Omamori DxD to Blade Dance
A Omamori Himari x High School DxD x Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance x-over

Chapter 1 - A Sudden Encounter

Takamiya City - Building Rooftop

On top of one of the buildings in Takamiya, a young woman with long black hair in a ponytail and violet eyes surveyed the city. A hint of anticipation in her eyes, she couldn't help but muse to herself.

"I have finally found you, Young Master. Eighteen years of age…it is long overdue for us to meet."

That's when her eyes narrowed slightly when the looked at a certain school building not far from where she was. Soon, students would be flocking to it, but for now it was empty.

"However, why would you be in such a place with such…foreign entities…?"

Takamiya City - Kazehaya Residence

"Good Morning Kamito, Asuha-chan! Time to wake up!"

Sixteen year old Rinko Kuzaki, a teenage girl with shoulder length brown hair and matching colored eyes, barged into someone else's room, intent on waking up two people she had gotten to know well over the past four years. Those two were sleeping together on a bed, and if Rinko didn't know their relation, she would've freaked out like a female protagonist in a manga.

"…Please don't be so loud, Rinko."

Eighteen year old Kamito Kazehaya sat up as he rubbed his eyes, awoken from sleep. Sporting black hair and grey-blue eyes, he gave a stretch and popped a few bones, much to Rinko's wincing.

"Glad to see you're up, as usual. Now for the other one…c'mon Asuha-chan, time to get up."

Compared to Kamito's loud awakening, Rinko roused the little girl sleeping beside him from her slumber. Soon, the little girl was up as she gave a yawn and stretch.

"Muu…good morning, Rinko-kaa-san."

"K-Kaa…jeez Asuha-chan, I thought I told you to not call me that! I'm not that old!"

"I know, hehe…"

Asuha Kazehaya, Kamito's seven-year old daughter, who inherited Kamito's eye and hair color, and all around cutie. Normally, a girl like Rinko would have issues with Kamito having a daughter his age, but she heard about his circumstances, and Asuha grew on her. Though she did wonder where Asuha learned to tease her out of the blue…

"Jeez, I'll go prepare breakfast now that you two are awake. Mou…"

As Rinko left the room, Kamito got up out of bed as he nudged Asuha to do the same. All and all, it was their usual routine in their day to day life.

After dropping Asuha off to school, Kamito and Rinko made their way to their own school, Kuou Academy. Rinko was a bit red due to the teasing that Asuha's teacher made about her being all mother-like, per usual. Kamito was fiddling with the fingerless gloves he always wore as a habit when he tried calming down Rinko.

"You know not to take her seriously, you know that Rinko?"

"I can't help it, I don't look that old!"

Per their usual conversation, Kamito tried consoling Rinko to little effect. Little did they know, they were about to be interrupted by someone unfamiliar.

"Hello there. Might you be…Amakawa Yuuto, perhaps?"


Looking up Kamito and Rinko found a girl in a different school uniform, holding something long wrapped in cloth. She was looking their way, with her gaze aimed at the former in particular. It gave Kamito an uneasy feeling as he frowned slightly as a part of him tensed up.

"I'm sorry, but I didn't hear that. What did you ask?"

"You. Your name is Amakawa Yuuto, yes?"

"…I'm sorry but you got the wrong person. My name's Kazehaya Kamito… Shoot, we're gonna be late Rinko, c'mon!"

"Huh…? Hey, wait for me!"

Kamito and Rinko ran off, leaving the girl by herself, a look of confusion on her face. She frowned as she watched the pair run off, as she gripped her wrapped sword in hand.


Takamiya City - Kuou Academy

'Amakawa Yuuto…huh…?'

In class, Kamito looked out the window as his thoughts turned to what happened on the way to school. Due to past experience, he couldn't help but feel a bit wary about the whole thing, something Ddraig could agree with.

'Hmm, that Youkai seems to know you, Partner.'

'Figured you could tell, Ddraig. Can you tell me what kind she is?'

'…She has the feel of a cat, that's all I can say. But back to what I said earlier…'

'Haa, Amakawa Yuuto doesn't exist anymore, thanks to the Instructional School. So I wasn't exactly lying to her.'

'Still, she seems to be the persistent type. You best be on your guard, Partner.'

'You don't have to tell me twice. Still, I wonder just who she was… Mother's Journals never mentioned anything about a Cat Youkai…'

Shaking his head, Kamito unconsciously slipped into the 'Gendo Pose' as he continued to think to himself, not really paying attention in class. He was so out of it that Rinko sneaked a look at him, looking a bit concerned. It didn't help that the encounter was on her mind too.

Soon lunch hit and Kamito was about to get up when he suddenly felt that he was being watched for a second before it faded. That was when a voice suddenly came up behind him.

"Hey Kamito! Let's go get some food! If we don't hurry, there won't be any place to sit."

"Wha-Taizou? Uh, yeah, just give me a moment-urk!"

Kamito found himself being dragged away by Rinko, her grip especially strong. He wanted to try getting away, but experience told him that it would hurt even more if he resisted.

"Oi Kuzaki, what're you doing?!"

"What do you want?"


Not uttering a word, Rinko dragged Kamito away until the two reached the school rooftop. Kamito grumbled as Rinko let go and turned to face him, leaning on the railing.

"…Are you finished brooding, Kamito?"

"I was not brooding. And what's got you all wound up?"

"…That girl, she called you Amakawa Yuuto. Why?"

"I don't know. She probably mistook me for someone else. It happens."

"When it comes to you, nothing seems like a coincidence."

Kamito couldn't help but wince at the truth in Rinko's words as he gave a sigh. Being who he was, it was easier to win high risk gambles than to have coincidences happen in life.

"…And that uniform she was wearing isn't from any school around here. She's definitely from somewhere far away!"


"W-Well, I saw the uniforms of a lot of different places at the national tournaments. That's all there is to it!"

"Uh huh…"

Bringing up the girl again made Kamito a bit anxious, as he didn't like unknown variables around him. At the same time, Rinko came to some conclusion and grabbed him by the coat while giving him a dead look.

"Could she be a fiancée from your so-called mysterious past?"

"I dunno. If that girl shows up again, she can set the record straight."

Rinko didn't like that idea, but it was all they could go on as she let go. Before she could say anything however, Kamito tensed up as someone came up and turned to see who it was.
"…Rinko, get behind me."

"Eh? Isn't it just Misaki-kun?"

Despite Rinko's words, she did as she was told as Kamito saw obvious signs of possession on Taizou's face. But it was what came out of his mouth that made Kamito frown.

"…I found you, at lastthe descendant…"





Materializing a red gauntlet, Boosted Gear, on his left arm, Kamito grabbed Rinko and held out his left hand just as the mysterious possessor launched an attack in their direction. A barrier of inky darkness blossomed from Kamito's hand, shielding the two from the possessor's attack.

"What? What just happened?"

"Rinko, stay back. Things might get ugly."

"Hohit looks like the descendant of the Amakawa has some bite to him Good, it would make devouring you all the much sweeter."

'…What the hell are the Senpais doing? Goddamn small fry.'


"Oh sleeping Queen of Steel, the Sacred Sword that destroys Evil! Now form a sword of steel and be the power in my hand!"

In a flash of light, a silver long sword appeared in Kamito's hands. As the possessor flinched at the aura the sword gave off, while Kamito gave a sigh as he felt something akin to emptiness from the blade.

'So Est is still asleep…no matter.'

For a moment, Kamito felt like he was being watched again, but pushed that thought out of his mind as he dashed forward. The possessor braced itself, but Kamito was too fast for it as he hit it hard with the flat side of the blade, the sword glowing as he pumped it full of Spirit Mana.


The result was the possessor being thrown out of Taizou's body, with the boy himself falling over unconscious. The possessor, which took the form of some formless Demonic Spirit-thing growled in anger when something else caught it's attention.

"Impressive, yet surprising skill, truly befitting of a Demon Slayer. You can rest now, Young Master, I can handle the rest."

Turning to the source of the voice, Kamito and Rinko saw the girl from earlier, holding an unsheathed sword. The girl looked at sword in Kamito's hands, her eyes a mix of approval and curiosity, before giving the Spirit-thingy her full attention.

"Ah, it's the girl from this morning! And what's with the sword!?"

"Thanks for stating the obvious, Rinko."

"Grrr, who are you?"

"I will not give my name to some trifle Youkai such as you. Prepare to meet your end by my blade!"

The Spirit-thingy couldn't do a thing as the girl moved faster than it, stabbing the possessor through the neck, blood spilling out…


The possessor twitched before it died, fading away in the wind. Despite the danger that passed, Kamito kept his guard up, something that the girl sighed at.

"Peace, Young Master. I mean you no harm. Still, as much as I want to explain right now, I must take my leave."

"Wait a min-!"

The girl leaped off the roof, leaving Kamito and a stunned Rinko behind. As the silver sword and Boosted Gear vanished, the questions within him continued to multiply, until Rinko yanked him back to reality.

"Ka-mi-to~ Why did that girl call you 'Young Master', huh!?"

"O-Oi, I already told you, I don't know her!"

Takamiya City - Kazehaya Residence

"Fuu…I guess I need to see Shitori-senpai tomorrow about what happened…"

Kamito was sitting on the porch in his backyard, sipping tea as he mused to himself. It was something he found himself doing these days, when Boosted Gear suddenly appeared on his left arm.

[You know, if I didn't know any better, I'd say you became an old man.]

"Well, they do say experience does age a person. And you know very well what I went through."

[True Though to be honest, with your past, I would've figured you've gone through Juggernaut Drive and died already.]

"Most people would have, but I'm not most people, now am I?"

[Hahaha, true, true.]

Taking another sip of tea, things were peaceful at the moment, or at least Kamito tried to think so. Until Asuha started shouting, that is.

"Daddy, Daddy, Daddy!"

"What is it, Asuha?"

"Look what I found!"

Kamito turned to Asuha, only to see her holding a white kitty. One that gave off a familiar presence, if Kamito was feeling it right, and he wasn't the only one.

[Oi Partner, isn't that-]

"-A cute kitty? Looks like it Ddraig. Now where did you find it?"

Seeing Asuha hold the kitty looked cute, but Kamito could tell it was giving Boosted Gear curious glances while paying attention to his daughter. He had a wild guess just who the kitty was, but kept his mouth shut in front of Asuha.

"Found kitty in the bushes around the house. Can we keep it Daddy?"

"I dunno, it looks like a stray, and who knows where it's been?"

The kitty gave Kamito a look before Asuha started scratching it behind the ear, causing it to purr. Asuha then started to pet it before she gave her reply.

"Oh, this kitty's very clean. I can tell."

"…Well, I guess it's okay, but do you have a name for it yet?"

Asuha stopped petting the kitty as she held it out in front of her, the kitty staring back at her. The little girl gave it some thought before she came up with a name.



Kamito found the name Asuha came up with to come out of nowhere as he noticed the kitty freeze for a moment in reaction to the name. It was something to make note of, to be sure.

"Yup! I thought of Himawari first, but it was too long, so I shortened it."

'Figures Asuha would name something after her favorite flower.'

"…Uh huh. So you think kitty's a girl?"

"Of course. No boy would be this cute."

The christened Himari preened at the praise as Asuha went back to petting her. Kamito gave a sigh as he watched Asuha bring Himari inside, and when he was sure he was alone, he looked at Boosted Gear.

[So, what are you going to do?]

"Well, she obviously wants to meet with me. I think I'll have to set the record straight. You sure you don't know anything?"

[Sorry Partner, but I only became aware of my surroundings after you were taken by the School. You were halfway through their 'curriculum', if I recall.]

Kamito frowned, but didn't say anything as he got up and went back inside the house. Despite the kitty not showing any signs of aggression, he still wanted to keep an eye on Asuha as she played with Himari.

It was an hour after the Kazehayas went to bed that Kamito found himself awake. Not opening his eyes, he could feel someone that wasn't Asuha over him, and had a good idea who it was.

"Well, are you already retiring for the night?"

"I was, but it seems I need to take care of something first."

Opening his eyes, Kamito saw the girl from before on top of him wearing a kimono. Now the sight was something Kamito appreciated, but he needed to get down to business first.

"You are not surprised to find me here above you."

"You can say I have good instincts, miss kitty cat."

"…So, you could tell who I was. Very good instincts, and on top of that skill, it seems you have gone through much, Young Master."

Frowning at being called 'Young Master', Kamito checked to see if Asuha was still sleeping. The girl followed his gaze, and a hint of curiosity appeared on her face.

"Now she was quite a surprise, to find that you already have a daughter. To think you have already begun rebuilding the Amakawa clan, I am quite shocked."

"Alright, you said you would explain everything. But I seriously think you have a case of mistaken identity. Then again, I'm missing the first eight years of my life, so I'm willing to hear you out."

Kamito tried playing the ignorance card halfheartedly, but had a feeling it wouldn't work with this girl. He wasn't sure what else he could do otherwise as the girl's eyes narrowed.

"Missing…? Do you mean to tell me that you have no memory of your childhood?"

"Yeah, pretty much. The only thing I have with a connection to my past is my mother's journals, but there's no mention of you in there, no name, no description."

"Hmm, curious, but that does not matter. I have finally found you milord, and I will never leave your side again. This I swear."

Kamito was taken aback slightly at the oath the girl made. It reminded him of the sacredness of the contracts between Elementalists and Spirits, showing how serious it sounded. That was when the girl gave a yawn and made herself comfortable between Kamito and Asuha.

"Forgive me, but it was a very long journey finding you. Please allow me to retire for the night…"

"Hold on, just one more thing. Can you give me your name?"

"…You already know my name…your daughter guessed it correctly…"

"…Wait, you mean Himari?"

The girl, Himari gave a smile as she snuggled next to Asuha, who unconsciously clung to her in turn. At the same time, cat ears popped out from her head, and Kamito could feel a tail brushing against him under the covers. This left Kamito the only one awake, and a part of him could feel that this was the start of something.

'Seems you're about to step into trouble again, Partner.'

'Please don't remind me… Oh God, what will Restia say once she hears about this?'

'…Good luck with that.'

And thus ended Kamito Kazehaya's first day encountering the Cat Youkai Himari. Little did he know, his Wheel of Fate was turning in a direction that went against others.

AN: This is just an idea that was out there, updates will be random. Any inconsistencies will be explained in later chapters.