The Ice Behind Bars


Our eyes deceive us from uncovering a lie, to protect us from its horrifying truth.

And that was once said in the fair Kingdom of Arendelle and its fair, kind and merciful ruler King Jamie Of Arendelle and his beloved wife Queen Aphrodite Of Arendelle whom loyal love has blessed them with two daughters, Princess Elsa and Anna Of Arendelle. Although citizens were expecting a prince. To their disappointment, the first born princess was announced sickly and weak. Three years later, Princess Anna was born. People heard many rumors about the king's disappointment. Of course a son was preferable for the kingdom and their healthy queen was still capable to conceive other children. That's what they hoped. Without a warning, they were surprised at the king's decision to close the castle gates. Of course everyone said that it was for the princesses' protection. But there was more to this that met the eye.

One cold night, the citizens were summoned by the king to the courtyard. Every villager was present; Man, woman and child. The announcement of the kidnap of Princess Anna and the disappearance of Queen Aphrodite threw waves of shock and stress to Arendelle. The sound of cries and murmurs rang in the king's ears like bells. No one knew what happened, no one knew why the king wouldn't say where they were when the ambush occurred, no one knew why Princess Elsa wasn't there with the king at the announcement. No one knew. Some secrets were safer kept hidden. Since that moment, everything changed.


From that day, the citizens of Arendelle were plagued with screams at night. The screams and cries that came from behind those grand castle gates, the screams that woke terrified children at night , the screams that gave the people of Arendelle nightmares, the screams that grew louder and much more often through the years and the screams that gave shivers to their spines. Some said they were ghosts, other said they were prisoners that were receiving what they deserved, and few said in silence-keeping their opinion to themselves- that those were the screams of the sickly princess that was receiving her medical treatment. Thirteen years have passed and few had the courage to think that beyond those great gates, hid a greater secret.

While the king still grieved over his deceased wife and hoped to find his daughter, the kingdom lost hope for an heir, oblivious to the increasing amount of thefts throughout other kingdoms. Many have reported amount of successful thefts that amazingly kept increasing throughout the passing years. Rumor had it that there was even a Thieves Guild, where thieves likely called Home. It's where they slept, ate and drank. Nevertheless, the other rulers were desperately trying to stop them.