Chapter Two

Annabeth walked Main St of West Monroe alone. It was eight in the morning on a Saturday, so she really wasn't expected anyone to be up.

She saw a lady with dark hair in a candy store flip her closed sign to open, so Annabeth thought that she would pop in. It was a quaint little store, with light blue walls and candies everywhere.

"Hello darlin'," Annabeth heard the last southern accent she wanted to hear. Percy.

"Hello," She said as she turned around, sighing inwardly.

Percy had a red and blue stripped apron on over a blue t shirt and khakis. The blue really made his eyes stand out, Annabeth thought.

"What are you doing here?" She asked, dismissing the apron.

"My mom owns it, so I got myself a no-paying summer job," he sighed, leaning against the counter. "My dad thought it would be good for experience." He rolled his eyes.

"Oh," was all Annabeth said as she put some red jelly beans into a plastic bag. When she was at the counter, Percy tossed them onto the scale dismissively and carelessly.

"20 cents," He drawled, pronouncing twenty as 'twenny'.

When Annabeth handed him the money, his hand held hers. She thought it would be rude to pull it back, so she just raised her eyebrows.

"Come to the fair with me tonight," He partly commanded instead of asked.

"No, thank you," Annabeth replied.

"What? Is this because of Thalia?" His green eyes seemed to read Annabeth's grey ones. "It is." He concluded.

"Listen, she's my friend, and that's all you are too."

"Ok, 'friend', then come to the fair with me tonight as 'friends," He said, making air quotations around the word friend.

"I'm going to go with Thalia as friends," She retorted. He still hadn't let go of her hand. His wasn't sweaty in the Louisiana summer heat, but hers was started to.

"Yeah, and I'm going with Nico, as 'friends'," He scoffed. "Please?"

"Just go out with him, hun!" Annabeth heard Nico say from the back room. Annabeth bit her lip.

"Alright, I will," Annabeth said. Percy released her hand finally, taking the four dollars with him.

When he passed her the change, she noticed that there was a small note, ripped from an order sheet. It said:

Sally's Swe

Percy Jack-

son 546254

Annabeth rolled her eyes as Percy winked at her.

"I'll see you at the fair tonight!" He yelled after her. Percy admired his luck as she walked through the doors. He smiled to himself.

"Who was that?" His mother, Sally, said, coming out of the back room.

"Annabeth Chase," Nico answered for him, emerging also, "Percy's new girlfriend."

"She's not my girlfriend yet," Percy responded, causing Nico to laugh and Sally to roll her eyes. "But just wait, I have some time to 'woo' her at the fair tonight," He concluded, slipping a salt water candy into his mouth whilst he leaned against the counter.

"Your dad will be doing some booths there for the church," Was all Sally said.

"Ugh," Percy groaned. "He's just going to embarrass me."

"Oh, Percy, lighten up. Nico's not groaning and moaning."

"Because he doesn't embarrass Nico!" Percy responded and Nico cackled.

Sally whacked Percy's butt with a flattened cardboard box. "Get back to work, the two of you."

Nico just laughed harder.


"Thalia, what am I supposed to do?" Annabeth wailed. She leaned against the wall, twisting the phone cord around her finger. She was complaining heavily about her incident with Percy. She really did not want to go to the fair with him, even he was gorgeous.

"Honey, I told you that this would happen, so don't whine to me." Annabeth could picture her now, sitting at a barstool with her red wall phone pressed to her cheek, probably fiddling with her dark hair.

"Listen, I just need you to tell him that I caught the 'flu, ok?"

"Absolutely not! You got yourself into this, you're going, Annie!" Annabeth flinched. She didn't think that Thalia would really make her go.

"I thought you wanted me to stay away from him! And don't call me Annie."

"Yes, but, we do need some drama here in West Monroe, it's been a bit of a slow year. What a better way to spice up the summer with some Percy and Annabeth drama!"


When Annabeth got into Nico's ford truck with Thalia, she immediately regretted it.

Annabeth, being stuck in the middle had to literally be the messenger for every sentence Thalia said to Nico, because his old truck was so loud.

"Tell him that I love him," Thalia giggled.

"Thalia says that she loves you," Annabeth told Nico kind of annoyed.

"Tell her that I love her too and that she looks pretty tonight," Nico said.

Annabeth repeated to Thalia.

After one fight with Thalia demanded through Annabeth if Nico thought that he only said she looked pretty tonight only because she looked ugly yesterday, an angry Nico, a hurt Thalia, an annoyed Annabeth and one make up kiss later, they reached the fair.

It looked lovely, Annabeth thought, but she'd rather be home reading.

Feeling a little third-wheel-ish, she searched for Percy, only because she needed to get away from Nico and Thalia for a bit.

When she spotted a tall boy with dark hair she made her way towards him. He was talking to a large, muscular man with a dark beard and tan skin. His eyes were a sea green, identical to Percy's.

The man, wearing Bermuda shorts and a Hawaiian shirt greeted her. "Would you like to play a round of skee-ball? All proceeds go to the West Monroe Presbyterian church," He smiled, wrinkles appearing besides his eyes.

"Annabeth," Percy smiled, turning around. He was wearing the same blue shirt from the candy store, the one that emphasized his eyes. "This is my dad, Poseidon," Percy gestured to the large man. She started to see the similarities between them; the tan skin, the eyes and the way the skin under their temples crinkle when they smile or laugh.

"Hello," Annabeth said a little timidly. "I'm Annabeth." She shook his weathered, calloused hand and smiled.

"So I've heard," He rumbled in a deep voice. "So, are you two dat-"

"Let's go Annabeth," cutting off his father. Annabeth's cheeks blushed a little when she realized what he was going to say.

Poseidon honestly seemed like a nice man once you skirted around his bluntness.

"Sorry about that," Percy said, but he looked unfazed.

"Its fine," She said innocently, when a little boy, probably ten or eleven came up and poked Percy on the shoulder.

"Can I have some money?" The boy asked, his pleading green eyes searching his brother's.

"Go away Tyson," was all Percy said.

"Hi," Tyson said, ignoring Percy and addressing Annabeth.

"Hi," She replied, hearing Percy sigh.

"Go bother dad, Tyson, I'm busy." Percy said, shooing Tyson.

"Yah, ok," the eleven year old said a little dismissively. But before he left, Tyson grabbed the knees of Percy's pants, yanking them down.

Annabeth's face turned blood red, and Percy looked like he wanted to throw his brother into the dunk tank and put the lid on.

"Tyson!" Percy screamed, pulling up his pants over his boxers. "I am so sorry," He said to Annabeth.

"Its fine," She said for the second time today. "Really, don't worry about it. I have brothers too."

Percy and Annabeth walked around for a bit, before Percy asked: "Want to go on the Ferris wheel?"

"Sure," Annabeth smiled. Percy actually wasn't being a self-centered bastard like Thalia had described him, he was actually being sweet, Annabeth thought.

They sat in an awkward silence for a little while, before Percy turned to her.

"Listen, I don't know what Thalia told you, but she's just trying to keep you to herself, I'm not actually an ass all the time like Thalia most likely told you."

Percy actually seemed a little ticked off, Annabeth thought. She felt a little bad for him there.

"She did tell me not to go out with you," Annabeth said a little quietly.

"See? Annabeth, whatever you feel, do it. I understand if you don't want to go out with me anymore, but make sure it's what you want, not Thalia."

That was the last thing Annabeth thought of before she leaned into his lips.