Tell Me How To Fix You

By: The Duchess of Arendelle

"Here we go…" Anna unlocked the door and stepped through the threshold. She turned to shut the door behind her then thought better of it. She had to leave it open for the mover guy. She turned back around and scanned her apartment. The apartment was bare, save for a fridge that looked like it had been-+ there since the 1950's and a matching stove. Anna looked around but there was no microwave in sight. Oh no, she'd definitely have to change that. And soon. She thought as her stomach gave a low grumble. She started walking towards the living area. There was an open floor plan, so her kitchen and what would serve as her living room were mashed into one big space. On the back wall of the room was a huge window. She walked over and opened the curtains only to be face with a view of the creepy looking alleyway and the building next to hers. "Nice view." She mumbled to herself as she shut the curtains again and wondered to the back of the apartment. She went into her bedroom and just stood there taking it all in. The apartment. The room. The move. Her new life. She was so lost in thought that she almost didn't hear the sound of her cell phone ringing. Snapping from her self-imposed trance, she hurriedly removed the blaring iPhone from her pocket and answered it.

"Shit. Uhh Hello?" She answered still fumbling to keep the grip on her phone. Anna was clumsy that way. "Yes, hi! Is this Miss Summers?" A cheery female voice on the other end asked. "Yes this is she." Anna answered back just as enthusiastically. "Hi, Miss summers, it's me, Aurora Rose. I think we spoke on the phone before?" She asked unsure. "Oh, yep that was me! How can I help you Miss Rose?" Anna responded. "Please, call me Aurora. I'm Mr. A. Phillip's PA and I was just calling to give you some great news. You got the job!" Anna almost dropped the phone. No way. No way! She got it? She got her dream job? She was going to be a real journalist?! This was her entire reason for moving to the city….well not entirely. She was so excited she almost forgot about the woman on the other line.

"Oh my gosh! Oh, wow…just wow! Thank you, thank you so much Miss Ro- I mean Aurora! This is amazing!" Anna gushed into the phone and Aurora giggled on the other side. "Don't thank me dear! It was that article you sent in. Mr. Phillips was dazzled and moved by your report 'Never Alone: A Story of Teenage Rape Victims.' I must say I read it as well and it was very haunting. You wrote so passionately it made me wonder if….. Oh, never mind! It was a very impressive article and I should know, Mr. Phillips never hires anyone as young as you." Aurora was about to say she wondered if Anna was one of those victims she wrote about, but quickly thought better of it and changed the subject. Anna was oblivious to the slip up, too happy to barely even register the fact Aurora was still speaking. "I'm so excited! It's like a dream come true! I can't wait to tell my parents!" Anna exclaimed into the phone. Aurora giggled again and responded. "Well I won't keep you dear, I just wanted to call and tell you the good news. You start next Monday at 8 a.m. sharp and I'll call back before then to give you more details. When you get here Monday I'll make sure to have someone there escort you around the building and show you where you will be working. I think that's all for now! You go on and celebrate with your friends and family. Goodbye dear!" Aurora finished with a smile in her voice. Anna let out a wistful sigh. Monday. Today was Wendsday so she had 5 days to prepare herself. She gave an excited "Goodbye" and a "See you bright and early Monday morning!" before hanging up.

After Anna hung up, she slid from the wall she was leaning against to the floor and started wiggling around screaming, "Yes! Yes! Yes!" She then jumped up and started doing a happy dance. With her back to the door she didn't notice the presence of another dancing figure till she turned around and saw him. He was a short, pale, slightly chubby teenaged boy with short dark locks falling into his eyes. He wore dark rimmed glasses, a goofy smile and was still dancing around like a manic. "Yes! Yes! Yes! Why are we dancing?" He asked excitedly. Anna froze in place, then screamed to the top of her lungs. "Ahhhhh! Who- wha- who- who- who the hell are you?! Get the hell out of my house! I- I- I have p-pepper spray!" Anna indeed did not have pepper spray. The bottle of pepper spray that laid in the bottom of her purse, that was currently on the kitchen counter, in the next room, had been empty for almost two years now. Ever since she used it on some guy that tried to get fresh with her one night she was out with her cousin. The stranger stopped dancing and just looked at her. He then started to giggle hysterically as he made his way over to Anna. Anna screamed for him to stay away from her. "I took kickboxing lessons and I can and will punch you out!" she screamed. The strangers continued giggling and ignoring her protest as he finally made it to her. He the grabbed her tightly and started hugging her. "Hi, I'm Olaf! What's your name?" The stranger- Olaf asked her nicely and Anna again froze up, right there in his arms.

Before he had finally made it over to her, Anna had gone into full fledge panic mode. She had started panting heavily and sweating. Flashbacks and memories started to flood her mind as he grabbed her around the waist. Her mouth was opened in a silent scream and she had begun crying. Olaf pulled out of the hug and looked at her worriedly. "Hey what's the matter? You don't like warm hugs?" Olaf ask sadly. Just then the annoying guy from the elevator came running in with a huge wooden baseball bat and his huge brown dog right on his tail. Anna couldn't remember his name, Kris? Koffi? Kri- Kristopher! That was it! She had never been happier to see the boy then right then. "Hey what the hell is going on in here?" He screamed looking around wildly. "I heard screams all the way down the hall and I got her as soon as I could." He was talking to Anna now and he noticed that the girl was crying. He looked and saw Olaf trying to comfort her with another hug but it seemed to be doing more bad then good.

"Hey, Olaf buddy…what's going on in here?" Kristoff asked as he put the bat down and made his way over to them. No, no, no! Why was he putting the bat down? He should be swinging it and knocking this creep's head off! Anna thought wildly to herself. As Kristoff approached, Olaf let go of Anna and turned to Kristoff instead. "Kristoff! Hey pal! What'cha up to?" He asked cheerfully as he now attacked Kristoff with a bone crushing hug. Kristoff let out a surprised yelp before briefly returning the hug. "Nothing much budding, I was just checking to see if everything was okay up here." Kristoff responded, slowly removing himself from Olaf's hug and moving over to Anna. Anna was standing there, staring at the whole exchange, with her mouth slightly open. What the heck was going on? "Hey, uhh, Anna right? Are you okay?" He asked gently. Anna looked up at him and silently shook her head. "I-I'm just really confused is all. So…that guy….he's….I mean he wasn't gonna….?" She asked cautiously trailing off. Kristoff looked surprised and greatly amused. "Who Olaf?" He asked stifling a laugh. "Of course not. Olaf's harmless, he could hurt a fly. Just look at the guy" Kristoff responded, and now that Anna was calmer she did look at him. Olaf was standing further away from them both, just looking around, happily oblivious. Anna was still upset. "Well what the heck was he doing in my apartment?" Anna asked accusatorily. Olaf decided to speak up. "I was walking by on my way to Kristoff's place. You had left your door wiiiiddddeee open. I heard happy sounds coming from inside so I just walked in in. I saw you dancing and screaming so I decided to join you!" Olaf responded matter of factly, like it was what was expected of anyone in his position. Kristoff looked over at Anna and raised an eyebrow, stupid smirk back in place. "Don't look at me like that." she scolded him. "You'd be doing a happy dance too, Kristopher, if you just found out you got your dream job!" she huffed and turned her head away for effect, but mostly because her face was hot with embarrassment. "It's Kristoff." He responded seriously while rolling his eyes. "Anyways, Anna this is Olaf, Olaf this is the crazy red head I was telling you about on your way up to Els- on your way up to the top floor I mean." he finished smoothly.

Anna looked at him suspiciously and was about to ask exactly who it was that lived on the top floor. She didn't remember her land lord saying anything about anyone living on the top floor. She thought it was empty. Just as she opened her mouth to ask, she was met with another bone crushing hug from Olaf. "Hiii Anna! Pleasure to meet you!" he said happily giggling. No teenager should be this happy. Anna looked over at Kristoff for help, but he just shrugged and smirked. She really was going to knock that smirk off his face someday. She slowly returned the hug to Olaf who was all too happy to receive. After the hug ended they all just stood around in Anna's bare bedroom awkwardly. "Sooo..." Kristoff trailed off. Anna looked at him, brow raised. "Sooo…." She trailed off as well. "You got your dream job today huh? What exactly is it?" Kristoff asked, leaning against one of the old chipped walls in Anna's room. Anna perked up as she started rambling on about how she was going to become the best journalist this world had ever see. By the time she finished talking, 30 minutes had passed and almost all her things were moved in. They were all sitting on the floor and in Anna's living room now and she found Kristoff to be a really great listener and a pretty nice guy when you got used to him. "Well congrats." Kristoff said kindly when she had finally finished talking. "I think this is cause for a celebratory feast, my treat of course." Anna began to protest but Kristoff held up his hand to silence her. "I won't take no for an answer." He told her smiling. "Food!" Olaf said happily, on the floor playing with Sven.

Kristoff took out his cell and started dialing a number. "What kind of topping do you guys want on you pizzas?" Kristoff asked. "Cheese!" was Anna answer. Her stomach growled loudly in agreeance . "Pineapple and ham!" was Olaf's reply and Sven barked. "Sven agrees with me!" he yelled over to Kristoff. Kristoff chuckled and started talking to the pizza guy on the other line. "Oh, don't forget Elsa!" Olaf whisper-yelled which was really him saying it loudly in a fake whisper voice. Kristoff turned to him and started motioning him to stop talking. Too late. Anna's interest was piqued. "Who's Elsa?" Anna asked curiously, standing up and walking over to Kristoff. Kristoff face palmed. He knew even from the short time he was acquainted with Anna that if she wanted to know about something, she'd do whatever it takes to find out. "Uhh, nobody really. Just, you know, Olaf's big sister." He responded nervously. Anna was shocked. She turned to Olaf. "Olaf! You have a big sister? Did you call her? Is she coming over too? I totally don't mind if she is…" Anna trailed off very interested now. Oh no. Olaf looked up at her, once again pausing his play time with Sven. He saw Kristoff behind Anna's back giving him a 'shhhh' look but he just looked back confused and answered Anna, cheerily giggling. "No silly, Elsa lives on the very top floor. But she never leaves her apartment. Like ever." He said staring off into space with a blank look, then he smiled at Anna and went back to playing with Sven, giggling all the way.

Anna was extremely interested now. She turned to Kristoff who was looking everywhere but at Anna. Anna walked up to him but he stopped her from speaking. "I feel like I already know that look and I just met you. Look, it's a long story Anna and I don't think it's mine to tell." he looked off to the side slightly. Anna's interest was so piqued now it almost hurt. Just then the doorbell rang and Kristoff happily went towards it and paid the guy for the four large pizzas. Olaf quickly took one and left out the door, he returned a few minutes later. They all dug in from the three remaining pizzas and talked animatedly. It was mostly Olaf rambling on about how much he loved the summer, and flowers and all things hot. You would think with his super pale skin he would burn or almost melt in the heat. Kristoff spoke very little about himself and his past. Only about how he was an orphan and adopted into a big crazy family that he loved dearly. As they all sat around talking and eating, Anna's mind started to wonder back to the mysterious shut in. Olaf's big sister. Elsa. A long story huh? Well luckily for Anna, she loved stories. And this was one she intended on finding out. After all, she was officially a journalist now.

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