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Chapter 2: Darkest Nights

If any of them had known that was almost the last time they'd see Grantaire, someone would've gone after him. If Enjolras had known this he would've torn after Grantaire and fell to his knees begging for forgiveness and taking back every word he said, every negative word he'd ever said to the cynic, his cynic, his love. But none of them knew, so they let him walk.

Grantaire's departure brought silence for a few more moments before chaos erupted.

"What the actual F*ck you ass?" Éponine screeched, rising to punch the marble leader. Combeferre caught her around the middle before she got to far, but not without a fight.

"Let me go Henri, let me go so I can claw his sorry face. How dare he?! How DARE he say those things to Grantaire. After he was the most supportive after your father died. After everything EVERYTHING he's done for you!"

They watched Éponine thrash against her boyfriend, all the while glaring at the leader.

"Ferre, let her go, I deserve it." He croaked finally, causing more silence.

"F*cking right you deserve it." Heads whipped around to see Jehan fuming at the leader.

"You need to go after him right now, you go after him and apologize or I swear to God I will tear your f*cking balls off and feed them to a rabid dog in front of you." Éponine seethed, causing several hands to fly to their crotches.

"I should, I'll go." He moved towards the door, but he felt Courfeyac's hand on his shoulder (looking back, this is single most event Francois de Courfeyac regrets in his entire life, and he's done some stupid shit.).

"Let him cool off." Enjolras hesitated before nodding slowly.

After the blow up everyone filed out slowly. Enjolras was one of the last to leave, Feuilly leaving right before him.

"I've always had his heart?" Enjolras finally asked to no one in particular.

Feuilly shook his head hopelessly.

"For a supposed genius, you're a dipshit." And wish that Feuilly left, leaving Enjolras to drown in guilt and darkness.

Grantaire had run all the way home, fighting tears. Getting to his flat he found the sharpest thing he could, a lousy letter opened, and dragged it up his wrist. The blood filled the lines and he cried out, too afraid to take his own life, but too ashamed to live anymore, to darken and burden anymore lives. Sinking to the floor of his bedroom sobbing he reached for a half empty bottle, downing it. Finally, once the blood had collected enough, he moved to the bathroom to bandage himself up. Opening the medicine cabinet the pill bottles flashed in front of him, so welcoming, so inviting. Wrapping gauze around his arm he snatched all the bottles from the shelf, not caring anymore what they did. He looked around the flat once more, thankful he was home before his roommate. Then he turned out the door and head to the one place he knew none of them would return to in a long time.

"He wasn't at the flat, but the medicine cabinet's empty." Bahorel's voice came over shaky and worried on speakerphone. Combeferre held the phone out as Courfeyac drove and Enjolras rocked back and forth in Combeferre's car.

"We're checking the local bars, you check the hospital's ok?" Combeferre commanded.

"This is all my fault, I'm such a fool, why am I so blind?" Enjolras sobbed, desperately scanning the bars and alleyways.

"It's not entirely your fault." Combeferre comforted.

"Just set off the time bomb." Courfeyac added, Combeferre glared.

"We'll find him Enj, don't worry."

Hours went by and no sign, they'd all regrouped at the Musain.

"None of the hospitals had him."

"No one's been at the flat."

"He's not at the bars."

"He's not in the park."

Finally it came to Enjolras, hit him like a bloody cannon ball.

"I know where he is." He whispered.

"What? How?" Joly asked impatiently.

"I know where he is!" He cried, running towards the door.

"What's he on?" Bousset seethed.

"He went to where it happened!" He cried, watching it dawn on their faces.

"He's at the Corinth?" Éponine breathed.

The old bar near the university campus. The one they stationed their head quarters last minute instead of Musain. The one that got trashed by police and the one Grantaire passed out in and woke up in silence. He'd stumbled around for hours in a blind panic as to where everyone was, it took him nearly three hours to find the hospital they'd sent everyone. He'd later tell Enjolras waking up in silence was the most frightening experience of his life.

Enjolras tore out of the Musain and down the block to the Corinth. Slamming open the door the old bar keep looked up in surprise.

"Alexander? What are ye doing 'ere?"

"Mousier Franz, have you seen Grantaire?" Enjolras's voice was weak, pleading with the old man.

"Ay, he came in little over three hours ago, drunk as hell, he went back to the restroom. I went on break right after so he might've left, but I'm not sure."

Enjolras was nearly ready to throttle the old man, but the overwhelming need to make sure that Grantaire was not in that bathroom over came him. Bolting to the bathroom he smashed open the door and let our a horrific heart shattering scream.

Grantaire was sprawled on the ground surrounded by empty pill and glass bottles. Vomit surrounded his body and blood pooled around his wrists.

Not caring for the filth, Enjolras fell to his knees and lugged the man into his lap.

"Wake up Taire, for God's sake, wake up!" He screamed as he shook the lifeless man. With shaky fingers he felt for a pulse. He nearly cried out with joy when he found a beat, extremely weak, but there.

"Oh Taire, I'm a bloody fool. I can't lose you now! Not now when I've realized what I've been running from! All my life I've been running from love and you, you stupid cynical beautiful man, you've had it for me all along. You can't leave! Say something Grantaire, I won't give up on you!" He cried.

By now the rest had entered the bar and found Enjolras and Grantaire. Enjolras hears (faintly) the sound of gasps, someone, probably Combeferre, calling an ambulance, and then tears. But none of those sounds matter, not when there's a weak groan and two blood shot coffee eyes squinting to see him.

"Apollo? I was allowed into heaven?" He croaks, squinting still, eyes falling heavy again.

"No Taire, you can't leave. This isn't heaven, you're still alive, please keep fighting. I can't lose you, not when I realized how much you mean to me." Enjolras cries, the fluttering in his chest escalating to a fierce tattoo against his ribs. Even in his hazy state, Grantaire clearly hears those words and immeditley regrets everything he's done. Weakly he lifts a hand to Enjolras's face.

"You've got to fight Taire, I'm not losing you! Why'd you do this? Don't you know we all love you? I never should've said those words, never should I have even thought of them, oh Taire forgive me." Enjolras sobbed.

Three bottles, all the colored tablets, one after another, they'll go together until Grantaire's head feels like a bowling ball, till the world becomes a scratched DVD and the sounds from a broken record. Bottle four, five, pink, yellow, blue, all the things he could find to keep him from the pain. He thought he was home free, the world was fading, and the pain subsiding but nothing's more painful than the inhumane howl of heartbreak that yanks Grantaire back to the world. A golden haloed god takes him into his arms and weeps. Grantaire fights the strength to keep up with the words, hearing the ones he's longed for tumble out of the god's lips, bringing him back to the fight. But the other side is winning, the halo dims, the marble fades and with fighting breath, before he's drowned in the darkness he craved, he calls out,

"Apollo." And then moves no more.

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