I'm going to keep this simple: this is a 2-3 chapter long Fanfiction about Dick tutoring Artemis. And some other stuff, but no spoilers! Anyways, this chapter sets alot of stuff up to happen later, so it's helpful to read, even though the next chapter might be more interesting for you. Please let me know what you think: I absolutely love criticism (picky people are my favorite), so please be brutally honest.

An E. She was getting an E in math. Artemis couldn't believe it. An E!

She looked at the grade report once more and groaned out loud. She knew her Mom wasn't going to be happy. You can't just fail a class when you attend one of the most prodigious schools in the state, especially when you're there on a scholarship.

It wasn't like she was stupid or anything, either. Heck, she probably knew more than most of the kids in her entire school. It was just the missions and training and patrol nights that sometimes made it difficult to do homework. Or stay awake in class.

Worst of all though, she knew that Ollie wasn't going to be happy. Oliver Queen, aka Green Arrow, was not only her mentor, but he was like family. He may not have been her real uncle, but that didn't stop him from sending money when times got rough (despite pleas from both Artemis and her mother not to), and from getting her both Christmas and birthday presents.

He was also responsible for her being on The Team. One of the conditions that had been made clear before she had signed on was that she had to keep her grades up; nothing below a C average. The Justice League didn't want kids flunking out of school just because they spent their free time fighting evil maniacs, some who she was ironically related to. But an E was WAY below a C.

That's how Artemis knew what was coming even before Oliver showed up at her doorstep later that night.

"Artemis," her mother called from down the hall. "Your uncle is here to see you."

'Crap,' Artemis thought before yelling back. "Coming!"

She'd managed to hide her grade sheet from her mom for a total of 4 hours, 42 minutes, and 26 seconds. That streak was about to come to an end.

As she walked down the hall, she saw that the Emerald Archer was already taking to her mom. They didn't even bother waiting for her! Artemis would have been annoyed, had she not been worried about what was going to come next. Her mom's face changed to a look of surprise, and then annoyance.

'Now or never,' Artemis thought to herself before entering the living room. "Hey, Ollie," she said nervously. "What, uh, what brings you to town?"

"I think you know perfectly well, Artemis," her mother answered for him. "You're failing one of your classes!" She continued with rage. "How could you not tell me about this sooner!?"

Now, even Oliver was starting to feel anxious.

When Paula Crock got mad, she got mad. Wheelchair, or no, you did NOT want to mess with the ex con.

"Paula, maybe it's best that we-" he started.

"No!" She cut him off. Paula turned to get daughter. "You are failing math, Artemis, and I have to hear it from him!"

"Ouch," Ollie muttered under his breath.

Paula continued to glare at Artemis. "Were you ever going to tell me the truth?"

She opened her mouth to respond, but then closed it. She didn't want to risk making things worse.

The silence lasted for two beats. Paula's expression became one of hurt.

"Ollie, may I have a moment with my daughter? Alone please."

"Of course," he said, all too eager to step out.

"Thank you," she said, much calmer now than she had been a minute ago. "Oh, please help yourself to some tea. It's in the kitchen."

After he'd left, Artemis spoke. "Mom, I'm sorry-"

"You don't understand," her mother turned away. "I know how easy it is to get distracted by other things. That's why I'm so desperate to keep you on the right path; why I let you..."

"Do what I do?"

"Exactly." Paula turned back to face her daughter, tears brimming in her eyes. "Please, Artemis. Do not let my sacrifices be in vain. I've tried so hard to get you here. Please."

"I won't."

Another long pause.

Ollie poked his head back into the living room. "I hope I'm not interrupting anything," he said. "But there is the small matter of Artemis' grade that we need to talk about."

Taking the silence as an invitation, he walked over and sat down on the couch. "I know it's not easy juggling school work with hero with, but it has to be done. I've talked to Batman. He's allowing you to stay on The Team..."

Artemis felt as if a mountain had been lifted off her chest.

"...on the condition that you raise your grade up to an 80% within the next month."

And the mountain was back.

"A month!?" Artemis exclaimed. "How am I supposed to raise my grade up by 23% in ONE MONTH!?"

"Relax," Oliver reassured her. "I've looked into it, and I've got some tutors lined up for you."

"No thanks," Artemis said coldly. She hated tutors. The idea of being taught by someone your own age was degrading, and they rarely made a difference. So no thank you, she would figure this out on her own.

"Artemis, you're independent. And I get that," Ollie said.

"Good. End of discussion."

"Wrong," he said more firmly. "You're in denial, but you need the help."

'No wonder he and Black Canary are dating,' Artemis thought dully. 'They sound just like each other.'

Oliver continued. "According to your counselor, if you ace your next two tests, the curve will be enough to round you up to a B. You need someone who understands the material to teach it to you. That's why I'm having you meet with a tutor every Tuesdays and Thursdays after school 'til 4."

"What? But what about training?"

"Batman has you on probation. No more Team activity until your grade improves."

Artemis was ready to punch the wall. Instead, she held back. Self control. That's what she needed. She would never win this argument.

"Fine, I'll meet with this guy... whoever he is. But he better be good," she relented finally.

Ollie smiled victoriously. Even Paula, who'd been sitting silently on the couch, offered a small grin of approval.

"Relax," he said. "You'll like him. He's really good at math. And he goes to your school."

"Great," she spoke the word drawn out. "So now some senior will know how stupid I am."

Ollie winced, suddenly eager to leave. "Yeah, okay, so I'll have him meet you tomorrow after school at the library. Don't be late."

"Fine," she said. Just as Ollie was walking out the door, she remembered.

"Hey, what's his name, anyway?" Ollie was practically jogging to his car, now. "Dick Grayson," he called, one safely behind the bulletproof glass windows.

He did not want to be there when she found out what he'd really done.

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