~Smile for Me~

I gnashed my teeth in irritation, my fists clenched so tightly that they had gone completely white, my (h/c) hair covering up my eyes to prevent seeing what lay in front of me.

"_-chan…?" I heard a familiar female voice ask from behind my shaking form, a hand placed on my shoulder as if to bring me out of my mind. "What's wrong? You scored well on the exams, again."

"That's not it," I admitted, trying my best to keep my emotions at bay, especially considering the brunette swimmer hadn't done anything wrong. I pointed my index finger (repressing all urges to point with my middle finger) towards the 1st place. "What's wrong is that I'm second place to that snot-nosed, arrogant little piece of shi-"

"Upset about the exam results again, _?" A smug voice interrupted my rant, causing my expression to switch to realization and anger.

My form stopped shaking and my fists unclenched as I turned around, forcing a somewhat composed look upon my face as my (e/c) eyes met bespectacled green ones. "If being the highest-scoring student in our year allows me to be a malevolent bastard, then I'm content with being one point behind you, Byakuya."

His light eyebrows narrowed a bit while he shoved his white glasses closer to his eyes, his normal frown somehow bigger. "I would appreciate it if you didn't use my first name with those tainted lips of yours, _."

"And I'd appreciate it if you stopped being a prick, but that'd be too good to be true." I replied, ignoring Asahina's pleading looks for me to stop.


"S-should we try to stop t-them?" Chihiro stuttered towards Asahina, who shook her brown hair as a response while observing the two get into another argument.

"They always go at it like this, it's no use." She sighed, rubbing her temples slightly before picking her school bag up. "I've tried talking some sense into her, but she's too stubborn to leave him be."

Chihiro nodded and picked up her bag, casting another glance at _ (who was looking close to tears at this point) and Togami (who was wearing a look with a bit more cruelty than usual) before reluctantly leaving with Asahina. "I can't help but think he purposely provokes her."

Asahina rolled her eyes teasingly. "He kind of does that to everyone."

"Yeah, though I think he goes out of his way to upset her more, than he does the rest of us." Chihiro clarified, her response causing the brunette swimmer to pause.

"What, like he likes her?" She thought out loud, the very idea making her laugh hysterically a few seconds later.

"Maybe he's unconsciously doing it because he doesn't know he likes her?" Chihiro hypothesized, ceasing when Sakura arrived and asked what the two of them were talking about.

"J-just a crazy idea," Asahina gasped, holding her stomach because of the pain from her previous reaction. "That Togami might like _-chan to the point where he makes her miserable just to keep him in her mind."

"I wouldn't necessarily be surprised if that was the case. Love and hate are two sides of the same coin." Sakura acknowledged calmly, a grim silence overtaking the three when it sunk in.

"LIKE I'LL LET SOMEONE LIKE HIM TAKE _-CHAN AWAY!" Asahina exclaimed, taking a furious bite from a doughnut she removed from her school bag, a slight stomp in her step at the thought. "She deserves better than a sicko like him."


I noticed Asahina and Chihiro head elsewhere out of the corner of my eye, (most likely to meet Sakura near the gym of our school), still standing across from the blonde progeny.

Don't let him get to you, _, I reminded myself, repressing the urge to let salt water spill down my burning cheeks. He's just being his average, bastardly self.

'"When will you accept the fact that I always win, _?" He asked, a smirk etching onto his expression. "I never lose, and I certainly won't lose to someone by the likes of you."'

Why did that hurt?

I tuned him out, struggling to find an answer explaining why his previous statement made my heart ache with every pulse, unable to stop my body from shaking. Not from anger, though.

From uncertainty.

I had no idea why such a simple sentence would emotionally wound me, especially in comparison to the previous insults thrown back and forth in the past, therefore causing uncertainty, which is a special brand of fear.

Then the realization hit me like a ton of bricks.

I averted his gaze using my (h/c) hair as a shield, my face feeling like it was on fire.

"_? Are you even listening to me?" Byakuya interrogated when noticing my response, confusion evident in his tone.

"I know." I answered hollowly, gripping my school bag harshly to prevent my fingernails from cutting into my palms.

"You know something? How surprising, what do you know?" He mocked, holding his hands up as if in surrender.

"I know…that I can't beat you. I'm fully aware of that. But…"

And yet, I…

I looked back up at Byakuya, unable to stop my tears from falling. "I'm not going to give up."

His composed look vanished, yet came back in an instant. It wasn't nearly as strong as it was before. The blonde male was silent.

"I remember when we first met," I continued. "It was last year, right? I was new here, but that didn't stop you from belittling me."

'"Hello," I began, extending my hand towards the well-dressed boy with whom I was assigned to sit next to in my new class, a smile lighting up my features. "I'm _. And you are?"

A small smirk, one which I had the feeling I would get very sick of soon, made its way onto his expression. "Byakuya Togami. And I don't shake hands with dogs."'

A part of me wanted to know why you hated me, but after a while, I stopped caring about everything, with the exception of beating you.

"Though it pains me to say it…thank you, Byakuya-kun."


Her gaze pierced through my glasses so sharply I actually feared they might break because of her intensity, shock and guilt(?) overwhelming all other senses of mine when I saw her crying.

"I'm not going to give up."

It's annoying how six words like that can almost shatter my mask of confidence.

"I remember when we first met," She continued. "It was last year, right? I was new here, but that didn't stop you from belittling me."

I remember that.

You wore a naïve, innocent little smile that made me sick to my stomach at the mere sight of it. I felt disgusted to see another gullible, foolish person attempt to befriend me, so my response was out of mundane routine.

"'Byakuya Togami. And I don't shake hands with dogs."'

"Though it pains me to say it…" _ continued, her voice bringing me out of my mind. "Thank you, Byakuya-kun."

Have I gone deaf?

Despite my immense confusion after hearing her thank me and address my name with honorifics for the first time, she continued.

"Because I have a motivation to keep on going. A goal to achieve by the time we graduate from this high school of ours, which is to be 1st place in the exams and to have you in 2nd!" She expressed, a determined smile present amongst her features. "Someday I'll defeat you, and nothing you say will change that!"

This time, her smile is different than the one she offered me a year ago. The one before seemed forced, as if she was obligated to do so. Her smile now seems genuine. It's been awhile since she's smiled, or at least while I was in the same room as her.

I shrugged, grabbing my school bag. "If that helps you sleep at night…"

Does this mean that, technically speaking, I'm her reason for smiling today? I thought as I walked away from _'s figure, who headed in the direction opposite from mine.

I glanced back a miniscule amount, seeing the orange rays of the setting sun caress her (h/c) hair, the windowpane designs glistening in her (e/c) orbs, her tears long gone and replaced by a determined smile.

If being the second highest-scoring student in our year allows me to be her reason for smiling more, then I'm content with being a point behind her.

(Author's Note: Annnnd one reader-insert drabble done, God-knows how many left to go~! Sorry if it's slightly confusing or if the characters are OOC, I'm rather tired at the moment. I don't know why I started with Togami. I think it's because he's one of my favorite characters and that it'd be interesting to start this off with him. Sorry if the reader didn't match you, dear reader…

Here's some clarification:

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*Second, in the fanfiction I address Chihiro as 'she', 'her', etc. That's all because, (without going into too much detail, for Tumblr would get very angry if I did) through the perspective of everyone, that's how Chihiro is portrayed, so…yeah...

*Third, in the end of this chapter, reader addresses Togami as 'Byakuya-kun' in contrast to 'Byakuya', which is how she addressed him the entire time when she spoke to him. Honorifics indicate respect towards another person, so during the story, up 'till the end, she spoke his name with disrespect.

*Forth, in connection to third, in this drabble, Chihiro is right. Togami unconsciously acts the way he does around reader-chan because he likes her and wants to stand out in her mind more than anyone else (only even he doesn't know it yet, but there's somewhat of a hint of it in the end), kind of like a little boy who pulls on a girl's pigtails because he likes her or something…

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