Okay, next step.

Pipet five milliliters of 3N hydrochloric acid into the flask…


Then dilute to volume with water…

Just a little bit more…aaaaaaaaaand….there. Perfect.

Now mix by inverting for approx-…



Towel! Towel! Towel!

No! Not my notes! Ahh!

Who in the heck is slamming doors now?! I swear Splinter is the only one besides me who is capable of closing a door properly. Everyone else just bangs them shut. No consideration for the other people who live here.

…ugh. The ink's all blotchy, I can't read what I wrote. They're completely ruined. Great. Well, at least the flask didn't break.

Sounds like Raph's screaming his head off about something. I'm betting he found that fake bug that Mikey left in his room. I told that chucklehead not to do it or he'd regret it. Give it twenty seconds and he'll come running in here expecting me to protect him from Raph. Yeah, right. Like I'm going to put myself in the path of that tornado. Seriously, how many times does Mikey have to get his shell kicked before he learns to leave Raph alone?

Okay, looks like I've managed to wipe it all up. I need to remember to wash this towel later.

Wait a minute…I don't hear Mikey out there…Raph's screaming at Leo…who is screaming right back.

Oh, for the love of…what are they fighting about now?! Something stupid, no doubt.

Hmm…where did I put that other notebook? Aha! There it is.

I guess it's only bad if Raph starts cursing.

Now where's that…stopwatch! Found it!

Yep, it's a bad fight.

And my pen…here!

They've moved on to the name-calling.

Let's see if I can find a blank page…um…here we go. Today's date is March sixth…


Well, one of them left. Probably Raph. Hmph, I'm kind of surprised they didn't start swinging at each other.

My six looks more like a "u"…I'll cross it out and try…



Ugh, those two.