Chapter 3 - Elements

Inducted Spirits - As mentioned in the Spirit entry, Inducted Spirits are Spirits that used to be a different being. This happens when an Elemental Lord offers to bring a being under their wing due to a strong Elemental affinity, or when a being swears their life to serve an Elemental Lord as a Spirit. There are other, more rare circumstances that are hard to explain, an example being of Saint George as the Ordesia family's guardian Spirit, who's current contractor is Fianna Ray Ordesia.

The Six Elemental Lords - The highest ranking and most powerful Spirits that reign over the other Spirits. Their elements are Earth, Fire, Wind, Water, Light, and Darkness, with the latter two being special cases. Every few millennia, the Elemental Lords are replaced by successors, due to the Cycle of Nature, though the exact times vary among the Elemental Lords. The current Elemental Lords are:

Earth: Lode Gear

Fire: Volcanius

Wind: Belphal

Water: Iseria Seaward

Light: Alexandros

Darkness: Restia Ashdoll

The most recent filled position is the Darkness Elemental Lord, with Restia Ashdoll being the youngest of the current generation, officially replacing her 'mother', Ren Ashdoll sometime after the latest Blade Dance festival.

Takamiya City - Kuou Academy

"Milord, just who is this girl? I can tell she's not human."

"Milord? Seems like a lot has happened while I was gone, Kamito."

Kamito himself couldn't help but sweat as he was caught between Restia and Himari's stares. It was a bit weird, having two girls with the same hair and eye color stare at each other. At least Himari got off Kamito, allowing him to get up on his feet.

"W-Well Restia, it seems Himari here is part of my past from before I was taken by the Instructional School."

'Instructional School?'

That title made Himari frown as Restia blinked in understanding as she took in Himari's features. She particularly noted the cat ears and tail before flicking her hair.

"Hmm, that's interesting. Does Asuha know about her?"

"Pretty much. She likes having a 'pet' kitty around."

"Haha, I still find it a bit hard to believe she's actually your daughter. Fuu, so adorable…"

"Sometimes, I wonder the same thing."

Himari wasn't happy feeling left out of the conversation, that she poked Kamito in the arm. She looked between him and Restia, and her nose twitched as she noticed something.

"Young Master, I have to ask again, who is she? I can sense something from her that's in you, so to speak."

"Hmhm, so this Youkai has keen senses. Well, in the matter of introductions, I'm Restia Ashdoll, Kamito's contracted Spirit."

It was obvious to Kamito that Restia was skimping on the details, but he didn't mind. A part of him was still a bit wary about Himari, plus the fact that he didn't have time to actually verify her story at the moment. A lot of things were happening at a fast pace.

"A Spirit…then are you the silver sword from yesterday? You have a similar feel to it."

"Silver…? Ah, is Miss Sacred Sword awake, Kamito?"

"No, calling on Est in her current state was due to an emergency. And no, Himari, the sword from yesterday was a different Spirit. I'm contracted to two of them."

To prove his point, Kamito took off both his gloves to reveal tattoo-like markings on the back of his hands. Adding on to that, Restia walked over and caressed Kamtio's left hand, causing the mark on it to glow softly. Ironically, Himari was more bothered by Restia's caressing than the glowing.

"…I see. It seems the Young Master is very close to you, Ash-doru-dono…"

Restia's eye twitched at the pronunciation, but she put up a charming smile regardless.

"Please, call me Restia, or just Tia for short, if it's hard to pronounce. I know how much Konoka-chan loved to butcher my last name with her 'Engrish', even after learning proper English."

"So you know Konoka-sama too… It will be a pleasure getting to know you, Restia-dono."

"Same here, fufufu…"

Kamito reflexively gulped as he could literally feel the odd friction between the two. A part of him did wonder what would Rinko say once she heard that Restia was back in town.

'And again, my life gets more complicated…'

Kamito tried very hard to not hear Ddraig's laughter in the back of his mind as he watched the two females stare each other down, so to speak. It reminded him all to much of the interactions between Restia and Est. All of a sudden, he heard Restia tell him something.

"Oh, and Kamito? You can rely on me for your Elemental Waffe now; no need to bother Miss Sleeping Sacred Sword anymore, okay?"

"Yes, yes…"

Takamiya City - Kazehaya Residence

"Yay, Tia-nee's home!"

"Oh, you are so adorable as usual, Asu-nyan!"

As Asuha hugged Restia enthusiastically, Himari watched the two with a calculating eye. Kamito noticed and grew curious as to why.

"Is something wrong, Noihara-san?"

"No, Young Master, and please, call me Himari."

"…If you say so…"

In Kamito's honest opinion, he was glad Restia was back by his side. He felt that now he could figure things out with her help. The only way it would be better was if Est was awake, but he knew that day was still far off…

"Muu…now if only Min-nee would wake up…"

"I'm sure she misses you too Asu-nyan. Is she still in the same bed as always?"

"Yup, though Daddy sealed off the door so no one bothers her."

Himari looked to Kamito for an explanation, but all he did was shake his head, a mixed look on his face. She didn't pry any more as Restia carried Asuha into the living room, the former changing the subject.

"So Asu-nyan, what have you been up to?"

Kamito and Himari followed after them, when the latter glanced at the clock and saw it was nearing dinnertime. Himari paused to look at him as he went for his coat.

"Sorry, gotta pick things up for dinner. Please don't raise a ruckus, okay?"

"Milord need to have better faith in this servant. Everything will be fine."

"Yes, yes…"

Takamiya City - Bar

"Hello Kagetsuki-san, it's been awhile."

"Hello to you too, Kazehaya-san."

The next day at a family restaurant, Kamito sat down with Kagetsuki, a man that was a Youkai in disguise. If he had to pin a resemblance, Kamito thought he sorta resembled L from Death Note, just less creepy and not insomniac-looking.

"Is something the matter Kagetsuki-san? Are some of the residents getting anxious again?"

"In a matter of speaking…and for the first time, it isn't about you, for the most part."

That didn't sound like good news to Kamito. He wondered if there was a connection to the attack yesterday, and voiced that thought out loud.

"Does this have to do with the Youkai that attacked me yesterday?"

"…! So it's happened already. It's as I feared."

"What's going on exactly? Are a few Youkai rebelling or something?"

Kagetsuki looked hesitant for a moment, but he eventually gave an answer while sighing.

"…I don't know what's going on, but numerous Youkai have been moving from the west as if fleeing from something. All I know is that something out there is attacking Youkai constantly, and it's put all the others on the edge."

"…Is it a Demon Slayer?"

"No…as far as the rumors go, it's another Youkai, and a powerful one at that."

"I see…well, thank you for telling me this. I suppose that's all?"

"There is one more thing…we heard that Noihara of the Crimson Blade has found you. Is she pressuring you to become a Demon Slayer?"

"Hmm, not at the moment. She's still getting over our 'reunion', so to speak."

"…I understand. Just to warn you though, you might be watched over the next few days. Some of the more cautious Youkai are still wary of you due to your Demon Slayer Blood."

"…I got it. Thank you for the warning."

"Be careful."

Kamito got up and left a tip before leaving the building. He could feel no one watching him at the moment, when all of a sudden, his phone vibrated. A text from Restia revealed what she and the others wanted for dinner, and a sigh escaped his lips.

"The beginning of a storm? And I thought I went through enough already."

'This is the fate of bearing a dragon Partner. I did warn you that power attracts power, especially for a dragon you know.'

'I know that. As if I had enough to worry about with the true coming of the Dark Angels…'

Takamiya City - Forest Outskirts

"O poisonous yet beautiful flower of life, thou who art but a momentary dream in thy prime, bloom mildly and amidst the disorder of thy blooming let thy blossoms scatter fleetingly in the wind!"


Kamito was with Himari in the wilds of Takamiya, as the latter suggested to find a place remote to lure the Youkai that were looking at him as prey. Coupled with Sona's warnings of outside Youkai intrusions into the city, Kamito readily agreed with that. So here they were, with Kamito watching Himari kill Youkai that popped out of the woodwork. A few tried to go after him, but the aura of the Vorpal Sword in his hand made them hesitate, which got them killed by Himari, who happened to be in catgirl mode.

Interestingly to note, Kamito did not make one move to help Himari, instead content to watch her fight. Restia was silent too as she observed from her position as the Vorpal Sword.

"Heh heh, are you impressed, Milord? No matter how many come, I will strike them all down."

"…You missed one."



The Youkai that tried to sneak up on Himari was bisected in an instant, the two halves landing with a splatter. Himari gave a small sigh as she looked at the corpses, a bored look on her face.

"What a bore. These Youkai did not satisfy me in the slightest."

That statement made Kamito wonder about Himari's bloodlust. He knew that as a Youkai, her way of thinking would be a bit different, but he didn't know just how much. And if she were ever a threat to Asuha…

"Is something the matter, Young Master?"

"Wha…no. It's nothing."

"If you say so. *lick*"

Now Himari licking the blood off herself like it was the most natural thing in the world did creep Kamito out a bit, that he had to look away for a moment. It gave Restia the chance to ask him something.

'Kamito, is Himari trying to get you to become a Demon Slayer?'

'I don't know. She hasn't really brought it up except for one time, and that was explaining the whole deal.'

'Then I should warn you, that cat is determined for you to inherit the Amakawa legacy. I heard her talk about it somewhat with Asuha while you were out a few days ago.'

'I doubt Partner here would give in that easily. This is his 'downtime', remember?'

Kamito gave a bit of a wince, hearing two voices in his head. For some reason, it was always the case of him getting a slight headache when something like this happened, and it was even worse when Est was included. Restia and Est arguing with each other, plus Ddraig making comments tended to equal a migraine for Kamito.

"Young Master, are you alright?"

"Fine…just fine Himari. It looks like you got them all. I guess that's it for today."

"Yes…I suppose it is."

After cleaning herself off, Himari attached herself to Kamito, giving him a look that he couldn't identify. Looking at him up and down, Himari parted a small distance as she folded her arms.

"I must admit, I'm a bit disappointed in you, Young Master."

"And why exactly?"

"I cannot feel an ounce of power from you that the Amakawa family should possess. All I can feel is a different power coursing through your body."

"And you make it sound like it's a bad thing."

Restia turned back to her normal form as she folded her arms towards Himari. The catgirl was unsure what to say until the Spirit gave a shrug and sighed.

"Well, I guess it couldn't be helped. The power of the Demon King is that overpowering, after all."

"…Demon King?"

Himari's eyes narrowed at that as Kamito gave Restia a look, who just shrugged once again. He rubbed the back of his neck before he walked off.

"I'll leave the explanations to you Restia. I'm going to take off for a bit."

"Wait Young-!"

Kamito left quickly before Himari could finish, in a rather fast fashion that even gave Himari pause. She then turned to Restia with a frown as her hand gripped the hilt of her katana, Yasutsuna.

"Please explain what you meant by Demon King, Restia-dono."

The Spirit in question maintained a calm composure, but inside, she wanted to scold Kamito for leaving her in this situation. Well, until a smirk crossed her face as a devious thought came to her.

Stopping by a river, Kamito's thoughts turned to the past due to the mention of him being the Demon King. A bitter smile crossed his face as he remembered particular memories that weren't all that bright.

'…Why does something like this happen now? I feel like I'm Fate's plaything or something.'

'…You know Partner, all this complaining doesn't suit you. What happened to the man that fought that Elstein girl and Tytus? What happened to the Strongest Blade Dancer?'

'Haa…sorry Ddraig. I guess a part of me is fed up with all the surprises happening in my life.'

'Don't worry about it, as long as you know it. Still, I am a bit disappointed that you haven't reached a perfect Balance Breaker yet after all this time. It's a miracle that the White One hasn't found us yet.'

Kamito was about to reply to that when he heard a bubbling come from the river nearby. Looking, he saw a Youkai girl pop her head above the water, complete with a drowned look as he put his guard up. She approached the shore, and Kamito could see it was a girl with shoulder-length green hair and red eyes, wearing a one-piece dress. The look she was giving him however, made him tense.

"…Are you…going to become a Demon Slayer? Forget it…if you don't want to die…nano."


The girl dissolved into water as Kamito stared at the spot the girl was formerly. He couldn't feel her presence anymore, but her threat just made him groan.

"Great, another one wanting to kill me."

Kamito made his back towards Himari and Restia, and when he found them, they were sitting on a hillside, with Himari having her hair down. They noticed his approach, and as Kamito got closer, he saw an impassive look on Himari's face. He looked at Restia, who's impish smile gave him a bad feeling.

"Restia-dono has told me why you are called the Demon King, Young Master."

"…She did, huh?"

Kamito felt his heart sink a bit hearing that. No doubt Himari would be wary with him, until she said something he didn't expect.

"To think that your perverseness has gotten to a level I would have never expected."


Himari's statement caught Kamito completely off guard, that he didn't notice Restia stifling giggles. Well, until he looked her and comprehension dawned on his face.

"Oh no…"

"To have a title as Demon King of the Night is quite ominous, having laid your hands on so many young maidens. Then again, seeing as you have a child, I should not be so surprised. But to lay your hands on a school full of young women coming into maturity… Will I have to offer myself every night now to keep the purity of all young maidens in the city safe?"

A frozen Kamito stared at Himari as Restia broke down laughing, drawing attention to herself. After taking a deep breath, Kamito went to set the record straight.

"Now look Himari, Restia was just kidding about the whole 'Demon King of the Night' deal. That was the result of the gossip of over imaginative girls who really haven't had much interactions with other males before. I did not do lewd acts back then."

"This coming from the person who said 'Having the title of Demon King of the Night is enough', huh?"

"Quiet you."

Himari looked apprehensive at Kamito's explanation, but between him and Restia, she put her trust in the former. Plus, she did have this sneaking suspicion that Restia was leading her astray somehow, yet still being truthful.

"Alright. I will believe your words for now, Young Master, but in the future, I hope you will explain things yourself."

A sigh of relief escaped Kamito's lips as he gave Restia a dirty look, who returned it with a mischievous one. He could tell that Restia wasn't ready to put out the fire just yet though.

"Don't worry about Miss Kitty here. I'm more than willing to be your bed partner again Kamito. It's not like we haven't done it before."

"…Young Master? What does she mean by that…?"

Himari's stare actually unnerved Kamito out a bit, that he backed away slightly. He had a bit of a hard time speaking, something Restia had no problem with.

"What I mean is, Kamito is very good in bed. I should know having taken his-mmph!"

"That's enough out of you Restia!"

Kamito quickly covered Restia's mouth before she could say anymore. However, Restia responded by sucking on Kamito's hand, causing him to jerk it away. She twirled out of the way as a pool of inky darkness appeared at her feet.

"Well, it's been fun, but I better see how Asu-nyan is doing. Bye~"

"Wait, Restia-!"

The Darkness Spirit vanished before Kamito could finish, leaving him alone with Himari. Which right there, was something that made him completely uncomfortable.

"Young Master, maybe it is time we discussed your…night life over lunch? I have made something for us to eat."

All Kamito did was twitch in response as Himari pulled out a picnic basket. Talking about something so sensitive with someone he barely knew made him really uncomfortable. Let alone with a female, regardless of species.

'Wow Partner, I've seen some bad luck amongst the past possessors, but yours takes the cake.'

'Shut up, Ddraig.'