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Artemis went out on patrol, just to clear her mind. Forget her suspension. She needed to think straight. And the only time she could do that was when she was out kicking butt.

Batman was Bruce Wayne. Dick Grayson was Robin.

Artemis liked facts and knowledge, so the information should have kept her satisfied. It didn't. That's when she finally realized where the anger was coming from. It was coming from the betrayal. She had trusted Dick Grayson. And Robin. They'd both kept the same secret from her.

Of course, she should have been more understandable; he had only been following orders from his mentor. But still, it hurt knowing that he didn't trust her back.

"Hey, can we talk?" Robin said, coming up silently from behind her.

Artemis jumped. He'd snuck up on her again.

"You have GOT to stop doing that!"

"Doing what?"

"That sneaky ninja thing you do! It's creepy!"

"It's awesome," he corrected. "And I didn't come up here to talk about my amazing stealth skills."

She tightened the grip on her bow. "And I didn't come up here to talk to you at all."

Dick sighed. "You know-"

"And I DEFINITELY don't want an apology."

"Good, because your not getting one."

Artemis hadn't been expecting that. This boy was full of surprises.

"I don't need to apologize for keeping my secret identity a secret. It's my personal life. That, and I was following orders. Something you might try," he said, raising an eyebrow, indicating that her being out at night was a clear violation of her probation.

She just frowned. "So...then why are you here?"

Another sigh. "You can't tell the Team, okay?"

"Well duh," Artemis scoffed.

"I'm serious!"

"So am I. Besides, I don't care if you're Dick Grayson, anyway."

He arched another eyebrow.

"Okay, I care!" She surrendered. "But you could blame me? I mean, my TUTOR is also my teammate, who kept that little secret from me, which of utterly humiliating to find out, because it just shows that someone out there can play you like a violin without you even knowing it! So news flash, 'Boy Wonder,' I have a right to be very, VERY mad at you right now!"

They both stopped to let it soak in.

"Are you done?" Robin asked, wanting to make sure she was calm.

No response.

"Okay, so you make a point," he said. "But no one did this to embarrass you. We did this to keep you on the Team. You weren't supposed to find out who I was for this very reason; we didn't want you getting upset."

"We?" Artemis asked confused. "Oh, right. Ollie was in on this too, huh?"

"And Batman."

Artemis groaned. "So... What now?"

A low voice spoke behind her.

"You go home,"

She turned to see Batman frowning down upon the pair.

"Both of you."

Yup, the Bat was still terrifying.

"But-" Robin started.

"No," Batman cut him off. "And as for you..." He turned directly to face Artemis, from deepening. "Everything you have seen and know if confidential. You are not to share any of this information with anyone." He turned away. "And you're still suspended from patrol until further notice."

Artemis smiled in spite of herself.

Somethings never changed.

What Happened Next

Artemis continued her torturing sessions with Dick; she still need the help with her math. She just made a point to do it when Batm- er- BRUCE wasn't around. Now that she knew his civilian identity, it was awkward enough seeing him at the cave.

Yes, that's right. At the cave. She had managed to raise her grade (thanks to Dick), which had landed her back in her rightful place alongside her Team.

And, of course, all secrets remained secrets. Only she and Wally actually knew the true identities of the Dynamic Duo, which they secretly joked about all the time.

Ollie had really gotten it from Artemis after that whole rooftop-patrol thing. She was certain that she would be picking her own tutors from now on. And of course, their names would all be Dick Grayson.

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