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chapter 2

bella's pov

graduation was last week and i don't think that i have ever seen my dad so excited. i have lost count of how many times i have heard him tell me how proud of me he is but i secretly love the attention my dad is giving me. we don't talk much but since the Cullens left and i started hanging with the pack, dad and i have gotten much closer. i even went fishing with him last month. lets say that is never happening again.

i have spent the past few months working out with Paul and a few of the other guys. it turns out that the clumsy part of me was from looking at the ground all the time when i walked cause i had no confidence and well Edward telling me what he did when he left me in the woods, that did not help one bit. paul is the one who would always make me feel like i was beautiful. once we started working out and running, my body took on the right changes. more muscle definition, leaner more toned everywhere and man did it get appreciated. sometimes a little too much. mike newton noticed my changes in a big way and when i went to leave school one day he would not stop harressing me and even had the nerve to grab my ass. yeah well he wound up with a black eye for it. i decked the fucker.

one of the big benefits of being with the best fighter in the pack was him showing me to defend myself. hell if it were not for the fact that the pack is built like rock i would be able to take at least a few of them.

sighing i finishing packing all my bags and with the help of Paul and Quil we get them loaded into my new truck. a 2005 ford f-150. nothing special but it is my baby.

"Bella do you have everything? i don't want you to forget anything you might need right away. i can ship you anything i find you might need but its a long way to Connecticut kiddo."

"don't worry dad i have everything. the everyday things that i will need to use at the hotels and what not is packed and sitting in the cab with me. i am still a little worried about being so far away and doing 7 more years of schooling."

"you're the first of us to go off and make something of yourself babe. we are all rooting for you on this. heck you may not be tribe by blood but you are in every other way and soon we will have the bragging rights to say that we knew you before you became some big name. just don't forget us little people ok"

"oh paul i could never forget you. and i ment what i said. you can come see me any time. i talked to sam about it already and he had no issue."

"ill try but no promises. make sure you call me and let me know your ok, alright? and if you ever need anything i can be there as fast as i can. you keep up with your training and find a good gym while your there."

"oh paul don't look so sad. this is not good-bye. it's just see you later. ill be back home for holidays and once i finish school i am going to be looking for work closer to home. someone has to keep you all in line and god knows there are not many up for the job."

i force a smile and try to lighten the mood knowing we are all a little emotional.

"ok im out of here now or i will never leave and i have one hell of a drive ahead of me. i love you guys more than you know. i will call every night to let you know i am safe and where i am. ill have my cell on me always so if you need to either of you can call me and check in. if i don't answer then give me like half hour to call back or something.

i give quil a hug and thank him for all his help and move on to dad. not one for displays on affection he sure pulls me into a hard hug."i love you kiddo. please be safe."

"i will daddy. and i love you too. i promise i will be back sooner than later."

fighting back the tears i go and fall into Pauls arms."i'm going to miss you so much little swan. i don't know what i am going to do with myself now. don't forget about me please and know i will always love you Bella."

"oh paul" i cling to him as i sob into his chest "i love you too and there is no way i could forget you. ill see you soon ok. come see me if you can and i promise i will call every single day.i love you paul."

he gives me a sweet lingering kiss before helping me into the truck and standing back with dad and quil. with one last look back i set off for Connecticut and Yale. this is defiantly going to be a huge adjustment and a long 7 years to get my law degree but its my dream to be able to help others. i guess after hard my life was with mom growing up and finding out that charlie fought so hard for me but having the courts say a child belongs with the mother, i figured that i could help out other parents. give others the chance at a happy home. so law school here i to make my mark on the world. i just hope i can do this with no family or friends near me. god i am going to miss paul so much. the more i think about it and the further i get from him the more my heart hurts. this next few years is going to suck without him.


watching Bella leave has been the hardest thing i have ever done in my life. but she wants to go off to school and make something of herself and i only want her happy so i have to let her go. i have a plan of my own and i am hoping she can get work closer to here when she's done school cause for here on out i will be saving every bit of money i can so that i can move out with her sooner rather than later. i miss her already and shes not been gone for long at all. i know it was wrong of me not to tell her about the imprint but i could not do that to her. knowing bella like i do she would want to drop her dreams and stay here with me and there was no way in hell i was going to let her do that. to know my baby is out there making her dreams come true and i get to brag about her being mine well in the end it will all be worth it. i hope.

we had so much fun this year, me and my little swan. it took a long while to make her see herself the way we all see her but now to watch the change in her, it makes all the fights worth while. she was a beautiful girl when we first met her but now she has confidence and holds her head high. she's simply stunning now. with the runs and working out with the pack guys, her body is spankin' hot now. and it doesn't help that she knows it and flaunts it either. i swear most of the guys walk around with a semi all day long when shes near. and i cant help but rub it in every chance i get that shes mine. they can look but thats it. no one and i do mean no one is going to be touching my girl.

we all learnt that we should not invite Bella to come cliff diving with us for the fact that her in a bikini does not make it easy to think about anything else. even Sam who's imprinted to Emily could not help but look and admire the fine form that is Bella Swan. thank god i taught her to fight. knocking that mike kid out was the funniest shit i have seen in so long. no one would look at Bella and think she could do any damage being so small and all but shit that girl can pack a punch. that dumb little shit, newton, decided that it would be a good idea to keep bugging Bella about going out on a date. shit head could not take no for an answer. so my little hells bells got pissed and decked the little shit. knocked him flat on his back. even shocked the shit out of herself. after that there was nothing that could stop her. the woman is a damn machine when it comes to her even with all the training i still cant help but worry about her expecially with her being so far away at school. i know Charlie does too. that's why he gave her pepper spray. at least i know she can defend herself so there is a small measure of comfort there.

saying goodbye to the chief, Quil and i head back to the rez to go chill and let everyone know that Bellas off on her journey. well heres hoping that the next 7 years go by fast and nothing happens to i love that girl.