Garrett's pov.

"ok i was thinking that before we get started on the cullen shit that maybe we should just chill out tonight. i mean come on, B just finished her change and shit so i think she as well as all of us deserve to hang out and chill the fuck out and not stress about the asshole cullens right now."

"sounds like a plan to me. i dont mind at all." paul manages to finish his statement just as his phone rings.

Pauls pov

"hey boss man i was just going to call you in a few here to let you know bella is done her transformation and is doing really really well."

"thats great to hear paul but i called for something else. look i hate to have to tell you guys this but i just got a call from Dr. fang and it seems that his family is planning on moving back here and should be in town soon. apperently they miss bella and want to come see her and make things right with her. we also need to talk about how things are going to work now that bellas been changed. i was looking into things and i spoke to old quil and it would seem that we were slightly wrong on the whole vamps being our mortal enemies thing. i was thinking about it and i could not see any reason for the last pack to make the treaty if they were our enemies. so i got to talking to old quil and it would seem that its not all of them that we are programed to kill."

"oh fuck you have got to be shittin me. why the hell cant they fuck off? and what the heck do you mean that we dont want to kill all of them?"

"thing about it paul. we never tried to kill the volturi or the cullens. only the ones who had a total disregard for human life. that and ones that were a threat to the rez."

"paul baby calm down its going to be ok. i actually think this could be kinda fun."

"i dont see how you expect me to be calm when that asshole married you and they want you found and URG!"

"fun bella? how is the cullens coming back going to be fun? paul is freaking out by the sounds of things and your all calm and shit. oh and em says hi and she misses you. once your all good to go she wants to see you ok."

"sure thing sammy." i slip the phone from pauls hand as he stands shaking and grinding his teeth." hey listen sammy i have a plan but i need you and the boys to help frankly i think your whole premise on vamps and wolves might be pretty close cause to me, paul smells no different."

"let me hear it bells and i will see what we can do."

"ok so i am thinking that i might let a vision slip to alice, the little midget pixie bitch, where she can see us as in me and you boys, at a night club in PA. you know shes going to show up with eddy boy at the very least to save me from the big mean dogs. no offence. and well we all know that i have changed a little since they left and im not just talking about the vamp thing either."

"i like the sounds of it bella but what about the you being around humans thing seeing you were just changed?"

"bro shes going great. like no issues what so ever. she had us all speechless. you have no worries. if you want to come by and see for your self. shes no different then the other day sam i promise you."

"you knew bella was a weird human sam and now it seems shes a weird vamp too. i have never seen someone with so much control ever. you have nothing to worry about and from what i can tell and im not sure if its just paul but she smells no different either."

"ok guys i will pop by and if your as good as they say bella then we will go with your plan and fuck with the cullens a little. but be warned that i might put you on egde with my scent and all."

"its all good sammy i will see you shortly. we will wait out back for you. love ya."

Bella's pov

"ok so what do you all think about this plan? im thinking that i am going to get my dance on with the guys. i would love for you vamps to hide so the cullens dont know your there and if they start anything you can join us. but i am thinking at some point i am going to go away from everyone else and see what eddy boy is going to have to say. i want to piss him off and i cant think of a better way then to be on the dance floor shaking my ass with the guys he hates the most."

"im in. i could use a drink and besides we were going to go to the bar anyways before caius called and wanted us to come home and change you."

"yeah count me in too. not very often that i get to hang out in a bar with my girl."

"awe thanks pauly."

"me too. i dont like the idea of you being alone with cullen though. how about one of us keeps close but out of sight?"

"we can do that peter if it makes you feel better."

"ok so we are all going to go if we can get the pack in with us. i guess we should go out back cause sam should be here soon."

"your right demi. hes not far now." i walk out back and wait in the yard for sam to come.

its not long before he is coming out of the woods in wolf form. wary but there is no need. i would never hurt him. hes like a big brother to me.

"hey sammy. you know one of these days i am going to have to talk you into taking me for another ride. mind you now i can run as fast as you can. shit! we should so have a race soon. that would be so much fun."

hes laughing as he changes back to human." yeah i see what you mean guys. no different. still the bells that we all love. come give me a hug baby girl."

smiling i run over and throw myself into his arms and hug him tight.

"i missed you sammy. weird. you still smell the same to me. like apples and cinnomin."

"and your still my little bells. hotter but still. fuck quil is going to be checking you out like mad. you were good looking before bells but now… well lets say if i didnt love em i would do you."

"EEWWW! dont ever ever say that again that is just plain nasty. your my brother sam and that would just be wrong."

now everyone is laughing at me. wonderful.

"so can we go dancing or not?"

"yeah we can go i will call the guys over and we can go chill for a while and fuck with the cullens."

Alice's pov

the family had decided to move back to forks in hopes that bella would come to see her dad. we were making the move as fast as we could. as i was packing up the last of my clothing i was hit with the first vision of bella in years. she was in a club, dancing with some tall native man. he was all over her and she was laughing and grinding into her. he dips his head and i can see his face. oh shit edwards going to flip.

"shes with the goddamn mutts? that was the alpha, sam right?"

"yes edward it would look that way. i have been where they were. its a club called the underground in port angeles. it looks like its going to be soon. could be either tonight or tomorrow."

"we need to get her away from them. if they are guarding her then we are going to have issues alice."

"i know babe just relax. we will figure this out. i told you that i would get her for you and i meant it. if i have to i will call the useless fucker i was married to and get him to come help us. you know hes stupid enough to fall for my lies."

"i cant wait to see her face again when she sees us. lets get going. we can make it to forks before night fall if we leave now."

"im ready to go. the rest of the family will be following behind us in a few hours once they close up the house."

Bella's pov

we were chillin in the underground and i have to admit i like this place. the music is pumping and its actually really good. nothing like the bars i went to in texas but still just as much fun. i cant wait to get on the floor with the pack and shake my ass. its going to be so much fun. and whoever made it so vamps can drink booze is my hero. i dont know what i would have done if i could not have dranken anymore patron. nothing so nice to warm your insides.

"ahh what the hell is that?"

"whats wrong babe?"

"i dont know. it feels like something is pushing on my head."

"hmm….do you have a buzzy feeling with it? like there is a bee floating around in there?"

"something like that petey. its really annoying."

"whats wrong with her? whats going on?"

"paul calm down. its ok. nothing is wrong with her. it would be my best guess that someone here either human or a vamp that is close is using a gift that would effect her. i am pretty sure from the way she described it that her sheild is blocking it and shes feeling it."

"damn i forgot about that sheild thingy."

"why did no one tell me about this? an i the only one who doesnt know that our baby B has a gift?"

"nope i didnt know either. this might be something that you would want to tell the pack guys?"

"we were going to get around to it sam. but if you have not noticed things have been a little crazy for us in the past few days. not to mention that we were busy moving in and getting shit sorted beofre that. sorry for not mentioning it with everything else going on"

"ok lets take a breath here. bella, sug, you might not be able to turn off this feeling your getting. are you going to be ok if it continues?"

"is she medatating? what the hell sweetheart? we are talking and shes zoned out. wonderful."

"your the one who can feel her the most when shits not right with her so feel her and see if shes ok with it. she doesnt look paniced or anything. quite the opisite really."

i can feel it in my head and it feels like someone is trying to get into my head. to see whats in there and the bubble thats there is not allowing it.

taking a few deep breaths i calm and ajust to the strange feeling.

"im good guys. and its about to be show time if im right. this thing in my head it is sort of like a bubble wrapping around me. i can feel it and it feels like someone is trying to get in my head and see whats in there but they cant. like i am being poked. so with that said i can think of only one person who can do that without touching you and that would mean that eddy boy is close. so i would suggest you guard your thoughts so he cant see anything."

i sit slowly sipping my drink while i wait for the cullens to be seated and to make sure that my vamp guys are hiding.

"ok which ones of you are coming to dance with me? i know sam needs to. i showed alice you dancing with me. i should have talked to em before hand but it might get a little hot sammy. dont worry im not going to jump your bones." i smirk

"ill come dance with you bella, i know quil and embry will too and i am betting jake as well"

"hell yeah i am. i cant wait to see you move bells."

"ask paul some time how well i move quil." winking i get up and head for thedance floor. i make a quick stop at the DJ and request a song. spotting edward and alice i make sure i am in their line of sight as the song starts and i start moving with sam.

'Everybodys looking for love. Oh. Oh.

Aint that the reason youre at this club. Oh. Oh.

You aint gonna find a dance with him. No. Oh.

Got a better solution for you girl. Oh. Oh.

Just stay with me now. Say the word and well go.

Ill be your teacher. Ill show you the ropes.

Youll see a side of love you've never known.

I can see it going down, going down.'

i smirk as sam catches on and i start grinding into him a little. before i know it i have quil infront of me and man i dont think this could get any hotter.

In my head, I see you all over me.

In my head, you fulfill my fantasy.

Youll be screaming no.

In my head, its going down.

In my head, its going down.

In my head. Yeah. In my head. Oh yeah.

im breathing heavy with the song and all i know is i cant see anything for the ocean of male bodies around me right now.

Some dudes know all the right things to say.

When it comes down to it, its just a game.

Instead of talking let me demonstrate. Yeah.

Get down to business lets skip foreplay.

Just leave with me now. Say the word and well go.

Ill be your teacher. Ill show you the ropes.

You'll see a side of love you've never known.

I can see it going down, going down.

In my head, I see you all over me.

In my head, you fulfill my fantasy.

Youll be screaming no.

In my head, its going down.

In my head, its going down.

In my head.

Break it down. Ay-oh. Come on. Ay-oh. Ay-oh.

You singing to me baby in my head right now. Ay-oh. Ay-oh. Come on.

Shell be screaming out when it all goes down.

oh boy here comes eddy boy. this should be fun. so not going to pay any attention to him till this song is over.

Just leave with me now. Say the word and well go. We can go.

Ill be your teacher. Ill show you the ropes.

Youll see a side of love youve never known.

I can see it going down, going down.

In my head, I see you all over me.

In my head, you fulfill my fantasy.

Youll be screaming no.

In my head, its going down.

In my head, its going down.

In my head, I see you all over me.

In my head, you fulfill my fantasy.

Youll be screaming more.

In my head, its going down.

In my head, its going down.

In my head.

"holy fuck that was hot. if you ever need a man to show you how its done you call me baby." i kiss jake on the cheek and smack his ass as he walks back to the table.

"bella love, i have missed you so much. we have been looking everywhere for you. how are you a vampire?"

"hello edward. you've not changed i see. guys, if you will excuse us for a moment please. i will be right back. can you order me a jack on the rocks please"

"sure thing bells. hurry back."

as everyone else heads for the table i walk outside and around the corner of the building. i know eddy boy has followed me so i stop and turn to him.

"what are you doing here edward? you promised me i would never see you again."

"i missed you and i still love you bella. i had to come check on you. alice could not see you any more. guess the mutts you hang out with are the reason for that. now why are you with them and why are you turned?" i can see hes trying so very hard to hold his see if i can push him a little.

" they are like a family to me. one that has never left me. they love me enough to fight for me rather then leave me. and as for turning well i dont really feel like telling you that."

"you will tell me now! you will respect me!"

chuckling i stand my ground

"some how i dont think so. you have never given me a reason to respect you. now your on claimed territory and i want you gone. you have till morning to have everyone gone from forks. me and my coven have claimed this land as ours."

he takes a menising step towards me. before he has a chance to strike me a blur flashes between us and edward is pressed against the wall of the club by none other then jasper whitlock.