miho walks into the classroom.

'Look its Miho and the blond' (Anzu act's like one)

"Good morning. Jounouchi-Kun and Honda-un have started Duel Monsters too?" Miho asked.

'And Miho is an air head…I wonder why Tristan likes her'

"Yeah, they want to challenge Kabia-Kun," Anzu said.

Honda and Jounouchi points at each other and yells," That's THIS guy!" Then looks at each other and yells," What?!"

"Calm down you too," Nanu said laughing a bit.

Then Kabia walks inside the class room and says," Good Morning, Yugi-Kun and Nanu."

Everyone looks towards the door and saw Kabia there.

"Kaiba-Kun," Yugi said.

"Good morning," Nanu said.

He walks over to Yugi and said," by the way, about the phone call last night."

'Seto is such…no wonder I like him better in Season One'

"Yeah," Yugi said before he looks in his backpack. He starts to look through it while saying," I asked Grandpa and he let me borrow it for the day."

"And I still think it's a bad idea," Nanu said under her breath.

"Thank you! I wanted to see this again so badly! He taught me to love cards," Kabia said.

'Ya right'

Once Yugi found the card he hands the card to Kabia and said," Here! Blue Eyes Dragon."

Kabia takes the card and said," Wow! Amazing each time I see it." He then reaches behind him. 'When I return it I'll switch it with a copy' "Thank you," Kabia said but then drops the card and then said," sorry." Kabia reaches down to get it. "Here," he says as he hand Yugi the card.

Tristan, Jounouchi and Nanu saw everything, when Yugi got the card back.

"This card…it only shines when the rightful owner has it," Kaiba said.

~Walking Home~

Yugi was walking back home and he was looking down at the card that Kabia gave back. Then a minute later Anzu shows up out of nowhere.

"Yugi, aren't Nanu, Honda-Kun and Jounouchi-Kun with you? Well, they said they're going to play Kabia in Duel Monsters. I thought you'd be with them Yugi," Anzu said.

"Jounouchi-Kin, Honda-Kun and Nanu did?" asked Yugi.

~School Roof~

At the roof of the school Jounouchi, Honda and Nanu, they called Kabia to get the card that he took from Yugi.

"Calling me out here…what do you want?" Kabia asked.

"Don't play dumb, Kabia. We know!" Yell Jounouchi.

Honda points at Kabia and yells," you switched cards with Yugi!"

"So give it back Kabia," Nanu said.

Kabia laughs before saying/yelling." How mean. There's no way I'd do that. That'd be stealing!"

"My beautification eyes don't miss a speck of dust, you can't fool me! If you're smart you'll be quite and return it!" yelled Honda.

"That's right Kabia! Return Yugi's card!" yelled Nanu.

'Don't know why I'm yelling. He won't return it'

Joey gets mad and runs up to Kabia. He grabs Kabia's shirt and yells," There's no way he's smart! I couldn't stand him from the beginning!"

"You'll regret it," Kabia said.

'And know the fight time'

"You punk!" Jounouchi yells before he brings his fist back but before he punched him someone stops him. He turns around and sees a guy behind him and that same guy punched him in the face.

"Jounouchi!" yelled Honda, well Nanu yelled," Joey!"

They started to run over to him. Nanu knelled down to make sure he was fine.

"You bastard!" yelled Honda.

"I hope you don't think badly of me. Their job is to protect the next President, me," Kabia said.

'No wonder I don't like Seto in Season Zero'

"Shit!" yelled Honda

The Two body guards started to walk over to Honda, Nanu and Jounouchi. Then a minute later Yugi started to run up the school stairs to the roof. He opens the door and was shock at what he saw. Yugi saw Jounouchi and Honda on the ground hurt but one of the body guards was holding Nanu.

'I swear if they try something, I'll kill them'

"Jounouchi-Kun! Honda-Kun! Nanu!" yelled Yugi.

"Please listen, Yugi-Kun. These three made an unbelievable false accusation," Kabia said.

"Did they say you switched our Grandpa's card?" Yugi asked and Kabia was shocked. "I noticed, but…I thought you'd reconsider and would return it," Kaiba's bodyguards look as Kaiba. "You also love games." Kaiba then smiles. "But it seems I'm wrong. Give it back! You have that card right?! That card is so important to our Grandpa!" yells Yugi before he runs up to Kaiba and grabs his arm and yells again," That card is our Grandpa's heart!" Please give it back!"

'I need to get free and help Yugi and Yami'

Kaiba then gets mad and yells," Filthy hands…" he then hits Yugi with his brief case,"…do not touch me!"

Yugi falls on the ground and said," Kabia-Kun."

'Yugi's in trouble…I need to get free'

Kaiba starts to walk over to Yugi and says," A card is a heart?" Ridiculous! A card is a card. When the proper person has it, its true power is revealed." Yugi and Nanu become shocked. "Tell your Gramps this…games are not hearts! You have to have the tenacity to win by any means." Then Kaiba turns around by saying," I never imagined I'd get my hands on such a great find." Yugi starts to get up but one of Kabia's bodyguards starts to walk over to him.

'No…have to get free…if anything happens I will never forgive myself'

"Kaiba-Kun…" Yugi said walking towards the door but got stopped by his backpack. Yugi gets turned around and saw one of Kabia's bodyguards.

'No! Got to get free!

Nanu watched as the bodyguard brought his fist back and yells," It's no use, boy!" Then he punches Yugi in the stomach.

"NO!" yelled Nanu, the bodyguard let go of her because a light surrounded her.

Yugi starts to fall on the ground holding his stomach. When he was on the ground he saw a light surrounding Nanu before passing out. Once the light died down Nanu looked completely different. Her hair was tied up in a high pointy tail, a white skirt that reaches her knee, baby blue shirt with sleeves hanging a little off her shoulder and was wearing white sandals. Nanu's tail and ears wear out, even though she had the necklace on. She looked around and saw, Jounouchi, Honda and Yugi on the ground but two men standing. One behind her and one by Yugi, before she could do anything Yugi's puzzle starts to glow. A second later Yami came out. He saw Nanu and was shock to see her in different clothes. Then the bodyguard looked over and Yami got up before saying," whether it's 'no use' or not…let's find out"

~Front of the School~

Kaiba walks towards his car.

"Kaiba!" yelled Yami and Nanu, Kabia turns around and Yami said;"…it's game time."

Kabia gets shock and said," Yugi…Nanu."

~School Roof~

Jounouchi and Honda start to get up and was surprise at what they saw.

"What?" Asked Honda when he saw both of Kabia's bodyguards hurt and on the ground.


Kaiba and Yami were sitting down at a desk ready to Duel and Nanu sat next to Yami.

"Yugi, you know you're challenging a Duel Monster expert. Think you can win?" asked Kaiba.

'Yami will win'

"I don't know. However…This Duel Monsters game…will be different from before," Yami said.

"I can't wait," Nanu said under her breath.

"I'll look forward to it, Yugi," Kaiba said. 'But this confidence…it's like a different person!'

"Well each have forty cards. Life points two thousand. You lose when it hits Zero. Game…start!" Yami yelled.

~Game Start~

Kaiba draws a card and says," I'll start first. Level five Gargoyle." Attack points one thousand and defense fifteen-hundred. He puts the card on the field and smoke starts to come out of it. "I place him on the Dark Forest field." The card starts to come alive. "What?" The card appears in real life on the field. "It can't be!"

'That's right Seto. You never played a game like this before'

"Didn't I tell you? 'This game would be different from all others.' I block your attack with this card," Yami said as he puts the card on the field. 'Dark Dragon.' This card has fifteen-hundred attacks and eight hundred defenses. "I place it on the lake field." The card comes out of the card. "Battle!"

"Go, Gargoyle!" yelled Kaiba.

Dark Dragon attacks Gargoyle, and Gargoyle is now on fire and gets destroyed. Kabia becomes mad at this.

Yami: 2000 Kabia: 1500

"The card…?" asked Kaiba as he watched Gargoyle disappear.

'That's right Seto…this game has different rules'

"That's right…the losing card is completely destroyed. This is…a Duel Monster Yami no Game," Yami said.

Kaiba then starts to laugh and gets excited. "Interesting! Very interesting, Yugi! This is the ultimate game that I've been searching for!" 'However…' He picks up a card. '…This duel won't last very long it seems' Then he puts the card down and yells," One of the strongest, rare card…Minotaurus!" Attack points seventeen hundred and defense one thousand. "His field is the desert!" The card was placed on the desert field and came out. "Go!" Dark Dragon attacks Minotaurus blocks it. "It's no use. Minotaurus attack and defense is higher than the Dragon!" Minotaurus attacks Dark Dragon and Dark Dragon then disappears.

Yami: 1500 Kaiba: 1500

'It's tied know but it's not finished yet'

Kaiba then said," so…pull your next card. You won't find a card better than Minotaurus so quickly."

'Yes he can Seto'

Yami draws his card and looks at it. "Holy Elf." Card appears on the field. 'Her defense is high…but almost no attack. She'll have to do for now.' Attack five hundred and defense two thousand.

'If I act carelessly my life points will be last. I'll put Minotaurus in defense.' Kaiba switches his card in defense and draws a card. "But…he pulled a good card pretty quickly. I can't use this, so let's put this aside for now," Kaiba said and left the card he drawled alone.

'A magic card! If combined with his current strength…I won't be able to resist…' Draws a card and looks at it. "The next card…wight." This card has three hundred attacks and two hundred defenses. "This won't work!"

"So here I come. It's the magic card I put down earlier." Kabia puts the magic card on top of Minotaurus. "Growth! Minotaurus attack power is further increased." Attack twenty-five hundred and defense twelve hundred. "Any monster you pick will be useless!" Minotaurus attacks Holy Elf and kills her. Kabia then laughs before yelling," no cad you pick can beat Minotaurus. Give it up, Yugi. It's over. Now…pull your last card!"

'This game is not over Seto. Yami will win'

Yami draws a card before saying," of course I'm not giving up."

Kaiba then says," Fine with me."

Yami looks at the card he drew before looking back at Kabia and said," I also have a super powerful card in my hand…Summon Demon!" Card attack is twenty-five hundred and defense twelve hundred. "The field, Dark Forest." Summon Demon then appears on the field and Nanu smirks at this. She loves how this game was going.

'Seto is shock know…Yami keep it up'

"What?! One of the best six rare cards?!" yelled Kaiba shock. Summon Demon then attacks Minotaurus. Yami then says," of course, Minotaurus is no match." Minotaurus then disappears.

Kaiba: 1400 Yami: 1500

"One of my best cards…Minotaurus…," Kabia said before trailing off.

"We no longer know how the game is going…there's no card you can pull," Yami said.

Nanu looks at Kaiba and saw him pull a card out of his pocket.

'What is he up too?'

"That's not true. What controls this game isn't the heart…its tenacity!" yells Kabia as he puts the card on top of his deck. "My card is…" He picks up the card and smiles. "Blue Eyes Dragon!" It has three thousand attack and twenty-five hundred defense.

Nanu is shock at this and Yami is a little shock and said," So you are after all…" The card starts to appear on the field.

'When I get my hands on Seto, I will…'

"Of course the field is the Lake!" yells Kaiba.

Kaiba: 1400 Yami: 1100

"Go Blue Eyes Dragon!" yells Kaiba as he starts up laughing.

Kaiba: 1400 Yami: 100

Kaiba was still laughing when Blue Eyes was about to face off with Summon Demon.

"What's going on?!" yells Kaiba as he starts to get mad and slams his fist on the table. "Finish him!"

Yami's puzzle starts to glow and Nanu's bracelet was also was glowing. (The Eye of Horus was also on her forehead). He then points at Kaiba and says," Kaiba, you don't get it do you? You don't understand why Blue Eyes Dragon doesn't attack." Kabia starts to get mad.

Then Nanu yells," It's because your heart isn't in that card!"

"Wh-what?!" yelled Kaiba.

'Finish this up Yami'

'I can see it. It's Grandpa's heart in the Blue Eyes Dragon'

"It can't be…Blue Eyes Dragon is disappearing?!" yells Kaiba.

"Its fate to fight…and loyalty to Grandpa is clashing. It eliminated itself as a resolution," Yami said before the Blue Eyes destroys itself.

Kaiba looks at the Blue Eyes Dragon card and yells," That's impossible! The cards possess no will of their own!" The card then disappears and Kaiba gets shock as this.

Kaiba: 1200 Yami: 50

"Think that if you want," Yami said before he picks up a card. "The card I've picked…is Revive the Dead! It can revive one monster whether enemy or friend."

"What?! That card…!" yells Kaiba.

"And of course I revive…Blue Eyes Dragon. It's over, Kaiba. Any card you pick is useless," Yami said.

Kaiba: 100 Yami: 50

'You will lose Seto'

Kaiba draws a card and yells a little," I can't lose! Gremlin! No! This is just a weakling!" Attack two thousand and defense one thousand. "Wait a moment…the field that draws the most power from a Gremlin is…There!" He placed the card on the field and yells," split the Land!"

Yami and Nanu gets shock and Yami yells, "What?!"

The field starts to split in two

'I guess it's a tie'

Kaiba then yells," if the field is split, the duel becomes a draw!" Then he starts to disappear but not before yelling," We will meet again!"

~Game Over~

Kaiba left and Yami stood up along with Nanu. They saw the desk was split in half.

"Just as expected from the one called Duel Monster Expert…picking that card in the end," Yami said before picking up the Blue Eyes Dragon card.

"That's true…but he will come back for a rematch," Nanu said and the Eye of Hours disappears from her forehead.

Yami then says," Grandpa's heart…we retrieved it. "Yes we did…let's head home Yami," Nanu said.

Yami looks at Nanu and says," you're right let's go home."

~Kaiba's House~

Kaiba was in his trophy room and started to throw the trophies and breaking stuff. He then gets mad and yells," How could I get a draw?! How could I get that in Duel Monsters?!" 'Yugi…it won't end here! The day will come when you will lose! I swear it!'

~Next Day~

Yugi, Nanu, Jounouchi and Anzu were walking to school.

"I'm glad you found your Grandpa's card," Anzu said.

'I swear…one of these days I will hit her'

"It's thanks to Jounouchi-Kun, Honda-Kun and Nanu," Yugi said.

"We didn't do a thing. But just who did…? Jounouchi asked.

'I think Yami helped us again…after Yugi was punched in the stomach, I blacked out. I wonder what happened.'

Honda and Miho show up on a bike and Miho was happy before yelling," This is better than a taxi!"

Honda smiles and yells," R-really?!" He then see's Yugi, Nanu, Jounouchi and Anzu before saying," W-we have something to do together."

"Honda-Kun go, faster!" yells Miho.

"Right!" yells Honda and rides pass Yugi, Nanu, Jounouchi and Anzu.

All four of the got worried and the saw Honda crashing his bike. Nanu and the others walk up to them.

'Tristan and Miho…they are a great couple but they never become one'

"Y-you okay?" Anzu asked.

Miho was lying on to of Honda and Honda is holding Miho.

"So happy…," Honda said as he trailed off.

Nanu sighed and Yugi puts his hand on the back of his head and says," that's nice."

"One merit…Miho-Chaaan…Miho-Chan," Honda said.

Joey then said," man…useless beautification guy."

'Hang out with Yugi and his friends never gets old but…why is Anzu his friend?'

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