A/N: So I just watched Originals 1x15 and when Elijah gave Hayley her family's way out, I just cried a bit. And now I can't get this little thing out of my head. So here ya go.

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Hayley closed her eyes as Elijah pressed his cool lips to her forehead. For a moment, she feared that he would hear her heart pick up its pace and realize that her skin was far too warm to be normal. But then she heard the slight catch in his breath as he pulled away slightly to press his forehead to hers. Like his lips, they were cold to the touch and it was soothing, like everything Elijah did.

But then he pulled away and she missed the contact immediately. She glanced past his shoulder and saw Celeste smirking victoriously. She was so caught up trying to figure out what that meant that she missed what Elijah said, so she just smiled at him. Jackson made a low sound in the back of his throat, so Hayley turned to him smiling. Her family loped through the trees and Jackson paused long enough for her to catch up.

She turned back to smile again at Elijah but saw that his smile had faded and a painful look of regret and sorrow was etched across his handsome features. It struck at her heart to see him in pain. As she followed her family away, Hayley replayed the chaste kiss in her mind and wondered if, coupled by the pain she knew he was feeling, Elijah was saying goodbye.

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