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Thor's P.O.V.
I smile at Lucy who was still hanging on Laxus's arm. "When does the rest of the guild start arriving?" I ask glancing at the closed doors. Wouldn't someone be coming in by now?

Lucy shook her head. "The guild was having a small celebration last night. Most of them won't be here till very late. Except maybe Cana." She chuckled looking in my eyes, as the door opens up behind our backs.

I heard a squeal and turned around to have Meara jump into my arms. "Thor –kun, It's been a really long time." She squealed in my ear.

I chuckled picking her up and swinging her around gently. "It has Meara, but I'm back now so no need to keep worrying yourself over me." I joke putting her down as I hear the doors open yet again.

The person didn't say a word, just walked by the now silent group and to the job request board. They started studying it when I walked up behind them.

"What don't remember your old friend, Cana?" I ask as my hammer returns to my hand.

"Meara, get me a drink." Cana said walking over to the bar unfazed by my previous statement. What had happened to her? Have I really been gone that long that she wouldn't remember who I was? Or did I hurt her before I left?

Meara smiled weakly to me and walked behind the bar handing Cana a barrel of alcohol. Good to know that something's never change.

"So why haven't you been here all this time?" Cana asked not looking away from the barrel's rim. This must really hurt her. I left her alone without anyone to help her.

"I'm sorry. Gramps sent me out on a job that he didn't expect anyone else could handle." I say hugging her from behind. "I didn't mean to leave you like that."

The doors flung open as a throng of people swarmed in. I pulled away from Cana and stepped away from the bar. I knew that this wasn't going to end well.

I could hear the crowd roaring my name. With this many voices I couldn't tell what their feelings were behind it. All I knew was that I was being lifted onto the guild's shoulders. Apparently I was missed by most of the guild, just thinking about this caused me to smile thinking that the guild had missed me and yet hadn't said anything to Laxus.

"Drop the boy." I heard a familiar voice that I couldn't place say to the guild. They obviously did, because I almost hit the floor right after the voice said it.

I stood up straight and straightened up my now disheveled clothing. I didn't realize how much clothes could get damaged in a mob. I would have to make a note to not get caught in another one any time soon.

"You. Why are you here?" Again the voice spoke. Since I was put down I could hear that it was on the second floor somewhere, but why would someone from up there be talking to me. The S-class shouldn't know me well enough to speak to me in such a rude informal manner. So who was speaking to me like that?

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